Jerry Lee Lewis featuring Ringo Starr - Last Man Standing Sept. 26, 2006 (2015/10/03)

Jerry Lee was born in Ferriday, Louisiana, on September 29, 1935 and must be counted one of the great originals of rock'n'roll amongst Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. Coming to the fore in 1957 with Sun Records of Memphis, Tennessee, he was not lost in the famous "Sun Sound" that had by then already spawned Elvis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. Rather, he added his own uniquely attacking style of vocalizing and piano playing, and made the sound even better. The Lewis style is one of the most immediately identifiable in rock-and-roll.

As a showman, too, The Killer, was an original. He broke pianos, set fire on many of them, threw chairs,   swore at the band and the audience, but his arrogance was compensated by his supreme talent. He has also recorded with soul, rock, C&W and New Orleans jazz backings, and, nowadays, remained in command at the aged of 80! 

Richard PARKIN (under his first real surname) was born in Liverpool, Merseyside, on July 7, 1940. Despite predictions that he would suffer most from the break-up of THE BEATLES in 1970, Ringo renamed himself  STARKEY from his stepfather's surname (to become STARR a few years later) and had successfully developed his cheerful, popular persona acquired in the group's seven years of stardom. Sentimental Journey, and Beaucoup Of Blues in 1970 were pleasant collections of childhood favo(u)rites and country standards respectively. Next, Ringo established himself as a major singles artist with a series of his own songs, including "It Don't Come Easy" (June, 1971 - his declaration of independence from the Beatle image). Ringo has been appointed Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE) since 1965.

Musicians at THE SESSION : Jerry Lee, piano and vocals duet with Ringo; Jim Keltner, drums; Ken Lovelace, Jimmy Rip, Keith Allison, guitars; Nils Lofgrin, pedal steel guitar; Hutch Hutchinson, bass; Ivan Neville, organ. James Saez, engineer. Recorded at Record Plant Los Angeles. Written by Chuck Berry. Published by Arc Music Corp & Isalee Music Publishing. Ringo Starr appears courtesy of Koch Records. 

Chuck Berry's signifiance lies partly in his own stylistic innovations and the vivid articulation of a spirit of rock'n'roll rebellion in his lyrics. And, partly, it lies in the fact that his career uniquely encapsulates the links between the rock'n'rollers of the Fifties and the bands of the Seventies, between blues and pop, between black and white musical cultures. His origins are, in many ways, representative of the black artists primarily responsible for hammering out the musical identity of rock. Born Charles Edward Berry in St Louis, Missouri, on October 18, 1931, he began singing in a church choir at the age of six. He learned the rudiments of guitar while still at high school, and made his debut performance at the school glee club review, playing the Chicago blues standard, "Confessin' The Blues" - which, he has recalled, was avidly welcomed for what was seen at the time as an almost risqué earthiness. Chuck Berry wrote lotsa rock'n'roll songs such as "Sweet Little Sixteen" issued on Chess 1683 dating  back to January, 1958 later to become a "famous" song but it is another history...

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Earth, Wind & Fire : Got To Get You Into My Life

1955: Maurice White (1941/12/19-present) begins playing drums with Memphis schoolfriend Booker T. Jones (later of Booker T. And The MG's (Memphis Group.)

1966: he joins The Ramsey Lewis Trio and plays on 10 of Lewis' albums.

1969: White forms The Sally Peppers, who have a local Chicago hit with La La Time and Love Is Life on Capitol Records.

1970: White changes group name to Earth, Wind & Fire. They sign to Warner Bros. Records.

1978/07/14: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is released. White wins a Grammy Award of the best instrumental arrangements accompanying all the vocalists a few months later. 

1978/09/16: Got To Get You Into My Life, which the band performs in film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" hits US Pop chart #9; R'n'B #1 and is a million-seller. Produced by Maurice White.

28.09.1978: the said single makes UK #33. ( http://youtu.be/6ljFPOmwg28 )

Personnel: Maurice White, Verdine White, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Johnny Graham, Andrew Woolfolk, Fred White (lead vocals, percussion; vcls, bs; vcls, percussion; piano, synthesizer; drums; gtrs; gtr; tenor sax; drums, percussion.)

Single references i.a.: US COLUMBIA 3-10796 - UK CBS 6553 released in September 1978.

Compilation: P. 1991 Sony Music Entertainment (France) S.A., COLUMBIA COL 468931-2 also released in Belgium, in The Netherlands...

Wish you all a happy New Year !

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