Al Martino : Yesterday (1968)

martino - LP this is al martino - 1968.jpgmartino - CD - 1990 (incl. Yesterday).jpgAl Martino was an American crooner who began singing from 1952 with a song that topped the US chart on 1952/05/17 (Here In My Heart, B.B.S. Records #101). His legal name was Alfred Cini, born in the South of Philadelphia, Pa. on 1927/10/07. He died on 2009/10/13. R.I.P.

His cover of Yesterday is the track 4 of the album "This is Al Martino" - Capitol ST-2843, 1968 and the track 7 of the Duchesse CD, CD352101. P. 1990.

Orchestra conducted by Peter De Angelis.  

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