Joe Cocker (Pt 3) : She came...

  • Left to right : US album #11 in Nov. 1969; US single A&M 1147, 11/1969 : Feb. 7, 1970 : this song reaches US #30 and earns a gold disk. The album which includes i.a. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something, Let It Be is the last one featuring The Grease Band.
  • Other single references : GER Deutsche Grammophon Polydor 59 386, 11/1969; NL EMI Stateside 5 C 006-91012 M is released on Jan.2, 1970 and reaches the NL chart #18 the same month. Unissued in the UK.
  • French Joe Cocker! LP on EMI Stateside 2 C 062-90788, 1970.
  • Biography pt 3 : when Cocker returns to the UK he no longer has a recording contract, so takes up his Gas Board job again and plays only an occasional local gig. The Big Blues splits and Joe teams with Chris Stainton to write and record Marjorine and form The Grease Band in the course of 1964.
  • 1965 : The Grease Band, with Cocker on vocals, Stainton on bass, Tommy Eyre on keys, Kenny Slade on drums and Alan Spenner and Henry McCullough both on guitars, play soul material in clubs and pubs across the North of England. Its first recording, a live version of blues standard "Saved", is on a a free flexidisk with the Sheffield University magazine TWIKKER...To be continued... 
  •  joe cocker ! LP A&M - 1969.jpgjoe cocker - she came...A & M USA - 11-69.jpgcocker - she came in through...01-1970 - NL single.jpg http://youtu.be/qWRB_AssJ7k - http://youtu.be/-RdjAwQWF6w - http://youtu.be/Mzf5EBY8gCQ


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