Joe Cocker (Pt 2) : I'll Cry Instead

cocker - i'll cry instead - DECCA F.11974 - 1964.jpg1964 : after an audition for producer Mike Leander in Manchester, Gtr. Manchester, Joe Cocker is offered a contract with DECCA Records. He takes leave of absence from the Gas Board and travels to Decca's studio in London. He debuts with a version of Lennon/McCartney's I'll Cry Instead released on 4 September 1964. Despite a good performance and session help including i.a. Big Jim Sullivan and Jimmy Page (called at the time "Little Jim") on guitars; Bobby Graham on drums and The Ivy League on backing vocals (Peter Oakman on double bass ?), it flops and Cocker reportedly only 10 shillings in royalties. He joins his first professional band, The Big Blues, on a brief UK Tour with Manfred Mann and The Hollies and then tours US army bases in France. To be continued...

UK DECCA single F.11974, 4/9/1964 - DNC. Thanks : e-Bay.

http://youtu.be/-vo9ibOrYXI (quite good !)


2007 : Joe Cocker was awarded the O.B.E. (Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for his services to music on 16 June 2007.)

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Rock The Joint : Bill Haley

GOTHAM G-188-A, Philadelphia, Pa. : jump blues by Jimmy Preston [James Preston, 1913/08/18, Chester, Pa. - 1984/12/??, Philadelphia] and His Prestonians recorded in Philadelphia on 1949/05/27 and released on 1949/09/14. Flipside : Drinking Woman. GOTHAM Records Inc. was formed by Sam Goode and Irvin Ballen in New York City in 1946 then bought out by Ballen who moved the label to Philadelphia in early 1948.

When Preston and his band got the song into a studio, they turned it into a raucous, hand-clappin', sax-screamin', rockin' piece of excitement that sounded like nothing they, nor anyone else, had recorded before. 

Why was it important ? : it was an early all-out R 'n' B rocker, and it led ultimately to Bill Haley's changeover from country music to proto-rockabilly. Remake by Bill Haley With The Saddlemen as the B-side of Icy Heart issued by Essex (303) in April 1952. Essex 399 is a reissue dating back to July 1955. Essex/ESSEX singles : http://www.d4haley.com

Written and composed by Harry Crafton-Wendell "Don" Keene (Keane)-Harry (Harold) "Doc" Bagby.preston - rock the joint - stephan koenig - skynet - 07-2006.jpghaley - Essex 303.jpghaley - ESSEX 303 (2).jpghaley - Essex 399 - 07-1955.jpg

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Al Martino : Yesterday (1968)

martino - LP this is al martino - 1968.jpgmartino - CD - 1990 (incl. Yesterday).jpgAl Martino was an American crooner who began singing from 1952 with a song that topped the US chart on 1952/05/17 (Here In My Heart, B.B.S. Records #101). His legal name was Alfred Cini, born in the South of Philadelphia, Pa. on 1927/10/07. He died on 2009/10/13. R.I.P.

His cover of Yesterday is the track 4 of the album "This is Al Martino" - Capitol ST-2843, 1968 and the track 7 of the Duchesse CD, CD352101. P. 1990.

Orchestra conducted by Peter De Angelis.  

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Bill Haley & The Comets : You call everybody darling

The original version was cut by AL TRACE AND HIS NEW ORCHESTRA as You call everybody darlin', issued by REGENT (117) in June 1948. The song topped the US chart in August 1948 for two weeks. Vocal :  Bob Vincent. Written and composed by Sam Martin-Ben Trace-Clem Watts (alias Al Trace). Also recorded in the UK on 1948/07/26, the Andrews Sister's (acc. by the Billy Ternent Orchestra) cover version made US Billboard #8 in September. Released by Decca. 78r.p.m. reference 24490 as You call everybody darling.

http://youtu.be/7uClQMhqnjQ (Andrews Sisters' cover version)

As for Bill Haley & The Comets the song was recorded on 1963/01/22 and released by NICETOWN Records NT-5025 as of the B-side of Tandy in October 1963.

45rpm picture from http://www.d4haley.com

What's the difference between a cover version and a cover ? A cover version is quickly recorded and issued to thwart the one which is already in the chart(s). A cover will be recorded and issued later on.


 http://youtu.be/3vzRuOCyBvU  (You Call Everybody Darling by Bill Haley & The Comets)

Haley - NICETOWN Records - 1963.jpg





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