London : Abbey Road - May 1979 - Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Belgium

It was quite fantastic to be back in London less than five months later seeing I went to visit the City in early November 1978.***At the Portobello road market I bought the brand new Abbey Road picture disc in early May as well as my friend you can see on left. Unfortunately I sold it (not my friend) for a lot of money to a record dealer in Liège many many years ago. What a pity! My goodness, the time passes by so fast.******

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 The Beatles : other French pressings (singles)

June 14, 1969 : The Ballad Of John And Yoko, with only Lennon and McCartney playing on the track, tops UK chart. It is the 1st stereo single release by the group and its last UK #1.***July 12, 1969 : single hits US #8, plagued by radio censorship problems through its use of the word "Christ".***December 6, 1969 : Something/Come Together hits UK #4.***About "Something" : Frank Sinatra calls it the greatest love song of the last 50 years and will recorded it himself at the end of October 1970.***March 21, 1970 : Let It Be hits UK #2.***April 11, 1970 : Let It Be tops US chart, having debuted at #6, the highest position ever for any single in its 1st week of release.

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Bill Haley : the Sonet Sessions 1968-1979 + US United Artists 1968 Sessions - 29/08/2006 (modif : 29th Sept., 2nd & 15th Oct. 2006))

***Rock Around The Clock : via Bill Haley and His Comets, Mexico, 1966.***Ling-Ting-Tong : from The Five Keys' Ling, Ting, Tong, Capitol F-2945, 15th Oct.1954. R'n'B #1, US #28, 1955***Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie via Bill Haley and His Comets, 1956.***Rock The Joint : via Bill Haley With The Saddlemen, Essex E-303, 04/1952.***See You Later Alligator : via Bill Haley and The Comets, Mexico, 1966***Flip, Flop And Fly : via Bill Haley and The Comets, 1961 (from Joe Turner (as well as the latter song), Atlantic, 1955).***Love Letters In The Sand : via Bill Haley and His Comets, 1960, from Russ Colombo, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : via Bill Haley and His Comets, Mexico, 1966 (from Joe Turner, Atlantic 1026, 04/1954).***Dance Around The Clock : from Bill Haley and His Comets, Newtown recs, 1963.***Games People Play : from Joe South, Capitol recs, 1968***A Little Piece At A Time : from Good Jelly Bess (aka Billy Riley), Hermitage 775, April 1962.***Bony Moronie : from Larry Williams' Bonie Maronie, Specialty 615, 1957***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder : from Jimmie Davis, 1943/1944.***Me And Bobby McGee : from Roger Miller, RCA Camden, 1964.***Who'll Stop The Rain : from Creedence Clearwater Revival (aka CCR), Fantasy, 1971.***Travelin' Band : from CCR, Fantasy, 1970.***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan And His Texans, Columbia/Okeh, 1942/43 via Gene Autry, 1943.***Cryin' Time/live in Sweden : from Buck Owens (b.12th Aug. 1929 d. 25th March 2006) and His Buckaroos, Capitol F-5336, 28th Dec. 1964.***What 'D I Say : from Ray Charles, Atlantic, 1959***Lucille : from Little Richard, 1957.***Kansas City via Joey Dee and The Starliters, Roulette, 1962.***I'm Walking : from Fats Domino, 1957***High Heel Sneakers : from Tommy Tucker, Chess/Checker, 1964.***Tossin' And Turnin' : from Bobby Lewis and The Swanettes, Beltone recs, #1 spot which stayed on the charts for 23 weeks in 1961 (a throwback to the baritone jump blues singers of the early Fifties). .***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, 11/1960.***C.C. Rider [trad.] : via Joey Dee And The Starliters, Roulette, 1962 (and Chubby Checker's The C.C. Rider) [originally well known by Chuck Willis, Atlantic, 1957 & 1963 posthumous and, LaVern Baker's See See Rider released on Atlantic in 1963 (originally See See Rider Blues by Ma Rainey (aka Gertrude Pridgett, 1886-1931) acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band, Paramount 12252-B, Jan. 1925 [rec. date : 15th Oct. 1924]).***Lawdy Miss Clawdy : from Lloyd Price, Specialty 428, 04/1952***Bring It On Home To Me : from Sam Cooke (duet with Lou Rawls), RCA Victor 47-8036, 07/1962.***Personality : from Lloyd Price, Paramount Recs, 1959***Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, Essex E-321, April 1953.***Rock'N'Roll Music : from Chuck Berry, Chess, 05/1957.***Jim Dandy (Got Married) : from LaVern Baker's Jim Dandy, Atlantic, 1956.***That's How I Got To Memphis : from Tom T. Hall, 1968.***Juke Box Cannonball : via Jesse Rogers, 1949.***The Battle Of New Orleans : from Jimmie Driftwood, 1936 then rewamped in 1958, US #1 in 1959 [based on a fiddle tune "The Eight Of January"=Andrew Jackson's victory at the battle of New Orleans on 8th January 1815].***Heartaches By The Number : from Guy Mitchell with Ray Conniff and His Orchestra, US #1, Columbia, 1959.***Tweedle Dee : from LaVern Baker and The Gliders, Atlantic 1047, 11/1954.***So Right Tonight : from Bill Haley and His Comets, WB Recs, 1960.*****That's How I Got To Memphis, 01/1969 via his 1968's recording.*****Rockin' Around The Chistmas Tree, EMI, US, 1992 : from Brenda Lee, Decca 9-30776, October 19, 1958.*****Flip, Flop And Fly, Rockstar, UK, 1994 via his 1961's recording.*****Jingle Bell Rock : from Bobby Helms, Decca, 1957 via Chubby Checker duet with labelmate Bobby Rydell, US #21, Parkway Records, 12/1961 and Brenda Lee, Decca, June 13, 1964.***Tidbit time (annotations on the rear of the Sonet LP Everyone Can Rock & Roll) by David Sandison : (...) Bill's first teenage gigs were the classics ones available to rual kids wanting to break into show-business. He played local fairs and amusement parks (notably Radio Park) and, he played what's best described as hillbilly music. His first professional job was two years he spent playing guitar for Booth-Win bandleader Cousin Lee (alias ARLEE ELLSWORTH), director of Radio Park.***In 1945, when Bill was twenty, he cut his first record, a version of the popular "Candy Kisses" [So, "stolen" by George Morgan who wrote the song himself in 1948 and recorded it in 1949?]***Very strange!].***However, the song (gospel) has been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (leader Clarence Fountain) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey then the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949.***When that didn't set the world alight, he got more work in cowboy bands and learned his craft. In 1949, Bill returned home to find that a radio station had been built in nearby Chester and that WPWA were loooking for staff. He applied for, and got, a regular dee-jay job at WPWA and formed a broadcasting band - The Four Aces of Western Swing (...).***S.K. (myself) : During the 30's, Gene Autry was his idol. In the meantime, Bill known as the Rambling Yodeler sang (blue) yodel just like Jimmie Rodgers (aka Jean-Charles Rodgers, 8th Sep. 1897-26th May 1933) did since 'round 1927 until his death, this country manner of singing by incorporating of the setback of the voice inherited the Tyrolean from Switzerland and Austria) and has formed The Range Drifters in 1943.***In November 1947, Bill met Lou Pollar and was engaged by him as director of programs, leaving him carte blanche. This radio program has been called Western Swing Hour with the generic "We're Gonna Rock The Joint".***Certain of the songs he wrote were recorded by other artists such as Charlie Stone on Mercury Records and Andy Reynolds & His 101 Ranch Boys on Columbia Records ("Candy And Women") whereas "Pancake" Pete Newman recorded "Four Leaf Clover Blues" on RCA Victor. ******UK Pickwick records repackaging (March 1976) = ***Biggest Hits, Sonet/Grand Prix GP-9945, Sweden, 1968.***Rock Around The Country, Sonet 2519, Sweden, 28th May 1971.***Hallmark SHM 773 = Bill Haley On Stage (Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 [in front of private audience : the Maffia!] = Sonet SLP 63, Sweden, 26th July 1968.***EMI/MFP 2M 046 - 95.290, France, 1975 = Rock 'N' Roll Music, Sonet SNTF 645, UK, 1973.***Everyone Can Rock And Roll, Sonet, UK, 9/1979 : if your feet don't dance when it comes blasting out of your speakers, see your doctor!!!

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Brian Epstein est décédé il y a presque 30 ans/passed away almost 30 years ago : hommage/tribute...

C'était dans la consternation générale que le monde musical avait appris la mort subite, dans la nuit du samedi 26 août au dimanche 27 août 1967, de Brian Epstein, que l'on désignait sous l'appellation de "cinquième Beatle" ou de "Beatle dans l'ombre". La surprise de son décès inopiné fut d'autant plus grande qu'il n'était âgé que de 32 ans et qu'il n'était affligé d'aucune maladie notoire. Comme on n'avait retrouvé aucun médicament ni de message dans son luxueux appartement de Londres, on en a aussitôt conclu à une mort naturelle. C'est le domestique de Brian Epstein qui avait trouvé son patron mort dans son lit lorsqu'il était venu reprendre son service le dimanche après-midi. Il avait déclaré qu'Epstein était dans son état normal et qu'il ne se sentait nullement souffrant lorsqu'il s'était couché la veille.***Cependant, l'autopsie du corps n'en avait pas moins été faite, car il était notoire que Brian absorbait régulièrement du LSD et un mélange de drogue et d'alcool, ce qui lui était pourtant formellement interdit par les médecins depuis qu'il avait contracté une jaunisse, quelques mois auparavant, dont il avait eu de la peine à se rétablir. De plus, il était affligé d'une fièvre chronique d'origine glandulaire et la mort de son père, survenue un mois plus tôt, l'avait également fortement déprimé et abattu.***L'annonce brutale de la mort de leur manager et ami avait fortement affecté les Beatles, qui étaient justement en train de faire une retraite spirituelle en assistant à une conférence de la Spiritual Regeneration League au Normal College à Bangor, Pays de Galles en vue d'étudier la méditation transcendentale avec le guru indien (Indes) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. L'affection et la reconnaissance des Beatles à l'égard d'Epstein étaient bien connues et ils le considéraient véritablement comme l'un des leurs et comme un ami précieux. On se souviendra, en effet, que c'est Epstein qui avait découvert les Beatles à la Caverne de Liverpool où ils se produisaient alors pour une bouchée de pain et qu'il leur avait fait enregistrer un premier disque (Love Me Do) à ses frais. Il aurait même, semble-t-il, payé des centaines de jeunes pour qu'ils aillent acheter ce disque. Quant aux disques suivants, il s'était avéré qu'aucune aide n'était plus nécessaire pour qu'ils se vendent à plus d'un million d'exemplaires! Epstein avait donc vu juste.***Bien que vivant à Londres, ce fut à Liverpool, où il naquit et passât la majeure partie de sa vie, tout comme les Beatles, que Brian Epstein fut inhumé.***Lorsqu'ils vinrent rendre un dernier hommage à la dépouille mortelle de leur ami, les Beatles avaient déclaré comme un seul homme qu'ils n'auraient jamais su dominer leur peine sans le bienfaisant et salutaire enseignement qui leur avait été prodigué par le maître yogi indien Maharishi Mahesh et par l'étude des religions orientales, ce qui leur avait valu des paroles d'une haute élévation spirituelle.***Black & white photo : 18th November 1963 at E.M.I. : between John and George are from left to right : Brian Epstein, Sir Joseph Lockwood and George Martin.***It was in general consternation that the musical world had learned sudden death, in the night of Saturday August 26 to Sunday August 27, 1967, of Brian Epstein, that one indicated under the name of “fifth Beatle” or “Beatle in the shade”. The surprise of his unexpected death was all the more large as he was old only 32 years and that he was afflicted with no notorious disease. As one had found no drug nor of message in his luxurious apartment in London, one showed some a natural death at once. It is the servant of Brian Epstein who had found his boss dead in his bed when he had come to take again his service on that Sunday afternoon. He had declared that Epstein was in his normal state and that he felt by no means suffering when he had lain down the day before. *** However, the autopsy of the body had not been made less by it, because it was notorious that Brian regularly absorbed LSD and a mixture of drug and alcohol, which was however formally prohibited to him by the doctors since he had contracted a jaundice, a few months before, of which he had had sorrow to be restored. Moreover, he was afflicted with a chronic fever of glandular origin and the death of his father, occurred one month earlier, also strongly had depressed him and cut down. *** The brutal advertisement of their manager's death and friend to them had strongly affected The Beatles, which were precisely making a spiritual retirement in Bangor, Wales. Group attends a conference of the Spiritual Regeneration League at Normal College to study transcendental meditation with Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The affection and the recognition of The Beatles with regard to Epstein were well-known and they regarded truly one as of theirs and as an invaluable friend.***One will remember, indeed, that it was Epstein who had discovered The Beatles at the Liverpool Cavern where they occurred then for a bread mouthful and that he had made them record a first disc (Love Me Do) with his money.***He would even have, it seems, paid hundreds of young people so that they will buy this disc.***As for the following discs, it had proven that no help was more necessary so that they are sold to more than one million copies! Epstein had thus seen just. *** Although living in London, it was in Liverpool, where he was born and passed the major part of his life, just like The Beatles, that Brian Epstein was buried. ***When they paid a last homage to the mortal remains of their friend, The Beatles had declared as only one man that they would never have known to dominate their sorrow without the beneficial one and salutary teaching which had been lavished to them by the Master Indian yogi Maharishi Mahesh and by the study of the Eastern religions, which had been worth to them words of a high rise.

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Bill Haley : back in the olden days - 1947 - 1951

A1-BillHaley-FourLeafCloverBluesA1-BillHaley-DealMeA1-BillHaley-TooManyPartiesA1-BillHaley-WhyDo-Atlantic***The Cowboy Records label was founded in March 1945 by Jack Howard.***Keystone Records, another Philadelphia small label belonged to Ed Wilson.***Atlantic was created in 1948 in New York City by Herb Abramson and Ahmet Ertegun.***US original label shots by courtesy of Rocking Country Style Webmaster Terry Gordon, Atlanta, United States Of America - lotsa thanx, Terry.***Recorded for radio in 1947 and ca. 1950 and previously unreleased were Bill Haley's renditions of The Wreck On The Highway originally recorded by Dorsey Dixon [Feb., 1938] and / or The Dixon Brothers under the title (I) Didn't Hear Nobody Pray, 1938 and, Red River Valley from Montana Slim's Red River Valley Blues, RCA Victor/Bluebird B-8441, 1941; My Bucket's Got A Hole In It from Hank Williams and His Drifting Cowboys, MGM 10560, 1949, Cool Water from Hank Williams, radio transcription, 1949.***Too Many Parties And Too Many Pals (Ray Henderson/Billy RosS/Mort Dixon), Cowboy records, Aug. 1948 : later recorded by Hank Williams, Sr. as Luke The Drifter, MGM 10718, Jan. 10, 1950.***Candy Kisses (Cowboy records CR-1202, April 1949) from supposed George Morgan's original [Bill Haley could have already recorded it from a popular in 1945 when he was 20 - very strange! The first recording of this song was made by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (leader Clarence Fountain) in 1948 and issued on Newark's label Coleman Records, New Jersey then by Rex Turner and The Westerners on Varsity V 8015 in 1948 as well], Columbia, March 1949, US Country charts #1 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949, US Country charts #4. b/w Tennessee Border from Red Foley, Decca, US Country charts #3, 1949 [originally by Jimmy Work and His Tennessee Border Boys, Alben 501, 1948].***The Covered Wagon Rolled Right Along was also recorded for radio in 1949 and borrowed to Spike Jones And His City Slickers, RCA Victor, 1942.***Ten Gallon Stetson - recorded in 1950 for Keystone 5101, March 1950 - was also borrowed but this time to Ray Whitley acc. by Santa Fe' Ranger Melvin Price, Cowboy recs CR- 302, November 1947.***Long Gone Daddy (GOTHAM G-7416, 1951) : from I'm A Long Gone Daddy by Hank Williams, 1948, Cash Box #6.***Tidbit time : May 21, 1951 : Williams is admitted to the North Louisiana Sanitarium suffering from acute alcoholism. Williams has regularly resorted to alcohol and narcotics to ease severe back pains which are now analyzed as a birth defect, spina bifida occulta.***December 31, 1952 : 17-year-old Charles Carr drives Williams' Cadillac from Montgomery, Alabama, as they set out out for a New Year's Eve gig at the Memorial Auditorium, Canton, Ohio. Highway patrolman SWANN KITTS books Carr for speeding near Rutledge, Tennessee, and suggests to the driver that his back seat passenger looks dead.***January 1, 1953 : at 5.30am Carr stops for directions in Oak Hill, West Virginia.***Outside a Pure Oil service station he realizes Williams' body feels cold and calls the police. Patrolman HOWARD JAMEY confirms the death.***An autopsy conducted at Oak Hill hospital gives cause of death as heart failure [due to a shot].***In fact, Williams GOT A SHOT (US) / HAD IT OFF (UK) / une "PIQUOUZE"...This last sentence : (C) S. KOENIG - 25th August 2006.

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The Warner Brothers Sessions (and more WEA) : where on earth did Bill Haley discovered these incedible songs from? Part 3 - Crazy Man Crazy ! (again) - modif : 16th, 29th Oct. 2006

***Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, 1953***Kansas City : from K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Federal, 11/1952 via Little Richard, US #95, 1959. (Wilbert Harrison, Fury, US #1, May 1959)***Love Letters In The Sand : from Dolly Dawn and Her Dawn Patrol, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : from Joe Turner, April 1954***I'm In Love Again : from Fats Domino, 06/1956***Stagger Lee : from Lloyd Price's version, 1959 [originally Stack O' Lee Blues by Frank Westphal & His Orchestra, 1923 and Waring's Pennsylvanians, 1923)***Rock Around The Clock : from Bill Haley And His Comets, 05/1954***I Almost Lost My Mind : from Ivory Joe Hunter, 1949***Blue Suede Shoes : from Carl Perkins, Sun 234, Jan. 1, 1956***My Special Angel : from Bobby Helms With The Anita Kerr Singers, Decca 9-30423, 08/1957***Blueberry Hill : from Fats Domino's version, 12/1956 [originally by Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra, 05/1940 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Ray Eberle, Bluebird, 1940].***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin', On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records, B-side of The Hucklebuck, 10/1960.***Bouquet Of Roses : from Eddy Arnold And His Tennessee Plowboys, RCA Victor, 1948***I Don't Hurt Anymore : from Hank Snow, RCA Victor, 17th April 1954.***(The) Wild Side Of Life : from Hank Thompson, Capitol, 1952 [aka Honky Tonk Angels].***Singing The Blues from Marty Robbins, Columbia 1956 via Guy Mitchell, Columbia, US #1, 1956***This Is The Thanks I Get : from This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You) by Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy, and his Guitar, RCA Victor 47-5805, July 1954.***Candy Kisses : originally from George Morgan's - who wrote the song -, CBS/COLUMBIA 20547, 1949, US R'N'B #1 then US POP #2.***However, this song (gospel) had been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (Clarence Fountain, leader) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey. Then in the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949***Scandinavian Shuffle, 1960 : from Alice Babs and the swe-danes, Metronome 4509-95438-2, Sweden, 1959.***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan and his Texans, CBS/COLUMBIA, 1942 (US #1, 1943).***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder (08/60) : from Jimmie Davis, Capitol Records, US #1, 1945***Cold Cold Heart : from Hank Williams (Sr.) And His Drifting Cowboys, 1951***Anytime : from Emmett Miller acc. by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, 1924; Okeh 41095, 1928; Bluebird 6577, 1936 via Eddy Arnold And His Guitar, RCA Victor, 1956.***Detour : originally from Spade Cooley A.H.O., Columbia 36935, US C/W #2), 1946 via Patti Page With Jack Rael And His Orchestra, Mercury 5682, June 13, 1951 via Duane Eddy, Jamie 1117/B, 09/1959 and originally written by Paul Westmorland as Detour (There's A Muddy Road Ahead) in 1945.***Trouble In Mind (Claire EP, 1979) : via Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra feat. Rosetta Tharpe on vocal, Decca 48053, 1950 [via Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra feat. Bertha "Chippie" Hill on vocal, 1926 [originally by Thelma LaVizzo, Paramount 12206, 1924].*** "Blue" Spanish Eyes : from Bert Kaempfert And His Orchestra's Moon Over Naples, German #1, July 1965.***Caravan : from Duke Ellington And His Famous Orchestra, Majestic 131, 05/1937.***Rock Around The Clock "SANS SAX" version, 04/1960) from (We'Re Gonna) RATC by Bill Haley And His Comets, May 1954 [originally by Sonny Dae And His Knights, Arcade, 03/1954]. Re-issued : WB Records, France, 1981 (originally, France, 1964 and 1972). Franny Beecher, with finally getting to put his own stamp on the song, rather than recreating Danny Cedrone's guitar break from the original.***The original WB album W/WS 1378, 04/60 Bill Haley and His Comets was known as "VITAPHONIC STEREO".***One Has My Name (The Other Has My Heart), 1960 : from Jimmy Wakely, US C/W #1 in 1948 (Capitol Records).***Wipe Outn 1970 : from The Surfaris, DOT, 1963.***Haley's Juke Box, WB W/WS 1391, 08/1960.***Live In London, 06/1974.


Barclay James Harvest : Titles (adapted from The Beatles)***http://www.bjharvest.co.uk/ (with pleasure, Keith)

BJH - ticket concert 9-04-2006 (3-09-2012).jpg

BJH - Titles - 1975 - skynet 12-08-2006 (3-09-12).jpgBJH - Titles (2) - (3-09-2012).jpg ***About the only eyebrow-raising number here is "Titles", a song that was supposed to be some kinda/a kind of musical tribute to the Beatles where the band (some of MySpace friends) makes a four minute (3'38) "pot-pourri" of sorts, combining snippets from the Beatles' melodies "The long and winding road, here comes the sun" and snippets from the Beatles' lyrics in a strange sappy mélange wiith choruses like "All you need is love" to succeed, "Lady Madonna let it be", "Something" in the way you wrote, yesterday" and lyrics like "Across the universe one after 909 I've got a feeling for you blue and I feel fine"...So they say. The song probably aims for kitsch but misses the mark entirely was taken from the LP record Time Honoured Ghosts released in November 1975.***The single was released in UK on 14th Nov. 1975 and the German & Belgian pressings b/w another B-side in 11/1975 and 02/1976.***"Titles" was trad. and arr. by John Lees.***Tidbit time 1 : I went to see BJH at Grand Theâtre de Verviers on Sunday 9th April 2006 with a friend of mine, Mo, WALLACE COLLECTION's manager. However, I first saw BJH (feat. Les Holroyd, John Lees, Melvin Pritchard and Woolley Wolstenholme were one of the first bands to use systematically mellotron since The Beatles used it in Strawberry Fields Forever) in Liège at the Emulation (supporting act : Hungary-based group Omega [Perlen Im Haar, 1973]), place du 20 août back on the 20th March of 1975.***This concert had been organized by another friend of mine, Jacques Braipson, Jeunesses Musicales' boss.***Tidbit time 2 : due to a fire on the 20th August of 1914, the Emulation was rebuilded 20 years later. The works of rebuilding started in 1934 to end in 1939. The architect who drew the new plans for its renovation was Julien Koenig, my father's godfather...http://www.ulg.ac.be/slemul/historique/220_ans.html

http://youtu.be/JNTUbcycX7kBJH - carte de visite (3-09-2012).jpgBJH - ticket concert 20-03-1975 (3-09-2012).jpg

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Bill Haley And His Comets in the US & UK charts

Bill Haley dans les charts américain et anglais. Le classement américain est soit celui du Billboard ou celui du Cash Box: "la meilleure place". CRAZY MAN, CRAZY - # 15, fin 1953.***(WE’RE GONNA) ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK: US Pop #23 (29/05/54), UK #17 in December; US R&B #3, US #1 (8 semaines), UK #1 en 10/1955 pendant 5 semaines [également sous le titre "Rock around the clock"].***SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL – # 7 [04/54]; # 4 RU, 12/1954(Brunswick/Columbia)***DIM, DIM THE LIGHTS (I WANT SOME ATMOSPHERE) - # 11, 01/1955***BIRTH OF THE BOOGIE – #17, 04/1955***MAMBO ROCK – ("flip side" de Birth Of The Boogie) # 17; # 14 RU, 04/1955***TWO HOUND DOGS – (flip side [face A] de Razzle-Dazzle) # 9 (09/1955)***RAZZLE-DAZZLE - # 15, 09/1955; # 13 RU, 09/1956!***BURN THAT CANDLE - # 9, 11/1955 (flip side (face A) de Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie)***ROCK-A-BEATIN’ BOOGIE – (flip side (A-side) de Burn That Candle) #23, # 4 RU***THE SAINTS ROCK 'N' ROLL (B-side de R-O-C-K) - # 18, 04/1956 # 5 RU, 05/56*** R-O-C-K - # 29, 04/1956***HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY (flip side de Rockin' Through The Rye - # 78) - # 60, 06/1956***ROCKIN' THROUGH THE RYE - # 3, RU, 08/1956; # 19 (RU), 01/1957***SEE YOU LATER , ALLIGATOR – # 6, 02/1956; # 7 RU, 03/1956; # 12 RU, 09/1956 (nouvelle entrée)***(HOT DOG BUDDY BUDDY – #60, 06/1956***RIP IT UP – # 25, 08/1956; # 4 RU, 11/1956***TEENAGER'S MOTHER (ARE YOU RIGHT?) - # 68, 08/1956***RAZZLE DAZZLE - # 13, RU, 09/1956***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 5, RU, 09/1956; # 24, 12/1956; re-tope en 01/1957, RU, # 25***SEE YOU LATER , ALLIGATOR - # 12, RU, 09/1956 RUDY'S ROCK - # 34; # 30 (RU), 11/1956; re-tope # 26 (RU), 12/1956***DON’T KNOCK THE ROCK - # 45, 12/1956; # 7, RU, 02/1957***ROCK THE JOINT (version 1953) - # 20 RU, 02/1957***FORTY CUPS OF COFFEE / HOOK, LINE AND SINKER - # 70, 04/1957***(YOU HIT THE WRONG NOTE) BILLY GOAT - # 60, 06/1957***SKINNY MINNIE - # 22, 05/1958 LEAN JEAN - # 67, 08/1958 JOEY'S SONG - # 46, 11/1959***SKOKIAAN [SOUTH AFRICAN SONG] - # 70, 1960***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 20, RU, 04/1968 (réédition MCA)***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 34, RU, 05/1968 (label: Ace of Heart)***ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK - # 12, RU, puis # 39 EU, 04/1974***HALEY'S GOLDEN MEDLEY - # 50, RU, 04/1981***"Rock the joint", 1956 ou/or "New rock the joint", 1956 (stereo): "fail to chart".***Dutch & UK 45 rpm records were released in 1981 a few weeks after Bill Haley's death as a tribute to the undisputed king of rock'n'roll.***US & UK Chart Toppers under control: see my last article on 27/07/2008).

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John Lennon : Imagine or how to write "yum-yum" in Bulgarian. Above us only sky..."Imagine the clouds dripping, dig a hole garden to put them in." Yoko '63.

« Dieu est un concept qui permet de soulager la souffrance des hommes ». Voilà comment commençait l'exposé ouvertement athéiste de John Lennon dans "God" extrait de son 1er album en 1970 évidemment censuré par la BBC entre autres. C'est alors que, fidèle à ses convictions, l'ex Beatle nous ressert le même plat mais au second degré dans une version édulcorée. La chanson franchit ainsi l'obstacle de la censure britannique avec succès et devient même un classique intemporel chanté dans le monde entier. Pourtant, "imagine qu'il n'y ait pas de Paradis, c'est facile si tu essaies" ne laisse aucune ambiguïté concernant les croyances intimes de son auteur-compositeur-interprète. Mais comme d'un autre côté la chanson délivre un message de paix et de générosité universelles, valeurs toujours défendues par John Lennon, la censure a dû être bien embarrassée pour prendre une position tranchée et a sans doute préféré ne rien faire. Cependant le simple devra attendre fin octobre 1975 pour voir le jour en Grande-Bretagne, soit 4 ans après la sortie de l’album du même nom. Le titre ne tarde pas à monter dans les charts anglais jusqu'à la 6ème place qu'il tiendra 3 semaines. Aux USA, "Imagine" avait déjà fait 3ème ! Mais c’était en 1971 et sous le nom du Plastic Ono Band. Cependant il faudra attendra la mort de Lennon pour voir le simple réédité se classer à la première place du hit anglais (10.01.1981) 10 ans après sa sortie. Et pour faire bonne mesure, une seconde réédition de 1999 mènera ce titre à nouveau à la 3ème place du Top Of The Pops. Depuis "Imagine" est devenu un classique repris par de nombreux artistes; ses paroles sont toujours d'actualité et le piano Steinway qui a joué l'introduction dans la version originale a été vendu aux enchères le 18 octobre 2000. C'est George Michael, ex Wham !, qui l'a acquis pour près de 90.000.000 de francs belges [15 millions de francs français soit environ 2.231.000 €] . "Imagine" reste à ce jour le morceau le plus connu de John. Le 33 tours sorti en octobre se classe no 1 en Angleterre et aux USA le même mois.***Translation : "God is a concept which makes it possible to relieve the suffering of the men". Here how began the talk openly atheist of John Lennon in "God" extracted from his 1st album in 1970 obviously censored by the BBC inter alia. At this point in time, faithful to his convictions, the ex-Beatle serves again us the same dish but with the second degree in an edulcorated version. The song crosses the obstacle of the British censorship thus successfully and becomes even traditional timeless sung in the whole world. However, "that there is no Paradise, it's easy if you try" does not leave any ambiguity concerning the intimate beliefs of his song writer and performer. But as on another side the song delivers a message of universal peaces and generosity, values always defended by John Lennon, the censorship had to be well embarrassed to take a distinct position and undoubtedly preferred anything to make. However the single will have to await at the end of October 1975 to be born in Great Britain, that is to say 4 years after the release of the album of the same name. The title is not long in going up in the English charts until the 6th place which will hold 3 weeks. In the USA, "Imagine" had already made #3! But it was in 1971 and under the name of Plastic Ono Band. However it will be necessary will await the death of Lennon to see the single republished to be classified in the first place of the U.K. chart (10.01.1981) 10 years after its release. And to make good measurement, one second republication of 1999 will again lead this title to the 3rd place of the Top Of The Pops. Since "Imagine" became traditional begun again by many artists; its words are always of topicality and the Steinway piano which played the introduction into the original version was sold by auctions on October 18, 2000. It is George Michael, ex-Wham! , who acquired it for nearly 90.000.000 of Belgian francs [approximately 2.231.000 €]. "Imagine" remains to date the most known piece of John. The 33 rpm turns left in October is classified No 1 in England and in the USA the same month.***French single pressing. Credited as John Lennon / PLastic Ono Band on the label [2 C 006-04940, 11/1971]. LP Record/album : Balkanton BTA 12502, Bulgaria, 1971.

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 French cover versions on CDs : LE ROCK C'EST CA !

***On ne remerciera jamais asez Jacques Leblanc et Jean Marcou, "Juke Box Magazine", d'avoir mis les pochettes originales des EP's à disposition de Phonogram Paris.***Cette collection unique en son genre sortie en 1990 comprenait 9 CD's dont celui des Gam's avec leur version de All My Loving des Beatles (Toi l'ami, 1964).***Les Lionceaux et toutes leurs versions de chansons des Beatles (Je te veux tout à moi, 1964 (I wanna be your man); Toi l'ami, 1964; Le temps est long, 1964 (It won't be long); Mais ne viens plus, 1964 (Don't bother me); Je ne peux l'acheter, 05/1964 (Can't buy me love); Je suis fou, 05/1964 (Ask me why); Cette fille, 1964 (This boy); Quatre garçons dans le vent, 1964 (A hard day's night); Dis-moi pourquoi?, 1965 (Tell me why?) et, Ne ris pas, 1965 (No reply).***La seule chanson des Beatles enregistrée en français par Lucky Blondo (alais Gérard Blondiot) acc. par Jacques Denjean et son rorchestre c'est J'ai un secret à te dire, 1963 d'après Do you want to know a secret?

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Sgt Pepper, neem je tijd ! / Sgt Pepper, take your time. Just for fun! Plagiarism? I don't think so ! 31/07/2006

***Feb. 1967: A Day In The Life is recorded for Sgt. Pepper's LHCB. In an unprecedented move in popular  The group uses 40 session musicians to create the track's orchestral sound.***Mar. 30 : a photo session for "Sgt. Pepper's" sleeve, a montage design created by pop artist Peter Blake, with Michael Cooper as photographer, takes place at Chelsea Manor studios in London.***EMI insists that permission must be granted for use of their photos by the many famous people selected by the Fab 4 as an imaginary audience and all those known to be alive are contacted.***The sleeve is the first to print lyrics and one of the gatefold covers.*** Photo featured a.o. the young Beatles, Cassius Clay, Bob Dylan, Dion Di Mucci, Mae West, Laurel and Hardy, Marlon Brando, Marilyn Monroe...***Sgt. Pepper's LHCB topped UK chart on 8th June 1967.***It will be critically revered as perhaps the best album in rock history bringing The Beatles at the climax of their carreer.***July 1, 1967 : Sgt. Pepper tops US chart.***1st June 1987 : CD Sgt. Pepper hits UK #3 on a wave of media nostalgia for the 20th anniversary of the album, widely regarded as the most important record of the rock era. ***"Plagiarized" photo features a.o. Eddy Merckx, Michel Preud'homme, Johan Verminnen, Elvis Costello, Jean-Marie Pfaff, Eric Clapton...was released in Belgium in 1990. All songs featured on the said CD are sung in Dutch.

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All together now/Tous ensemble maintenant (1969)

Belgian Pop group (The) SWEET FEELING recorded 5 singles issued between 1967 and 1969 on EMI/HMV and EMI/Columbia. The group included bass player JOHN VALCKE who'll become a member of the WALLACE COLLECTION in late 1971 and a few years later a member of Freddy Nieuland's new group DAYDREAM including ex-WALLACE COLLECTION's pianist Marc Hérouet and violincellist Serge Ghazarian in 1976.***Black and white photos : picture sleeve backside of Sweet Feeling 45 rpm record.***.

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Is she really going out with him? I don't know why...I can't stop to mess around!

***Formed by ex-proto-punk outfit London SS, ex-Elton Motello "1" (the latter formed in Brussels, Belgium in 1975 by Brian James alongside Alan Ward; Yves Kengen [later known as Yke N. Raxola] and Nobby Goff from Crawley nearby Brighton) Brian James, gtr (alias Brian Robertson) with Captain Sensible, bass (alias Raymond Burns), Rat Scabies, drums (alias Christopher Miller) and, Dave Vanian, vocals (alias David Letts).***Nov. 1976 : debut single is James' New Rose, with Lennon / McCartney's Help on the B-side. Produced by Nick Lowe and regarded as the first ever "punk" release, it did not chart but was Stiff's biggest seller to date (1991) and helped the label to a distribution deal with Island, a Phonogram subsidiary...Left to right: Scabies, Sensible, James, Vanian.

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Other Granny Smiths with Mary and Badfinger: Goodbye, Come and get it, Knock, knock who's there? (3 times?)

http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo***"Apple 10" [03/1969] hitted both US and UK charts at #13 and #2. Was also #1 in The Netherlands, #3 in Belgium and #15 in Germany. A song by Lennon/McCartney, arr. by Richard Hewson and produced by Macca. ***"Apple 20" [5th Dec. 1969, a song by Macca] taken from the film "The Magic Christian" then from the LP Magic Christian Music hitted both UK and US charts at #4 and #7.***"Apple 26" issued in March 1970, having been selected as the UK Eurovision entry will become the 2nd position at Eurovision Song Contest Festival/Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson in Amsterdam (NL) next 21 March. The said song hitted UK #2 next April. US #92 in December 1972!

http://youtu.be/3Sa8XyzbxUM (Goodbye)







http://youtu.be/N3TOcw7taBo (Come And Get It)















http://youtu.be/RrVdyu5uQaQ (Knock, Knock...)


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George Harrison and Apple singles (yum-yum again with What Is Life, My Sweet Lord and Ding Dong, Ding Dong)

Originally issued as the B-side of My sweet lord (US, 12/1970; UK, 01/1971), What is life [French pressing] hitted US POP chart #10 on 27th March 1971***Back on the 26th December of 1970, My Sweet Lord [Italian pressing] topped the US POP chart, giving Harrison a second accolade as the first ex-Beatle with a chart-topping single. Originally given away by George to Billy Preston for his Apple album Encouraging Word and even scheduled as a Preston single release, it became a worldwide #1 (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany...), selling over 5 million copies. This single topped the UK chart on 30th January 1971.***Tidbit time: next March: Bright Tunes, which owned copyright of the late Ronnie Mack's song He's So Fine, a hit for US group The Chiffons (1963 US #5, UK #16), made a legal claim that MSL plagiarized its former client's hit, and all royalty payments were frozen. George claimed that his song was inspired by the Edwin Hawkins Singers' hit Oh Happy Day (1969 US #4, UK #2). More than 5 years later, Sept.7, 1976 in US, District Court Judge, Richard Owens, will rule in favor of the plaintif, but will allow that George perhaps subconsciously adapted the song. Bright Tunes was paid USD 587.000 and was taken over by ex-Beatles' manager, Allen Klein, who continued a damage suit. The Chiffons released a cover version of MSL but did not chart (DNC). "Ding Dong" (Apple UK, R 6002), [Belgian pressing, 12/74] made UK #38 in January 1975 and US #36 on the 8th February of the same year. The B-side I don't care anymore (because of The Chiffons' affair) reflected his mood of the time. My sweet lord re-charted UK #2 in 2002.***John Lennon aurait même rapporté ceci d'après des experts en matière de plagiat : "Il aurait pu tout de même changer quelques notes..." !

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 The Treniers + Rock The Joint original US 78 rpm label shot + Bill Haley in Mexico. Enjoy!

Just one word to write here: enjoy! However, while The Treniers (from Mobile, Alabama feat. Claude and Cliff, the twin brothers, Denny Trenier and Milton Trenier, their youngest brother joined the band in the late Fifties along with Don Hill, alto sax, ex-Tiny Bradshaw Orchestra and ex-Louis Armstrong's band; Charles Drayton or Jimmy Johnson, bass; Henry "Tucker" Green, ex-Lucky Millinder's Orchestra, ex-Benny Carter, ex-Johnny Otis, ex-Lester Young) drums and Gene Gilbeaux, piano, ex-Jimmy Whiterspoon), never really enjoyed a solid hit record, they influenced some of the greatest chart names and entertained millions of good music lovers by way of their appearances in early r'n'roll films. The Treniers was a fine example of a group who prospered without hits.***This most indefatigable of lounge acts also left their mark on no end of white "Vegas-fied" rock 'n' rollers including Jimmy Cavallo (aka Jimmy Cavello), Billy Duke, Charlie Gracie and Freddie Bell.***Bill Haley is said to have been playing in a Wildwood country band when he first saw the Treniers - and to have tossed his 10-gallon hat into the rock'n'roll ring after he heard them.***Whether it was The Treniers who encouraged Bill Haley or Haley who influenced the Treniers no-one can precisely know.***But to hear Claude and Cliff shouting their jump 'n' jive is to hear the genesis of rock'n'roll laid down with a vision and clarity that rivals the kiss-curled pioneer at his best.***In the first week of July 1958, they left Great-Britain for a pre-arranged tour of BELGIUM and Germany.

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Charlie Gracie live in Belgium. (C) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (17th July 2006)

Back in Belgium in the late 70's, Hognoul, Liège, 7th October, 1979. Charlie Gracie playing [right] The Rambler Trio's Guitar Boogie feat. Arthur Smith - Guitar (Victor/Super Disc 1004, 09/1945) , accompanied by British Blue River Band (bass player Dave Travis - on left). Hi Dave, 't was my pleasure to meet you too. Right, playing Rockin' The Boogie composed by my friend Alan D. More.***Charlie GRACI was born on May 14, 1936, in the Italian part of Philadelphia. He first recorded rockabilly for Cadillac and 20th Century records from 1951 to 1956 with limited success.***"Butterfly" (Cameo 105, Feb.1957), an enormously commercial piece of rock'n'roll, was written by Bernie Lowe and Kal Mann, and credited to the producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, under the pseudonym of Anthony September [the latter pseudonym probably shared with Alan Freed?], hitted US POP chart at #7 on the 2nd March of 1957.***Gracie, ex-Paul Whiteman Orchestra's guitarist and singer was a proficient guitarist (who will record later in 1951 a proto-rockabilly record: "Boogie Boogie Blues", Cadillac 141 as Charlie Graci, Vocalist and His Guitar and, "Wildwood Boogie", 20th Century TC-7-5035, June 1955 as Charlie Gracie and The Wildcats).***Charlie's next hit was Fabulous (Cameo 107, April 1957) which peaked at #8 next 21st June.***Fabulous was recorded by Paul McCartney more than 4 decades later (Live at The Cavern Club, 14th December 1999).***The only one LP record/album he cut was issued in Belgium on Blackjack Records (a Liège-based label), NRL 1940 and released on the 20th March of 1981 including 2 songs written by my friend Alan D. More (aka Alain Darmor whose real name is Hubert D.) : Rockin' The Boogie and Train Down To Hell.***Tidbit time : Piero only saw his Télé-Moustique annotations when he bought the said LP.KOR!!!A1-CharlieGracie-Fabulous label shot

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Rock-a-beatin' boogie : tribute to Danny Cedrone (20/06/1920 - 17/06/1954). C'est la vie.

Parfois le destin est vraiment tragique...Ou comment se tuer "bêtement" à l'âge de 33 ans suite à une chute et en faisant un vol plané dans des escaliers [il s'était brisé la nuque et mourut instantanémént]. Danny Cedrone, lead guitar Gibson ES-300 (né Donato Cedrone le 20 juin 1920) commence à enregistrer avec les Saddlemen à Chester, banlieue de Philadelphie, PA, en juin/juillet 1951.*** English-speaking translation: sometimes the destiny is really tragic… Or how to be killed at the age of nearly 34 years while slipping and falling into the staircases [he broke his neck]. Danny Cedrone (born Donato Cedrone on June 20, 1920) started recording with The Saddlemen in Chester, suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. , in June/July 1951.(Sundown Boogie [a proto-rockabilly original] and later Rock The Joint [from Jimmy Preston and His Prestonians, GOTHAM JP-12, G-188-A, Philadelphia, 24th Sep. 1949] et, Rocking Chair On The Moon [co-signé avec HARRY BROOMHALL (fidèle garde du corps/bodyguard et supporter de Bill), Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') [from a 19th century minstrel song "Lubly Fan" (aka Buffalo Gals) by Cool White (alias John Hodges) and The Virginian Serenaders, 1844 [As I was walking down the street, down the street, down the street, a pretty gal I chance to meet under the silvery moon. Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight? Come out tonight, come out tonight? Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon...] via Lubly Fan and/or Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (hillbilly), Okeh, 1926 and, via Terry Shand and His Orchestra's "Dance With A Dolly", January 1940) et, Real Rock Drive un peu plus loin dans cette même année 1951 (a little bit later in the same year, then practically "disappears" leaving only one single) puis "disparaît" quasiment ne laissant qu'un autre single. Danny will also play lead guitar on Crazy Man, Crazy in 1953.***On le retrouvera ce fameux jour du 12 avril 1954 à la session de RATC puis sur Shake, Rattle And Roll le 7 juin suivant. Il se tue 10 jours plus tard.***Guyden Records [to become a Jamie subsidiary, the latter founded back in 1958 by Harold Lipsius in Philadelphia, Pa.] was owned by Bob Cordell. B/W (backed with) St. Louie Blues from Wayne Christopher Handy's original St. Louis Blues, Swaggie JCS-33787, Chicago, 26th Feb., 1929 (instrumental). Rock A-Beatin'-Boogie charted (with Kay Carol on vocals) #42 in the Cash Box TOP 50 on 30th Oct.1954. W.C. Handy made also the original version of "Say Yeah" (RENOWN XY-102, 10/1957 [Renown Records and Publications, Inc., Durham, North Carolina]) as Wayne Handy / Jim Thornton And His Band. Who made the original version of RABB? That's the question...See ya next 17th July, 2006 for the response..[maybe I have one, :-)]. 'Course. Just a small idea, Steph? Dunno, just wait like the others. However, Bill Haley who wrote this song, recorded it a full four years later. Bill Haley used to say that this was the song which inspired Alan Freed.***, producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, in particular signed Butterfly (originally written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) under the pseudonym of Anthony September, [US #7, 2 March 1957] (Charlie Gracie - nice to met you in Liège a few years ago) and certain songs of Connie Francis without having taken part under the pseudonym of Anthony September too. He was, in May 62, accused in the scandal “payolas” (Eng-sp. "bribes" at the same time as Alan Freed. Six other D.J.'S known are fallen in the same business. Alan Freed was never raised some and died on January 20, 1965 in In 1960, the United States Senate investigated payola, the practice of music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product, at Palm Springs hospital aged 43 completely ruined. Dick Clark (Richard Augustus Wagstaff, music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product. As a result, Clark's personal investments in music publishing and recording companies were considered a conflict of interest, and he sold his shares in those companies.) : when the payola crisis had hit rock at the time, he's been called "the single most influential person"in the popular music industry and made to divest himself of some business interests after the Congressional probe. Despite that, ABC kept on the Dick Clark Show, a syndicated newspaper column, working as a tour emcee and the ill-fated World Of Talent.***He was the first to use the terms of rock'n' roll and signed lyrics in particular with Chuck Berry (.***His troubles constituted in kinda revenge of the good adult white American society of the Fifties which hated rock'n'roll, the white and black mixture and from there, Alan Freed.***He was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1986 for his participation in the explosion and the expansion of r'n'r. It is a historical certainty...***[traduction française: Tony Mammarella, producteur de l'American Bandstand a signé notamment Butterfly (écrite à l'origine par Kal Mann et Bernie Lowe), (Charlie Gracie) et certaines chansons de Connie Francis sans y avoir participé sous le pseudonyme de Anthony SEPTEMBER. Il a été, en mai 62, inculpé dans le scandale des "payolas" (pots-de-vin) en même temps que Alan Freed. Six autres D.J.'s connus sont tombés dans la même affaire. Alan Freed ne s'en est jamais relevé et est mort complètement ruiné en janvier '65. Il avait été le premier à utiliser les termes de rock'n'roll et a signé des textes notamment avec Chuck Berry (pas du tout content parce que Freed n'avait strictement rien à voir avec cette chanson!). Ses ennuis constituaient en sorte une revanche de la bonne société blanche adulte américaine des années 50 qui détestait le rock, le mélange blanc et noir et de là, Alan Freed mais Berry n'en avait rien à fiche! Il a été introduit au rock'n'roll hall of fame en 1986 pour sa participation à l'explosion et l'expansion du r'n'r. C'est une certitude historique / to come up with "rock'n'roll" as a name for the new music.; Bill was some two years adrift in his timing but Freed certainly liked and plugged THE TRENIERS (COLUMBIA/Okeh 7023, March 1954 as the B-side of Trapped In A Web Of Love) then issued on an EPIC E.P. EG 7103 in 1955 [feat. Don Hill on Alto Sax / Orch. under dir. of Quincy Jones]. They, in return, dedicated "MOONDOG" 'S ROCK 'N'ROLL PARTY [White, of Welsh-Lithuanian descent, Freed chose the new name to avoid the racial stigmate thought inherent in existing names like "rhythm & blues" and "race music". Freed was the catalyst throughout his radio show] on Cleveland's WJW in June 1951. RABB written for them by Bill Haley [however, even if the latter wrote that the song had been especially written for his friend Danny Cedrone (issued in December 1952 (see other topic) and the same record in April 1954 - Cedrone hesitating to record it! [maybe was it his firm Guyden records to hesitate?] : The Treniers beat (???) Cedrone [the song was recorded in December 1953]. Nevertheless, his version was much better than the latter, anyway!) in his book "Sound And Glory" published by his eldest son in 1990 (Bill Haley was quite unable to distinguish the lie from the truth: did his memory fail?)] was another fine example of the genre that enslaved Freddie Bell(o) and a young Charlie Graci(e) , ex-Paul Whiteman's Orchestra.***http://www.the-jime.dk/Rockabilly_Guitar/Rock_Around_the_Clock_Solo.htm

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What about John? Cold Turkey, Instant Karma & Give Peace A Chance

These three songs were credited as Plastic Ono Band, Lennon / Lennon/Ono (With the Plastic Ono Band).*** Apple? Yum-yum again with John and his pop music and what about UK and US charts?***"Apple 13" [the disk was credited to The POB (a name John will use for the musicians he is recording with over the next few years). Appearing on it were John himself, Tommy Smothers, Petula Clark (!), Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg] was released in July 1969 and hitted US #14 and UK #2***"Apple 1003" (02/1970), recorded in a day and produced by Phil "Wall of Sound" Spector hitted UK #5 and US #3. George played guitar and Allen Klein and assorted club-goers from London's Hatchetts club provided chorus.***"Apple 1001", on the agonies of drug (suffering from) withdrawal (11/1969) charted US #30 and hitted UK #14 [...With love, John Lennon of Bag. Then moved him to America]

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Rhythm'n'blues & rock'n'roll in the U.S.S.R. : back in Russia with Macca (1988); CD, 1991 - Keep on rocking ! What a big surprise! CHOBA B CCCP

This album [CHOBA b CCCP - The Russian Album] was released exclusively in the U.S.S.R. on vinyl, 31st October 1988 by the Melodiya state label, ref.: A 60 00415 006 [40.000 pressed copies]. Including his renditions of:***Kansas City (originally K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Maxwell Davis, saxophone, KING/Federal 12110, 11/1952, US R'N'B chart #34 better known in Wilbert Harrison's (US #1) and Little Richard's (US #95, UK #26) versions in 1959***Twenty Flight Rock from Eddie Cochran, 1956***Lawdy Miss Clawdy from Lloyd Price (with Fats Domino on piano), US R'N'B #1, 23rd May, 1952, Specialty, 1952***I'm In Love Again from (Antoine) Fats Domino, US #3 then US #1 R'n'B, 06/1956/UK #12, 09/56, Imperial [only included on the CD released in 1991].***Bring It On Home To Me from Sam Cooke (duet with Lou Rawls), RCA Victor, US #13, 25th Aug.1962***Lucille from Little Richard and his band (feat. Earl Palmer, drs; Red Tyler and Lee Allen, saxes; Frank Fields, bass; Ernest McLean and Justin Adams, gtrs (and supplementary pianists Huey "Piano" Smith, Edward Frank, Little Booker [not John Lee Hooker nor Booker Little] and Salvador Doucette), Specialty, US #27, 04/1957/UK #10, 08/57***Don't Get Around Much Anymore from Duke Ellington & his orchestra feat. Al Hibbler on vocal (1942 [Mel Tormé, 1945])***I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday from Fats Domino, Imperial (B-side of I want to walk you home), US #17, 09/1959***That's All Right Mama from Big Boy (Arthur) Crudup's (pronounced "crew-dup") That's All Right, circa October 1946 (RCA Victor 20-2205 and March 1949, RCA Victor 50-0000 (1st issue to a 45 rpm proto-rockabilly record) [feat. Ransom Knowling, bass and drummer Lawrence "Judge" Riley, DNC via Elvis Presley (That's All Right), SUN 209, released July 19, 1954; DNC***Summertime from opera Porgy And Bess by George Gershwin, 10/1935 (movie in 1957) via Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps (EMI UK/Capitol, 1958)***Ain't That A Shame from Domino again, US R&B chart #1 then crossed over and hitted US #10; UK #23, 01/1957***Crackin' Up from Bo Diddley (alias Otha Ellas Bates but given the surname McDaniel in infancy on adoption by his mother's first cousin Gussie McDaniel), US POP chart #62, 07/1959***Just Because from Elvis Presley (feat. Scotty Moore, gtr; Bill Black, bass; Dominic Joseph "D.J." Fontana (drums), RCA Victor, 1956, DNC and, Midnight Special from "unknown 'Texas' folklore": originally from "Pistol's Pete Midnight Special" by Dave "Pistol Pete" Cutrell in 1926 (Okeh) who recorded it twice.*** However, that could have been completely possible that "The Midnight Special" [not a real train but just a metaphor of freedom] was not written and composed by Leadbelly/Lead Belly = Huddie William Ledbetter himself in his jail (Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana)], (rec. 1st July, 1934), American Record Company, 1934 as well as in 1936.******Photo on the left: back in Belgium on the 29th March of 1981 : Mr. Shelby S. Singleton, Jr., President of SUN RECORDS and myself on left. Back in the twentieth century! It was really nice to get e-mails from you a few months ago. Hope you're still in good health and your brother John too. All the best from Liège, Belgium, European Union. Photo taken while Orion was touring Europe.***If my memory doesn't fail, rock'n'roll and country singer Carl Mann went touring Belgium two times/twice. He did his first visit on the 5th October of 1980 at the Brazil in Hognoul near Liège and the second one on the 7th October of 1984 (photo on the right with him on left) at the same place.***As we knew each other (he had a very good memory), he asked me to sing together just for fun Hank Williams' Jambalaya (On the bayou) song (a capella and off stage).***Carl recorded Kansas City for Sam C. Phillips' Int'l Records on the 12th October 1959 but his version remained unreleased until the issue of the LP record/album THE SUN STORY VOL.6, Sunnyvale 9330-906, by GRT MUSIC, U.S.A., in 1977.

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Dick Rivers : Mes ennuis (1963) - Misery (Brazil, 1967)

Tidbit time: la chanson Misery écrite spécialement par les Beatles pour leur amie Helen Shapiro a été refusée par son manager! C'est donc un autre ami, Kenny Lynch qui en fait la v.o. sur HMV POP 1136 [b/w "Shut the door"] (une autre filiale de EMI). Sa version est parue le 16/03/1963 tandis que la version des Beatles ne l'est que le 22 mars suivant sur leur LP Please Please Me.***Mécontents du résultat, les Beatles l'enregistre eux-mêmes in extremis pour l'inclure sur cet L.P.*** La date généralement renseignée pour cet LP (UK, 7/03/1963) est erronée. Ce 16 mars 1963, tout en interviewant les Beatles, Ian Matthews tient dans sa main le single en question...***English-speaking translation : Misery written especially by The Beatles for their friend Helen Shapiro had been refused by his manager! It is thus another friend, Kenny Lynch who made the original version released on HMV POP 1136 [b/w “Shut the door”] (another EMI subsidiary ). His version was published on 16th March 1963 while The Beatles' version was only released next March 22 on their LP Please Please Me.***The date of publishing generally well informed for this LP (U.K., 7/03/1963) is erroneous.*** March 16, 1963, while interviewing The Beatles (John Lennon), Ian Matthews is holding the said single in hand.

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What about Bongo? (part 2) [28/06/06] - A blue apple? And a green submarine? Do you remember touring in Belgium back on the 16th August of 1998? I was there! (Oude Markt, Leuven/Louvain (Hasrode)

13 May 1972:another self-penned and Harrison-produced Back Off Boogaloo hits UK #2 and US #9. (UK pressing) http://youtu.be/XWlzmhxh9G4


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What about Bongo? (I'll Be With You In) Apple Blossom Time! [28/06/2006]

5th June, 1971: self-penned It Don't Come easy, featuring guitar work from producer George Harrison and Stephen Stills (ex-Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young), hits both UK & US charts at #4. August 1971:It Don't Come Easy is certified gold. Images: French pic cover and Italian pressing. http://youtu.be/UDcZxEpA9XY (emimusic - It don't come easy)

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In the olden days there was a group named The Beat Brothers (1961)

August 1961 : German Polydor (a Deutsche Grammophon-Polydor International GmbH subsidiary) released "My Bonnie (Mein Herz ist bei dir nur)" known as "rock version", by Tony Sheridan [ex-Vince Taylor and His Playboys] and The Beat Brothers. (The name The Beatles was considered too risque (risqué) in Germany, as it sounded like the word "Peedles", German slang for penis). Recorded under the auspices of orchestra leader Bert Kämpfert/Kaempfert at Harburg, Friedrich Ebert Halle in Hamburg, Germany. One of the other four songs of that session was their rendition of "Ain't She Sweet" sung by John Lennon; Pete Best, drums and released in the States three years later which one will become US #19 on the 22nd August of 1964! Originally from Broadway musical "Ain't She Sweet", 02/1933, by Milton Ager, Jack Yellen. Introduced by Paul Ash & His Orchestra, it is believed the first version has been recorded by Ben Bernie & His Orchestra, on Brunswick 3444. A version by Paul Whiteman's Rhythm Boys including Bing Crosby via Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, UK Capitol, 1956.

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Apple ? Yum-yum! Those were these olden days...(original Italian pressings [Hey Jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better...])

Released almost at the same time, Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" single [from "Darogoi Dlimmoyo" formerly of the Russian folklore then adapted as "An jenem Tag" (and sung at the time (1968) by famous tenor man Iwan Rebroff [alias Hans-Rolf Rippert, Berlin, 31 July 1931-Berlin, 27 February 2008 (heart attack)] which means "Takiyeh Dni, Moi Drug" in Russian-speaking (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 2) was issued (27th Aug.) 3 days before The Beatles' "Hey Jude" one (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 1 - 30th Aug., 1968). Both singles topped the charts all over and beyond the world.***Hey Jude peaked at UK #52 on 10th Sep.1988.***Tidbit time 1: "Those were the days" (B-side of single White Room)? This song was also an eponymous CREAM song from the "In The Studio" portion of the DLP "Wheels Of Fire" released late August of the same year [US #1, UK #3 and UK #7 - 08/1968].***Tidbit time 2: while I was dining (in the evening 'round 7 pm [GMT]) with my parents and my sister Rose-Anne (who is living in Italy), I heard Hey Jude on the radio (RTB/Radio Diffusion Télévision Belge [to become RTBF a few years later]): waooouuuw! My goodness! I told my parents I had to buy the record the next day to a store in Aywaille not too far from Sougné-Remouchamps where I was living in]. Then, after school, my friends and buddies/chums and other fellas/fellows/camarades followed me to the said store to buy it themselves!***Tidbit time 3: my sister (who loved the song too) pinched the lyrics I got in a TV magazine (Moustique : hi Piero, KOR my dear!***I refounded them in her class notebook a few months later. To date I'm doubled up with laughter but I was a little bit set up at the time - aujourd!hui, je suis plié de rire/en deux mais j'étais un peu fâché à cette époque-là! Rose-Anne, cara mia sorella [I do speak Italian too :-)], tu étais vraiment une petite peste. (my sister was a small pest!)). By the way, warm wishes to my family who is living in Tara Street in San Francisco and in Ohio.A1-Beat-Rebroff-1968

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Bill Haley and "The Jodimars" : last DECCA Session

This Belgian pressing was/is still quite unknown in England as well as the other OMEGA records :-).It was the last session (Pythian Temple, New York City, May 10, 1955) with M. Lytle, J. D'Ambrosia and D. Richards who'll become the Jodimars later on. The session included F. Beecher, B. Williamson and J. Grande too. Two hound dogs (2 chiens de chasse) was written by Bill and Frank Pingatore. The 2nd one by Charles E. Calhoun (alias Jesse Stone). Under the direction of multi-instrumentalist Bill Haley who invented the slap bass play [in fact, Bill saw Pee Wee Miller (Hayloft Hoedown, Sleepy Hollow Ranch Gang) playing in this manner]! One of the double bass players was Big Al Thompson (from The 4 Aces Of Western Swing, 1949) alias Albert Scholz (brother of a Bill Haley's bass player Hank Thompson (not Hank "Honky Tonk Angels - aka The Wild Side Of Life" Thompson!!!) who was bigger than the double bass itself! BTW, is BILL BORRELLI [from Philadelphia] , 2nd piano, The Saddlemen, 1950) also brainwashing?

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The Jodimars : Rattle my bones [I'm gonna rattle my own bones too :-)] (my baby shot me down)

Image Rattle My Bones label shot: photo by Terry Gordon, Rocking Country Style Webmaster, Atlanta, U.S.A. (thanks a lot, Terry). ***http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/index.htm***Both songs are featured among the 26 ones featured on this quite fantastic UK Rockstar CD released in 1994 featuring Bill Haley's songs as well. In fact, Rattle my bones was rearranged by Jesse Stone from Nappy Brown with Teacho Wilshire and His Orchestra's "Open Up That Door (And Walk Right In My Heart)" issued on Savoy 1196 early 1956.Photo: left to right: Bob Simpson, Marshall Lytle, Jim Buffington, Joey D'Ambrosio, Dick Richards, Charlie "Chuck" Hess" (circa 1955). US promo label shots: May and August 1956.

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Bill Haley and His Comets: WB Recs and GONE/Roulette - London American Recordings/British Decca

Dropped by the Warner Brothers in 1961 because of poor sales of his recordings, Bill moved him to Mexico where he will be known as the King of Twist (Florida Twist single [feat. but not credited and supposed Mariachi Pedro Vargas de Tecalitlán (3rd Generation 1950-1993) on vocal] and Twist Bill Haley LP, both Mex #1) and well known under the names Bill Haley and His/The Comets and/or Bill Haley y sus Cometas as well including some famous Mariachis he engaged/hired: of the (Don Gaspar) VARGAS DE TECALITLÁN 3rd GENERATION (1950-1993): Silvestre and Pedro Vargas; Miguel Martinez on Cip A Vanna (a rework with echo effects of Caravan, Natividad Santiago [the latter, chorus on the live LP Whisky A Go Go, Orfeón/DIMSA, México, 1966 and only issued in UK on Ember in June 1968 as The King Of Rock Bill Haley Plays and, the Villas brothers: Pepe (d.1986) and Ernesto of Mariachi México de Pepe Villa from San Fernando and later the TRIO LOS PANCHOS from New York City (of the 1958-1968 Generation): Johnny Albino, 1st voice; Chucho Navarro, 2nd voice and, Alfredo Gil, requinto (= back-up vcls) on Mish Mash by Carrie Grant and The Grandeurs (Newtown Records), Jealous Heart, recorded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1967, issued in 1999 etc. and later in 1970: Miguel DIAZ on the Bill Haley Scrapbook LP record).***Let the good times roll, Creole / So right tonight were released in Sep. 1960 (DNC) and, Spanish Twist / My kind of woman in September 1961 (DNC).Why the main songs didn't chart? Because of poorest promotion by WB Records. ***Tidbit time/anecdote:BIll Haley enregistre une centaine de chansons dont la majeure partie en espagnol (p.ex. Twist Español en mai 1961) qui sortent sur Orfeón dont le réseau de distribution dans tous les pays limitrophes est excellent.***Les relations qu'entretient Haley avec la COSA NOSTRA (LORD JIM (alias JAMES H. FERGUSON), VITO CARLUCCI) l'amène à faire des concessions. C'est comme une "faveur faite à l'Organisation" (sic) que sont enregistrés 2 singles dont la version anglaise de Twist Español: Spanish Twist parue sur GONE, un label appartenant à GEORGE GOLDNER (1919-1970) en affaires "compliquées" impliquant régulièrement MORRIS LEVY, célèbre personnage du monde musical new-yorkais, notoirement lié à la famille GENOVESE .***English-speaking translation: Tidbit time: BIll Haley records a hundred songs of which the major part in Spanish (for ex. Twist Español in May 1961 and many instrumentals as well) which leaves on Orfeón whose distribution network in all the countries bordering is excellent.***The relations which Haley with COSA NOSTRA (LORD JIM (aka JAMES H. FERGUSON), VITO CARLUCCI) maintains brings it to make concessions. It is as a "favour/favor made with the Organization" (sic) that 2 individual are recorded of which the English version of Twist Español: Spanish Twist appeared on GONE, a label owned by GEORGE GOLDNER involving MORRIS LEVY in "complicated" affairs manifestly related to family GENOVESE of New York City.

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Bill Haley, Marshall Lytle & Joey D'Ambrosio : Crazy man, crazy (04/1953) and Rocket "88" (07/1951)

Crazy Man, Crazy [b/w Watcha gonna do] was relesased back in April 1953 (US #15) on Dave Miller's Essex label [a Holiday subsidiary owned by the latter (E-321) under the name "Bill Haley With Haley's Comets" including Danny Cedrone, Billy Williamson, Billy Gussak and Johnny Grande too.Then re-issued in 1956*****Originally released in July 1951 on Holiday 105 as Bill Haley And The Saddlemen and reissued in 1954 on this 45 rpm record Essex E-381, [feat. Danny Cedrone, Bob Scaltrito (aka Bob Scales), Billy Williamson (his Irish friend) and the quite fantastic pianist Johnny Grande] rendition [to cut a cover] of Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats' [including Ike Turner (to become Tina's [Anna Mae Bullock] husband), Willie Kizart and Raymond Hill] "Rocket "88" ["You women have heard of jalopies, you've heard the noise they make, well let me introduce you to my Rocket 88..." (in fact a car, the 1950 Hydra Matic Drive V-8 Oldsmobile 88 built by General Motors, a car with "rocket" engine!) (recorded at Sam C. Phillips' SUN studios, Chess 1458, Chicago [a Chez label], April 1951, US #1 R'N'B, b/w Come back where you belong) was for sure pretty good.Tidbit time: Bill Haley stole the credits originally by Brenston himself (and Ike Turner not credited)!***By now (17/04/2013) and since many years, Jackie Brenston and Ike Turner are at last recognized as the original composer and writter ! Crazy man, crazy has been also recorded by Ralph Marterie (US Mercury Recs) and in UK by Ted Heath [vocal by Lita Roza], (UK Decca.)


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Bill Haley: after awhile, crocodile (rock!) (1956); En voiture, Simone! : the 1950 Hydra Matic Drive V-8 Oldsmobile 88 built by General Motors

The "female" voice on "Crocodile" is Franny Beecher's one! b/w The Paper Boy (On Main Street U.S.A.). Keep on rocking!!! . "See you later" charted US #6, 02/1956; UK #7, 03/56 and the re-issue UK #12, 09/1956.***"Step into my rocket and don't be late, baby, we're pullin' out about half past eight"... The real Rocket 88 - the car you can see below, advertised as "the lowest priced car with "rocket engine" - was a chrome sparkling symbol of the American postwar prosperity that even poor people were getting a taste of at the time. General Motors billed the Olds 88 engine as "Futurmatic". Even a young black man in the segretated South could dream about driving a rocket, movin'on out and cruisin' along. BTW, not the Delta 88 built for rich folks...A1-Beat-Bill-MainStreetBill Haley - See you later...Omega 9.61.040 - 1-02-1956 (BE)

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