Wet Wet Wet (1) : With a little help from my friends

  • Wet Wet Wet - with a little help - 1988.jpgMarti Pellow (Mark McLoughlin-March 23, 1966, vocals,
  • Graeme Clark-Apr.15, 1966, bass,
  • Tom Cunningham-June 22, 1965, drums,
  • Neil Mitchell-June 8, 1967, keyboards.
  • 1982 : Clark, Cunningham and Mitchell, having formed a group while attending Clydebank high school, Glasgow, approach McLoughlin to front as vocalist and, as The Vortex Motion, plays CLASH cover versions, with its first gig at Clydebank community center.
  • McLoughlin changes his name to Marti Pellow and the group settles on WET WET WET as a name, taken from a line in SCRITTI POLITTI song Getting Having And Holdings.
  • May 21, 1988 : remake of The Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends, from Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father released to raise funds and awareness for Childwatch Charity, tops UK chart, as a double A-side [Childline CHILD1, May 14, 1988] with Billy Bragg's She is Leaving Home (It is the only instance of 2 covers of the same Beatles song topping the charts - Joe Cocker's version hit the summit in November 1966.)
  • http://youtu.be/r1OBUrLeGMQ

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