The Beatles: Hey Jude / Revolution (8/01/2013)

The Beatles had symbolized optimism, their disintegration  symbolized optimism fading. In the end the Beatles left us with not just a collection of fine songs (recorded by countless other artists as well as by themselves), but also with then reminder of a spoiled dream; they left us with the most nostalgic music in  the history of rock. This picture cover is the most beautiful ever made in Western Europe (Italy, PARLOPHONE DP 570 (for export), Aug. 30, 1968). Hey Jude topped the UK chart #1 (17/09), #1 (24/09), #2 (26/09). In October, this single hits the UK chart #4, #3 & #2 while Mary Hopkin topped on 12, 19 & 26/09/1968. In November, the last chart positions in 1968 were #10 & #11. UK reference: PARLOPHONE R 5722 (instead of Apple 1) (le last Beatles' on PARLOPHONE), Aug. 30, 1968. AOT, #1 in UK, Belgium, France. Apple publishes their first 2 singles on the same day : Frank Sinatra (Apple 1, "The lady is a champ, a rewording of The Lady Is A tramp/Maureen Starkey) never commercially released at the time while the second one; a single by Mary Hopkin (Those were the days on Apple 2/ to become Apple 1002) will also top the charts as well as THE BEATLES during the same month (September). Tidbit time : A single of the Cream's Those were the days was released by Polydor.

Apple 3 : is a Jackie Lomax song produced by George Harrison.

Hey Jude was the biggest hit on a 7" record of the whole Beatles' history. Their song took the lead of the charts all over the world, and more than 5 million copies were sold before the end of the year.

beatles - single hey jude - 30-08-1968.jpg

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