Rock The Joint : Bill Haley

GOTHAM G-188-A, Philadelphia, Pa. : jump blues by Jimmy Preston [James Preston, 1913/08/18, Chester, Pa. - 1984/12/??, Philadelphia] and His Prestonians recorded in Philadelphia on 1949/05/27 and released on 1949/09/14. Flipside : Drinking Woman. GOTHAM Records Inc. was formed by Sam Goode and Irvin Ballen in New York City in 1946 then bought out by Ballen who moved the label to Philadelphia in early 1948.

When Preston and his band got the song into a studio, they turned it into a raucous, hand-clappin', sax-screamin', rockin' piece of excitement that sounded like nothing they, nor anyone else, had recorded before. 

Why was it important ? : it was an early all-out R 'n' B rocker, and it led ultimately to Bill Haley's changeover from country music to proto-rockabilly. Remake by Bill Haley With The Saddlemen as the B-side of Icy Heart issued by Essex (303) in April 1952. Essex 399 is a reissue dating back to July 1955. Essex/ESSEX singles : http://www.d4haley.com

Written and composed by Harry Crafton-Wendell "Don" Keene (Keane)-Harry (Harold) "Doc" Bagby.preston - rock the joint - stephan koenig - skynet - 07-2006.jpghaley - Essex 303.jpghaley - ESSEX 303 (2).jpghaley - Essex 399 - 07-1955.jpg

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