Bryan Ferry : You Won't See Me

ferry - lp these foolish things - 1973.jpgJune 1964: Ferry (b. Sept.26, 1945, Washington, Durham, UK), having won tickets from Radio Luxembourg, to see Bill Haley & His Comets at the Empire theater, Sunderlmand, Tyne & Wear, in his teens, forms his first band, The Banshees, in Sunderland...

Oct. 1973: Ferry's first solo album/vinyl LP These Foolish Things, backed by a session group which includes Roxy Music drummer Paul Thompson; Phil Manzarena, guitar and other musicians i.a. John Porter, gtr, bass; Eddie Jobson, strings, keyboards, synthesizer. This LP record includes a great cover of The Beatles'  You Won't See Me and is released by Island ILPS 9249-1 which is certified gold on 1 May 1974 and then by Polydor 2302 046 in 1973 as well.

Others references : GER (RDA) Island 87 266 IT, 1973; GER (BRD) VIRGIN E' G 207956, 1973; US ATLANTIC SD 7304, 1973; FR Polydor N. 2310507, 1973.

UK CD released in 2003 by EMI / Virgin 7243847598-2. 

Producers : B Ferry; John Porter, John Punter. http://youtu.be/Z1rFbgTah_4 (You Won't See Me)

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