Ozzy Osbourne (Dual Disc 2005) : In My Life

ozzy under cover - in my life - cd 2005 (22-04-2013).jpgOne word about Black Sabbath featuring i.a. Ozzy Osbourne, Dec. 3, 1948-present, were consummate masters of singleminded apocalytic heavy metal rock. Dual disc or 2-sided Disc. This song is featured on the best of A-side 14 classic tracks - OZZIFIED #2. Produced by Mark Hudson.

DVD SIDE: All songs in enhanced stereo - Dinner with Ozzy and friends (30 minute feature of Ozzy telling classic stories with his closest friends) - "In My Life" appears as a video.

Issued on EPIC/SONY Music BMG Entertainment.

Catalogue number: 82876 743162.

Video: http://youtu.be/PSyWbfpe738

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