Bill Haley : Sometime in Belgium (2015/09/10)

Birth of the boogie (s) B. Haley, Billy Williamson, Johnny Grande (1955/02/21) played by BILL HALEY / Vocal chorus by B. Haley and Ensemble (DECCA/OMEGA 9.61 009). Mambo Rock (s) Bix Reichner, Mildred Phillips, Jimmy Ayre played by BILL Haley, vocal chorus by B. Haley and Ensemble (B-side). The paper boy (On Main street U.S.A.), vocal by B. Haley as (by) Bill Haley And His Comets.

All are original Belgian singles issued in the same time than in America.bill haley birth of the boogie.jpgBill Haley mambo rock omega.jpgbill haley paper boy.jpg

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