(Just) Let It Be - English-speaking translation (11/01/2012)

the beatles on iTunes - 16-11-2010.jpgThe most fantastic story of modern music, that of 4 young men from Liverpool, has been told hundreds of times. Future generations will remember no doubt of their names, their songs continue to stand the test of time and the passage of modes: their legend, even though significant that two of the four heroes are still alive and active, take a unimaginable scale. Books, films, compilations, commemorations (Beatles Day in Mons every first Saturday in September and others), concerts of Paul and Ringo, analyzes (some more infamous than others) ... There is no doubt that even in 100 years the name The Beatles will always be known as today. It is a story so compelling that even the most imaginative mind could have invented, so amazing that the most original writers could not write it, and if documented, than in any library or even in some record stores in any country, you will find works of the Fab Four. Any ? Finally, I don't think so : all the countries anti-West ? The adventure lived by John, Paul, George and Ringo was exciting. Full stereo.

Photo : X - Owner of the photo : Apple iTunes (with their kind permission.)

http://youtu.be/BjHyMAUshos (Let It Be)

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(Just) Let It Be : The Beatles : le meilleur groupe que le monde ait connu !

La plus fantastique histoire de la musique moderne, celle des 4 jeunes de Liverpool, a déjà été contée des centaines de fois. Les générations à venir se souviendront sans nul doute de leurs noms; leurs chansons continueront à résister à l'épreuve du temps et au passage des modes : leur légende, considérable alors même que deux des quatre héros sont toujours vivants et en activité, prendra une ampleur inimaginable. Livres, films, compilations, commémorations (Beatles Day à Mons chaque premier samedi de septembre e.a.), concerts de Paul et Ringo, analyses (certaines plus infâmes que d'autres)...Nul doute que même dans plus de 100 ans le nom des Beatles sera toujours aussi connu qu'aujourd'hui. C'est une histoire tellement fascinante, que même l'esprit le plus imaginatif n'aurait pu l'inventer; si étonnante que le plus original des scénaristes n'aurait pu l'écrire; et si documentée, que dans n'importe quelle librairie ou même chez certains disquaires de n'importe quel pays [ça reste à voir : tous les pays anti-Occident ?], on trouvera des œuvres sur les Fab Four. L'aventure que vécurent John, Paul, George et Ringo fut passionnante.beatles - photo - 1-01-2012.jpgbeatles - photo - 2 - 1-01-2012.jpg 

Photos : X


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Earth, Wind & Fire : Got To Get You Into My Life

1955: Maurice White (1941/12/19-present) begins playing drums with Memphis schoolfriend Booker T. Jones (later of Booker T. And The MG's (Memphis Group.)

1966: he joins The Ramsey Lewis Trio and plays on 10 of Lewis' albums.

1969: White forms The Sally Peppers, who have a local Chicago hit with La La Time and Love Is Life on Capitol Records.

1970: White changes group name to Earth, Wind & Fire. They sign to Warner Bros. Records.

1978/07/14: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is released. White wins a Grammy Award of the best instrumental arrangements accompanying all the vocalists a few months later. 

1978/09/16: Got To Get You Into My Life, which the band performs in film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" hits US Pop chart #9; R'n'B #1 and is a million-seller. Produced by Maurice White.

28.09.1978: the said single makes UK #33. ( http://youtu.be/6ljFPOmwg28 )

Personnel: Maurice White, Verdine White, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Johnny Graham, Andrew Woolfolk, Fred White (lead vocals, percussion; vcls, bs; vcls, percussion; piano, synthesizer; drums; gtrs; gtr; tenor sax; drums, percussion.)

Single references i.a.: US COLUMBIA 3-10796 - UK CBS 6553 released in September 1978.

Compilation: P. 1991 Sony Music Entertainment (France) S.A., COLUMBIA COL 468931-2 also released in Belgium, in The Netherlands...

Wish you all a happy New Year !

earth wind and fire - pochette fold out - 29-12-2011.jpgearth wind and fire - got to get you...pochette.jpg

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Ray Charles : Let It Be

1977/02/28 (28.02.1977) : Ray Charles is attacked while performing, by a man who rushes on stage with a rope and tries to strangle him.

1977/11/19 : True To Life, a one-off return to Atlantic with a Crossover Records production climbs to US #78. This album is released in November 1977, US reference Crossover/Atlantic 19142 - UK reference London SHU8509.

Left : US album - right : Belgian pressing I Can See Clearly Now (s) Johnny Nash reaches #35 on the R'n'B chart b/w Let It Be. Both songs are taken from the Belgian LP 143.015-Ray Charles-True To Life distributed by FONIOR BRUSSELS/BELGIUM - A DIVISION OF THE INTERNATIONAL PELGRIMS GROUP IPG.

Belgian reference : London/CROSSOVER 26.548 y. Arranged by Larry Mahoberack / Produced by Ray Charles.

http://youtu.be/eof2c5fTcI8.charles - LP true to life - USA - 11-1977.jpgcharles - let it be (s.k.) - 1977 (21-10-2011).jpgcharles - let it be - single (21-10-2011).jpg

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TRIFLE : All Together Now cover version

Personnel : George Bean, vcls; Rod Coombes, drums; Patrick "Speedy" King, bass; Barry Martin, tenor sax; John Pritchard, trumpet;  De Lisle Harper (?), gtr + John Hawken, organ.

George Bean, ex-George Bean and The Runners was a band managed by Robert Stigwood. As for Rod Coombes, he went on to JUCY LUCY in the course of 1970 to help them for i.a. their first album "Lie Back And Enjoy It" issued on Philips/Vertigo 636 014. Later he joined STEALERS WHEEL playing drums i.a. on "Stuck In The Middle With You" released in 1972.

"All Together Now" : produced by Noel Walker - Arranged by Mike Batt. http://youtu.be/qQhpePfiyVk

"Stuck In The Middle With You" : http://youtu.be/OMAIsqvTh7g

UK reference : UNITED ARTISTS UP 2270, February 1969. NL ref.: united artists UA 25.970. Austria ref. : UA 35016.all together now - trifle - UK single - 1969.jpgall together now - trifle - UK - 1969.jpgall together now - triflle - single (s.k.) - 1969.jpgstealers wheel - pochette - 19-12-2011.jpgstealers wheel - stuck in (...) - 1972 - 19-12-2011.jpg  

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The Beatles : pochettes belges

beatles - sgt. pepper's - pochette belge.jpgEn tout et pour tout il y en a eu 10 y compris un super EP comprenant Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band / With A Little Help From My Friends / A Day In The Life (Parlophone 4C 006 06843 sorti en septembre 1978.) 

Avec le doublon de la pochette de Lady Madonna, il y en a 11.

http://youtu.be/xbtFF4rLj90 / http://youtu.be/hG7hG3zb6f8 / http://youtu.be/LUl2-osCcO4

http://youtu.be/JUe-lXAoSZI / http://youtu.be/VMxyK9azXR4 / http://youtu.be/7uVRIAinA3E

http://youtu.be/XvbWL3TlaRU / http://youtu.be/X7dHoEmUtIs / http://youtu.be/JDTeGOyMXF4

http://youtu.be/lwS_YDzxH3M / http://youtu.be/g--Vlij1X1Y / http://youtu.be/XwmtNk_Yb2Q

http://youtu.be/e_cwWP5Qf1k / http://youtu.be/k9Itt02QOO0 / http://youtu.be/jJ98qac2UIM

http://youtu.be/HBZ8ulc5NTg / http://youtu.be/UNc5Q3Y8LKw / http://youtu.be/VfthrizXKOM

How to recognize a Belgian pressing ? This label shows the "K.A." on left. "The Parlophone Co. Ltd. -" (in the upper circle) whereas the picture cover shows "PARLOPHONE-Trade Mark Of THE GRAMOPHONE CO. LTD. Please, see my other topic about Hello Goodbye posted in large format.


beatles - i fee fine - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - rock and roll music - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - ticket to ride - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - help - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - yesterday - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - day tripper - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - all you need is love - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - hello goodbye - 18-12-2011.jpgbeatles - lady madonna - 18-12-2011.jpg I Feel Fine sorti le 27/11/1964, BEL #3 le 3/02/1965 (R 5200); Rock And Roll Music sorti en 1965, BEL #3 le 3/03/1965 (MO 20007); Ticket To Ride sorti le 9/04/1965, BEL #10 le 10/05/1965 (R 5265); Help! sorti le 23/07/1965, BEL #5 le 5/09/1965 (R 5305); Yesterday sorti en octobre 1965, BEL #1 le 1/12/1965 (DP 563); We Can Work It Out sorti en décembre 1965, BEL #3 en 01/1966 (R 5389); All You Need Is Love sorti le 7/07/1967, BEL #4 en 08/1967 (R 5620); Hello Goodbye sorti le 24/11/1967, BEL #2 en 01/1968 (R 5655); Lady Madonna sorti 15/03/1968, BEL #3 en avril 1968 (R 5675); Sgt. Pepper's...sorti en 09/1978, BEL #-. DNC. 

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Songs of The Beatles...by Sarah Vaughan

  • vaughan - songs of the beatles - 01-1981.jpgSongs recorded in 1977 at Davlen Sound Studios owned by Len Kovner, N. Hollywood, LA. The vinyl album was issued on Atlantic XSD 16037 in January 1981. Re-released on CD by Rhino-Atlantic (reference: 16037) in 1990, 1993 as well as in 2005.
  • Get Back / And I Love Her / Eleanor Rigby / The Fool On The Hill / You Never Give Me Your Money / Come Together / I Want You (She's so heavy) / Blackbird / Something / Here, There And Everywhere / The Long And Winding Road / Yesterday / Hey Jude.
  • Arrangements and production by David and Marty Paich.
  • Musicians includes i.a. Jean-Baptiste "Toots" Thielemans [from Belgium] (harmonica); Jeff Porcaro (drms, percussion); Louie Shelton (gtr); Bob Magnusson (bs); David & Marty Paich (keyboards); John Smith (tenor sax); Jim Gilstrap, Bill Thedford, Perry Morgan (background vcls.)
  • And so on...
  • http://youtu.be/dc67rUVZ52s (Yesterday)
  • http://youtu.be/Uo3kl8V_f84 (And I Love Her)
  • http://youtu.be/do5aoGW9Esc (Get Back)
  • http://youtu.be/DW6hGRiuRJE (Eleanor Rigby)
  • http://youtu.be/DTXDb4ksvsY (The Fool On The Hill)
  • http://youtu.be/uL-HCGIAk50 I Want You (She's so heavy)

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Ex-Beatle George Harrison died 10 years ago - tribute

November 1968 : George Harrison (25.02.1943-30.11.2001 [29.11.2001 in Los Angeles, CA]) : becomes the first Beatle to issue material independently of the group with album soundtrack "Wonderwall", which reaches US #49.

March 1969 : Electronic Sound, which makes US #191, consists of Harrison experimenting with new acquisition, a moog synthesizer.

November : having become the second writing force behind Lennon and McCartney within The Beatles, the first single he has penned is released by the group, Something which hits UK #4 and US #1. (it will become a show biz standard with hundreds of cover versions recorded in the coming years.)

December : George plays a number of concerts with Delaney (Bramlett), guitar and vocals & Bonnie Lynn Bramlett, vocals.

May 26, 1970 : he begins recording All Things Must Pass released next December which hits UK #4 and US #1. After The Beatles split, George is the first to secure a chart-topping album. Released to tie in with the first non-Beatle Christmas since 1962, it achieves worldwide sales of 3 million copies. The triple album box set is a showcase of his talent and will never be equalled by future releases. Co-produced by Phil Spector, Harrison is backed by an all-star band, including Ringo Starr, Ginger Baker, Billy Preston, Badfinger and debut of Derek & The Dominoes, featuring Eric "Slowhand" Clapton as well as Bob Dylan...R.I.P., Mr. Harrison...

http://youtu.be/p4G2RlBKbrM (The Beatles : Within You Without You)

http://youtu.be/g-ATb5FNci8 (Paul McCartney in concert : All Things Must Pass)


 george harrison (1).jpggeorge harrison (2).jpggeorge harrison (3).jpg

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Discomotion (Pt 2) : a Beatles' song cover of I want you (She' so heavy)

discodiscodiscoAnn C. Sheridan alias Ann Calvert is an American singer. Cover from left is the one issued on RCA Victor 42548 in 1976 produced in France by Laurent Voulzy for BING BANG Music/ESSEX Music, and also available in Belgium. The two other picture covers contain 2 mistakes "She's so heavy" instead of "He's So Heavy". German Hansa international 17 226 AT, 1976 (DCC/Deutsche Club Charts #45) and the NL single also released in 1976 is issued on Ariola 17 061.  Other references : UK BRADLEYS RECORDS BLAK1003, 1976 produced by David Barnes and Laurent Voulzy; CAN Amour Records A.M. 8417, 1976; US RCA PD-11049, 1976; IT Fonit Cetra S 20204, 1977. Her version tops the charts in Montreal. Arrangements : Laurent Voulzy. Photos : John Moore.

http://youtu.be/kwXlCCfY-p8 I want you (for the US army, enlist now :D)

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Discomotion (Pt 1) : Beatles' songs medley by Café Crème

  1. café crème - kébec-disc KD-9302.jpgcafé crème - original UK single - 19-11-2011.jpgcafé crème - 1977 - recto - 19-11-2011.jpgcafé crème - single face A - 19-11-2011.jpgOriginal Canadian single from Quebec, kébec-disc KD-9302, 1977
  2. Original UK single EMI / HARVEST HAR5143, 1977
  3. Original NL and BEL cover picture made in The Netherlands
  4. Original NL and BEL 45rpm7" EMI-Bovema / EMI 5C 006-99597, 1977
  5. Original NL and BEL picture cover backside
  6. Other references : GER : EMI-Electrola 1C 006-99597, 1977
  8. FR : EMI / BIMBO records BLR-5555, 1977café crème - verso - 19-11-2011.jpg
  9. IT: EMI 3C 006-99597, 1977
  10. SP: EMI / Odeon 10 C 006-99.597, 1977
  11. N.B. : citations ininterrompues - unlimited citations http://youtu.be/PFAupznm6qk (maxi version)
  12. Charts : NL #17 - SE #18
  13. Arrangements : Georges and/et Michel Costa
  14. Engineer/ingénieur du son : Jéhol Van Bay
  15. Photos pochette : H. Vassal
  16. Café Crème est un quatuor canadien du Québec comprenant Michel Costa, le français Laurent Rossi, Georges Costa et un quatrième resté jusqu'à présent complètement inconnu (sauf de Rossi ou des Costa :D ). Si quelqu'un en sait plus...
  17. Certains extraits sont reliés entre eux par une très courte chanson qu'on pourrait appeler Singing With The Beatles (auteur et compositeur non crédités).
  18. Café Crème is a Canadian quatuor from Quebec...

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Elton John (Pt 1) : cover of LSD

elton john - UK single - 15-11-1974.jpgelton john - lucy - single - 1974 (s.k.) 22-10-2011.jpg1961 : Elton John (b. Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Mar.25, 1947, Pinner, London), son of an ex-royal Air Force trumpeter, Stanley and his wife, Sheila Dwight, having started piano lessons at age 4 and played at a local music festival at age 12 (his early piano idols are Winifred Atwell and Charlie Kunz), has already attended the Royal Academy of Music, London, to which he won a part-time scholarship in 1958, when he joins locally performing R&B outfit Bluesology (its name taken from a Django Reinhardt disk), playing piano with existing members Stuart Brown (gtr), Rex Bishop (bs) and Mike Inkpen (drms). Their first paying gig is at the Northwood Hills hotel, Northwood, London.


December 1974 : his cover of The Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds featuring the Reggae guitars of Dr. Winston O'Boogie alias John Lennon is issued as a single on UK DJM Records DJS-340 and released on 8 November 1974 which hits UK TOP 40 #10 and in Germany #31 [DJM 2043 002, 1975]. In America, the single is issued on MCA RECORDS MCA-40344 on 1974/11/18 and tops the Billboard TOP 100 at #1 on 1975/01/04, becoming another million-seller. B/W One Day At A Time (s) Lennon who plays the guitar. Produced by GUS DUDGEON - P. 1974 THIS RECORD CO. LIMITED. 

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THE TUBES : Beatles' songs : cover versions sung in English

tubes - i saw her (...) skynet.jpg1975 : Establishing a reputation as Frisco, CA's prime theatrical rock band, The Tubes, formed in Phoenix, AZ and led by ex-drama student "Fee" Waybill (vox, b. John Waldo, Sept.17, 1950, Omaha, NE sign to A&M Records, using the advance to produce more extravagant stage shows. The group consists as well as Waybill, Bill "Sputnick" Spooner (gtr), Vince Welnick (keyboards), Rick Anderson (bs gtr), Michael Cotton (synthesizer), Roger Steen (gtr), Prairie Prince (drums) [b.Charles L. Prince], Re Styles (vox, gtr) [b. Shirley Marie MacLeod] and Mingo Lewis (percussion).

March 1978 : Double live What Do You Want From Live reaches US #82 and UK #38. Produced by Peter Henderson and Rikki Farr.

This is an NL 45 r.p.m. single released in March 1978 but did not chart.

Reference : AMS 5643


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AEROSMITH :Beatles' songs : cover versions sung in English

aerosmith - come together - 06-1978 (23-10-2011).jpgCome Together is an exerpt taken from the double LP "Sgt. Pepper's lonely Hearts Club Band" , starring Robin Gibb, The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton. On September 30, this song reaches US #23. Band appears as vilains in the movie. The double LP is issued on RSO Records and released in June 1978.

The NL pressing also includes Kings And Queens which makes US #70 on April 1, 1978.

Members : Steven Tyler (vocals), b. Steven Talarico , March 26, 1948, New York City; Joe Perry (guitar); b. Sept.10, 1950, Boston, Massachusett's capital; Brad Whitford (guitar), b. Feb.23, 1952, Winchester, MA, ex-Justin Tyme, Earth Inc. and The Cymbals Of Resistance; Tom Hamilton (bs gtr), b. Dec.31, 1951, Colorado Springs, CO and Joey Kramer (drums), b. June 21, 1950, New York completes the line-up.

Group signs to CBS/COLUMBIA in August 1972. http://youtu.be/nDtoZ8M3Q50

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Chansons des Beatles (T-Y) interprétées en français + 1 en anglais (pt 11)

  • William Tay acc. par Les Rockets (B)  :
    • "Tu changeras d'avis", 01/1964 (Bad to me - Billy J. Kramer with The Dakotas)
    • "Plus la même", 01/1964 (I call your name) disques festival FX 45-1359 (B. J. Kramer w. The Dakotas)
  • Vince Taylor et ses Playboys : "Tu changeras d'avis", 1964 (Bad to me via Billy J. Kramer & the Dakotas, #1 RU, 06/63)
  • Peter Tiberi  : "You can't do that", 2/01/1974 (en anglais) alias Pierre Tibéri
  • Michèle Torr :
  • "Et je l'aime", 1965 (And I love her)
  • "Toi l'orgueilleux", 1964 (Love of the loved - Cilla Black)
  • I Trovatori  : "Tu perds ton temps", 1963 (Please please me)
  • 20 Years Later  : "Magical medley" (voice mix), 1988/1989
  • Sylvie Vartan : "Twiste et chante", 07/1963 [orch. dir. Eddie Vartan] (Twist and shout via The Isley Brothers, 1963, v. o. par The Top Notes, 1961)
  • Claudette Vandal (CA)  : "Hello petite fille", 1964 (Hello little girl - The Fourmost)
  • Tony Victor  : "Plus la même", 1964 (I call your name)
  • Thierry Vincent  : "Je n'peux l'acheter", 1964 [acc. par Eddie Vartan et son orchestre] (Can't buy me love)
  • Dominique Walter : "Penny lane", 1967 [acc. par Ch. Chevallier] (Penny lane) Note : fils de Michèle Arnaud.
  • John William : "4 garçons dans le vent" [Jean Bouchéty et son orchestre], 1964 (a Hard Day's Night)
  • Tiny Yong  : "Huit jours par semaine", 1965 [avec Jacques Denjean et son orchestre] (Eight days a week)
  • Patrick Zabé(CA)  :
    • "Ob-la-di ob-la-da", 1969 (Ob-la-di ob-la-da)
    • "Oh darling", 1969 (Oh darling)
  • Les Zéniths (CA)  : "Seul", 1966 (Girl)

tay - tu changeras d'avis - jpeg - 11-63.jpgtaylor - tu changeras d'avis - jpeg.jpgtorr - et je l'aime (and i love her) EP.jpgvartan - twiste et chante - EP (14-10-2011).jpgvartan - twiste et chante - single 46.003 - 07-10-1963.jpgvictor - plus la même - 1964 EP.jpgwalter - penny lane - 1967.jpgwilliams - 4 garçons dans le vent - 1964 (EP).jpgwilliams - pochette verso.jpghuit jours par semaine - EP 18728 - 1965.jpghuit jours par semaine - new scan.jpgtiberi - you can't do that - 1973.jpg





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Chansons des Beatles (P-R) interprétées en français (pt 9)

  • Ginette Page (CA)  : "Hier", 1965 (Yesterday)
  • Michel Pagliaro (CA)  : "L'amour est là", 1969 (Step inside love - Cilla Black, 1968, RU, #8)
  • Les Paraders (CA)  : "Je l'aime", 1966 (Girl)
  • Martin Peltier (CA)  : "Il n'y a plus personne", 1970 (Here comes the sun)
  • Plume (CA)  : "Docteur Robert", 1967 (Doctor Robert)
  • Richard Proulx (CA)  : "Reste avec lui", 1974 (You won't see me)

Les 409 (CA)  :

  • "Le vrai bonheur", 1966 (It's only love)
  • "Reviens, reviens", 1967 (Hello, goodbye)
  • Tony Rank  : "Petite fille", 1964 (Little child)
  • Régine : "Goodbye", 1967 (Hello goodbye)
  • Anne Renée (CA)  : "Je veux savoir", 1974 (You won't see me)
  • Michèle Richard(CA)  :
    • "Je ne peux l'acheter", 1964 (Can't buy me love)
    • "Quelqu'un", 1973 (Something)
  • Dick Rivers :
    • "Mes ennuis", 1963 [orch. dir. Paul Piot] (Misery - Kenny Lynch via la version des Beatles)
    • "Twist and shout", 1963 via The Isley Brothers, 1962, #1 R'n'B, #17 au Hot 100 - v. o. The Top Notes, 1961)
    • "J'en suis fou", 1963 [orch. dir. Paul Piot] (Love me do)
    • "Lorsque je l'ai vue devant moi", 1963 (I saw her standing there)
    • "Ces mots qu'on oublie un jour", 1965 [acc.  : The Krewkats) (Things we said today)
    • "Prends un ticket avec moi", 1965 [orch. dir. Norrie Paramor] (Ticket to ride) [1]
  • Michel Robidoux (CA)  : "Plus la même", 1965 (I call your name)
  • Jenny Rock (CA)  : "Seul", 1967 (Boys via The Shirelles, 1960; #1 EU, 11/60) )
  • Jen Roger (CA)  : "Je croyais", 1965 (Yesterday)
  • Tony Roman (CA)  : "Elle t'aime", 1964 (She loves you)
  • Tino Rossi : "Je croyais", 1969 (Yesterday)
  • Pierrette Roy (CA)  : "J'ai un secret à te dire", 1963 (Do you want to know a secret)



rank - petite fille - EP.jpggoodbye - sp 1967.jpgrivers - mes ennuis - sp - 1963.jpgrivers - j'er suis fou - 1963.jpgrivers - ces mots... - 1964.jpgrivers - lp - 1964.jpgrivers - prends un ticket avec moi - 06-1965.jpgrivers - prends...(EP) - 1965.jpg

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What happened to some Beatles members on 31.12.1966 & 31.12.1970 ?

the beatles - just seventeen - S. African single.jpg

1966 : George Harrison is refused admission to Annabel's nightclub in London for not wearing a tie, so he, and his party, including wife Patti, Brian Epstein and Eric Clapton see in the New Year at Joe Lyon's Corner House in Coventry Street in the West End of London.


1970 : Paul McCartney files suit against the rest of the group to dissolve THE BEATLES & Co. partnership and seeks the appointment of a receiver to handle the group's affairs. He also ends links with Allen Klein who now handles the affairs of the other 3. Happy New Year for all their fans.

It's my turn to wish you all a very good New Year's Eve dinner and at the same time a very very

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! God bless...

Carpe diem quam minimum credula postero.


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George Harrison : 26.12.1971 & 26.12.1975 (26.12.2010)



george harrisson - my sweet lord - 1970.jpgDec. 26, 1971 : My Sweet Lord hits US #1, giving Harrison a second accolade as the first ex-Beatle with a chart-topping single. Originally given away by Harrison to Billy Preston for his Apple album Encouraging Word and even scheduled as a Preston single release, it becomes a worldwide #1, selling over 5 million copies. Left : French picture cover. Right below : Italian pressing dating back to 30.11.1970.

Dec.26, 1975 : Harrison guests on BBC TV's "Rutland Weekend Television".

george harrison - my sweet lord - italian pressing - 1970.jpg

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john lennon - 1971.jpglennon - instant karma - 02-1970.jpgThirty years ago John was cold-blooded murdered / Il y a 30 ans, John fut assassiné de sang-froid. Tribute...

Instant Karma ! : by Lennon/Ono (With the Plastic Ono Band) and George Harrison on guitar released in February 1970 : recorded in a day and produced by Phil Spector, hits UK #5 and US #3. George plays guitar and Allen Klein and assorted club-goers from London's Hatchetts club provide chorus.

Imagine : by John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (October 1971) :

-album : Imagine, commercially his most successful LP record, features a melodic pop sound and is acclaimed as his best solo work. The album, containing 2 thinly-veiled attacks on Paul McCartney in Crippled Inside and How Do You Sleep ?, tops both UK and US charts.

-single (released in 10/1971) : peace-themed Imagine hits US #3; Lennon resists its UK release. Mais heureusement pas en Belgique ni en France et aussi dans la plupart des autres pays du Globe.



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50 & 40 years earlier : Johnny & The Moondogs - Let It Be (20 June 2010)

johnny gentlebeatles-poster film let it beMay 20, 1960 : Johnny & The Moondogs including Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Stutcliffe having failed an audition for Larry Parnes to Billy Fury's backing band, begin a 7-date tour of Scotland at Alloa Town Hall, as THE SILVER BEETLES (after a brief spell as THE BEATALS) backing Johnny Gentle, another singer from the Parnes talent stable (!). Tommy Moore has been added to the line-up on drums. For the tour, McCartney uses the pseudonym Paul Ramon, Stutcliffe calls himself Stuart da Staël and Harrison adopts the forname Carl.***May 20, 1970 : movie "Let It Be" opens simultaneously at the London Pavilion and Liverpool Gaumont without any of the group attending. It documents the making of the album and outlines the discontent amongst The Beatles during its recording. True stereo.

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Historique de (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock (8/05/2010)

bill haley - liège - 14-05-1974 (1)bill haley - liège - 14-05-1974 (2)La chanson Rock Around The Clock fut écrite et composée en novembre 1952 (soit 18 mois avant l'enregistrement par Bill Haley) par Jimmy DeKnight (alias James E. Myers) en collaboration avec un compositeur "freelance", Max C. Freedman. Il est probable, comme cela se faisait couramment à l'époque qu'un éditeur ait proposé Rock Around The Clock à Dave Miller, patron d’Essex Records à Chester (Pennsylvannie) ou à quelqu'un de son entourage mais personne n'en a jamais voulu. C’est finalement Sonny Dae (alias Paschal Vennitti) and His Knights à Chester qui enregistrent le morceau en octobre 1953. (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock sort sur ARCADE (45-AR-123), un tout petit label appartenant à Jack Howard en mars 1954. (*) RATC se vend à au moins mille copies dans la vallée du Delaware mais n‘est pas distribué au niveau national (coast to coast) par manque d'intérêt d'une Major. Malgré son insistance, "on" lui dénie le droit de l'enregistrer (même pas en démo). Enfin libéré de son contrat avec Essex Records, "Bill Haley and His Comets" pourront enregistrer RATC le 12 avril 1954 au Pythian Temple de New York City. Bill Haley était tellement en retard (arrivant de l'état voisin du New Jersey) pour l'enregistrement qu'il dût s'y reprendre à deux fois dont coût 3 heures de studio (mince ! au prix que coûtait une seule heure...). Le disque est distribué par Decca ( le 78 tours 29124 ) et par DECCA (le single 9-29124) "coast to coast" simultanément avec un autre pays situé en Europe de l'Ouest : la Belgique !!! Label DECCA 9.60.961 en face B de Pinball Boogie de Red Foley (10 mai 1954). Mais revenons environ sept mois auparavant: Bill Haley, parfait musicien et multi-instrumentiste (guitares, slap bass) dispose d’un flair sans pareil et il croit en cette chanson. En septembre 53, il l’ajoute à son répertoire et la joue pour la première fois en public sous son nom de l'époque "Bill Haley With Haley's Comets" dans la station balnéaire de Wildwood-by-the-Sea à l'hôtel HOFBRAU dans le sud du New Jersey (**). Quelques mois plus tard, (We're Gonna) Rock Around The Clock ne tarde pas à se classer No 23 dans le Pop chart du Billboard le 29 mai 1954 (***)...La suite fait partie de l'Histoire de la "Popular Music"... Sources : (*) Billboard revue, 20 mars 1954 (**) Jersey City : Da Capo Press, 1987 (***) The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits. New York: Billboard Publications, 1984. Pour agrémenter ce topic, j'y rajoute les deux photos que j'ai prises au Conservatoire de Liège le 14/05/74. Photo de droite : de gauche à droite : Ray Cawley, basse et vocals - Rudy Pompilli, sax ténor - Freddy Moore, batterie - Bill Haley, guitare rythmique et vocals - Nick Masters (Nastos), guitare solo, guitare électrique espagnole et vocals et derrière, en retrait mais invisible : Ray Parsons, steel et guitare solo, vocals.


The Clash's bass player: Paul SimOnon or SimEnon ??? 29/09/2009

paul simenon - the clashThere's a big problem about Paul's real house hold name. I know that 'cause I've read a Belgian interview by punk/new wave specialists about or more than 25 years ago. If my memory don't fail, it was written in an independent journal called "En Attendant" or "MORE".***Google images shows Paul Simonon and Paul Simenon. Anyway, I'm quite sure it is SIMENON.***For instance this link: http://punk77.co.uk***or this one : http://www.urbanimage.tv/browse.htm?loc1=punk&loc2=clash%20posse&loc3=paul%20simenon& ***I'm awaiting without any comments...

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Bill Haley: Trouble in mind ? (1979)-(19/06/2009)

**Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, 1953***Kansas City : from K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Federal, 11/1952 via Little Richard, US #95, 1959. (Wilbert Harrison, Fury, US #1, May 1959)***Love Letters In The Sand : from Dolly Dawn, RCA/Bluebird, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : from Joe Turner and His Blues Kings, April 1954***I'm In Love Again : from Fats Domino, 06/1956***Stagger Lee : from Lloyd Price's version, 1959 [originally Stack O' Lee Blues first recorded by Long Cleve Reed & Little Harvey Hull-Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson-rec. circa 1899 however unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B)***Also recorded by Waring's Pennsylvanians (Victor 19189 A, 10/16/1923) and Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d, 10/18/1923) in 1923, based on a story of Billy Lyon's hat in 12/1895.***Rock Around The Clock : from Bill Haley And His Comets, 05/1954***I Almost Lost My Mind : from Ivory Joe Hunter, 1949***Blue Suede Shoes : from Carl Perkins, Sun 234, Jan. 1, 1956***My Special Angel : from Bobby Helms With The Anita Kerr Singers, Decca 9-30423, 08/1957***Blueberry Hill : from Fats Domino's version, 12/1956 [originally by Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra, 05/1940 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Ray Eberle, Bluebird, 1940].***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin', On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records, B-side of The Hucklebuck, 10/1960.***Bouquet Of Roses : from Eddy Arnold And His Tennessee Plowboys, RCA Victor, 1948***I Don't Hurt Anymore : from Hank Snow, RCA Victor, 17th April 1954.***(The) Wild Side Of Life : from Hank Thompson, Capitol, 1952 [aka Honky Tonk Angels].***Singing The Blues from Marty Robbins, Columbia 1956 via Guy Mitchell, Columbia, US #1, 1956***This Is The Thanks I Get : from This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You) by Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy, and his Guitar, RCA Victor 47-5805, July 1954.***Candy Kisses : originally from George Morgan's - who wrote the song -, CBS/COLUMBIA 20547, 1949, US R'N'B #1 then US POP #2.***However, this song (gospel) had been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (Clarence Fountain, leader) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey. Then in the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan and his Texans, COLUMBIA, 1942 (US #1, 1943).***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder (08/60) : from Jimmie Davis, Capitol Records, US #1, 1945***Cold Cold Heart : from Hank Williams (Sr.) And His Drifting Cowboys, 1951***Anytime : from Emmett Miller acc. by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, 1924; Okeh 41095, 1928; Bluebird 6577, 1936 via Eddy Arnold And His Guitar, RCA Victor, 1956.***Detour : originally from Spade Cooley A.H.O., 1946 via Patti Page With Jack Rael And His Orchestra, Mercury 5682, June 13, 1951 via Duane Eddy, Jamie 1117/B, 09/1959.***TROUBLE IN MIND (recorded for Warner Bros. in 1960, unissued), EP CLAIRE 1 EP 4779, USA, 1979 : via Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra feat. Rosetta Tharpe on vocal, Decca 48053, 1950/Conway Twitty, 02/1960 [via Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra feat. Bertha "Chippie" Hill on vocal, 1926 [originally by Thelma LaVizzo, Paramount 12206, 05/1924].***This song is also featured on the RARETIES US LP Record/album AMBASSADOR A 98100 manufactured and released in issued in the USA (America) late in 1979. The mystery of its origin is resolute! First issue as "RARETIES, 1979 and the 2d one as "RARITIES" in the course of the 80's.


Pierre Rapsat et les Beatles : LP Je Suis Moi (24/02/2009)

Pierre Raepsaet est né à Ixelles le 28/05/1948 et est parti pour un long voyage le 21/04/2002 à Verviers. Bio succinte: Pierre a fait partie d'un groupe verviétois "Les Tricheurs" devenus ensuite "Les Ducs" (avec e.a. Francis Geron à la basse et futur patron du fameux club musical "Spirit of 66" à Verviers. En 1970, il forme le groupe Laurelie dans lequel il est  bassiste. Ensuite il rejoint le groupe Jenghiz Khan (1971-1972) où il devient le principal vocaliste et joue toujours de la guitare basse. L'année 1973 verra ses débuts en solo (dont les très rares LP's New York chantés en français et en anglais). Sa connexion avec les Beatles est la chanson "Nous, les Beatles" parue sur l'album "Je Suis Moi" sorti en 1977 chez RCA Victor où il a été entraîné par Yves Simon. Je lui ai rendu hommage sur facebook avec un album photo intitulé "Pierre Rapsat et ses connexions".rapsat - lp je suis moi - 1977beatles - 07-1967 - all you need is love Pierre Raepsaet n'a jamais été bassiste ni dans les Rockets ni dans les Tenderfoot Kids !


John Lennon: Whatever Get's You Thru The Night (1/01/2009)

Mais où John va t-il chercher des noms de groupe pareils ?***Whatever gets you thru the night: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono NUCLEAR Band.***Face B: Beef Jerry: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band / Little Big Horns and Booker Table and The Maitre D'S.***16/11/1974: A-side hits US #1, and makes UK #36. He becomes the last of the 4 ex-Beatles to hit US #1.***Elton John plays on the session for the single and, recognizing the song's potential, makes a bargain with Lennon that the disk got to #1, Lennon would have to appear in concert with him. Lennon accepts , confident of the record's non-#1 status.Beatles-John Lennon-pochette recto-1974Beatles-John Lennon-single 1974Beatles-John Lennon-pochette verso - 1974

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La France et les Beatles 2 : Gérard Saint Paul

Abbey Road - LP - 1969 - (475 x 475) (66ko)Let it be (3)Dernière réédition : 3 juin 2008. CD sorti à l'origine en 2006. Ces huit chansons adaptées du tandem Lennon/McCartney sont extraites d'un LP de Gérard Saint Paul sorti en France en 1970 qui s'intitulait "10 Hits de Lennon et McCartney", référence Disc AZ STEC LP 82.***Rentre Jojo à la maison (Get back, 1969), Reste avec moi (Don't let me down, 1969), La ballade de John et Yoko (The Ballad of John and Yoko, 1969), C'est beau Paris (Come Together, 1969), Bang bang Maxwell (Maxwell's Silver Hammer, 1969), C'est la vie (Let It Be, 1970), Dis-moi je t'aime (You Know My Name) Look Up The Number, 1970), Ce long chemin vers toi (The Long and Winding Road), 1970.

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Bill Haley and his best friend Rudy Pompilli @ the Conservatory in Liège, 14 May 1974: "put your glad rags on...succinct story of rock around the clock" (take 2) revised 2-4-/08/2008

Photos included inside the double LP The Legends Of Rock, MCA CORAL COPS 6292/1-2 (D), Germany, 1973.***The story of RATC: this CD features a bunch of practically all the studio & live recordings cut by Bill Haley.***Previously announced for release in summer 2004 instead of 2006 (30/10) because of the (C)s/licenses of certain cover songs featured on the second disc including i.a. Pat Boone; Freddy Cannon; Chubby Checker; Harry Nilsson; Sonny Dae (first time on LP: LP "Rockaphilly": Roller Coaster 2001, 1978-first time on CD: Varese Fontana, 27 April 2004 [Rock & Roll/The First 50 Years: The 50s-track 26); The Deep River Boys, Phil Flowers, Ted Herold, Lee Jackson, Jimmy De Knight, Buddy Knox, Carl Perkins, The Isley Brothers, Dinah Lee and, Mae West (both female cover songs)...***Admittedly, there could be a third CD and many others containing other rarest versions as well as those presented here...Maybe in 2015, Klaus?***Haley fans: buy this 2 CD box set!***Hydra Records BCK 27128-1.5 (and the other ones too)***Succinct RATC story of the 2nd take (no more than 2):***Written and composed in November 1952 in Philadelphia, Pa. by Jimmy De Knight (alias James E. Myers) and "freelance" composer Max C. Freedman.***First recorded circa October 1953 by Sonny Dae and His Knights in Philadelphia and released by tiny label ARCADE (45-AR-123), owned by Jack Howard (Bb r&b revue, 20 March 1954).***Has anybody ever seen a stock disc or a DJ copy in Europe?***Dae's o.v. sold thousand RATC in the Delaware Valley but did not chart nationally because the tiny label had no national distribution.***Finally recorded by Bill Haley And His Comets at Pythian Temple (a one-time dance club converted into a studio /(an opium-smoker's dream: at what time???) located at 135, West 70th Street, New York City this 12 April 1954, released by DECCA (Personality Series) and produced by Milt Gabler (29124 [78 RPM] on 10 May 1954, "Fox Trot/Vocal Chorus by Bill Haley" (who was late) as beeing a fox trot seeing they didn't know how to call this music.***RATC entered the US BB chart at #23 Pop on 29 May 1954.***Also issued in Belgium on OMEGA (78 & 45 RPM featuring on the B-side "Pinball Boogie" by Red Foley at the same time (see other article). The next year RATC was used as the movie theme for the Blackboard Jungle film (premiere in NYC on 19 March 1955).***DECCA re-released RATC on 28 May 1955 (9-29124 [+ 1954-same reference]). It reached BB US R&B #3 then crossed over at Pop #1 on 9 July 1955.***Reissued in Belgium on DECCA also at the same time.***RATC in the US (A.C.T.: coast to coast, under control, accepted by all) & in the UK (in the early 70s under control of Scotland Yard: info from Belgian Press at the time of the brand new Belgian Wallonie Top 30 in 1973-eaoe)***Official Charts (American Chart Toppers (Top 100) / British Chart Toppers (Top 20) both launched on 1st January 1955.***1) enters the A.C.T. on 21/05/1955 topping on 9/07/1955 for 8 weeks; 2) enters the B.C.T. on 7/01/1955 reaching #17 two weeks later, re-enters on 14/10/1955 topping on 25/11/1955 for 11 weeks then re-enters once again on 21/09/1956 peaking at #5 a few weeks later.***Also B.C.T.'s #25 in January 1957 dropping out for a week before making its fifth and final re-entry on Columbia/Brunswick at #22.***Source: Rock File no 4 - Panther Books Ltd., Great Britain, 1st Pub. 1976.***Nota: when Bill Haley added the song to the band's repertoire in the summer (late September) of 1953 (Bill Haley With Bill Haley's Comets), during a stand in the Southern New Jersey beach resort of Wildwood-by-the-Sea at the HOTEL HOFBRAU (as seen on an image) ( [HofBrau?: curious spelling!], RATC became a big crowd pleaser.***Hofbräu means Court brew.***According to most estimates, RATC has sold well over one hundred million copies to date.***What Was The First Rock And Roll Record? (US 1992 sources from i.a. The Rockin' Fifties. Jersey City: Da Capo Press, 1987 and John Swenson. Bill Haley. London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1982): RATC!!!Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974 (Rudy Pompilli)The story of RATC - CD 2006


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK LIVE (2 LPs) - 30/05/2008 + something about THE AIR MAIL band

Bill Haley was thinking of another new name for his band. He proposed Bill Haley and The Bill Haley's Comets! Quickly forgotten to keep "Bill Haley" / "Bill Haley and The Comets".***Bill Haley "Live": at The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, 149 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, December 16, 1969 on Buddah records/Kama Sutra KSBS 2014, March 1970 (Bill Haley Scrapbook-German LP).***Executive Producer Richard Nader, in association with Lewis Merenstein.***This LP was released in France ten years later on Vogue/Mode 509061 late in1980.***(C) 1980 Vogue P.I.P.***The other one released in Germany on EUROPA 111 548.0 (budget label licensed by SONET, Sweden) is practically unkown.***Two tracks are live ones: RATC and Razzle-Dazzle: where from? (South Africa or overdubbed with public audience???).***This album also includes 4 instrumental tracks composed by John (?) Sprangers.***The German guests group The Air Mail (earlier a pseudonym for the garage hangover band (The) German Bonds (Star-Club & Polydor) comprised unknown studio musicians in 1978 and 1980 (without Bill Haley playing).***A-side: 1980 recordings; B-side: 1978 recordings.***LP released in Germany in 1980.***It is true John Lawton along with Tony Cavanna (Toni Cavanaugh/Lee Patterson) were members of The Air Mail in 1971 and 1972.***Special thanks to Ralph, John Lawton's MySpace webmaster and Klaus Kettner owner of Hydra Recs, Germany.***In order, back side and front side of the German LP.B. Haley Scrapbook - 60 dpiBill Haley - EUROPA LP - rearBill Haley - EUROPA LP A-sideB. Haley - LP MODE - 1980 - 65 dpi


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Live LP's) by Bill Haley (28/05/2008)

"BILL HALEY ON STAGE", Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 ("with invited audience". Do you know who they were? If not, the mafia!!!), pickwick/HALLMARK records SHM 773, UK, September 1972.[originally Sonet (UK) SNT 302, 03/1970 (Bill Haley And The Comets In Sweden: Rock Around The Clock) then Sonet (Sweden) GDP 9989, 11/1971 (Bill Haley On Stage).***Recorded live at Hammersmith Palais, UK, March 25, 1974, WEA filipacchi music/ATLANTIC 40555, France, June/July 1974.[originally ATLANTIC/Antic K51501, UK, June 1974].***Feat. i.a. Freddy Moore on drums.***Also played in Belgium next 14th May at the Conservatory in Liège including Beecher's Boogie Woogie, I was there!).BILL HALEY 5Bill-Haley--The-Comets-Live-In-London-74-ATL LPBill Haley live in London - rearHaley-Hallmark LPHaley-Atlantic LPBill Haley-Pop Show programme-14-05-1974


Johnny chante "Je Veux Te Graver Dans Ma Vie" (19/03/2008)

CD-Johnny-1961-1966D'après la version de Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, no 6 UK le 17/09/1966.***Les 5 CDs Hallyday Story - dont celui-ci - sont sortis en 1987.

***21-22/12/1979: Chicago joins The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt for 2 benefit concerts at San Diego's sports arena and Los Angeles' Aladdin theater, which raise almost $500,000 (500.000 USD) for the presidential campaign of California governor Jerry Brown.***The other live cover (!) is the one sung by Paul McCartney.


The connection between Cockney Rebel and The Beatles (12/01/2008)

Steve Harley (alias Steve Nice) and Cockney Rebel recorded in 1976 this Beatles song written and composed by George Harrison : Here Comes The Sun. Excerpt from the CD below, EMI : CDP 7 46714 2, 1987 / EMI UK: CZ 15, 1987.***Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel are some of MySpace friends. Cockney Rebel (cover and inlay card-72 dpi)

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