THE BEATLES 1968 - 1st reissue (topic : 19/03/2014)

C'est toujours de la "fausse stéréo" qu'on appelle en anglais "DUOPHONY"

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THE BEATLES Double LP is referred to as the White Album : its plain white sleeve is a reversal from Sgt. Pepper's lavish one

Featuring Billy Preston, not credited because of his contract to A&M RECORDS.

This DLP is the 1st reissue released / No 004523. April 3, 1976 : As nostalgia increases, Beatles Monthly begins a reissue series from magazine #1.

NL pressing and German cover 1A 138-04173/174 (including all inserts !)

THE BEATLES 1st issue on CD is released by PARLOPHONE 7 46443 2, UK, May 9, 1987.

While the world sings the chorus of Hey Jude, The Beatles refine recording a new album. The abundant material from the Abbey Road sessions is mostly composed of songs written during their stay in India. The new album, which is simply called THE BEATLES, clearly proves that the Beatles (!), since Brian Epstein passed away, disappear as a group in favour of the rise of the individual personalities of each of its members. John, encouraged by the innovative and provocative spirit of Yoko, wrote pieces in arid and aggressive style: Sexy Sadie, pamphlet (satirical tract) against the Maharishi, Revolution, a personal approach to the student revolt of 1968, Hapiness is a warm gun, against the Vietnam War, and the sound shock Revolution 9 (not written: just an 8,15 minutes collage realized by John and Yoko from the asipid Revolution 1.)
Paul does not like all the songs that John is too crude, but he can do nothing. For the first time in their history, Paul and John complement each waive their songs. Those of Paul do not like either John who is too cutesy: Martha my dear, who speaks of his dog, Honey pie, Paul's tribute to his father, Jim McCartney or Rocky raccoon, a western in music written by Paul. Paul also wrote a powerful rock, this time the taste of John, Back in the USSR, as well as the powerful Why do not we do it in the road and the super Blackbird. He also wrote the simple Ob-la-di Ob-la-da (Nigerian Jimmy"Scott", congas), a fairy tale for children at a rate of ska for Desmond Dekker (released in April 1969) in opposition to the violent Helter Skelter. The lack of mutual collaboration highlights the secret of compositions tandem Lennon/McCartney melodic sweetness of Paul (with the exceptions mentioned), acidity and John's force. In the midst of this disagreement, George Harrison arrives to include in the record four songs, one of them will have a huge impact: While my guitar gently weeps on which Eric Clapton plays guitar. Ringo puts a piece of his own composition, Don't pass me by.
With so much recorded material, the Beatles decided, against the will of George Martin, to publish the disc as a double album. Martin would rather remove unnecessary songs to reason and make a great record keeping only the best pieces. But they do not follow his advice. The double disc, nicknamed "White Album", is released the 22th November 1968.

John Lennon, more and more in love with Yoko Ono, decided to publish an album containing the experimental tapes he recorded at home with his new girlfriend. The disc is called Two Virgins, on the cover, a photo of the couple completely naked.
EMI, frightened by this flood nudity, refuses to distribute the disc, which was finally taken over by Track Records, the label of the Who. In the shops, the record is sold under an opaque cover. This is a resounding failure, hardest the better (!), as might be expected in listening. Lennon had completely tripped. (R.I.P)

http://youtu.be/gRtAO-nffz0 (Ob la di ob la da by The Beatles)

http://youtu.be/xv6W9MQwG_8 (by Desmond Dekker recorded as a medley and released in April 1969)









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