John Lennon live in New York City, 30 August 1972 (Aug. 29, 2015)

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Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band are : John Lennon-Guitar, Keyboards / Yoko Ono-Keyboards / Stan Bronstein-Saxophone / Wayne "Tex" Gabriel-Lead Guitar / John Ward-Bass / Gary Van Scyoc-Bass / Jim Keltner-Drums / Rick Frank-Drums / Adam Ippolito-Keyboards.

John Lennon makes his only major appearance at a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden for the One To One charity. Critics regard it as his first solo performance. He is joined on stage by Stevie Wonder (Superstitious) and Roberta Flack for Give Peace A Chance finale. The re-election of Nixon in 1972 and pressures to have Lennon deported from America were perhaps contributory factors to the political commitment which was the driving-force behind Some Time In New York City (in America this double album, Lennon teams for one disk with group Elephant's Memory). July, 1972 : album makes US #48. The Beatles' song publishing arm, Northern Songs, refuses to recognize some of Yoko Ono's composer credits with her husband, and release of the album is delayed in UK.

Lyrics about the oppression of women, the Attica prison riots and Northern Ireland were attacked as simplistic and extremist, but the album/LP's powerful musical impact was enhanced by spirited rock'n'roll backings from the New York group Elephant's Memory. It was packaged with a second record containing material from two live sessions, with the Frank Zappa's The Mothers Of Invention and a 1969 band, at London's Lyceum, including Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and Delaney and Bonnie (Lynn) Bramlett. 

October, 1972 : Some Time In New York City reaches UK #11. Also known as LIVE in NEW YORK City for CDs (PARLOPHONE CDP 7 461196 2, UK, 1986). We all shine on...John Lennon. R.I.P.


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Joe Turner / Bill Haley : Skahe, Rattle And Roll (Aug. 16, 2015)

I'm like a one-eyed (borgne in French sp.)  cat peepin' in a seafood store...En français : je suis comme un chat borgne jetant un coup d'oeil dans un magasin de fruits de mer. Oups :-) Yummy, yummy ?

Joe Turner, born in Kansas City on May 18, 1911, proved the most experienced of all the singers on the R&B charts in the early Fifties. He was also a prominent part of the Kansas City jazz scene of the Thirties, often teaming up with boogie pianist Pete Johnson. Coming to New York in 1938, he made his first record, the very popular "Roll 'Em Pete"/originally "It's All Right, Baby" (with Pete Johnson on piano) for Vocalion (4607, vocal by Joe Turner [recorded Dec. 30, 1938, rel. Feb., 1939] and became a major figure in the boogie-woogie revival of 1938-1941 (sparkled off his appearance on John Hammond's legendary Spirituals to Swing concert at Carnegie Hall, one of the first instances of authentic black blues and jazz musicians winning a large white audience). By 1951, Atlantic records had signed him to a recording contract and released "Chains Of Love", the first of a string of Joe Turner and his Blues Kings hits that lasted well into the rock'n'roll era. Of these, probably his most influential was the 1954 recording of "Shake, Rattle And Roll", a Jesse Stone composition  - written under the pseudonym of Charles Calhoun - that was to form the basis of Bill Haley's bowdlerized version. Whether Turner "The Boss of The Blues"s strictly a rock'n'roll singer is debatable; he never changed his style from the way it was in 1938. But then, he didn't have to. He even sounded great singing "Teenage Letter" at the age of 46. No other artist from the Swing era became anywhere near as vital a force in the R&B music of the Fifties as Joe Turner. Also know as "Big" Joe Turner". John Vernon Turner was born on May 18, 1911 and passed away on November 24, 1985.

Bill Haley's RATC follow-up, "Shake, Rattle And Roll" (a dilution of Turner's original) reached the TOP TEN in both America and Britain and eventually sold a million. Bill felt at the relative failure of his first DECCA single. Myers came up with a nonenty of a song entitled ABC Boogie but at least Gabler picked a hot number for the top side in Joe Turner. He sent sent the lyrics to Haley with instructions to change some of the overtly sexual lines, which Bill did albeit he missed some of the more obscure ones like "I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a seafood store. Panama Francis played drums on the session and the result was that Skake, Rattle And Roll had all the makings of a hit. It lived up to expectations reaching #7 in August 1954. Whislt Turner may have been a better vocalist than Haley, Milt Gabler succeeded in making a better record with SRAR than the original. (R'N'B #1 and POP #22 in April 1954). Tidbit/titbit time : The Springfield Indians, a professional ice hockey team adopted the song and played it every time they scored a goal! Shortly after the session Danny Cedrone died following a fall at home, without ever knowing the success. Bill was distraught at the loss of his friend.

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Cilla Black : Yesterday (3/08/2015)

Cilla Black, born Priscilla White on 27.5.1943, died yesterday aged 72. Her version of the Lennon/McCartney song's "YESTERDAY" was released on PARLOPHONE R 5395 (7.01.1966) and climbed to No 5 in the UK. She used to check in the coats at Liverpool's Cavern and occasionally sang a song with one of the local groups. Brian Epstein saw her as perfect material pop stardom and masterminded her rise to the top of middle-of-the-road show business in Britain. Her name was changed to Cilla Black.  R.I.P.

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