The Rolling Stones: I Wanna Be Your Man

  • Sept.7, 1963: Their Chuck Berry's Come On cover reaches UK #21.
  • Sept.10 : With The Rolling Stones unable to decide on a second single, a chance meeting between Andrew Oldham and his former employers The Beatles' John Lennon and Paul McCartney, who have just left the Variety club lunch, leads to their visiting the Studio 51 jazz club, where the Stones are rehearsing.
  • The duo play part of a new song they have written, I Wanna Be Your Man, and within minutes complete the rest of the number, putting the Stones in the rare and privileged position of recording an unreleased Lennon/McCartney composition.
  • Dec.28, 1963: I Wanna Be Your Man (now also on With The Beatles sung by Ringo), reaches UK #12. The Stones make a hard-driving R&B number, with whinning steel guitar.
  • Jan.2, 1964: The Stones sing this song on the first edition of BBC TV's "Top Of The Pops".
  • Left to right : UK DECCA single F.11764 published on 1.11.1963; GER DECCA single DL 25129, 1964; FR DECCA EP 457 026 M, September 1964; DECCA/Single STONES STONE 1 double A-side published on 15 August 1989. Production: Impact Sound. Made in England.
  • The Rolling Stones are at the time, Mick Jagger (vocals, harmonica); Keith Richard (rhythm guitar); Brian Jones (lead guitar); Bill Wyman (bass); Charlie Watts (drums).  rolling stone UK single I wanna...(9-09-2012).jpgrolling stones - i wanna be your man - 1963 - DE.jpgrolling stones - EP France - 09-1964 (9-09-2012).jpgRolling-Stones- I Wanna be your man (9-09-2012).jpg

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