Bill Haley and The Comets - Liège, 14/05/1974 - Eng. sp. translation (20/06/2010)

bill haley,english translationbill haley,english translation


Bill Haley is the man in the blue jacket. At his right, his friend of all time, Mr. Rudy Pompilli (real house hold name : Pompillii.) 

Pictures : CC-BY - 2.0 Belgium




The song Rock Around The Clock was written and composed in November 1952 by Jimmy De Knight (aka James E. Myers) in collaboration with composer "freelance" , Max C. Freedman . It is likely , as was common at the time a publisher has offered Rock Around The Clock Dave Miller , owner of Essex Records in Chester ( Pennsylvania ) or someone around him but nobody ever wanted . It is finally Sonny Dae (aka Paschal Vennitti ) and His Knights in Chester which record the song in October 1953. Rock Around The Clock comes out ARCADE (45- AR- 123), a small label owned by Jack Howard in March 1954. (*) RATC sells for at least a thousand copies in the Delaware Valley , but it is not distributed nationally ( coast to coast ) lack of interest in a Major. Despite his insistence , "on" denied him the right to record (not even in the demo ) . Finally released from his contract with Essex Records, "Bill Haley and His Comets" will save RATC April 12, 1954 at the Pythian Temple in New York City. Bill Haley was so late ( arriving from the neighboring state , New Jersey ) for the record that he had to be back there twice which cost three hours of studio ( thin! Price to cost one hour. ..) . The disc is distributed by Decca ( ​​the 78s 29124 ) and Decca ( ​​the single 9-29124 ) " coast to coast " simultaneously with another country located in Western Europe : Belgium ! DECCA Label 9.60.961 B side of Pinball Boogie Red Foley ( 10 May 1954 ) . But back about seven months ago : Bill Haley , great musician and multi-instrumentalist ( guitar , slap bass ) has a flair like no other and he believes in this song . At the end of September 53 , he added to his repertoire and playing for the first time in public in the name of the time "Bill Haley With Haley's Comets" in the resort of Wildwood -by-the -Sea Hotel Hofbrau in southern New Jersey ( **) . A few months later , Rock Around The Clock does not take long to rank No. 23 in the Billboard Pop chart of May 29, 1954 (***) ... The following is part of the history of the "Popular Music" . .. Sources: (*) Billboard magazine , March 20, 1954 (**) Jersey City : Da Capo Press, 1987 ( ***) The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits . New York: Billboard Publications , 1984. To enhance this topic , I added two pictures that I took at the Conservatoire de Liège 05/14/74 . First photo : From left to right: Ray Cawley , bass and vocals - Rudy Pompilli , tenor sax - Freddy Moore , drums - Bill Haley, rhythm guitar and vocals - Nick Masters ( Nastos ) , solo guitar, Spanish guitar and vocals and behind back but invisible : Ray Parsons , steel and lead guitar , vocals . Wilwood-by-the-Sea : here's the source : http://www.visitnj.org/trip-idea/birthplace-rock-n-roll

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