The Bar-Kays: A Hard Day's Night

The Bar-Kays were formed in Memphis, TN in the mid-sixties and originally consisted of James Alexander (bs), Ronnie Caldwell (organ), Ben Cauley (tpt), Phalon Jones (sax), Carl Cunningham (drms) and Jimmy King (gtr).

1967: they signed to VOLT, a Stax sub-label and Otis Redding chose them to be his regular backing band.

Oct.10, 1967: Ben Cauley is the only survivor of a plane crash (see Otis Redding topic)

January 8, 1968: this single is posthumously-released by Stax/VOLT 45-158 which makes US R&B #36 and Pop #91 afterwords distributed by the ATLANTIC-ATCO GROUP with the same referencebar-kays - stax - pochette FR-1968 (17-09-2012).jpgbar-kays us VOLT 45-158 - 1967 (17-09-2012).jpg.

Other references:

UK Atlantic/Stax 601 036, 1968.

FR Stax/Musidic 169.030, 1968.

Produced by Al Jackson, Jr.

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