The Beatles REVOLVER LP/Album - Eng. sp. translation (31/12/2013)

Beatles - Revolver.jpgWhen the Beatles in their last end with U.S. commitments , released in England their new album REVOLVER . On the cover face a collage of photos b / w psychedelic style , the work of Klaus Voorman , their old Hamburg friend . The disc continues the momentum of RUBBER SOUL , amplifying its obvious changes , its avant-garde and maturity. REVOLVER is designed as a disk where the songs follow each other without interruption. It begins with a further contribution of George Harrison who takes the Inland Revenue in a brilliant song called Taxman . In I Love You, he uses the sitar again . Paul wrote a new song in the style of classical music , performed by an octet string , Eleanor Rigby, an ode to solitude. He also wrote another memorable melody , Here there and everywhere and an excellent demonstration of soul music , Got to get you into my life . And also stand And your bird can sing , composed by John and Yellow submarine , small return to childhood offered by Paul and George Martin . The disc ends with Tomorrow never knows , a strange and sophisticated song by John , in a surreal style , built around a single note whose title , to withdraw any dramatic connotation , is based on a common expression Ringo as a hard day 's night (night of a hard day) , another of his leitmotifs . Tomorrow never knows is an abrupt change of course in the music of the Beatles, a harbinger of what will happen thereafter.

REVOLVER is also the first album that The Beatles were recording in a more relaxed atmosphere . The group has decided to leave the scene because of the unbearable pressure of touring and because the cries of fans covering their music, there were less good in concert. Now they have time and Abbey Road Studios become their second home. They are no longer forced to write songs at full speed on the seat of a van/small truck or in a hotel room .

Now they can have fun in the studio , search , engaging experiences . The result will be the definitive abandonment of teenage love songs of their first time , together with a mature sensitive text . Working in studio finally represents a major step forward for the Beatles: new opportunities available to them and many barriers fall . REVOLVER is a beautiful and amazing record, but it is only the announcement of the great work begins to mature around an imaginary character , Sergeant Pepper marking the era of psychedelic time ..."Fausse stéréo" (English duophony). By the way, LP cover made with collages by their friend Klaus Voormann.

http://youtu.be/mqwxn8DzER8 (Got To Get You Into My Life) http://youtu.be/bS6B8zC2CNI (Good Day Sunshine)



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