David Cassidy : Please Please Me (live)

david cassidy - please 3 -single - 1974.jpgDavid Cassidy (b. Keith Partridge, April 12, 1950, New York, NY), son of actor Jack Cassidy and stepson of actress Shirley Jones, with a part on Broadway in "The Fig Leaves Are Falling" and small TV drama roles in i.a. "Bonanza", "The FBI", "Ironside".

Oct. 70 : The Partridge Family signs to Bell Records.

Aug. 10, 1974 : a revival of Lennon/McCartney's Please Please Me ("The Beatles wrote the soundtrack to my youth" is Keith's most notable quote of the time) climbs to UK #16.


US bell 45-605 , UK bell 1371/2008 273, SP/BEL/FR/IT : bell 2008 273. Picture sleeve from Belgium.


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