Spooky Tooth: I Am The Walrus

Spooky Tooth is a British group. The band consisted of five members: Mike Harrison, vcls (who formed the group-b. Sept.30, 1945, Carlisle, Cumberland who had already played i.a. in "Supernatural Fairy Tales", "The V.I.P.'s", "Hamburg Blues Band".); Luther Grovenor-gtr; Henry Mc Cullough-gtr; Chris Stainton-bs gtr; Mike Kellie-drums.

the last Puff was issued by UK Island ILPS 9117 on 3.07.1970. Producers: Chris Stainton, Chris Blackwell.

Some other references: GER/AT Island 6339 004, 1970 - US A&M SP 4266, 1970.

I am the walrus was taken from the LP already issued by Island i.a. in NL/FR 6014 023 in 1971. 

                                                                                                http://youtu.be/i8RthS9cF0clastscan - spooky tooth - 1970 LP.jpglastscan - spooky tooth - FR single 1971.jpg

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