Fats Domino : Lady Madonna

fats domino - lady madonna - US - 09-1968.jpgfats domino - lady madonna - 1968-série chou chou-1975.jpg1949 : One of a family of 9, Fats (b. Antoine Domino, Feb.26, 1928-present, New Orleans (is French Creole and Creole is his first language), taught to play piano in his early teens by his brother-in-law, New Orleans musician Harrison Verrett, almost lost his fingers in an accident in the bedmaking factory where he worked but regained their use and his playing ability. Having married his childhood sweetheart Rose Marie a year earlier, he is playing piano in the honky tonks in New Orleans for $3 a week when bandleader / producer Dave Bartholomew, scounting on behalf of IMPERIAL Records listens to him with Billy Diamond's combo at the Hideaway club, and decides to sign and record him.

Sept. 1968: Domino signs to reprise: records and his last US chart single, at #100 (and yet a great cover), is a cover of The Beatles' Lady Madonna, deliberately written in Domino style by McCartney for The Beatles' original version earlier in the year. (2 similar Beatles' covers, Lovely Rita and Everybody's got something to hide except me and my monkey, are the follow-ups, but neither will chart. [first Domino refuses Lady Madonna]. US reprise: 0763, 1968; UK reprise: RS. 20763, September 1968; FR reprise: LIF 509, 1968. http://youtu.be/Q1OdbPpvFYg (Lady Madonna) / http://youtu.be/ZeMwNd-WSXo (Everybody's got...) http://youtu.be/NEbDR7KXr7c (Lovely Rita)

Fats Domino is inducted into Rock And Roll of Fame in 1986 as a performer.

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