Stevie Wonder: We Can Work It Out

lastscan-motown logo (29-09-2012).jpglastscan-stevie wonder-LP signed 7-08-70.jpglastscan-stevie wonder-pochette NL 45 rpm-70.jpglastscan-stevie wonder-pochette GER-197.jpglastscan-stevie wonder-pochette FR-1971.jpg1960: Blind since birth, Stevie Wonder (b. Steveland Hardaway Judkins, May 13, 1950, Saginaw, Michigan, a member of the Whitestone Baptist Church Choir with his mother, 4 brothers and sister, is recommended by friend John Glover (with whom he has formed a duo) to Glover's cousin Miracle Ronnie White, who takes Wonder to meet Motown Records' president, Berry Gordy, and producer, Brian Holland. Gordy signs the child prodigy to a long-term contract with Tamla label.

May 21, 1963: A S. Wonder concert is recorded in Detroit for forthcoming 12 Year Old Genius.

Aug. 1963: Fourth single, Fingertips-Pt.2 sells over a million and tops the US chart, the first live record to do so. Recorded Live - The 12 Year Old Genius tops the US chart. Wonder becomes the first artist to top the Hot 100, R&B Singles and Album charts simultaneously.

Nov. 1968: Wonder, credited as EIVETS REDNOW, reaches US #66 with Alfie, a piano instrumental. (He also records an instrumental album under this reversal of his own name.)

Jan.10, 1970: Wonder is awarded 1969 Show Business Inspiration Award by Fight For Sight, which promotes research into eye diseases.

May 13, 1971: We can work it out, a revival of Lennon/McCartney's song, reaches US #13 and UK #27, taken from the Motown Records album "Signed Sealed & Delivered" released on 1970/08/07, set to make US #25. US references i.a: Tamla TS304 / S-304; UK Tamla/Motown STMS 5025 / STML 11169; FR EMI/Tamla  066 - 91797 (all in 1970 except the last French LP in 1978) and also released in Germany on Bellaphon 230 15 005, 1975...

Singles references i.a.: NL EMI/Tamla-Motown 5C 006-92 357, 1971 - GER EMI/Tamla-Motown 1C 006-92 357, 1971 - US Tamla T54202, 1970 (Pop #13, R&B #3) - UK Tamla TMG 772, 1970 (UK #27) - FR EMI/Tamla-Motown 2C 006 - 92357, 1971.  http://youtu.be/dL1GzbUdtfg

Yellow colour : NL - Green colour: GER - sky blue/white color: FR 

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