Del Shannon: From Me To You

del shannon - big top vinyl (13-09-2012).jpgdel shannon - 9-09-2012 - pochette rouge-UK.jpgdel shannon - from me to you - single 05-1963.jpgdel shannon - DECCA 1981- pochette (13-09-2012).jpgdel shannon - decca vinyl - 1981 (13-09-2012).jpgBIG TOP : founded in 1959 by Gene and Julian Aberbach, New York, N.Y. 

Del Shannon: b. Charles Weedon Westover, Grand Rapids, Cooperville, MI, Dec.30, 1934.

1960: Shannon took his stage name from a friend, Mark Shannon, and the Cadillac Coupé de Ville car.

May 9, 1963: Shannon plays a concert at London's Royal Albert Hall with The Beatles, and suggests covering one of Lennon/McCartney's hit to help give them more exposure in US.

July 1963: Returning home, he records his own version of The Beatles' recent UK chart-topper From Me To You. It makes US #77 - the first Lennon/McCartney song to chart in US. http://youtu.be/eNINOuqAkWw

Feb.8, 1990: Shannon dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at his Santa Clarita Valley, CA, home.

Del Shannon is inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame at the 1999 Induction Ceremony as a performer.

Left to right : US promo BIG TOP 45-3152, June 23, 1963 (thanks: eBay.be); US picture sleeve; GER Heliodor 453137; Belgian picture sleeve and, 45 rpm reissue on DECCA 6198 423, 1981 (OZ LONDON HL-2117.) 

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