(The) Rockin' Ramrods : I wanna be your man/I'll be on my way (11/05/2013)

rockin ramrods - 1964.jpgthe rockin' ramrods - US single - 1964.jpg(The) Rockin' Ramrods were a band formed in Boston, MA in 1962 which disbanded in 1967.

Their single was released by Plymouth 2961/62 in 1964.

The Rolling Stones for whom The Beatles wrote I Wanna Be Your Man was their 3d 7" single b/w  Stoned/F. 11764, Nov. 1, 1963. (the 2d was withdrawn: Poison Ivy/Fortune Teller-F.11742.)

Group featured Ronn Campisi, bs, vcls; Vin Campisi, rhythm gtr; Lenny Cirelli, lead gtr and Bob Henderson, drums, vcls as (The) Rockin' Ramrods.

In 1965, this band was signed by producer Frank Slay. Two Beatles songs for the price of one !

The Rockin' Ramrods were later known as The Ramrods however not to be confused with another band of the same name from Michigan which recorded the oldest 1949's Stan Jones' Riders in the sky originally recorded as Riders in the sky (Cowboy Legend) by Burl Ives in early 1949 just before Gene Autry; Vaughn Monroe and his orchestra, Peggy Lee and so on in the same year... 


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