Candy Flip : Strawberry Fields Forever

cady flip - strawberry fiels forever - 1990.jpgUK band Candy Flip (an electronic dance band from Manchester) makes UK #3 in March 1990.***27 January 1967: The Beatles sign a 9-year contract with EMI Records.***9 February: film clips for Penny Lane and SFF are shown on "Top Of The Pops".***11/02/1967: Double A-sided single hits UK #1.***1 April 1967: SFF hits US #8.***May: EMI announces total Beatles' record sales currently top 200 million world-wide.***18 May 1967 is another story. We love you!!!***The British band Candy Flip was caught in the party-all-night atmosphere of late-'80s/early-'90s Manchester, England. Named after the slang term for mixing ecstasy with acid, Candy Flip was formed by Dizzy Dee/ Daniel Mould (vocals, keyboards) and Richard Anderson "Ric" Peet (keyboards) in 1989. Not as critically acclaimed as their peers -- and obvious influences -- Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses, Candy Flip nevertheless attracted U.K. press and radio attention with an electronic update of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" [b/w Can you feel the love].The single, funkier and more club-happy than the Beatles' original. It was also a minor success on college and alternative stations in America.

Some 7" singles and CDs : UK single DEBCD 3092, 1989 - UK CD single Debut DEBCD 3092, 1990 - CAN 7" Atlantic 78 61560, 1990 - CAN CD single Debut Edge DEBT 3092, 1990 - FR 7" Carrère 14 925, 1990 - USA Atlantic/WEA JC FB ins - GER 7" Hot Records 100-07-528, 1989 - SCAN 7" Mega Records MRCS 2456, 1990 - BEL/NL/LUX 7" single Debut DEBT3092, 1990.

4 Track cassette Debme3092, UK, April 1990.

Image : UK maxi single including : SFF (rasberry ripple remix by Candy Flip & Kelvin Andrews) / SFF (UK #3) / Can you feel the love / Aqua libra.   http://youtu.be/9rw7TCtVdjY


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