Wild Honey Pie plays The Beatles

Wild Honey Pie, a band from Belgium, plays The Baetles @ the Spirit of 66 in Verviers last June 8, 2013.


http://youtu.be/6sis9tJuEEc (Back In The USSR) - http://youtu.be/rRphIPdnexs (Day Tripper) -

http://youtu.be/bKl3iKwR-Uc (I Call Your Name) - http://youtu.be/PeSYgKpWgbU (Drive My Car)

http://youtu.be/dY_wJ8MX2kc (I Should Have Known Better)

http://youtu.be/DsrnUa8By_o (I Want To Hold Your Hand)

http://youtu.be/5YTnT7Ml2q8 (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)


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