All This And World War II

UK DLP Riva RVLP 2, Nov.5, 1976, UK chart highest position #23 - US Double album 20th Century 2T - 522, Dec.31, 1975 - CAN Warner Bros. Records 2U 4739, 1976 - GER Warner Bros. WB 66 049, 12/1976. Arranged and orchestrated by Wil Malone. The London Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Harry Rabinowitz, and The Royal Philarmonic by David Measham. Some original picture sleeves : Michelle by Richard Cocciante (taken from the DLP) [RCA Victor PB 10867, France, 1976; Let It Be [new topic to come] by Leo Sayer who also contributes I Am The Walrus and The Long And Winding Road (UK Chrysalis); Come Together re-recorded by Ike & Tina Turner (this picture sleeve is a French re-release [UNITED ARTISTS RECORDS UP 35.880, 1975]; Get Back [new topic to come] by Rod Stewart at the end of 1976 (Warner Bros.) - Some other songs included in this DLP : She's Leaving Home by Bryan Ferry; Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight by The Bee Gees; Yesterday by David Essex; Getting Better by Status Quo; We Can Work It Out by The Four Seasons; Strawberry Fields Forever by Peter Gabriel; A Day In The Life by Frankie Valli...Some lyrics are slightly altered from the copyright work to "meet the artistic requirements of the performers". all this and world war II (recto-5-09-2012).jpgall this and world war II (verso-5-09-2012).jpgcocciante - michelle - 1976 (s.k. - 21-10-2011).jpgrod stewart - get back - 1976 - (s.k.) 22-10-2011.jpg

ike & tina turner - come together (6-09-2012).jpgleo - let it be - DLP all this...(5-09-2012).jpg

http://youtu.be/1xFMUpl9V5s (Richard Cocciante)

http://youtu.be/DEX8nydydSI (Leo Sayer '76)

http://youtu.be/h0HwjbMWYII (Ike & Tina Turner's cover of Come Together included in the DLP All This And World War II)


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