(The) Carpenters: Offering / Ticket To Ride 1969 / 1971

  • carpenters - lp offering - 1969 (24-09-2012).jpgOctober 9, 1969: Debut album Offering is released including a cover of The Beatles' Ticket To Ride.
  • May 1970: Debut single Ticket To Ride (A&M 4205), makes US #54.
  • March 1971: Debut album Offering, retitled Ticket To Ride peaks at US Top 200 #150 and #19 in Australia.
  • April 1972: Ticket To Ride hits the UK chart at #20.
  • 1968: When Wes Jacobs leaves to study music, Karen and Richard form Spectrum (not to be confused with the UK group) with John Bettis, a friend of Richard's from California State college.
  • Despite support gigs  at Disneyland, the Troubadour and the Whiskey-A-Go-Go, the band is short-lived, but the duo perseveres and records some tracks in the home of top Los Angeles session bassist Joe Osborn, which reach A&M label boss Herb Alpert.
  • http://youtu.be/O28FTTSjRLg 

carpenters - 45 rpm ticket to ride - 05-1970.jpgcarpenters - lp ticket to ride - 1970.jpg

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