Something new about the tune Stack O' Lee Blues (5/03/2010-last update 13/03/2010)

Down Home BoysFrom the Bill Haley WB Sessions) :***The true original cut of this song was recorded circa 1899/1900 but unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B (American Record Company/ARC) by Long Cleve Reed & Little ('Papa') Harvey Hull - Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson also from a late 1895 nursery rhyme called "Bad Man Stack-O-Lee"-trad. is dating back to 1903).***Lee Shelton (b.03/16/1865) alias Lee Stack (sometimes wrongly spelled as SHELDON (who died on March 11, 1912) shot Lyons because of his Stetson hat in a poker party.***And finally, one word about Billy Lyons whose real house hold name was William Lyons (born in 1864) presumed to be a Black policeman.***It seems the first songs to appear are dating back to 1923 : (Fred) Waring's Pennsylvanians-vocal refrain by Vernon Dalhart, (Victor 19189 A recorded on 10/16 as well as Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d recorded on 10/18).***Tidbit-time: Archibald (Leon T. Gross) sometimes called 'Archie Boy') recorded Stack-A'Lee (Pt1/Pt2) released in 05/1950, 07/1955 and 01/1959 (Imperial x5068, x5358 and x5563-(s) Leon T. Gross, Sr.).***Nota: William Lyons died from his wounds on 12/26/1895 (death certificate No 3605) and burried two days later in the Bridgewater plot in St. Peter's Cemetery, St. Louis, MO.***Maybe Billy Lyon's was Archie Boy's alias Leon T. Gross, great-greatgrandfather (??). Image: Down Home Boys : L to R : Long Cleve Reed (gtr), Little 'Papa' Harvey Hull (vcls), Sunny Wilson (gtr).Stack O' Lee Blues - original issued in 05-1927billy lyons - death certificate


The Beatles : Belgian pics & vinyls : Three of The Best - Pt 1 : HELP ! (18/01/2010)

HELP ! / I'M DOWN (R 5305 - 23 July 1965 - Belgian #4 in September). Both songs written by "Lennon - McCartney".*** This Belgian foldout pic cover includes a UK pressing ! Why ? In fact, there were too many of them printed in comparison with the singles numbers.*** Moreover, they opened only from below : so, they were backward !!!***Was it mine only ?***La pochette belge ne s'ouvre que par le bas (comme ce détail n'est renseigné nulle part, il est possible que ce ne soit dû qu'au hasard et que d'autres s'ouvrent par le dessus) : elle est donc à l'envers et elle contient un pressage anglais ! Explication : cette double pochette avait été imprimée en surnombre et les Anglais comme d'autres Hollandais et Français en avaient profité.beatles - help ! - 50 dpi - 18-01-2010Help ! 52 dpi - 18-01-2010


The Beatles in Paris (France) - 15 janvier 1964 (15/01/2010)

The Beatles make their French debut at the Cinéma Cyrano in Versailles, before embarking on a 20-date stint at the Paris Olympia with Trini Lopez, Sylvie Vartan and Pierre Vassiliu.

***Les Beatles font leurs débuts en France au cinéma Cyrano à Versailles, avant de s'embarquer pour l'Olympia pour une série de 20 concerts avec Sylvie Vartan, Trini Lopez et Pierre Vassiliu en première partie.

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The Beatles : L'histoire de MISERY - Fr. & Eng.-speakings

the beatles - misery,kenny lynch - misery - hmv pop 1136,harry robinson - misery - 16 march 1963,turned down by norrie paramor,15-16 march - 22 mars 1963,the original version by kenny lynchthe beatles - misery,kenny lynch - misery - hmv pop 1136,harry robinson - misery - 16 march 1963,turned down by norrie paramor,15-16 march - 22 mars 1963,the original version by kenny lynchthe beatles - misery,kenny lynch - misery - hmv pop 1136,harry robinson - misery - 16 march 1963,turned down by norrie paramor,15-16 march - 22 mars 1963,the original version by kenny lynchthe beatles - misery,kenny lynch - misery - hmv pop 1136,harry robinson - misery - 16 march 1963,turned down by norrie paramor,15-16 march - 22 mars 1963,the original version by kenny lynch 






Anecdote: la chanson Misery écrite spécialement par les Beatles pour leur amie Helen Shapiro a été refusée par son manager, Norrie Paramor! C'est donc un autre ami, Kenny Lynch qui en fait la v.o. (orchestre conduit par Harry Robinson) parue sur HMV POP 1136 [b/w "Shut the door"] (une autre filiale de EMI). Sa version, enregistrée le 26 janvier, est parue le 15/03/1963 soit une semaine avant les Beatles*** La version des Beatles ne l'est que le 22 mars suivant sur leur LP Please Please Me.***Mécontents du résultat, les Beatles l'enregistrent eux-mêmes le 11 février suivant pour l'inclure sur cet L.P.***Ce 16 mars 1963, tout en interviewant John Lennon qui vient présenter le premier LP des Beatles, Ian Matthews tient dans sa main le single en question...***English-speaking translation: tidbit time:  Misery written especially by The Beatles for their friend Helen Shapiro had been turned down by her manager, Norrie Paramor! It is thus another friend, Kenny Lynch (with orchestra conducted by Harry Robinson) who made the original version released on HMV POP 1136 [b/w “Shut the door”] (another EMI subsidiary ) on 15 March (a week before The Beatles) but did not chart. His version was recorded on 26 January 1963 while The Beatles' cover version (recorded on Feb. 11) was only released next March 22 for their LP Please Please Me.*** March 16, 1963, while interviewing John Lennon who came to present their first L.P. , Ian Matthews is holding the said single in hand...


The Beatles: Ain't She Sweet (31/12/2009)

Wishing you all a happiest New Year 2010.***Recorded by The Beatles in Germany on 23.06.1961 with Pete Best on drums at Harburg Friedrich Ebert Halle in Hamburg, 136, Reeperbahn, Sankt Pauli part [prod. under the auspices of orchestra leader Bert Kaempfert] and released by (German/UK) Polydor (NH 52317) on 29/05/64-US ATCO single also released on May 29, 1964 - US #22 on 08/22/1964-in England #29 on 27.06.1964) ! ***Here are the origins of Ain't She Sweet ? : Florenz Ziegfeld's musical Kid Boots opened at the Earl Carroll Theater, NYC on 12/31/1923 starring i.a. Eddie Cantor. However no Ain't She Sweet ? on the horizon (2 songs only, the rest of the recorded material would be considered stand-up comedy)*** First revived in an early January 1927 recording as a piano tune in something of a relaxed mood by Frank Banta (Victor [Orthophonic Records] 20610) followed by Harry Richman [Brunswick 3435, 01/27/1927, music composed by Milton Ager in 1926 as well and just before the first vocal version of that year (lyrics by Jack Yellen in 1926.)***The song was copyrighted and published in January 1927.***Recorded in 1927 by Ben Bernie's Hotel Roosevelt Orchestra, vocals by Scrappy Lambert & Billy Hilpot [US #1] and issued on Brunswick 3444 on 01/28/1927 ! (also recorded-only-by Lou Gold & His Orchestra on 01/17/1927 [issued on Gennett X0461 in the late January or a little bit later.]***Ben Bernie aka Bernard Anzelevitz was born May 30, 1891, Bayonne, NJ and died on Oct. 23, 1943.***Eddie Cantor (again) : in a screen version of "Kid Boots" for Paramount released in October 1926. ger - uk polydor nh 52317 - 29 05 1964,kid boots - eddie cantor - ben bernie,frank banta - harry richman - 01-1927,earl carroll theater - new york city,hamburg-harburger friedrich ebert halle,the beatles in hamburg area - sankt pauliger - uk polydor nh 52317 - 29 05 1964,kid boots - eddie cantor - ben bernie,frank banta - harry richman - 01-1927,earl carroll theater - new york city,hamburg-harburger friedrich ebert halle,the beatles in hamburg area - sankt paulihttp://youtu.be/B0nGbXupxY0



Just Seventeen/I Saw Her Standing There (30/12/2009)

beatles - just seventeen***Pourquoi Just Seventeen qui a gardé ce titre jusqu'au jour de l'enregistrement a t-il été modifié ? Et bien aseptisé de surcroît ! Ecoutez-la sur le DLP (remasterisé d'après des bandes en très mauvais état) The Beatles Live! At The Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany: 1962.***Ce DLP sorti sur Lingasong s'est classé 111° aux USA le 30 juillet 1977.***Group returns to Germany for 48 nights at Hamburg's new venue, the Star-Club.***They will end their stint there May 31.

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The Beatles : Love Me Do (27/12/2009)

Dec. 27, 1962 : Love Me Do reaches UK #17. (It is later alleged that Brian Epstein purchases 10,000 copies of the record for his NEMS shop to boost its chart position !The Beatles - Love Me Do (US pix))

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The Beatles - Paul McCartney - I Feel Fine (26 Dec. 2009)

The Beatles - I feel fine - 12-1964December 26, 1964 : I Feel Fine tops US chart as She's A Woman hits US #4, completing a run of 30 US hits for the year.***Dec. 26, 1965 : Macca, spending Christmas with his father on the Wirral, Merseyside, suffers a 5" cut to his mouth when he falls off a moped he is riding.***Dec. 26, 1967 : "Magical Mystery Tour" airs on BBC TV and is castigated by critics who slur the film's absence of plot and direction. The DAILY EXPRESS TV critic claims never to have seen "such blatant rubbish".

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Paul McCartney

December 25, 1967 : McCartney announces his engagement to Jane Asher (Peter Asher's sister).paul and jane

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The Beatles and The (UK) Shadows - Cry for a shadow ? Completely crazy !

I know some of The Beatles ("Cry For A Shadow", instrumental parody penned by Harrison & Lennon-arr. Tony Sheridan, 08/1961) liked the music of The Shadows...Here 's a craz version of Apache played by Chip Hawkes (Tremeloes) and Mick Clarke (Rubettes) live at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers (BE) last 10 December 2009. Enjoy! I'm quite sure Mick did it on the purpose however it was all part of the act;)***As Chip did not announce all the songs, "Get Back" could not be filmed.***(C)Surfrider1962/Stephan Koenig for your pleasure and mine as well ! I've never heard a crazy cover like this one ;). This video is also available on MySpace Music and facebook and on Chip Hawkes' MySpace website.***Each time I see this video I'm doubled up with laughter ;)***Chaque fois que je regarde la vidéo, je suis mort de rire...Ces fausses notes voulues faisaient partie intégrante du show".shadows - apache - ep français - 07-1960Spirit of 66 - 10 décembre 2009 003 http://youtu.be/j6MmnF2Mo54


The Beatles: what had happened this 9 December 1961 ?

The Beatles play their fist gig in the South of England at the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, Hants--->means Hampshire, on a program with Ivor Jay & The Jaywalkers, billed as a "Battle Of The Bands - Liverpool v. (vs/vs./versus) London".***Only 18 people turn up !

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The Beatles : what had happened on Dec. 6, 1969 ? (6/12/2009)

beatles - nouveau scanWow ! Forty years ago ! Something/Come Together hits UK #4.*** It is the first Beatles' disk not to make either UK #1 or #2 since Love Me Do in Australia in March 1962, and the first from an already issued album.***Something is also the first Beatles' single not penned by Lennon/McCartney, but by Harrison.***Frank Sinatra calls it at the time the greatest love song of the last 50 years.***For the first time a Beatles song is licensed for use on a non-Beatles album: ACROSS THE UNIVERSE features on World Wildlife Fund charity No One's Gonna Change The World.***The falsetto harmonies are performed by teenage Beatles' fans Lizzie Bravo and Gayleen Pease, selected from fans waiting for the group outside Abbey Road studios.*** BEATLES MONTHLY ceases publication after 77 issues as The Beatles rapidly begin to lose their collective identity and refuse to co-operate for promotion.

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Bill Haley : unissued acetates (5/10/2009)

Probably recorded for radio-1947-1950 under the name Bill Haley & The Four Aces of Western Swing.

***(1) I gotta have my baby back: from Floyd Tillman, COLUMBIA CO41790=1, 10/1949.

***(2) I wasted a nickel last night: from I wasted a nickel by Hawkshaw Hawkins, KING K2935, 09/1949.

***(3) Sunday down in Tennessee: from Red Foley, Decca 5936, Nov.21, 1949.

***(4) Easy rockin' chair: from Eddie Arnold, RCA Victor 20-2481, 10/1947.

***(5) I dreamed of an old love affair: from Jimmie Davis, Decca 6070, 1942.

***(6) I love you so much it hurts: from Floyd Tillman, RCA Victor 20-7157, 1948.

***(7) I already talked about I didn't hear anybody pray aka The wreck on the highway from The Dixon Brothers, RCA Victor/Bluebird 7440, 1938.

***These songs were available in the 90's on Hydra Records and Bear Family Records both based in Germany.***The Rovin' Eyes: from Dr. Louis Menaker, late 40's (CD Xtra, Delta Music PLC, Germany, 20/06/2005.)

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Bill Haley y Sus Cometas : Girl I've Got News For Hugh - 2/10/2009

Bill Haley y Sus Cometas : Girl I've Got News For Hugh : this is the entire correct title of his song composed by Haley & Frank Pingatore.***It was first issued in Mexico on the MADISON Orfeón LP Record/album 12339 in October 1963. Note that "Hugh" is sometimes spelled as "You" just like an eponym Ray Charles' song which has been issued on the LP Genius & Soul = Jazz released by ABC-Paramount/Impulse in March 1961.***The said song composed and written by Ray Alfred, a Ray Charles' pseudonym was extracted and published as a single in June 1961.

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The Clash's bass player: Paul SimOnon or SimEnon ??? 29/09/2009

paul simenon - the clashThere's a big problem about Paul's real house hold name. I know that 'cause I've read a Belgian interview by punk/new wave specialists about or more than 25 years ago. If my memory don't fail, it was written in an independent journal called "En Attendant" or "MORE".***Google images shows Paul Simonon and Paul Simenon. Anyway, I'm quite sure it is SIMENON.***For instance this link: http://punk77.co.uk***or this one : http://www.urbanimage.tv/browse.htm?loc1=punk&loc2=clash%20posse&loc3=paul%20simenon& ***I'm awaiting without any comments...

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The Beatles : English translation of "l'événement marketing du jour"

beatles - 9-9-2009An event? Not for all the Belgian media notably RTL TVI. ***Shame on you ! *** On Wednesday 9/09/2009 fate jewel published by EMI UK comprising 14 enhanced CD's (+ 1 DVD ) fully remastered quasi in HD.*** The 14th containing the old Past Masters 1 & 2 released in the UK at the beginning of March 1988 .*** Well received in the UK (# 49 & # 46 March 19, 1988 but with less impact in the USA where they are ranked U.S. # 149 & # 121 U.S. the following 9 and 16 April .***To date, the question is whether we should absolutely get it one way or another or switch it off. This wonderful package (great work of remastering made by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell along with Paul Hicks & Sean Magee at Dan Lacksman's SynSound Recording Studio in Brussels chosen by EMI Belgium) of which each CD has a gatefold cover sold this morning at 9:09am in record stores. I am doubtful as Gilles Verlant said the price is around 250 € (this afternoon I saw the price setted at € 199 but they were already sold like pancakes !). So, if you do not have anything yet by the Beatles ( fortunately Sir Paul McCartney was able to buy out the 251 songs [on some 365 listed] purchased by Michael Jackson [see ATV Music Publishing article] and that you have the financial resources and proper equipment (a digital amplifier which could possibly spread songs in 5.1 if you have a home cinema ).*** Note that the first reissues of LP's on CD were in monaural sound (AAD) and those with the stereo were so ADD that EMI wanted the "ADD" for all albums and the fans otherwise. EMI has finally yielded to the very last minute by putting an AAD patch on the ADD letters seen through/thru the box already printed on the inlay cards but this time all CD's are in full stereo and also available in monaural sound even the stereo ones!!!.*** March 7, 1987 as the group's back catalog systematically is released on CD, The Beatles' timeless popularity is underlined as they return to the charts all over the world .*** This 9/9/9 is not a coincidence since it's the former (new)Scotland Yard's telephone nr. which controlled the UK charts in the course of the 70's (see other article) due to shenanigans/mix-ups including at least two British showbiz personalities including Roger OO7 Moore's wife Edna May 'Dorothy' Squires (d. on 14 April 1998). Note also that these persons were convicted and anyway there are limitations.***Nota: The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is still unreleased.*** I will forever be a fan and I am sure we will talk of them in 100 years or beyond and / or in the hereafter .*** LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!

The Beatles (Fr.) : l'événement marketing du jour - 9/9/9

beatles - 9-9-2009Un événement ? Sûrement pas pour tous les médias belges ! Ainsi, Grégory Willock n'en a pas touché un seul mot à son JT de 13:00 sur RTL TVI ni même Michel De Maegd dans celui du 19:00 !***Ce mercredi 9/09/2009 sort un bijou édité par EMI UK comprenant 14 CD's remasterisés pratiquement en HD par Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell assistés de Paul Hicks et Sean Magee (+ 1 DVD) au Dan Lacksman SynSound Recording Studio à Bruxelles (choisi par EMI Belgium).***Véritable événement musical de cette fin d'année, cette réédition des albums des Beatles était attendue depuis des décennies par les millions de fans du plus grand groupe populaire de l'histoire.***Tous les CD's sont "enhanced". Le 14° contenant les anciens Past Masters 1 & 2 sortis en GB début mars 1988.***Bien accueillis en GB (#49 & #46 le 19 mars 1988 mais avec moins d'impact aux USA où ils se classent US #149 & US #121 les 9 et 16 avril suivant.***Maintenant, la question est de savoir s'il faut absolument se le procurer d'une manière ou d'une autre ou de le switcher. Ce magnique coffret dont chaque "enhanced" CD est en "gatefold" se vend depuis ce matin à 9:09 chez les disquaires. Je suis dubitatif comme Gilles Verlant: le prix tourne autour de 250 € mais je l'ai vu affiché à 199 € et il se vendait comme des petits pains ! Si vous ne possédez encore rien des Beatles (heureusement que Sir Paul McCartney avait pu racheter les 251 [sur les quelques 365 répertoriées] chansons achetées par Michael Jackson [v/article ATV Music Publishing] et que vous avez les moyens financiers et le matériel adéquat (un ampli numérique qui pourrait éventuellement diffuser les chansons en 5.1 si vous possédez un home cinema).***A noter que les premières rééditions des LP's mono sur CD ne le sont qu'en mono (AAD) et ceux en stéréo le sont en ADD alors que EMI voulait du "ADD" pour tous les albums et sur l'avis contraire des fans. Finalement EMI a cédé à la toute dernière minute en apposant une pastille AAD sur les lettres ADD déjà imprimées sur les livrets.*** March 7, 1987: as the group's back catalog is systematically released on CD, The Beatles' timeless popularity is underlined as they return to the charts all over the world.***Ce 9/9/9 n'est pas une coïncidence puisqu'il s'agit de l'ancien no de téléphone de Scotland Yard qui contrôla le HP britannique dans le courant des années 70 (v/autre article) suite à des magouilles dont au moins deux personnalités anglaises du showbiz que je ne peux décemment citer ici. Notez que je le pourrais puisqu'elles furent condamnées et que de toute façon il y a prescription.***Note: le LP Live at the Hollywood est proprement ignoré.***Je resterai à jamais un fan et je suis sûr qu'on parlera encore d'eux dans 100 ans voire au-delà et/ou dans l'au-delà.***LONG LIVE THE BEATLES !!!


Something about The Beatles on July 24, 1968 (24/07/2009)

Two days earlier All You Need Is Love topped the UK chart.***July 24, 1968: All 4 Beatles and Epstein signed a petition calling for the legalization of marijuana which was published in THE TIMES newspaper.***Deux jours auparavant All You Need Is Love était no1 au hit parade anglais.***Les 4 Beatles et Epstein signaient une pétition reconnaissant la légalisation de la marie-jeanne, demande qui sera publiée dans le journal THE TIMES.

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Tribute to Michael Jackson - R.I.P. (26/06//2009) - updated 25 June 2010

Michael recorded the best-selling LP Record/album of all time "Thriller" released on Dec.1, 1982 surpassing The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ! It will sell 45 million copies worldwide until June 2010 and hit #1 in every Western country including UK and US, where it will spend a record 37 weeks at #1. From it will come an unprecedented 7 Top 10 US hit singles.******Michael died at home yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 50. R.I.P., Michael. Sure, lotsa people won't never forget you...***The Girl Is Mine, an excerpt from the album Thriller (1st December 1982), hitted #8 in UK in Nov. 1982 and US #2 on 8th January 1983.***Say Say Say again with Jacko hitted at #2 in UK in Nov. 1983 and topped US chart the following 10th December.***En Belgique, Thriller a été 18 fois disque de platine entre 1982 et juin 2010 (540.000 exemplaires vendus à raison de 30.000 albums pour être "platine".***45 millions de copies vendues dans le monde entier.***Sources: Eric Vink, président de Sony-Belgique.jackson - thriller lp - 75 pppA1-Beat-Macca2-1982A1-Beat-Macca3-1983A1-Beat-Macca4-1983A1-Beat-Macca5A1-Beat-Macca6


Bill Haley: Trouble in mind ? (1979)-(19/06/2009)

**Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, 1953***Kansas City : from K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Federal, 11/1952 via Little Richard, US #95, 1959. (Wilbert Harrison, Fury, US #1, May 1959)***Love Letters In The Sand : from Dolly Dawn, RCA/Bluebird, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : from Joe Turner and His Blues Kings, April 1954***I'm In Love Again : from Fats Domino, 06/1956***Stagger Lee : from Lloyd Price's version, 1959 [originally Stack O' Lee Blues first recorded by Long Cleve Reed & Little Harvey Hull-Down Home Boys (trio including Sunny Wilson-rec. circa 1899 however unreleased until May 1927 on BLACK PATTI 8030-B)***Also recorded by Waring's Pennsylvanians (Victor 19189 A, 10/16/1923) and Frank Westphal & His Regal Novelty Orchestra (Columbia 32d, 10/18/1923) in 1923, based on a story of Billy Lyon's hat in 12/1895.***Rock Around The Clock : from Bill Haley And His Comets, 05/1954***I Almost Lost My Mind : from Ivory Joe Hunter, 1949***Blue Suede Shoes : from Carl Perkins, Sun 234, Jan. 1, 1956***My Special Angel : from Bobby Helms With The Anita Kerr Singers, Decca 9-30423, 08/1957***Blueberry Hill : from Fats Domino's version, 12/1956 [originally by Sammy Kaye And His Orchestra, 05/1940 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra with Ray Eberle, Bluebird, 1940].***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin', On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records, B-side of The Hucklebuck, 10/1960.***Bouquet Of Roses : from Eddy Arnold And His Tennessee Plowboys, RCA Victor, 1948***I Don't Hurt Anymore : from Hank Snow, RCA Victor, 17th April 1954.***(The) Wild Side Of Life : from Hank Thompson, Capitol, 1952 [aka Honky Tonk Angels].***Singing The Blues from Marty Robbins, Columbia 1956 via Guy Mitchell, Columbia, US #1, 1956***This Is The Thanks I Get : from This Is The Thanks I Get (For Loving You) by Eddy Arnold, The Tennessee Plowboy, and his Guitar, RCA Victor 47-5805, July 1954.***Candy Kisses : originally from George Morgan's - who wrote the song -, CBS/COLUMBIA 20547, 1949, US R'N'B #1 then US POP #2.***However, this song (gospel) had been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (Clarence Fountain, leader) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey. Then in the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan and his Texans, COLUMBIA, 1942 (US #1, 1943).***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder (08/60) : from Jimmie Davis, Capitol Records, US #1, 1945***Cold Cold Heart : from Hank Williams (Sr.) And His Drifting Cowboys, 1951***Anytime : from Emmett Miller acc. by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, 1924; Okeh 41095, 1928; Bluebird 6577, 1936 via Eddy Arnold And His Guitar, RCA Victor, 1956.***Detour : originally from Spade Cooley A.H.O., 1946 via Patti Page With Jack Rael And His Orchestra, Mercury 5682, June 13, 1951 via Duane Eddy, Jamie 1117/B, 09/1959.***TROUBLE IN MIND (recorded for Warner Bros. in 1960, unissued), EP CLAIRE 1 EP 4779, USA, 1979 : via Lucky Millinder And His Orchestra feat. Rosetta Tharpe on vocal, Decca 48053, 1950/Conway Twitty, 02/1960 [via Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra feat. Bertha "Chippie" Hill on vocal, 1926 [originally by Thelma LaVizzo, Paramount 12206, 05/1924].***This song is also featured on the RARETIES US LP Record/album AMBASSADOR A 98100 manufactured and released in issued in the USA (America) late in 1979. The mystery of its origin is resolute! First issue as "RARETIES, 1979 and the 2d one as "RARITIES" in the course of the 80's.


Where on earth did Bill Haley discovered those incredible songs from?:Orfeón-Dimsa-Roulette-Guest Star-Logo Sessions (30/05/2009)

14-08-2006 THE BEATLES BELGIAN HOME PAGE - UPDATED.***Discos Orfeón belonged to Don Rogerio Azcárraga and the musical director was Paco de la Barrera.***Roulette Records was formed in 1956 and belonged to Morris Levy, Phil Kahl and George Goldner [1918-April 15, 1970].***An adjunct to their music publishing operations, with Goldner, into whose Rama and Tico organisation it was slotted.***In 1957, Hugo Peretti and Luigi Creatore more or less took over the company, leaving Goldner to concentrate on his new enterprises, Gone and End, which were distributed through Roulette.***Distributed labels : Gee, Gone, End, Rama and Tico (all belonging to Goldner).***Bill Haley And His/The Comets (1966, known as Mr. Go Go); y sus Cometas, 1961 :***Al Compás Del Reloj (sung in English), 1961 : from "Rock Around The Clock", May 1954, May 1955, January 1960 and March 1961 .***La Tierra De Las Mil Danzas/live 1966 : from Land Of Thousand Dances by Chris Kenner, Atlantic, 1963.***The Green Door (Puerta Verde) (I), 1961 : from The Green Door by Jim Lowe and His High Fives, DOT, US #1, 1956.***Memphis Tennessee : from Memphis, Tennessee by Chuck Berry, Chess 1729, Feb. 1959.***Tren Nocturno, 1961 (I) : from Night Train by Jimmy Forrest, United, 1952 [originally from Happy Go Lucky Local by Duke Ellington, 1946.***El Blues Del Cometa Azul / Blues Del Cometa Azul (I's), 1961 : from Blue Comet Blues by Bill Haley And His Comets, 1956.***De Buen Humor (I), 08/1962 : from In The Mood by Edgar Hayes And His Orchestra, Decca, 02/1938 [Jazz riff borrowed to Wingy Manone (aka Mannone) and his Orchestra's "Tar Paper Stomp", Vocalion, 1930" via Major Glenn Miller and His AEF Band, Bluebird/RCA Victor, 1939 and Mongo Santamaria, Columbia, US #10, 1961.***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, 1961 : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, 11/1960 [B-side of The Hucklebuck] Jerry Lee Lewis, SUN 267, July 1957 [not hitting his #3 chart peak until September but topped C&W and R&B charts simultaneously - Jerry Lee was related with country and r'n'r singer Mickey Gilley (who had recorded Down The Line too) and TV evangelist Jimmy Swaggart].***Negra Consentida, 1961 : composed by Joaquín Pardavá Bernal y Delfina Arce for Julian Solér's movie Negra Consentida, 1948.***Lado A Lado, 1962 : original version in 1927 probably by duet Aileen Stanley and Johnny Marvin as Side By Side via Ray Charles and Betty Carter, 1961.***I Want A Little Girl, 1962 : from McKinney's Cotton Pickers, Victor, 1930.***En Un Pueblito Español (I), 1962 : from Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra's (In A Little Spanish Town) 'T was On A Night Like This, 1926.***Down By The Riverside Twist, 1962 : from Down By The Riverside, an African-American traditional folksong (black spiritual-blue gospel) 'round 1867 in New Orleans aka Ain't Goin' To Study War No Mo' (alternative titles: I ain't going to study war no more / I ain't gonna study war no more...) sung by slaves after the American Civil War beginning in 1861.***First recording by the Fisk University Jubilee Singers in 1920, released by COLUMBIA in 1922 from John J. Nolan's sheet music, 1902, (C)1902.***Cielito Lindo, 1962 : from a popular trad. song of Mexico, written in 1882 by Quirino Mendoza y Cortés via (José) Pedro Infante (Cruz), Mexico, 1942; El Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, 1956. [De la sierra morena, Cielito lindo, vienen bajando un par de ojitos negros Cielito lindo, de contrabando...].***Madison Del Azul (I), 10/1963 : from The 'C' Jam Blues by Duke Ellington, 1941.***Lullaby Of Birdland Twist, 1962 : from Lullaby Of Birdland by George Shearing Quintet feat. Sarah Vaughn on vocal, Verve Records, 1942.***Twist Lento, 1962 : from Slow twistin', a duet with (uncredited) labelmate Dee Dee Sharp and Chubby Checker, Parkway, 1961, US #3, April 1962.***Spanish Twist, September 1961 : from Twist Español (lyrics: Antoño de la Villa - music : Pepe Negrete) by Bill Haley - on Spanish vocal - y Sus Cometas, Orfeón, May 1961.***Desafinado, 1962 : from Joáo Gilberto, Odeon, Brazil, 1958.*** Actopan / Actopan Twist (I's), 1961/1962 : from The Hucklebuck by Paul Williams And His Hucklebuckers, Savoy 683, 1949, US r'n'B chart #1, April 1949, originally from Lucky Millinder's D' Natural Blues, RCA Victor 20-3351, date of recording Jan.3, 1949 [a hit for the Tommy Dorsey Orch. feat. Charlie Shavers on vocal, US #5, 1949], the latter borrowed to Now's The Time by Charlie "Bird" and/or "Yardbird" Parker's Reboppers, Savoy 4508, 12/1945.***Paul Williams : "We were playing the Royal in Baltimore (Maryland) together with Lucky Millinder Band. We were sitting out front listening to them rehearse and they played this title tune D Natural Blues". The night we played the same tune (...) I asked one guy, "What kind of dance is that?" and he said, "This is the Hucklebuck!" And that was it. Eventually we recorded it and called it The Hucklebuck and it hit", via Chubby Checker, Parkway Records P 813, 11/1960, US #14.***La Paloma, 1961 : from La Paloma Adieu, canción americana, 1859 via Chubby Checker's La Paloma Twist (B-side of Slow Twistin'), US #74, March 1962.***Rambunchas twist, 1961 : from Ram-bunk-shush via Bill Doggett, King 45-5020, 1957 or The Ventures (originally by Lucky Millinder and his orchestra, King 4534, 1952).***Caravana Twist / Caravan Twist, 1961 / Cip A Vanna, 1966 : from Barney Bigard and His Jazzopators, early 1937 via Duke Ellington's Caravan, 1937.***Mas Twist, 1961 : from Let's Twist Again by Chubby Checker (aka Ernest Evans), Parkway, 08/61, US #8, 08/1961.***Limbo Rock (I), 1962 : from The Champs, Challenge, US #2, 1962 then recorded by Checker the following November.***Pure De Papas, 1962 : from Nat Kendrick (alias Carlton "King" Coleman, James Brown's drummer) and The Swans' [(Do The)] Mashed Potatoes (Pt.1-Pt.2), Dade 45-1804, 11/1959/Mashed Potatoes, Atlantic, 1960 via Joey Dee (alias Joseph DiNicola) and The Starlighters, Roulette, 1961 and Chubby Checker, 1961.***Jarrito Twist, 1962 : from Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller And His Orchestra / Captain Glenn Miller Army Air Force Band, 1939.***A Noche (I), 1962 : from Last Night by The Mar-Keys, Stax, 1961.***Florida Twist (Instr. original backing track and some vocals provided by Billy Williamson/live), 1962 : from Florida Twist (Mex #1) by Bill Haley y sus Cometas, back-up vocals in Spanish by "sus Cometas", Orfeón 78-1047, 1961 [the biggest selling single in Mexican history].***Twist Marie/live, 1962 : from Oh Marie by Louis Prima with Sam Butera and The Witnesses, Capitol, 10/1956.***Marie Twist, 1962 : from Marie (I) in the movie "The Awakening", 1928, via the Tommy Dorsey Orch. feat. Jack Leonard on vocal, 1937.***Eight More Miles To Louisville : from (Louis Marshall) Grandpa Jones, Brunswick 5676, 1957.***Reunion De Etiqueta, 1963 : from Tuxedo Junction by Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra, Jubilee 107, 1940 via Glenn Miller and his Orchestra.***El Quelite, 1963 : originally a Mexican traditional, Public Domain, "canción ranchera" probably from the 18th century via El Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, 1961 [El Quelite is located 20 miles north of Mazatlan just across the Tropic of Cancer between the Sierra Madre Mountains and the Pacific Ocean; �acaso hemos olvidado también la popular canción mexicana El quelite? "que es un tipo de amaranto" - "it's a type of amaranth"].***Adios Marquita Linda, 1963 : from Adiós, Mariquita Linda by Marcos A. Jiménez, Argentina, 1937***El Poney, 1963 : from Pony Time by Don Fardon and The Goodtimers, Arnold 1002, 1961 [a re-write of "Boogie Woogie" by Clarence "Pinetop" Smith, 1928] via Chubby Checker, Parkway, 01/1961, US #1, 02/1961 - Checker's second million-seller, setting off a new dance craze for the Pony.***I've got news for Hugh (or sometimes spelled as"you"), Mex LP Madison, Orfeón 12339, 10/1963 from themselves (s) B. Haley-Frank Pingatore) ! Nothing to see with the eponym I've got news for you by Ray Charles, Impulse LP Genius & Soul = Jazz, 03/1961 - single: 06/1961.***Pepito, 1965 / Pepito Mi Corazón, 1966 : from Elena Madera, DECCA 9-30835, 01/1959.***Estomago Caliente / No Matter What Shape (Your Stomach's in)/live, 1966 : from The T-Bones, Liberty 55836, 1965.***Harlem Nocturne / Harlem Nocturno / Harlem A Go Go/live, 1966 : from Ray Noble And His American Orchestra, COLUMBIA, 1939.***Justine/live, 1966 : from Don And Dewey, Specialty 631, 05/1958.***El Septimo Hijo / The Seventh Son/live, 1966 : from Willie Mabon, Chess 1608, 1955.***Mohair Sam/live, 1966 : from Charlie Rich, Mercury/Smash S-1993, 1965.***New Orleans / Nueva Orleans/live, 1966 : from Gary "US" Bonds, LeGrand records 1009, US #6, 1960.***Hi-Heel Sneakers/live 1966 : from Tommy Tucker, Chess/Checker 1075, 1964.***Yakety Sax, 1964: from Randy "Boots" Randolph, Monument records 45-804, 1963; original Randolph's on RCA Victor EPA-9678 in 10/1958.***Baja California Sun / California Sun/live, 1966 : from The Rivieras [formed in South Bend, Indiana], Riviera R-1401 (Sheldon), US POP #5, 1964 [originally by Joe Jones And His Orchestra, US #77, Roulette, 1961.***La Cucaracha/live, 1966 : Mexican song, 1893 [cucaracha = bulky carriage, Pancho Villa].***Hambone/live (Pancho), 1966 (I) : via Rayburn Anthony, SUN, 1960 [originally by Red Saunders and his orchestra with Dolores Hawkins and The Hambone Kids, Okeh 6862, 02/1952).***Mish Mash, 1964 : from Carrie Grant And The Grandeurs (The Grandeurs = The Comets), Newtown, 1963.***Ella Cree Que La Amo Aun, 1964 : from She Thinks I Still Care by George Jones, US #1, United Artists, March 1962.***Surf De La Sandia, 1964 : from Herbie Hancock Trio's Watermelon Man, Blue Note, 1962.***Cerca (wrongly spelled as "circa") Del Mar, 1964 : nothing to see with  Beyond The Sea by Bobby Darin, Atlantic, Jan. 1960 and La Mer, a hit for well known French songwriter/singer Charles Trenet, Magic Notes Columbia, 1946].***Movendiose, 1964 : from Movin' n' Groovin' by Duane Eddy And His "Twangy Guitar", Jamie 1101, 1958.***A Gusto Contigo, 1964 : from Je Me Sens Bien (Auprès De Toi)!!! by Petula Clark, disque Vogue EPL 8.078, France, 1963 [adapted from Dance On by The Shadows, EMI/Columbia 45 DB 4948, UK, 12/1962!!!].***No Tu Puedes Sentar, 1964 : from [(You)] Can't Sit Down by The Bim Bam Boos feat. i.a. Cornell Muldrow, Phil Upchurch, Dasher D 500, 1959 via The Dovells, Parkway, US #5, 06/1963 and possibly via a trumpet instrumental by Phil Upchurch Combo, Boyd 1026 DJ, 1961.*** Madero Y Gante, 1964 : from Washington Square by The Village Stompers, EPIC N7-26078, US #2, 1963.***Surf Del Elefante, (I), 1964 : from Baby Elephant Walk by Henri Mancini And His Orchestra, RCA Victor, US DNC, 1961.***Surf Del Monkey, 1964 : from The Monkey Shine by Carl Perkins, DECCA 9-31709, 1964.***All these songs were available on his 8 Mexican LP's [Twist, 1961; Bikini Twist, 1962; Twist En México, 1962; Madison, 1963; Carneval De Ritmos Modernos, 1963; Surf Surf Surf, 1964; Whisky A Go-Go (live), 1966; Bill Haley A Go-Go, 1966].***The only one LP record released by Roulette was "twistin' knights ("twistin' nights"!) AT THE ROUNDTABLE [live at the nightclub], 1962.***Tidbit time : at that time, Morris Levy is at the head of the Roundtable nightclub. In March 1962, Bill Haley & The Comets occur in a row eleven evenings with an aim of recording a live album. On injunction of his wife, Franny Beecher had left the group a few months earlier (giving up his third of the benefit). One will especially pick up him at home in a limousine to play lead guitar on the forthcoming album. Sticks Evans (aka Samuel Smith), African drums, is recruited because the content of the LP is supposed to be very twisty and, as Evans plays with The Starliters of Joey Dee (Roulette star-house, a firm directed successively by Levy and Goldner), he is thus regarded as THE specialist in the dance craze/rhythm à la mode.***UK Ember LP, "P.1969" (in fact, June 1968) : originally Whisky A Go Go released in Mexico on the Orfeón/DIMSA label (12478) in 1966.***Like all true professionals, Haley's greatest asset is his ability to take his music out of the recording studio and perform it LIVE.***Mainly the accent is on the kind of rock'n'Roll that Bill Haley and the Comets have made their own since April 1954.***"When you will have heard this album you will know why Bill Haley wore the crowns!***At that time, Mexico, 1966, the Bill Haley legend started nearly 15 years ago...There followed a series of int'l smash-hits which included Shake, Rattle and Roll, RATC and many others. In fact, the list of Bill's record successes went on to read like a one-man chart took-over bid !***Mariachi Vargas were formed by Don Gaspar Vargas in Tecatlitán, Jalisco, Mexico back in 1898.***CD : from the LP "Twistin' Knights At The Roundtable - Roulette R-25174, ca. April 1962" recorded live on-the-spot in New York City in March 1962 and released in US in 1999 by Rhino/Soundies, ref. SCD 4113.


About the Bill Haley DECCA Sessions (24/04/2009)

Over time, over a period of 3 years or more, important information was added on the Net. That's why I've had to modify or change some sources become quite inaccurate.***Au fil du temps, sur une période de plus ou moins 3 ans, des informations capitales furent ajoutées sur le Net. C'est pourquoi j'ai dû modifier voire changer certaines sources devenues tout à fait inexactes. Il fut un temps ou les deux logos "Decca" / "DECCA" coexistaient pour finalement devenir DECCA.

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DECCA SESSIONS (1) : Where on earth did Bill Haley... (28/03/2009)

...discovered these incredible songs from?***08-12-2007 années 50***(We're gonna) Rock Around The Clock : from (We're gonna) Rock Around The Clock by Sonny Dae and His Knights, Arcade 45-AR-123, 03/1954 [written in Philadelphia, Pa. in 11/1952].***Sonny Dae sold thousand of records in the Delaware Valley [B-side: Moving Guitar, instrumental)].***Thirteen Women [(And Only One Man In Town)] : from Thirteen Women And One Man by Dickie Thompson And his Orchestra, Herald 424, 01/1954 [B-side I'm Innocent].***Shake, Rattle And Roll : from (Big) Joe Turner acc. by Pluma Davis Orchestra, Atlantic 1026, April 1954.***A.B.C. Boogie : from Mary Del backed with the Do-Re-Me Trio, Drexel (later DR Records), West Chester/Drexel Hill (nearby Philadelphia), 1949.***Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) : from Beverly Ross and Julius Dixon, US #33 at Spring 1954 [Dim Dim The Lights, recorded by Bill Haley and His Comets did reach the Top Ten on The Variety Charts in 1955. The Variety Charts were more prestigeous than BillBoard or Cash Box back in those days. However, Dim Dim The Lights did make it to the R & B Charts, Top Ten at that time, becoming not only Bill Haley's first R & B hit but the first hit on the R & B charts by a white artist period. In fact Alan Freed called Dim Dim The Lights the grand daddy song of Rock 'n' Roll. It opened the door for Rock Around The Clock to get another shot at the charts. The song was first released in the Spring of 54' only staying one week on the charts at Number 33 or thereabouts. This time Rock Around The Clock went all the way to number one in July of 1955].***Rock-A-Beatin' boogie : from (Danny Cedrone and) Esquire Boys, Guyden Records 705-A, April 1954 [originally by The Treniers, COLUMBIA-CBS/Okeh 7023, March 1954; EP EPIC EG 7103, 1955].***The Saints Rock 'N' Roll : from The Saints Are Marching In by The Paramount Jubilee Singers, 1923 [originally a very old Cincinatti negro spiritual dating back to 1896]; Bo Weevil Jackson, 1926.***Burn That Candle : from The Cues feat. Jimmy Breedlove aka Robbie Kirk, Capitol Records F3245, 09/1955.***See You Later, Alligator from : Bobby Charles' Later alligator (alias Robert Guidry), Chess 1609, 09/1955. [B-side On Bended Knee]***Hide And Seek : from Big Joe Turner, Atlantic 1069, 1955***Choo Choo Ch' Boogie : from Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five, Decca 23610, Feb. 1946.***Rockin' Through The Rye : from Comin' Thru The Rye, a Scottish folk traditional dating back to 1796.***Rip It Up : from Little Richard, Specialty, 1956.***Forty Cups Of Coffee : from 40 Cups Of Coffee by Danny Overbea with King Kolax And His Orchestra, Chess/Checker 774, June 1953.***Miss You : from Rudy Vallée And His Connecticut Yankees, Victor, 1929.***Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone : from Gene Austin, 1930, US #3, 1931.***You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming : from Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra featuring Billie Holiday on vocal, 1937.***I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter : from (Thomas) Fats Waller and his Rhythm, HMV B.D. 5031, New York City, rec. May 1935, US #3 via The Ink Spots (Decca), US #3 in 1935 as well as The Boswell Sisters with The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, US #6, 1936 via Connee Boswell, US #29, Decca, 1953 via Billy Williams, Coral 9-57184, US #3 & Canada #17 on 24th June 1957.***

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DECCA SESSIONS (2) : Where on earth did Bill Haley...(Part 2) - 2009/3/28

...discovered these incredible songs from ?***.***Is It True What They Say About Dixie? : from Jimmy Dorsey And His Orchestra feat. Bob Eberly on vocal, 1936.***Carolina In The Morning : from Broadway musical "The Passing Show of 1922" via Al Jolson, Decca 24109, 1947. [originally by Willie & Eugene Howard, 09/1922.***The Dipsy Doodle : from Tommy Dorsey And His Orchestra featuring Edythe Wright on vocal, 1937 via Larry Clinton And His Orchestra feat. Bea Wain on vocal, Associated Transcriptions, December 1937.***Ain't Misbehavin' (I'm Savin' My Love For You) : from musical "Hot Chocolates", first performed at Connie's Inn in Harlem in May 1929 by Margaret Simms & Paul Bass via Fats Waller and his Rhythm, Associated Transcriptions, Jan. 1938; Victor, 08/1939; Jazz Selection, 01/1943.***Moon Over Miami : from the Dorsey Bothers Orchestra featuring Connee/Connie Boswell on vocal, Decca/Brunswick, US # 19, 1935.***One Sweet Letter From You : from Ted Lewis And His Band, July 1927***(I'll be with you in) Apple blossom time from : Artie Shaw and his orchestra, 1937 via Glenn Miller.***Somebody Else Is Taking My Place, (C) 1937: from Russ Morgan And His Orchestra [Decca 25398], "Strictly In The Groove" OST, Decca, US #5, 1942.***How Many?: from Jim Reeves, RCA Victor, 1957 (also recorded by Eddy Arnold on the same label)***Move It On Over : from Hank Williams (Sr.) And His Drifting Cowboys, MGM 10033-A, 1947.***(New) Rock The Joint : from Rock The Joint by Jimmy Preston And His Prestonians, Gotham [owned by Sam "Goody" Goode and Ivin Ballen] JP-12, Philadelphia, Sep. 24, 1949.***Pretty Alouette (Be My Only One) : from a Canadian-French folklore, Montréal, 1946.***Rockin' Rollin' Schnitzlebank from : (Ei du schöne,) Schnitzelbank, 1890 (C) 1890 by Johannes Brahms [humorous drinking song of Austro-Hungarian origin.*** Rockin' Matilda : from Waltzing Matilda [which means "Auf der Walz" (is a German expression that means traveling on the job) and "bed-roll" or slang "swag"], originally based on a traditional entitled "Thou Bonny Wood Of Craigie Lee", Australia, a poem written in January 1895 by Andrew Barton "Banjo" Paterson [Oh! There once was a swagman camped in the Billabong, under the shade of a Coolabah tree; and he sang as he looked at his old billy boiling, “Who’ll come a-waltzing Matilda with me...].*** He heard a tune played by Miss Christina MacPherson of Dagworth Station. He added the words of Waltzing Matilda to the music.***Eventually published as a song in 1903 then copyrighted as a song in Scotland in 1936***"Vive la rock and roll": from on a French novelty tune (1811) and the French lullaby "Frère Jacques", 1869 ("Bruder Jakob"; "Brother Jake").***It's A Sin : from Eddy Arnold (15/05/1918-8/05/2008), RCA Victor, US C/W #1, 1947.***Mary, Mary Lou: from The Sparks' Merry, Merry Lou, DECCA 9-30378, July 1957.***Come Rock With Me : from O Sole Mio [(C) 1898 by Eduardo di Capua, Alfredo Mazzuchi, Giovanni Capurro] by tenor man Enrico Caruso, Naples, Italy, 1903.***Wooden Shoe Rock: from "LA CENERENTOLA" 's [Cinderella's/French fairy tale "Cendrillon"] Gretchen And The Wooden Shoe, music composed by Gioacchino Rossini and libretto written by Jacopo Ferretti, 1817.***Joey's Song : from Joe Reisman And His Orchestra, DECCA, 1957.***Chiquita Linda: from Un Poquito De Tu Amor by Julio Guttiérez y su Orquesta, Cuba, 1948.***

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DECCA SESSIONS (3) : Where on earth did Bill Haley... (2009/3/28)

...discoverd these incredible songs from ?***The DECCA Sessions moved from 8th Aug. 2006.***.***Dinah : originally recorded by Al Handler and his Alamo Cafe Orch. for Gennett in 1925 but apparently rejected via Ethel Waters, COLUMBIA 487-D, 1926 via Jean Goldkette And His Famous Victor Record Orchestra with vocal chorus by "The Kentucky Boys", Victor 19947, 1926 via Fats Waller And His Rhythm, Electrola, June 1935.***Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider (I) (C) 1903) : from Red Nichols And His Five Pennies, Brunswick, 1927 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra, Bluebird, 1941 [originally by Eddie Cantor and his orchestra in 1903, a song dedicated to his wife Ida Tobias].***MARIE : from a waltz composed by Irving Berlin for an early sound movie called The Awakening in 1928 via the original vocal version by Tommy Dorsey A.H.O. feat. Jack Leonard on vocal in 1937.***Corrine, Corrina : from Big Joe Turner, US POP 41, 13th June 1941 & Joe Turner with Chorus and Orchestra, Atlantic, US R'N'B #23, 24th Feb. 1956 [originally by Bo Carter (alias Armenter Chatmon), November 1928.***Sweet Sue, Just You : from Sweet Sue by Fat Waller and his Rhythm, HMV (NY City), June 1935 [originally by Bennie Krueger And His Orchestra, 1928.***CHARMAINE : from the 1926 Raoul Walsh's movie "What Price Glory ?" (a part of the) soundtrack-signed Ernö Rapée-Lew Pollack- based on a piano solo composed by Johannes Brahms via Edmund Eysler "Der Lachende Ehemann", an exerpt of the operetta soundtrack-premiere at Wien Bürgertheater on 19/03/1913 (literally, the laughing married man-premiere in London as The Laughing Husband in 1913).***A.B.C. Rock : from Sally Starr aka Sally Belair, (Mrs. Jesse Rogers), Clymax CR-EP-1002, late 1958 or early 1959.***I Got A Woman : from Ray Charles' I' Ve Got A Woman, Atlantic 1050, December 1954, a rewording of a spiritual (P.D./unknown songwriter(s) called "Ain't that good news", 1940***It was also derived from the tune of a gospel song by Professor Alex Bradford's "Jesus is all the world to me", Specialty, 1954 and it is said Ray Charles was also influenced by Alex Brown or the Bailey Gospel Singers (COLUMBIA, 1951) "I've Got A Savior [(Across Town)].***(Now And Then) There's A Fool Such As I : from Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger and his Rainbow Ranch Boys, RCA Victor 47-5034, 15th/11/1952.***"Caldonia" : from Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five's "Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?), DECCA, January 1945.***"Ooh! Look-A There, Ain't She Pretty" : Looka-there, ain't she pretty from Clarence Williams and his Orchestra, Vocalion 2616-B, 1933, via Buddy Greco and his Three Sharps including Francis Beecher on/to the guitar, Musicraft 515, 1947.***(Thanks For The) Summer Souvenir : from Summer Souvenirs by Larry Clinton And His Orchestra feat. Bea Wain on vocal, US #3, 1938 via Bing Crosby, Decca, Oct. 1938.***Puerto Rican Peddler : from Puerto Rican Pedlar by Johnny Brandon With The Phantoms aka Norman Warren and The Warrentones,, Polygon 45rpm, recorded in November,  1954, release date in the UK in 1955.***


Pierre Rapsat et les Beatles : LP Je Suis Moi (24/02/2009)

Pierre Raepsaet est né à Ixelles le 28/05/1948 et est parti pour un long voyage le 21/04/2002 à Verviers. Bio succinte: Pierre a fait partie d'un groupe verviétois "Les Tricheurs" devenus ensuite "Les Ducs" (avec e.a. Francis Geron à la basse et futur patron du fameux club musical "Spirit of 66" à Verviers. En 1970, il forme le groupe Laurelie dans lequel il est  bassiste. Ensuite il rejoint le groupe Jenghiz Khan (1971-1972) où il devient le principal vocaliste et joue toujours de la guitare basse. L'année 1973 verra ses débuts en solo (dont les très rares LP's New York chantés en français et en anglais). Sa connexion avec les Beatles est la chanson "Nous, les Beatles" parue sur l'album "Je Suis Moi" sorti en 1977 chez RCA Victor où il a été entraîné par Yves Simon. Je lui ai rendu hommage sur facebook avec un album photo intitulé "Pierre Rapsat et ses connexions".rapsat - lp je suis moi - 1977beatles - 07-1967 - all you need is love Pierre Raepsaet n'a jamais été bassiste ni dans les Rockets ni dans les Tenderfoot Kids !


The Beatles' last concert on 30/01/1969 - 40th anniversary (2/02/2009)

The Beatles' last concert - 30-01-1969January 30, 1969: Group, with Billy Preston guesting on organ, performs for 42 mins. on the roof of the Apple building in London's Savile Row, 3, Mayfair before police bring it to halt. Stephen King (Fr.-sp. translation as Stephan Koenig !), chief accountant of nearby Royal Bank of Scotland rings the police to complain about the noise. My goodness, which noise ?

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John Lennon: Whatever Get's You Thru The Night (1/01/2009)

Mais où John va t-il chercher des noms de groupe pareils ?***Whatever gets you thru the night: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono NUCLEAR Band.***Face B: Beef Jerry: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band / Little Big Horns and Booker Table and The Maitre D'S.***16/11/1974: A-side hits US #1, and makes UK #36. He becomes the last of the 4 ex-Beatles to hit US #1.***Elton John plays on the session for the single and, recognizing the song's potential, makes a bargain with Lennon that the disk got to #1, Lennon would have to appear in concert with him. Lennon accepts , confident of the record's non-#1 status.Beatles-John Lennon-pochette recto-1974Beatles-John Lennon-single 1974Beatles-John Lennon-pochette verso - 1974

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Gerry and The Pacemakers play Bill Haley (30-31/12/2008)

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ET MEILLEURS VOEUX POUR 2009 !1959: originally called The Mars Bars [with pianist Arthur Mack, initially as a part-time skiffle and rock outfit](a naive ploy to seek sponsorship from the confectionary maker - instead, the company insists it is changed).***The Pacemakers is agreed as an alternative.***Group is formed by Gerry Marsden (vocals, lead guitar); Les Chadwick (bass); Les(lie) Maguire (piano, sax) and Gerry's brother Freddie (drums).***June 1962: Brian Epstein, already managing The Beatles, signs the group to a management contract.***22/01/1963: the first recording session in London produces Gerry's own Away From You, the standard Pretend (saved for an album) [by Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra, Mercury 70045, US #3 in 1952 afterwards is US #2 Nat King Cole, Capitol F2346, 1953] and Mitch Murray's How Do You Do It (a song George Martin had wanted The Beatles to cut, but which they rejected and wrote Please Please Me (NOT Love Me Do !) to replace).***UK, 3/09/1964: It's Gonna Be Alright (an uptempo taster of music from their movie, makes only UK #24 - a chart disaster for the group's previous standards, but also a sign that popular music in UK is rapidly developing away from the Pacemakers' pure Merseybeat style.) b/w It's just Because is released and issued on EMI/Columbia DB 7353.***UK, 6/12/1964: "Ferry Cross The Mersey", written by Tony Warren, creator of UK TV's "Corronation Street", premieres at the New Victoria cinema, London.***The movie stars Gerry and The Pacemakers as a facsimile of themselves, rising to success in a beat contest.***UK, 24/01/1965: the movie is shown at the Liverpool Odeon in aid of the Variety Club Of Great Britain.***USA, March 1965: It's Gonna Be Alright b/w a Bill Haley and His Comets' song Skinny Minnie (still unreleased in UK) is released and issued on LAURIE Records LR 3293.***USA, still March 1965: as the movie is released, Ferry Cross The Mersey (from the Motion Picture) gives the band its last Top 10 success (as it already has in UK), hitting #6.***USA, May 1965: It's Gonna Be Alright reaches #23.***Beatles-Gerry and The Pacemakers-USA-03-1965It's gonna be alright-USA-March 1963

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La France et les Beatles 6: Les Challengers (12/12/2008)

Les Challengers sont originaires de Drancy (93700).***Leurs disques sont sortis sur disques vogue et celui où figure leur version de Bad to me (Tu changeras d'avis) porte le no EPL 8292 et date de 1964.***Le groupe est composé de Christian Padovan, chant & basse; Gérard Kawczynski/Kavesinski et Alain Delaby guitares et Daniel Baudon à la batterie.***Autres adaptations: Oui je reviens (When I get home); Please Mr. Postman; Pour ton retour (Till there was you) et Le diable dans le coeur (Devil in her heart).***Image by courtsesy of Juke Box Magazine (France).Les Challengers-1964

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