Bill Haley And His Comets in the US & UK charts

Bill Haley dans les charts américain et anglais. Le classement américain est soit celui du Billboard ou celui du Cash Box: "la meilleure place". CRAZY MAN, CRAZY - # 15, fin 1953.***(WE’RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK: US Pop #23 (29/05/54), UK #17 in December; US R&B #3, US #1 (8 semaines), UK #1 en 10/1955 pendant 5 semaines [également sous le titre "Rock around the clock"].***SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL – # 7 [04/54]; # 4 RU, 12/1954(Brunswick/Columbia)***DIM, DIM THE LIGHTS (I WANT SOME ATMOSPHERE) - # 11, 01/1955***BIRTH OF THE BOOGIE – #17, 04/1955***MAMBO ROCK – ("flip side" de Birth Of The Boogie) # 17; # 14 RU, 04/1955***TWO HOUND DOGS – (flip side [face A] de Razzle-Dazzle) # 9 (09/1955)***RAZZLE-DAZZLE - # 15, 09/1955; # 13 RU, 09/1956!***BURN THAT CANDLE - # 9, 11/1955 (flip side (face A) de Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie)***ROCK-A-BEATIN’ BOOGIE – (flip side (A-side) de Burn That Candle) #23, # 4 RU***THE SAINTS ROCK 'N' ROLL (B-side de R-O-C-K) - # 18, 04/1956 # 5 RU, 05/56*** R-O-C-K - # 29, 04/1956***HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY (flip side de Rockin' Through The Rye - # 78) - # 60, 06/1956***ROCKIN' THROUGH THE RYE - # 3, RU, 08/1956; # 19 (RU), 01/1957***SEE YOU LATER , ALLIGATOR – # 6, 02/1956; # 7 RU, 03/1956; # 12 RU, 09/1956 (nouvelle entrée)***(HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY – #60, 06/1956***RIP IT UP – # 25, 08/1956; # 4 RU, 11/1956***TEENAGER'S MOTHER (ARE YOU RIGHT?) - # 68, 08/1956***RAZZLE DAZZLE - # 13, RU, 09/1956***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 5, RU, 09/1956; # 24, 12/1956; re-tope en 01/1957, RU, # 25***SEE YOU LATER , ALLIGATOR - # 12, RU, 09/1956 RUDY'S ROCK - # 34; # 30 (RU), 11/1956; re-tope # 26 (RU), 12/1956***DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK - # 45, 12/1956; # 7, RU, 02/1957***ROCK THE JOINT (version 1953) - # 20 RU, 02/1957***FORTY CUPS OF COFFEE / HOOK, LINE AND SINKER - # 70, 04/1957***(YOU HIT THE WRONG NOTE) BILLY GOAT - # 60, 06/1957***SKINNY MINNIE - # 22, 05/1958 LEAN JEAN - # 67, 08/1958 JOEY'S SONG - # 46, 11/1959***SKOKIAAN [SOUTH AFRICAN SONG] - # 70, 1960***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 20, RU, 04/1968 (réédition MCA)***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 34, RU, 05/1968 (label: Ace of Heart)***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 12, RU, puis # 39 EU, 04/1974***HALEY'S GOLDEN MEDLEY - # 50, RU, 04/1981***"Rock the joint", 1956 ou/or "New rock the joint", 1956 (stereo): "fail to chart".***Dutch & UK 45 rpm records were released in 1981 a few weeks after Bill Haley's death as a tribute to the undisputed king of rock'n'roll.***US & UK Chart Toppers under control: see my last article on 27/07/2008).

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Rock-a-beatin' boogie : tribute to Danny Cedrone (20/06/1920 - 17/06/1954). C'est la vie.

Parfois le destin est vraiment tragique...Ou comment se tuer "bêtement" à l'âge de 33 ans suite à une chute et en faisant un vol plané dans des escaliers [il s'était brisé la nuque et mourut instantanémént]. Danny Cedrone, lead guitar Gibson ES-300 (né Donato Cedrone le 20 juin 1920) commence à enregistrer avec les Saddlemen à Chester, banlieue de Philadelphie, PA, en juin/juillet 1951.*** English-speaking translation: sometimes the destiny is really tragic… Or how to be killed at the age of nearly 34 years while slipping and falling into the staircases [he broke his neck]. Danny Cedrone (born Donato Cedrone on June 20, 1920) started recording with The Saddlemen in Chester, suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. , in June/July 1951.(Sundown Boogie [a proto-rockabilly original] and later Rock The Joint [from Jimmy Preston and His Prestonians, GOTHAM JP-12, G-188-A, Philadelphia, 24th Sep. 1949] et, Rocking Chair On The Moon [co-signé avec HARRY BROOMHALL (fidèle garde du corps/bodyguard et supporter de Bill), Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') [from a 19th century minstrel song "Lubly Fan" (aka Buffalo Gals) by Cool White (alias John Hodges) and The Virginian Serenaders, 1844 [As I was walking down the street, down the street, down the street, a pretty gal I chance to meet under the silvery moon. Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight? Come out tonight, come out tonight? Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon...] via Lubly Fan and/or Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (hillbilly), Okeh, 1926 and, via Terry Shand and His Orchestra's "Dance With A Dolly", January 1940) et, Real Rock Drive un peu plus loin dans cette même année 1951 (a little bit later in the same year, then practically "disappears" leaving only one single) puis "disparaît" quasiment ne laissant qu'un autre single. Danny will also play lead guitar on Crazy Man, Crazy in 1953.***On le retrouvera ce fameux jour du 12 avril 1954 à la session de RATC puis sur Shake, Rattle And Roll le 7 juin suivant. Il se tue 10 jours plus tard.***Guyden Records [to become a Jamie subsidiary, the latter founded back in 1958 by Harold Lipsius in Philadelphia, Pa.] was owned by Bob Cordell. B/W (backed with) St. Louie Blues from Wayne Christopher Handy's original St. Louis Blues, Swaggie JCS-33787, Chicago, 26th Feb., 1929 (instrumental). Rock A-Beatin'-Boogie charted (with Kay Carol on vocals) #42 in the Cash Box TOP 50 on 30th Oct.1954. W.C. Handy made also the original version of "Say Yeah" (RENOWN XY-102, 10/1957 [Renown Records and Publications, Inc., Durham, North Carolina]) as Wayne Handy / Jim Thornton And His Band. Who made the original version of RABB? That's the question...See ya next 17th July, 2006 for the response..[maybe I have one, :-)]. 'Course. Just a small idea, Steph? Dunno, just wait like the others. However, Bill Haley who wrote this song, recorded it a full four years later. Bill Haley used to say that this was the song which inspired Alan Freed.***, producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, in particular signed Butterfly (originally written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) under the pseudonym of Anthony September, [US #7, 2 March 1957] (Charlie Gracie - nice to met you in Liège a few years ago) and certain songs of Connie Francis without having taken part under the pseudonym of Anthony September too. He was, in May 62, accused in the scandal “payolas” (Eng-sp. "bribes" at the same time as Alan Freed. Six other D.J.'S known are fallen in the same business. Alan Freed was never raised some and died on January 20, 1965 in In 1960, the United States Senate investigated payola, the practice of music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product, at Palm Springs hospital aged 43 completely ruined. Dick Clark (Richard Augustus Wagstaff, music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product. As a result, Clark's personal investments in music publishing and recording companies were considered a conflict of interest, and he sold his shares in those companies.) : when the payola crisis had hit rock at the time, he's been called "the single most influential person"in the popular music industry and made to divest himself of some business interests after the Congressional probe. Despite that, ABC kept on the Dick Clark Show, a syndicated newspaper column, working as a tour emcee and the ill-fated World Of Talent.***He was the first to use the terms of rock'n' roll and signed lyrics in particular with Chuck Berry (.***His troubles constituted in kinda revenge of the good adult white American society of the Fifties which hated rock'n'roll, the white and black mixture and from there, Alan Freed.***He was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1986 for his participation in the explosion and the expansion of r'n'r. It is a historical certainty...***[traduction française: Tony Mammarella, producteur de l'American Bandstand a signé notamment Butterfly (écrite à l'origine par Kal Mann et Bernie Lowe), (Charlie Gracie) et certaines chansons de Connie Francis sans y avoir participé sous le pseudonyme de Anthony SEPTEMBER. Il a été, en mai 62, inculpé dans le scandale des "payolas" (pots-de-vin) en même temps que Alan Freed. Six autres D.J.'s connus sont tombés dans la même affaire. Alan Freed ne s'en est jamais relevé et est mort complètement ruiné en janvier '65. Il avait été le premier à utiliser les termes de rock'n'roll et a signé des textes notamment avec Chuck Berry (pas du tout content parce que Freed n'avait strictement rien à voir avec cette chanson!). Ses ennuis constituaient en sorte une revanche de la bonne société blanche adulte américaine des années 50 qui détestait le rock, le mélange blanc et noir et de là, Alan Freed mais Berry n'en avait rien à fiche! Il a été introduit au rock'n'roll hall of fame en 1986 pour sa participation à l'explosion et l'expansion du r'n'r. C'est une certitude historique / to come up with "rock'n'roll" as a name for the new music.; Bill was some two years adrift in his timing but Freed certainly liked and plugged THE TRENIERS (COLUMBIA/Okeh 7023, March 1954 as the B-side of Trapped In A Web Of Love) then issued on an EPIC E.P. EG 7103 in 1955 [feat. Don Hill on Alto Sax / Orch. under dir. of Quincy Jones]. They, in return, dedicated "MOONDOG" 'S ROCK 'N'ROLL PARTY [White, of Welsh-Lithuanian descent, Freed chose the new name to avoid the racial stigmate thought inherent in existing names like "rhythm & blues" and "race music". Freed was the catalyst throughout his radio show] on Cleveland's WJW in June 1951. RABB written for them by Bill Haley [however, even if the latter wrote that the song had been especially written for his friend Danny Cedrone (issued in December 1952 (see other topic) and the same record in April 1954 - Cedrone hesitating to record it! [maybe was it his firm Guyden records to hesitate?] : The Treniers beat (???) Cedrone [the song was recorded in December 1953]. Nevertheless, his version was much better than the latter, anyway!) in his book "Sound And Glory" published by his eldest son in 1990 (Bill Haley was quite unable to distinguish the lie from the truth: did his memory fail?)] was another fine example of the genre that enslaved Freddie Bell(o) and a young Charlie Graci(e) , ex-Paul Whiteman's Orchestra.***http://www.the-jime.dk/Rockabilly_Guitar/Rock_Around_the_Clock_Solo.htm

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The Jodimars : Rattle my bones [I'm gonna rattle my own bones too :-)] (my baby shot me down)

Image Rattle My Bones label shot: photo by Terry Gordon, Rocking Country Style Webmaster, Atlanta, U.S.A. (thanks a lot, Terry). ***http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/index.htm***Both songs are featured among the 26 ones featured on this quite fantastic UK Rockstar CD released in 1994 featuring Bill Haley's songs as well. In fact, Rattle my bones was rearranged by Jesse Stone from Nappy Brown with Teacho Wilshire and His Orchestra's "Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart)" issued on Savoy 1196 early 1956.Photo: left to right: Bob Simpson, Marshall Lytle, Jim Buffington, Joey D'Ambrosio, Dick Richards, Charlie "Chuck" Hess" (circa 1955). US promo label shots: May and August 1956.

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Bill Haley, Marshall Lytle & Joey D'Ambrosio : Crazy man, crazy (04/1953) and Rocket "88" (07/1951)

Crazy Man, Crazy [b/w Watcha gonna do] was relesased back in April 1953 (US #15) on Dave Miller's Essex label [a Holiday subsidiary owned by the latter (E-321) under the name "Bill Haley With Haley's Comets" including Danny Cedrone, Billy Williamson, Billy Gussak and Johnny Grande too.Then re-issued in 1956*****Originally released in July 1951 on Holiday 105 as Bill Haley And The Saddlemen and reissued in 1954 on this 45 rpm record Essex E-381, [feat. Danny Cedrone, Bob Scaltrito (aka Bob Scales), Billy Williamson (his Irish friend) and the quite fantastic pianist Johnny Grande] rendition [to cut a cover] of Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats' [including Ike Turner (to become Tina's [Anna Mae Bullock] husband), Willie Kizart and Raymond Hill] "Rocket "88" ["You women have heard of jalopies, you've heard the noise they make, well let me introduce you to my Rocket 88..." (in fact a car, the 1950 Hydra Matic Drive V-8 Oldsmobile 88 built by General Motors, a car with "rocket" engine!) (recorded at Sam C. Phillips' SUN studios, Chess 1458, Chicago [a Chez label], April 1951, US #1 R'N'B, b/w Come back where you belong) was for sure pretty good.Tidbit time: Bill Haley stole the credits originally by Brenston himself (and Ike Turner not credited)!***By now (17/04/2013) and since many years, Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner are at last recognized as the original composer and writter ! Crazy man, crazy has been also recorded by Ralph Marterie (US Mercury Recs) and in UK by Ted Heath [vocal by Lita Roza], (UK Decca.)


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Bill Haley & His Comets : US original 45 rpm: R-O-C-K/The Saints...(04/1956)

R-O-C-K (#29, USA, 04/1956) "from" Columbia Picture "Rock Around The Clock". En français: "Les Rois Du Jazz" (USA, 1956).Both songs [the 2nd one "The Saints Rock 'N Roll"] hitted US and UK charts US #29 and, US #18 & UK #5.This single version is not the one heard in the movie.Tidbit time: "The Saints..." (Bill Haley-Milt Gabler) should read "arr. B.H.-M.G.".In fact, it was a very old gospel/spiritual from Cincinatti, Ohio, entitled "When The Saints Come (or Are) Marching In", 1896.

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The Jodimars : Clara-Bella (Pingatore) was still rocking around the clock! (...Did she rock until midnight?)

JO = JOey D'Ambrosia/JOey Ambrose alias Joseph D'Ambrosio, tenor sax***DI = DIck Richards alias Richard Boccelli, drums, some vocals***MARS = MARShall Lytle alias Tom Page, double bass (lotsa thanks for the real names [15th Feb.2006], Marshall, anyway) of the 1955 Bill Haley's Comets.These three young men were at the Decca Sesions for the recording of (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock. Hope I'll see the Bill Haley's Original Comets in Belgium at Spirit of 66 in Verviers one day or another. I told Francis Géron about that fact: if you can return, it's okay for him. No problem! Adding members until 1958: Max Daffner, drums too; Bob Simpson, piano; Jim Buffington, drums, Charles "Charlie" and/or "Chuck" Hess, guitar.From left to right: Joey D'Ambrosia; Charlie Hess; Max daffner; Marshall Lytle, Dick Richards and sitting below James E. Myers a.k.a. Jimmy DeKnight. [thanks again, Marshall].The pic cover is the one of the UK Bulldog LP releases (1970 and 1979; CD in 1989 (France)..Bill Haley's Original Comets featuring THE JODIMARS themselves feat. Marshall Lytle on RABB, JOHNNY GRANDE, piano; FRANNY BEECHER, gtr and from England JACKO BUDDIN, gtr, lead vcls, drums on Well now dig this.*****DVD image: from left to right are Jacko Buddin, Dicks Richards, Marshall Lytle, Johnny Grande, Franny Beecher and Joey D'Ambrosio. Gala concert recorded live at Heide Volm - Planegg/München, Germany, 9th Nov. 2003. P.2004.

Today, 13 June 2015 : Marshall Lytle has passed away a few years ago. R.I.P.

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The Beatles : Dizzy Miss Lizzy

Larry Williams (b. Lawrence Eugene Williams, May 10, 1935, New Orleans, LA - d. Jan.7, 1980 from a gunshot wound to his head in his Los Angeles, CA, home. Slow Down/Dizzy Miss Lizzy is released by Specilaty 626 in March 1958. The Beatles tops the UK and, BEL charts=>1.12.1965 (single released by Belgian Parlophone DP 563 in October 1965.)beatles - GER EP - pochette (14-09-2012).jpgbeatles - GER EP (vinyl) - dizzy (14-09-2012).jpgbeatles - dizzy - pochette (14-09-2012).jpgbeatles - larry williams - 45 rpm 1958 (13-09-2012).jpgbeatles - larry williams - vinyl - 1957 (13-09-2012).jpg

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