(The) Thompson Twins : Revolution

  • thompson twins - revolution - pochette - 1985.jpgTom Bailey (June 18, 1957, Halifax, UK), vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Leeway (Nov.15, 1955, Islington, London), percussion
  • Alannah Currie (Sept.20, 1959, Auckland, NZ), percussion
  • 1977: Aspiring classical Bailey having met friends Leeway and John Hadd at teacher training college, initially ignores these associations and forms THE THOMPSON TWINS (named after 2 characters in Hergé's cartoon Tin Tin [les Dupond et Dupont], with guitarist Peter Dodd and John Roog in Chesterfield, Derbys.
  • 1978: They move to London with Hadd as agent and link up with drummerChris Bell.
  • Feb. 1981: Band signs to Arista Record in UK [ex-bell records] and first release on the Tee label, Perfect Game, fails to chart.
  • Aug. 1981: During a tour to promote releases, Currie joins the band on percussion. Old friend Leeway, until now a roadie, is also invited by Bailey to join after the group buys him a pair of bongos.
  • Dec. 1985: A cover of REVOLUTION peaks at UK #56.
  • UK reference : Arista TWINS10, September 29, 1985
  • GER/BEL reference Arista 107 879, 1986
  • http://youtu.be/HWkmW3FyNGg

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