Billy J. Kramer: Do you want to know a secret?/I'll be on my way

billy j. kramer - do you want (...) - EP.jpgbilly j. kramer - i'll be on my way - 1963 single B-side (s.k.).jpgMarch 1963 : Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas are signed to Parlophone by EMI's George Martin. Liverpool songwriter Ralph Bowdler offers She's My Girl to record, but because of the Epstein connection, the group has access to Lennon and McCartney's songs and chooses I'll Be On My Way, on which The Beatles have passed, and Do You Want To Know A Secret?, just recorded by The Beatles for their first album.

June: Debut single hits UK #2 behind The Beatles' From Me To You. On the single, the "J." is inserted into Kramer's name for the very first time to distinguish him from other singers named Billy. This idea is credited to John Lennon. Released in UK as a single and an EP (Parlophone R 5023; GEP 8885 including also Bad To Me and I Call Your Name.) UK #13.

US single reference: Capitol Records 72105, 1963.   http://youtu.be/lDCkdaSs_vg / http://youtu.be/V1KIVguHkeo

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