parodies & pastiches (3) : That Thing You Do ! (10th Jan., 2007)

Twentieth/20th Century Fox Movie featuring i.a. Tom Hanks...***Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (produced by Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman) on PLAY TONE records/EPIC-SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT - France 01-486551-10, 16/07/1996. Songs performed by THE WONDERS.A-Beat-BBHM-TheWonders-1996A-Beat-BBHP-film-60ppp

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Pastiches and parodies : The Rutles (1978) 9th Jan., 2006

The Rutles were formed by Neil Innes, ex The Bonzo Dog (Doo Dah) Band which were formed themselves by art students from several London colleges in early 1966.***The Rutles included Ron Nasty (Neil Innes to become later a member of Monty Python as well as Dirk McQuickly (Eric Idle); Stig O'Hara (Ricky Fataar) and Barry Wom (John Halsey).A-TheRutles-UK 1978 singleA-TheRutles-A-side (1978)A-TheRutles-B-side (1978)This 3-track extended-play was issued in 1978 and released by WB Records (K17125).

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Pastiches & parodies : Beatlemaniacs!!! - 2006 (6th January, 2007)

***Very funny! CD (released by Ace Records, UK, 25th April 2006 including only one cover version : You Can't Do That by Harry Nilsson, RCA Victor 47-9298, 1967.A-Beat-Ace cover - CD - 2006 - 55pppA-Beat-CD-55ppp.

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Parodies et pastiches : Starshooter (3/01/2007)

D'abord LE groupe punk français controversé de Lyon STARSHOOTER composé de Kent Hutchinson alias Hervé Despesse, gtr, vcl; "Jello", gtr; "Mickey Snack", basse; Phil Dressing, drums; avec Get Baque sorti en simple sur EMI FRANCE 2 C008-14536 en mars 1978.***Parodie à scandale de Get Back (sur le disque "Get Baque".***"On ne veut plus des Beatles et de leur musique de merde! / juste bonne à faire danser les minets / les radios nous bassinent pour assurer leur salaire / moi j'en ai rien à foutre qu'ils crèvent!"***Leur maison de disque est également celle des Beatles. Les 45 tours sont passés au pilon mais quelques uns en réchappent d'où leur extrême rareté.***Les Beadochons l'avaient également enregistrée sous le titre "Get Claque" mais aussi connu sous le nom de "Get Maisons Closes".***Le double CD a été édité par EMI FRANCE le 14/03/2005...Difficile à dénicher!***A-Beat-STarshooter-CD mars 1978A1-Beat-Get baque - Starshooter - 1978A-Beat-Starshooter-2 CDs

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Happy X-mas (war is not over) - part 2 - 24/12/2006

This one is dating back to 01/1975 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over) belatedly makes UK #48, as Lennon returns to live with Yoko. Still the same recording.A1-Beat-HappyXmas (2) - 01-1975 (pic cover)A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1975 single

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Happy X-mas : war is not over (1) - 24/12/2006

December 8, 1980 : John, returning from a recording session, is gunned down in the courtyard of the Dakota building in New York, John's home for the past decade. He dies from loss of blood shortly thereafter at the Roosevelt hospital.***December 1971 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over) credited to John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band With the Harlem Community Choir is released in US only and fails to chart.***December 1972 : for the first time released in UK (Apple R 5970) hits at #4, and makes the first of many chart visit having held up from UK release due to the Ono song-credit dispute.***You can see the original French picture cover and the UK green vinyl single dating back to 12/1972. Original green vinyl !A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1971-UK-1972 (frontside)A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1972 single

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THE WHISKERS (Nederbeat [Nederbiet], 1965) : 3 Beatles' songs + see tribute to John Lennon next 25th December

A1-Beat-THE WHISKERS (NL)A1-Beat-THE WHISKERS-label shotA1-Beat-THE WHISKERS-backside

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Portuguese pressing (4) : Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '66 - 1969 (4/09/2012)

Sérgio Mendes & Brasil '65 sign to A&M Records in 1966 and becomes Sérgio Mendes (Feb.11, 1941, Niterói, Brazil-present) & Brasil '66. Fool on the Hill is their fourth album (LP) released in 1968. This single is coming from Portugal issued on Alvorada/A&M Records as an EP referenced EP-25-26 and released in 1969. The Fool On The Hill hits the US chart #6 on Aug.8, 1968. Arr.: Sérgio Mendes and Dave Grusin who is also conductor. Produced by Herb Alpert & Jerry Moss.

At time, the band consists of Sérgio Mendes, vcls, keyboards; Lani Hall + Karen Philips, vcls; Oscar Castro-Neves, guitar; Sebastian Neto, bass; Dom Um Romao, drums and Rubens Bassini, percussion.

The band will also record "Norwegian Wood". sérgio mendes - lp - 1968 (4-09-2012).jpgsérgio mendes pic. sl. - 4-09-2012.jpgsérgio mendes - ep verso (4-09-2012).jpgsérgio mendes - ep 45 T. (4-09-2012).jpg

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Portuguese Apple (3) - Mary Hopkin - 1970

February 1970 : Temma Harbour, produced by well known EMI producer Mickie Most (ex Most Brothers, ex The Playboys [in South Africa], creator of RAK Records and RAK Music Publishing in 1969, born Michael Hayes (June 20, 1938-May 30, 2003), hits UK #6 and next March #39 in US.***B-side Lontano Dagli Occhi which means out of sight is sung in perfect Italian.A1-Beat-Mary (1) - 1970A1-Beat-Mary (3) - 02-1970 singleA1-Beat-Mary (2) - 1970 backside

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Portuguese Apple (2) - Radha Krishna Temple - 1969

October 1969 : George produced various Apple artists, including Radha Krishna Temple on Hare Krishna Mantra, which reached UK #12.A1-Beat-1-HareKrishnaMantra-1969A1-A-HKM-1969 singleA1-Beat-2-HKM-backside 1969

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Portuguese Apple (1) : Plastic Ono Band (1969)

July 1969 : Give Peace A Chance hits UK #2, and becomes the definitive peace anthem for pacifists worldwide.***This song also reached US #14 in September.***#4 in Belgium next August.A1-Beat-POB-Portugal--N - 38 - 11A1-Beat-POB-backside coverA1-Beat-POB-disc

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The Saints in Belgium - Spirit Of 66 - 13th Nov. 2006

the saints - spirit of 66 (8-09-2012) dédicaces.jpgthe saints - dédicaces n°2 (8-09-2012).jpgthe saints - dédicaces n°3 (8-09-2012).jpgTidbit time : yesterday, backstage, I told Chris that at the time (back in January 1977), I bought his LP "The Saints" because of Erotic Neurotic. When I heard this song I though it was nearly a plagiarism of The Beatles' I wanna be your man. Chris said it wasn't seeing the music and the lyrics were not as the same ones as The Beatles' song.***Supporting act from Chicago : The Living Blue.

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Beatles' songs : "crazy" Belgium, UK & France - 1963 (9/11/2006)

Who was/qui était Tomy The Londoner? Teenager, a Will Records subsidiary from Brussels or nearby.***Billy J. Kramer (b. William Howard Ashton, Aug. 19, 1943, Bootle, Merseyside) with The Dakotas included Kramer, vocals; Mike Maxfield, lead gtr; Robin MacDonald, rhythm gtr; Ray Jones, bass and Tony Mansfield, drums.***I'll keep you satisfied, group's third Lennon/McCartney-penned single, hitted UK #4 on 5th Nov. 1963, promoted by a 20-date UK tour titled "The Billy J. Kramer Pop Parade", with The Fourmost and Johnny Kidd & The Pirates.***This cover version of Bad to me by Lynn accompagnée par Les Witchdoctors was issued in November 1963 on Barclay.***A composition signed "LeMon-Mac Carney"!***Kramer's original - written by Lennon specifically for him - topped UK chart for 2 weeks (US, DNC) but was dethroned by The Beatles' She love you.***This song, having originally flopped in US, was reissued as B-side to Little Children. It picked up airplay in its own right and replaced its A-side in US Top 10, at #9 in July 1964.***The insert of the "J." - to distinguish him from other singers named Billy -on their first single Do you want to know a secret was an idea credited to John Lennon A1-A-FromMeToYou-Belgium-1963A1-A-BillyJ.Kramer-1963A1-A-BadToMe-1963A1-A-EP Barclay-1963

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Ike & Tina Turner : Come Together + Get Back / Let It Be

Ike Turner (b. Izear Turner, Jr., Nov.5, 1931, Clarksdale, Missouri - d. Dec.12, 2007 in San Diego, California [at his home in San Marcos, San Diego, CA]), son of Baptist minister Izear Luster Turner, Sr., a self-taught musician who has backed local bluesmen Robert Nighthawk and Sonny Boy Williamson on piano, was a DJ at Clarksdale's W-ROX, which leads to recording work with his band Kings Of Rhythm, formed at high school. Their Rocket 88 (US #1 R&B but did not cross over), recorded at Sam C. Phillips' Sun studio in Memphis, with lead vocal by sax player Jackie Brenston [a few decades later, Ike Turner will be recognized as co-author of this song with Jackie Brenston] had been released as Jackie Brenston and His Delta Cats, Chess 1458, April 1951 (and will often be cited as the first rock'n'roll record). Ike met Tina (Anna Mae Bullock, b. Nov. 26, 1939 Brownsville, Tennessee) at a club in East St. Louis, Missouri. Ike and Tina married in 1958. ***April 1970 : a version of The Beatles' Come Together (on Minit 32087, January 1970 then Liberty) reached US #57. The eponymous album makes US #130.***March 1971 : an R&B-style of CCR's Proud Mary was their first US Top 10 hit #4, and first million-selling single. The latter is taken from the album Workin' Together including their version of Get Back and Let It Be, which will be their biggest-selling LP record to date (1991) in US, peaking at #25. (Despite a hugely successful European tour, neither single nor album produce similar charts results in UK.)***Ike Turner and his band The Kings Of Rhythm toured Belgium @ the Spirit Of 66 in Verviers last Oct.12, 2006. R.I.P., Ike.ike & tina turner - come together - 1975 (01-70) 8-09-2012.jpgike & tina turner - come together - vinyl - 8-09-2012.jpgike and tina turner (s.k.) get back - let it be - 8-09-2012.jpgike & tina turner - get back (vinyl-8-09-2012).jpgike & tina turner - let it be (vinyl-8-09-2012).jpg The first picture sleeve is a French compilation released by UA RECORDS UP 35.880 in 1975 (original US 7": MINIT 32087, 12/1969, US #57 in Apr. 1970. The 2d picture sleeve is also a French pressing released by UA Recs UP 35448 in March 1971.

http://youtu.be/yqAkdxjneig (Come Together)

http://youtu.be/cDgErdc0OH4 (Get Back)

http://youtu.be/ehbfnfJoKWY (Let It Be)

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Peter and Gordon : A world without love - March 1964

peter and gordon - pochette EP ESRF 1533.jpgpeter and gordon - columbia single.jpgpeter and gordon - pochette BR.jpgpeter and gordon - single Br..jpg




By Peter (Asher, brother of Macca's girlfriend Jane, b. June 22, 1944, London) and Gordon (Waller, June 4, 1945, Braemar, Scotland-July 20, 2009) accompaniment directed by Geoff Love, EMI/Columbia DB 7225, 02/1964, UK #1, May 1964 entered UK chart the previous March [US #1, Capitol F5175]. Both sons of doctors, met at Westminster boys' school and were part of a quasi-Shadows trio, playing school events and coffee bars. 45 rpm records : France, EMI/Columbia SCRF 760, May 1964 / EP ESRF 1533. NL single : br music BR 45283A, 1989. The B-side "Woman" of NL single was written by Paul McCartney. The song hitted US chart at #14 [Capitol F5579] and made UK #28 [Columbia DB 7834, 03/1966] in March 1966.***Tidbit time : Macca, growing tired of people assuming his songs were only hits because he had written them, penned the song as Parisian student Bernard Webb. In US, Paul added co-writing credit of A. Smith.

http://youtu.be/iM0pD5NbQKY / http://youtu.be/mEr76NhLaUY

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 I call your name / I wanna be your man - punk cover versions by The Boys (UK, July 1977) and The Saints (Australia, Jan. 1977) - 18/10/2006 + 3/11/2006

***The Boys (Alternative Chartbusters) : Duncan "Kid" Reid, bass, vcl; Jack Black, drums; Rudi (ex X-Ray Spex), sax; Honest John Plain (ex Lurkers), vcl; Matt Dangerfield (ex London SS), gtr & vcl; Casino Steel (ex London SS, ex Hollywood Brats), keyboards, vcl.***Every Xmas the Boys became the YOBS and released a seasonal offering.***Australian band The saints recorded a few notes of I Wanna Be Your Man as part of Erotic Neurotic* [*Australian Composition signed Kuepper-Bailey] featured on their 1st LP (I'm) Stranded released in January 1977 on EMI Australia Ltd.***This band included Chris Bailey, vocals; Ed Kuepper, guitar; Kym Bradshaw, bass; Ivor Hay, drums.***Chris Bailey is the second from left***LP produced by Rod Coe and recorded at Window Studios, Brisbane, Australia.***The Saints feat. Chris Bailey will tour Belgium @ the Spirit Of 66 in Verviers next 13th November.A1-Beat-Boys-pic cover-07-1977A1-Beat-The Boys-1977-85pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-1977-50pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-label shot-1977-100pppA1-Beat-TheSaints-EroticNeurotic-1977

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Pour mon anniversaire, j'voudrais un Beatle : 14th October (1952) - happy birthday too to Mr. Bill Justis (1927) and Sir Cliff Richard (1940)

Pour mon anniversaire je voudrais un Beatle, 09/1964 : adapted from Die Sweetles' Ich wünsch' mir zum Geburtstag einen Beatle released in Germany in 1963.***The BMG/Ariola Express Belgium CD was released in 1990 including the original versions issued on Stella for teenagers and Belgian Decca labels between 1963 and 1968.***Eurovision Song Contest Festival, Luxembourg City, 5th March 1966 : Tonia [Dominicus, née à Anderlecht, le 25 juillet 1947] sétait classée 4° sur 18 avec 14 points.***http://www.concours-eurovision.be/bdd/belgique.htm***http://www.eurovision-fr.net/pagespays/be.php.***Thanks: eBay Belgium.A1-A-Tonia-50pppA1-Beat-Tonia-pochetteBeatles1A1-Beat-Tonia-45tours-juillet1964A1-Beat-Tonia-Eurovision-1966A1-Beat-Tonia-CD-70ppp

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Paul McCartney : duets (11th Oct. 2006)

***Ebony And Ivory (additional vocals by Stevie Wonder) was released in March 1982 and topped UK and US charts on 24th April and 15th May 1982.***The Girl Is Mine, an excerpt from the album Thriller (1st December 1982), hitted #8 in UK in Nov. 1982 and US #2 on 8th January 1983.***Say Say Say again with Jacko hitted at #2 in UK in Nov. 1983 and topped US chart the following 10th December.A1-Beat-Macca1-1982A1-Beat-Macca2-1982A1-Beat-Macca3-1983A1-Beat-Macca4-1983A1-Beat-Macca5A1-Beat-Macca6

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 Charlie Gracie's original US label shots from Rockin' Country Style, Atlanta, U.S.A. - special thanks to Mr. Charlie Graci, Jr.

Original US label shots (1951-1952-1957-1957-1957-1957-1958) : with special thanks to Terry Gordon, Rockin' Country Style Webmaster and Mr. Charlie Gracie, Jr.Charlie Graci-Boogie boogie blues-1951Ch.Gracie 2Ch. Gracie 3Ch. Gracie 4Ch. Gracie 5Ch. Gracie 6Ch. Gracie 7

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Bruxelles, concerts 0110, place des Palais (suite)

La photo du dos de la pochette du 33 tours Laughing Cavalier et quelques autres singles parmi les kilos que j'avais apportés avec moi.***Vous pourrez constater que sur la pochette de We Gotta Something New (1970), on y voit John Valcke tout en haut et que le Wallace comprend 7 membres.***Serenade, 04/1970.***Il Sorriso, Il Paradiso, Italie, 1971.***You're Gone, 1971.***Like A Rose On The Table, 10/1971.(John Valcke se trouve juste à côté de Freddy).***Sur la pochette de ce single figure toujours l'infatigable Freddy Nieuland seul rescapé de la formation de 1968 (Sixteenth Century) -1969.***Anecdote/tidbit time : both songs Get Back and Misery, for some British folks, were supposed to have been written by Lennon and McCartney!!!A1-Beat-WC-LP-60pppA1-Beat-WC1-04-1970A1-Beat-WC-45-1970A1-Beat-WC-1971A1-Beat-WC-45-1971A1-Beat-WC-45-1971-bis

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A specially-recorded version of Jealous Guy

Roxy Music feat. Bryan Ferry on vocal; Andy Mackay, sax, woodwinds; Phil Manzanera (aka Philip Targett-Adams Manzanera), guitar; Brian Eno (aka Brian Peter George St. John le Baptiste de la Salle Eno), Rik Kenton, bass and Paul Thompson, drums, cut a specially-recorded version of John Lennon's Jealous Guy as a tribute following John's murder.***Their version topped UK chart in March 1981 - Roxy Music's only #1 single.***Jealous Guy was extracted from the album Imagine recorded by John Lennon in 1971.***This NL compil was issued in the late April 1981 b/w Going Down On Love, an excerpt taken from the LP Walls And Bridges from 1974.***A1-Beat-RoxyMusic-1981A1-Beat-Roxy-single-1981A1-Beat-Lennon-1981A1-Beat-Lennon-single-1981

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Concerts 0110 - backstage again - Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 (3/10/2006) - updated : 21/12/2006

J'avais apporté avec moi des kilos de vieux vinyles originaux dont la presque totalité des 45 tours du Wallace Collection, quelques Two Man Sound. Sylvain était épaté de revoir une pochette de son groupe The Seabirds (1960-1963). "En plus, ils sont neufs" me dit-il tout en restant très attentif à ce que j'étais entrain de déballer.***Anecdote : Un jeune homme vit aussi cette pochette et me dit qu'à l'extrême droite se trouvait son grand-père (Benny Dewilde)!***J'étais vachement ravi mais impressionné de revoir Sylvain 33 ans plus tard et dans mes petits souliers avec une charmante demoiselle juste à côté de moi.***Sylvain se trouve à l'extrême gauche sur la pochette des Seabirds suivi de Rudy et Freddy Clarisse alias Eddy Clarck - un nom bien choisi puisqu'originaire d'Ostende.***Merci pour ces infos, Sylvain.***Copacabana, 1971; What Can I Do, 1972 et Charlie Brown, 1975.***Cette dernière chanson existe aussi en anglais sous le titre Disco Charlie Brown - chant : Kevin Mulligan - avec un backing track quasi identique à l'original, UK, 1976. Les "oooh oooh sont de Lou Deprijck [info de Sylvain Van Holme, novembre 2006]A1-0110-Melle Van Holme, Sylvain et moiA1-0110-Sylvain et moiA1-0110-TheSeabirdsA1-0110-TheSeabirds-1961A1-0110-TwoManSound1A1-0110-TwoManSound2A1-0110-TMS4. Le single Marshall date de 1963 !

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How to listen to GET BACK in German-singing! : The Swingin' Pig serie : Ultra Rare Trax + super 45 tours français odéon SOE 3760

The sound quality on the URT series was phenomenal. Many people are of the opinion that the one-inch masters were used and thus, it had to be an "inside job." Heatley told ICE, though, "I would dispute that completely ... they could've been done on quarter-inch tape many years ago." He also denied stories that CD test pressings sent to the Beatles might have been a source or that Mark Lewisohn had anything to do with the tapes leaking out.***Still others believe that these studio outtakes actually slipped out at two distinct times in the 1980s. The first leak purportedly occurred during the studio compilation project for EMI's aborted Beatles album, Sessions. A limited amount of tape dubs were made of certain unreleased Beatles songs reviewed for the project. A person or persons later sold the copies through a middleman, which then made their way into bootlegger's bands.***A second leak is also said to have occurred around 1987, during the production of a radio special on the Beatles. Again, tape copies were made and distributed through an intermediary to both The Swingin' Pig and Yellow Dog Records. The price was said to be in the $20,000 range for about six hours of tape.***The original tapes are said to be back at EMI, the damage had already been done. Many hours of rare music were ultimately released without the permission of either the group or its record label.****Tracks 1-7-8-9-10: mono - tracks 2-3-4-5-6: stereo.***Track 7: very funny version - try to listen and you'll know what I mean!A1-Beat-Beatles-CD cover-60pppA1-Beat-Beatles-CD-1989-6 pppA1-Beatles-EP-IFeelFine***12th Dec. 1964 : I Feel Fine tops UK chart, with advance orders of 750,000/750.000, and is their fourth consecutive UK million-seller.***Dec. 26, 1964 : I Feel Fine tops US chart as She's A Woman hits US #4 , completing a run of 30 US hits for the year.***I feel Fine : l'intro fut utilisée suite à un effet Larsen "accidentel", 1er feed back de l'Histoire du Rock!

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The Beatles live : bootleg CDs : Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Adelaide and Houston (28th Sept. 2006)

***CD Live at Palais Des Sports, Porte de Versailles, Paris, 20 juin 1965 (STARLIFE HRCD 52023, 1988.***Tracklist: 1-12 (afternoon show) : Twist and shout/She's a woman/Can't buy me love/I'm a loser/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Baby's in black/Rock and roll music/Everybody's trying to be my baby/I feel fine/Ticket to ride/Long tall Sally.***Evening show : Twist and shout/She's a woman/I'm a loser/Can't buy me love/Baby's in black/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Everybody's trying to be my baby/Rock and roll music/I feel fine/Ticket to ride/Long tall Sally.***CD Live in Japan at Budo Kan Hall, Tokyo, June 30, 1966 & Saturday, July 2, 1966 (STARLIFE HRCD 52024, 1988).***Tracklist : 1-12 : Rock & roll music/She's a woman/Day tripper/If I needed someone/Baby's in black/I feel fine/Yesterday/I wanna be your man/Nowhere man/paperback writer/I'm down.***Tracklist : 12-22 : Rock & roll music/She's a woman/If I needed someone/Day tripper/Baby's in black/I feel fine/Yesterday/I wanna be your man/Nowhere man/paperback writer/I'm down.***CD Live in Adelaide, July 12, 1964 (STARLIFE HRCD 52026, 1988).***Tracklist 1-6 : I saw her standing there/All my loving/She loves you/Till there was you/Roll over Beethoven/Can't buy me love.***7-18 : Live in Houston, Colosseum, August 19th, 1965, 2nd Show.***Tracklist : Twist and shout/She's a woman/I feel fine/Dizzy Miss Lizzie/Ticket to ride/Every body's trying to be my baby/Can't buy me love/Baby's in black/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Help!/I'm down.***CD Live! Ticket To Ride (BACK TRAX CD 04-88008), 1988.***Tracklist : 1-7 : Live Stockholm, Sweden, 24th Oct. 1963 : I saw her standing there/From me to you/Money/Roll over Beethoven/You really got a hold on me/She loves you/Twist and shout.***Tracklist 8-19 : Paris, Palais des Sports, Porte de Versailles, afternoon show from 20th June 1965.***Photos taken in Stockholm.A1-Beatles-bootleg CDs-1988A1-Beatles-bootlegs2-1988A1-Beatles-photos-StockholmA1-Beatles-photo-Stockholm2

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Version française EP: Les Lionceaux - 1965 (Tell me why?) - 24/09/06

Les Lionceaux furent un groupe français qui eût un succès énorme durant les années 60 (de 1963 à 1965). La photo de la pochette est probablement la scène du cabaret Bilboquet.***A la sortie de ce super 45 tours en janvier 1965, le groupe était composé de Alain Hattat, Bob (alias Michel Mathieu), Gérard Fournier dit Papillon et Michel Taymond.***Sur cet EP, ils reprennent aussi dans la langue de Molière des chansons devenues des standards telles que Google Eye des Nashville Teens; All day and all of the night des Kinks et Gone, gone, gone des Everly Brothers. Direction musicale : Lee Hallyday (cousin de Johnny).Pas de massacre orthographique!

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Version française : EP Thierry Vincent - avril 1964 - Can't Buy Me Love - 24/09/2006

Sur cet EP, Thierry Vincent accompagné par Eddie Vartan (frère de Sylvie) et son orchestre reprend également une chanson de Paul Anka.***Thierry Vincent avait débuté en 1962 sous le pseudo de Lou Vincent avec Les Pingouins. Service militaire oblige, il est de retour début 1964, prêt à s'imposer en solo.***"Je n'peux l'acheter" est une superbe version française du hit des Beatles "Can't Buy Me Love", alors en concurrence directe avec l'adaptation des Lionceaux au printemps 1964.***La marque bel air (Musidisc) était dirigée par la soeur d'Eddie Barclay.***Le visuel du 45 tours des Beatles Can't Buy Me Love / You Can't Do That est celui issu de la collection française "Beatles Flash Back" éditée en 1973.

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London : Abbey Road - May 1979 - Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 2.0 Belgium

It was quite fantastic to be back in London less than five months later seeing I went to visit the City in early November 1978.***At the Portobello road market I bought the brand new Abbey Road picture disc in early May as well as my friend you can see on left. Unfortunately I sold it (not my friend) for a lot of money to a record dealer in Liège many many years ago. What a pity! My goodness, the time passes by so fast.******

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 The Beatles : other French pressings (singles)

June 14, 1969 : The Ballad Of John And Yoko, with only Lennon and McCartney playing on the track, tops UK chart. It is the 1st stereo single release by the group and its last UK #1.***July 12, 1969 : single hits US #8, plagued by radio censorship problems through its use of the word "Christ".***December 6, 1969 : Something/Come Together hits UK #4.***About "Something" : Frank Sinatra calls it the greatest love song of the last 50 years and will recorded it himself at the end of October 1970.***March 21, 1970 : Let It Be hits UK #2.***April 11, 1970 : Let It Be tops US chart, having debuted at #6, the highest position ever for any single in its 1st week of release.

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Bill Haley : the Sonet Sessions 1968-1979 + US United Artists 1968 Sessions - 29/08/2006 (modif : 29th Sept., 2nd & 15th Oct. 2006))

***Rock Around The Clock : via Bill Haley and His Comets, Mexico, 1966.***Ling-Ting-Tong : from The Five Keys' Ling, Ting, Tong, Capitol F-2945, 15th Oct.1954. R'n'B #1, US #28, 1955***Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie via Bill Haley and His Comets, 1956.***Rock The Joint : via Bill Haley With The Saddlemen, Essex E-303, 04/1952.***See You Later Alligator : via Bill Haley and The Comets, Mexico, 1966***Flip, Flop And Fly : via Bill Haley and The Comets, 1961 (from Joe Turner (as well as the latter song), Atlantic, 1955).***Love Letters In The Sand : via Bill Haley and His Comets, 1960, from Russ Colombo, 1931.***Shake Rattle And Roll : via Bill Haley and His Comets, Mexico, 1966 (from Joe Turner, Atlantic 1026, 04/1954).***Dance Around The Clock : from Bill Haley and His Comets, Newtown recs, 1963.***Games People Play : from Joe South, Capitol recs, 1968***A Little Piece At A Time : from Good Jelly Bess (aka Billy Riley), Hermitage 775, April 1962.***Bony Moronie : from Larry Williams' Bonie Maronie, Specialty 615, 1957***There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder : from Jimmie Davis, 1943/1944.***Me And Bobby McGee : from Roger Miller, RCA Camden, 1964.***Who'll Stop The Rain : from Creedence Clearwater Revival (aka CCR), Fantasy, 1971.***Travelin' Band : from CCR, Fantasy, 1970.***No Letter Today : from Ted Daffan And His Texans, Columbia/Okeh, 1942/43 via Gene Autry, 1943.***Cryin' Time/live in Sweden : from Buck Owens (b.12th Aug. 1929 d. 25th March 2006) and His Buckaroos, Capitol F-5336, 28th Dec. 1964.***What 'D I Say : from Ray Charles, Atlantic, 1959***Lucille : from Little Richard, 1957.***Kansas City via Joey Dee and The Starliters, Roulette, 1962.***I'm Walking : from Fats Domino, 1957***High Heel Sneakers : from Tommy Tucker, Chess/Checker, 1964.***Tossin' And Turnin' : from Bobby Lewis and The Swanettes, Beltone recs, #1 spot which stayed on the charts for 23 weeks in 1961 (a throwback to the baritone jump blues singers of the early Fifties). .***Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On : from Big Maybelle, Okeh 7060, 1955 via Chubby Checker, 11/1960.***C.C. Rider [trad.] : via Joey Dee And The Starliters, Roulette, 1962 (and Chubby Checker's The C.C. Rider) [originally well known by Chuck Willis, Atlantic, 1957 & 1963 posthumous and, LaVern Baker's See See Rider released on Atlantic in 1963 (originally See See Rider Blues by Ma Rainey (aka Gertrude Pridgett, 1886-1931) acc. by Her Georgia Jazz Band, Paramount 12252-B, Jan. 1925 [rec. date : 15th Oct. 1924]).***Lawdy Miss Clawdy : from Lloyd Price, Specialty 428, 04/1952***Bring It On Home To Me : from Sam Cooke (duet with Lou Rawls), RCA Victor 47-8036, 07/1962.***Personality : from Lloyd Price, Paramount Recs, 1959***Crazy Man Crazy : from Bill Haley With Haley's Comets, Essex E-321, April 1953.***Rock'N'Roll Music : from Chuck Berry, Chess, 05/1957.***Jim Dandy (Got Married) : from LaVern Baker's Jim Dandy, Atlantic, 1956.***That's How I Got To Memphis : from Tom T. Hall, 1968.***Juke Box Cannonball : via Jesse Rogers, 1949.***The Battle Of New Orleans : from Jimmie Driftwood, 1936 then rewamped in 1958, US #1 in 1959 [based on a fiddle tune "The Eight Of January"=Andrew Jackson's victory at the battle of New Orleans on 8th January 1815].***Heartaches By The Number : from Guy Mitchell with Ray Conniff and His Orchestra, US #1, Columbia, 1959.***Tweedle Dee : from LaVern Baker and The Gliders, Atlantic 1047, 11/1954.***So Right Tonight : from Bill Haley and His Comets, WB Recs, 1960.*****That's How I Got To Memphis, 01/1969 via his 1968's recording.*****Rockin' Around The Chistmas Tree, EMI, US, 1992 : from Brenda Lee, Decca 9-30776, October 19, 1958.*****Flip, Flop And Fly, Rockstar, UK, 1994 via his 1961's recording.*****Jingle Bell Rock : from Bobby Helms, Decca, 1957 via Chubby Checker duet with labelmate Bobby Rydell, US #21, Parkway Records, 12/1961 and Brenda Lee, Decca, June 13, 1964.***Tidbit time (annotations on the rear of the Sonet LP Everyone Can Rock & Roll) by David Sandison : (...) Bill's first teenage gigs were the classics ones available to rual kids wanting to break into show-business. He played local fairs and amusement parks (notably Radio Park) and, he played what's best described as hillbilly music. His first professional job was two years he spent playing guitar for Booth-Win bandleader Cousin Lee (alias ARLEE ELLSWORTH), director of Radio Park.***In 1945, when Bill was twenty, he cut his first record, a version of the popular "Candy Kisses" [So, "stolen" by George Morgan who wrote the song himself in 1948 and recorded it in 1949?]***Very strange!].***However, the song (gospel) has been recorded the year before by The Five Blind Boys of Alabama (leader Clarence Fountain) and issued on Coleman Records, Newark, New Jersey then the same year by Rex Turner and The Westerners, Varsity V 8015 via Red Foley, Decca, 1949.***When that didn't set the world alight, he got more work in cowboy bands and learned his craft. In 1949, Bill returned home to find that a radio station had been built in nearby Chester and that WPWA were loooking for staff. He applied for, and got, a regular dee-jay job at WPWA and formed a broadcasting band - The Four Aces of Western Swing (...).***S.K. (myself) : During the 30's, Gene Autry was his idol. In the meantime, Bill known as the Rambling Yodeler sang (blue) yodel just like Jimmie Rodgers (aka Jean-Charles Rodgers, 8th Sep. 1897-26th May 1933) did since 'round 1927 until his death, this country manner of singing by incorporating of the setback of the voice inherited the Tyrolean from Switzerland and Austria) and has formed The Range Drifters in 1943.***In November 1947, Bill met Lou Pollar and was engaged by him as director of programs, leaving him carte blanche. This radio program has been called Western Swing Hour with the generic "We're Gonna Rock The Joint".***Certain of the songs he wrote were recorded by other artists such as Charlie Stone on Mercury Records and Andy Reynolds & His 101 Ranch Boys on Columbia Records ("Candy And Women") whereas "Pancake" Pete Newman recorded "Four Leaf Clover Blues" on RCA Victor. ******UK Pickwick records repackaging (March 1976) = ***Biggest Hits, Sonet/Grand Prix GP-9945, Sweden, 1968.***Rock Around The Country, Sonet 2519, Sweden, 28th May 1971.***Hallmark SHM 773 = Bill Haley On Stage (Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 [in front of private audience : the Maffia!] = Sonet SLP 63, Sweden, 26th July 1968.***EMI/MFP 2M 046 - 95.290, France, 1975 = Rock 'N' Roll Music, Sonet SNTF 645, UK, 1973.***Everyone Can Rock And Roll, Sonet, UK, 9/1979 : if your feet don't dance when it comes blasting out of your speakers, see your doctor!!!

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Brian Epstein est décédé il y a presque 30 ans/passed away almost 30 years ago : hommage/tribute...

C'était dans la consternation générale que le monde musical avait appris la mort subite, dans la nuit du samedi 26 août au dimanche 27 août 1967, de Brian Epstein, que l'on désignait sous l'appellation de "cinquième Beatle" ou de "Beatle dans l'ombre". La surprise de son décès inopiné fut d'autant plus grande qu'il n'était âgé que de 32 ans et qu'il n'était affligé d'aucune maladie notoire. Comme on n'avait retrouvé aucun médicament ni de message dans son luxueux appartement de Londres, on en a aussitôt conclu à une mort naturelle. C'est le domestique de Brian Epstein qui avait trouvé son patron mort dans son lit lorsqu'il était venu reprendre son service le dimanche après-midi. Il avait déclaré qu'Epstein était dans son état normal et qu'il ne se sentait nullement souffrant lorsqu'il s'était couché la veille.***Cependant, l'autopsie du corps n'en avait pas moins été faite, car il était notoire que Brian absorbait régulièrement du LSD et un mélange de drogue et d'alcool, ce qui lui était pourtant formellement interdit par les médecins depuis qu'il avait contracté une jaunisse, quelques mois auparavant, dont il avait eu de la peine à se rétablir. De plus, il était affligé d'une fièvre chronique d'origine glandulaire et la mort de son père, survenue un mois plus tôt, l'avait également fortement déprimé et abattu.***L'annonce brutale de la mort de leur manager et ami avait fortement affecté les Beatles, qui étaient justement en train de faire une retraite spirituelle en assistant à une conférence de la Spiritual Regeneration League au Normal College à Bangor, Pays de Galles en vue d'étudier la méditation transcendentale avec le guru indien (Indes) Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. L'affection et la reconnaissance des Beatles à l'égard d'Epstein étaient bien connues et ils le considéraient véritablement comme l'un des leurs et comme un ami précieux. On se souviendra, en effet, que c'est Epstein qui avait découvert les Beatles à la Caverne de Liverpool où ils se produisaient alors pour une bouchée de pain et qu'il leur avait fait enregistrer un premier disque (Love Me Do) à ses frais. Il aurait même, semble-t-il, payé des centaines de jeunes pour qu'ils aillent acheter ce disque. Quant aux disques suivants, il s'était avéré qu'aucune aide n'était plus nécessaire pour qu'ils se vendent à plus d'un million d'exemplaires! Epstein avait donc vu juste.***Bien que vivant à Londres, ce fut à Liverpool, où il naquit et passât la majeure partie de sa vie, tout comme les Beatles, que Brian Epstein fut inhumé.***Lorsqu'ils vinrent rendre un dernier hommage à la dépouille mortelle de leur ami, les Beatles avaient déclaré comme un seul homme qu'ils n'auraient jamais su dominer leur peine sans le bienfaisant et salutaire enseignement qui leur avait été prodigué par le maître yogi indien Maharishi Mahesh et par l'étude des religions orientales, ce qui leur avait valu des paroles d'une haute élévation spirituelle.***Black & white photo : 18th November 1963 at E.M.I. : between John and George are from left to right : Brian Epstein, Sir Joseph Lockwood and George Martin.***It was in general consternation that the musical world had learned sudden death, in the night of Saturday August 26 to Sunday August 27, 1967, of Brian Epstein, that one indicated under the name of “fifth Beatle” or “Beatle in the shade”. The surprise of his unexpected death was all the more large as he was old only 32 years and that he was afflicted with no notorious disease. As one had found no drug nor of message in his luxurious apartment in London, one showed some a natural death at once. It is the servant of Brian Epstein who had found his boss dead in his bed when he had come to take again his service on that Sunday afternoon. He had declared that Epstein was in his normal state and that he felt by no means suffering when he had lain down the day before. *** However, the autopsy of the body had not been made less by it, because it was notorious that Brian regularly absorbed LSD and a mixture of drug and alcohol, which was however formally prohibited to him by the doctors since he had contracted a jaundice, a few months before, of which he had had sorrow to be restored. Moreover, he was afflicted with a chronic fever of glandular origin and the death of his father, occurred one month earlier, also strongly had depressed him and cut down. *** The brutal advertisement of their manager's death and friend to them had strongly affected The Beatles, which were precisely making a spiritual retirement in Bangor, Wales. Group attends a conference of the Spiritual Regeneration League at Normal College to study transcendental meditation with Indian guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The affection and the recognition of The Beatles with regard to Epstein were well-known and they regarded truly one as of theirs and as an invaluable friend.***One will remember, indeed, that it was Epstein who had discovered The Beatles at the Liverpool Cavern where they occurred then for a bread mouthful and that he had made them record a first disc (Love Me Do) with his money.***He would even have, it seems, paid hundreds of young people so that they will buy this disc.***As for the following discs, it had proven that no help was more necessary so that they are sold to more than one million copies! Epstein had thus seen just. *** Although living in London, it was in Liverpool, where he was born and passed the major part of his life, just like The Beatles, that Brian Epstein was buried. ***When they paid a last homage to the mortal remains of their friend, The Beatles had declared as only one man that they would never have known to dominate their sorrow without the beneficial one and salutary teaching which had been lavished to them by the Master Indian yogi Maharishi Mahesh and by the study of the Eastern religions, which had been worth to them words of a high rise.

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