The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Day Tripper

jimi - CD 1989 - day tripper (30-09-2012).jpgjimi - CD 1998 - day tripper.jpgThe Jimi Hendrix Experience consisted of: Jimi - gtr, vcls, Noel Redding - bass, vcls - Mitch Mitchell, drums.

The Radio One BBC Sessions for Day Tripper was recorded on 15.12.1967 and aired on 24.12.1967.

Jan.11, 1967: Chas Chandler's high-profile press reception at the Bag o' Nails club coincides with Hey Joe's entry into the UK chart.

Feb. 1967: It hits UK #6 and Hendrix's "wild man" image is promulgated in the press. The group supports The Who at the Saville theater, its first non-club outing, while album recordings are completed, now at the Olympic studios, London.

March 1967: Purple Haze is released on new Track label after a deal with Kit Lambert. Amid allusions to mind-expanding drugs, it is taken up as an anthem for the new "love generation".

Nov. 1988: Rykodisc RCD 20078 and CD single are released in America.

1989: Previously unavailable BBC recorded radio sessions [from 02/1967 up to 01/1969-for "Top Gear"] are issued by Castle vinyl collectors in UK (CCSLP 212), titled Radio One, which makes UK #30 and, on CD by Castle Communications CCSCD 212, Europe. BBC Sessions: Executive producer Chip Branton. Producer: Bernie Andrews.  

1989: Also issued by bigtime CD 2615252 (West Germany) as 16 greatest CLASSICS which includes his version of The Beatles song Day Tripper:  http://youtu.be/qGRw2Tcw5ow

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