John Lennon live in New York City, 30 August 1972 (Aug. 29, 2015)

concert john lennon 30 août 1972.jpgbeatles lennon plastic elephant memory band.jpg

Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band are : John Lennon-Guitar, Keyboards / Yoko Ono-Keyboards / Stan Bronstein-Saxophone / Wayne "Tex" Gabriel-Lead Guitar / John Ward-Bass / Gary Van Scyoc-Bass / Jim Keltner-Drums / Rick Frank-Drums / Adam Ippolito-Keyboards.

John Lennon makes his only major appearance at a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden for the One To One charity. Critics regard it as his first solo performance. He is joined on stage by Stevie Wonder (Superstitious) and Roberta Flack for Give Peace A Chance finale. The re-election of Nixon in 1972 and pressures to have Lennon deported from America were perhaps contributory factors to the political commitment which was the driving-force behind Some Time In New York City (in America this double album, Lennon teams for one disk with group Elephant's Memory). July, 1972 : album makes US #48. The Beatles' song publishing arm, Northern Songs, refuses to recognize some of Yoko Ono's composer credits with her husband, and release of the album is delayed in UK.

Lyrics about the oppression of women, the Attica prison riots and Northern Ireland were attacked as simplistic and extremist, but the album/LP's powerful musical impact was enhanced by spirited rock'n'roll backings from the New York group Elephant's Memory. It was packaged with a second record containing material from two live sessions, with the Frank Zappa's The Mothers Of Invention and a 1969 band, at London's Lyceum, including Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and Delaney and Bonnie (Lynn) Bramlett. 

October, 1972 : Some Time In New York City reaches UK #11. Also known as LIVE in NEW YORK City for CDs (PARLOPHONE CDP 7 461196 2, UK, 1986). We all shine on...John Lennon. R.I.P.



Skokiaan : another e-mail written by Mr. Peter Bowbrick (2009/3/30)

2009/3/30 Quality Economics <quality.economics@blue...

I should have mentioned perfect hygiene at the abbatoir – they have to have far higher standards than Britain if they are to export to us.

Slavery. August’s tribe in the East would have been threatened by slavers over a thousand years. The last raid was Arab/Portuguese slavers in 1905. I do not know what part his tribe played in this.

The Matabele, based in Bulawayo, were a Zulu offshoot who arrived in 1836. They were one of Chaka’s impi who did not dare return to Zululand after an unsuccessful raid. They used the Zulu system of capturing tribes, enslaving or killing the men, enslaving and marrying the women. Much nastier than commercial slavery. When they settled in Southern Rhodesia they continued this system. There were annual raids on surrounding tribes for grain, cattle and women. This was the nominal excuse for the 1893 Matebele war and the occupation of Matabeleland. It is normally expected that it takes at least one generation to get rid of slavery, after its legal abolition. I do not know how they did it in Rhodesia. There were slave tribes and slave owning tribes. There were slave soldiers in the impi. The children were fathered by slave owners and slave mothers. It was not just a matter of sending people home and returning their property. So there were ex-slaves and slave owners around at the time of Skokiaan. People August’s age would have been born in the residual slavery. And the Matabele war was only 60 years before Skokiaan, closer than we are to the recording of Skokiaan. (by Bill Haley and His Comets in 1959 : http://youtu.be/2z1br3piNmM) [*]

This is still of fundamental importance in Zimbabwe politics, the Matabele/Shona divide.

Google Chaka Zulu, Matabele, Bemba, Yao, Angoni, Slavery Rhodesia, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Best wishes


[*] : nothing to see with The No-No song ! Ringo & His New All Starr Band 2001 :



The Bulawayo Sweet Rhythm Band : Skokiaan (1953/1954) http://youtu.be/oxnXcBBdUBU

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Elton John : tribute 1981

elton john - john lennon - maxi single live 1974.jpgelton john - france 1975 - 1981 - mini 33 rpm.jpgMarch 1981 : a 3 live-tracks recorded with John Lennon on Nov.28, 1974, is released as a tribute, makes UK #40 (Whatever gets you thru the night, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, I saw her standing there).

On Thanksgiving Night, Lennon makes what will be his final concert appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden joining Elton John to sing the 3 said songs (released as a 7" maxi 33 rpm single in UK [DJS 10965]). Also released in France as a 33 rpm on DJM - VOGUE 101440. Other releases in Germany : 0064.230, 1975; 27379-7, 1976. Italy : DJF 1149, 1976.


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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - Twist And Shout (28/08/2010)

All their videos can be seen on YouTube and Facebook (and some of them at MySpace) with their friendly permission.

I filmed this video while there were playing it at the Fiestacity in Verviers on 28.08.2010. The original version was cut by The Top Notes in 1961. 1962: The Isley Brothers move to Wand Records, where they team with producer Bert Berns. Blues ballad Right Now is another flop but, for the follow-up, Berns presents his own song Twist And Shout (originally by The Top Notes). July : Twist And Shout tops R&B chart and peaks at US #17, becoming a classic reaching a wider audience through/thru The Beatles version. With the current dance craze, Wand has The Isleys record Twistin' With Linda; it makes US #54. Twist And Shout makes US #61. This video is also featured on their MySpace website. Jan.11, 1963: The Beatles complete 10 new tracks for their debut album Please Please Me in one session at Abbey Road studios in 15 mins. short of 10 hours. John's vocal for the said cover is recorded in 1 take as an afterthought to complete the album's tracks.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73bui4l0wagFiestacity - Verviers - 28 & 29-08-2010 006.jpg

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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - From me To You (27/10/10)

Sgt. Pepper's - spirit of 66 - 27-10-2010 005.jpg

From Us To You ;)Cool


Incedible British Beatles tribute band performing From Me To You at the Spirit of 66 on 27.10.2010.


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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - The Beatles' Just Seventeen

just seventeen - south african single.jpg


Sgt. Pepper's - spirit of 66 - 27-10-2010 009.jpg

Pas dupes Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band pcq à l'origine (à Hambourg, les Beatles la chantait sous ce titre bcp plus r'n'r que la version LP sur Parlophone. Il reste une trace d'un simple sud-africain qui utilise Just Seventeen avec en sous-titre ISHSThere ! Il y a une image de ce single dans l'un de mes album photo HTFR (sur facebook). La cover de SPODBB est splendide. Rock and roll ! The hurricane (SPODBB) destroyed everything in its track !!!

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The Beatles in Paris (France) - 15 janvier 1964 (15/01/2010)

The Beatles make their French debut at the Cinéma Cyrano in Versailles, before embarking on a 20-date stint at the Paris Olympia with Trini Lopez, Sylvie Vartan and Pierre Vassiliu.

***Les Beatles font leurs débuts en France au cinéma Cyrano à Versailles, avant de s'embarquer pour l'Olympia pour une série de 20 concerts avec Sylvie Vartan, Trini Lopez et Pierre Vassiliu en première partie.

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The Beatles: what had happened this 9 December 1961 ?

The Beatles play their fist gig in the South of England at the Palais Ballroom, Aldershot, Hants--->means Hampshire, on a program with Ivor Jay & The Jaywalkers, billed as a "Battle Of The Bands - Liverpool v. (vs/vs./versus) London".***Only 18 people turn up !

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Paul Mc Cartney : The Space Within US (2006 DVD)

Paul McCartney-DVD-30-10-2006Paul Mc Cartney on US Tour 2005Band members: Abe Laboriel, Jr., drums; Rusty Anderson, guitar; Brian Ray, guitar/bass; Paul "Wix" Wickens, keyboards.***Titres/title songs:1. Magical mystery tour 2. Flaming pie 3. Let me roll it 4. Drive my car 5. Til there was you 6. I'll get you 7. Eleanor Rigby 8. Maybe I'm amazed 9. Got to get you into my life 10. Fine line 11. I will 12. I'll follow the sun 13. Good day for sunshine 14. For no one 15. Fixing a hole 16. Penny Lane 17. Too many people - She came in through the bathroom window 18. Let it be 19. English tea 20. I've got a feeling 21. Follow me 22. Jenny Wren 23. Helter Skelter 24. Yesterday 25. Get back 26. Please please me

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Bill Haley and his best friend Rudy Pompilli @ the Conservatory in Liège, 14 May 1974: "put your glad rags on...succinct story of rock around the clock" (take 2) revised 2-4-/08/2008

Photos included inside the double LP The Legends Of Rock, MCA CORAL COPS 6292/1-2 (D), Germany, 1973.***The story of RATC: this CD features a bunch of practically all the studio & live recordings cut by Bill Haley.***Previously announced for release in summer 2004 instead of 2006 (30/10) because of the (C)s/licenses of certain cover songs featured on the second disc including i.a. Pat Boone; Freddy Cannon; Chubby Checker; Harry Nilsson; Sonny Dae (first time on LP: LP "Rockaphilly": Roller Coaster 2001, 1978-first time on CD: Varese Fontana, 27 April 2004 [Rock & Roll/The First 50 Years: The 50s-track 26); The Deep River Boys, Phil Flowers, Ted Herold, Lee Jackson, Jimmy De Knight, Buddy Knox, Carl Perkins, The Isley Brothers, Dinah Lee and, Mae West (both female cover songs)...***Admittedly, there could be a third CD and many others containing other rarest versions as well as those presented here...Maybe in 2015, Klaus?***Haley fans: buy this 2 CD box set!***Hydra Records BCK 27128-1.5 (and the other ones too)***Succinct RATC story of the 2nd take (no more than 2):***Written and composed in November 1952 in Philadelphia, Pa. by Jimmy De Knight (alias James E. Myers) and "freelance" composer Max C. Freedman.***First recorded circa October 1953 by Sonny Dae and His Knights in Philadelphia and released by tiny label ARCADE (45-AR-123), owned by Jack Howard (Bb r&b revue, 20 March 1954).***Has anybody ever seen a stock disc or a DJ copy in Europe?***Dae's o.v. sold thousand RATC in the Delaware Valley but did not chart nationally because the tiny label had no national distribution.***Finally recorded by Bill Haley And His Comets at Pythian Temple (a one-time dance club converted into a studio /(an opium-smoker's dream: at what time???) located at 135, West 70th Street, New York City this 12 April 1954, released by DECCA (Personality Series) and produced by Milt Gabler (29124 [78 RPM] on 10 May 1954, "Fox Trot/Vocal Chorus by Bill Haley" (who was late) as beeing a fox trot seeing they didn't know how to call this music.***RATC entered the US BB chart at #23 Pop on 29 May 1954.***Also issued in Belgium on OMEGA (78 & 45 RPM featuring on the B-side "Pinball Boogie" by Red Foley at the same time (see other article). The next year RATC was used as the movie theme for the Blackboard Jungle film (premiere in NYC on 19 March 1955).***DECCA re-released RATC on 28 May 1955 (9-29124 [+ 1954-same reference]). It reached BB US R&B #3 then crossed over at Pop #1 on 9 July 1955.***Reissued in Belgium on DECCA also at the same time.***RATC in the US (A.C.T.: coast to coast, under control, accepted by all) & in the UK (in the early 70s under control of Scotland Yard: info from Belgian Press at the time of the brand new Belgian Wallonie Top 30 in 1973-eaoe)***Official Charts (American Chart Toppers (Top 100) / British Chart Toppers (Top 20) both launched on 1st January 1955.***1) enters the A.C.T. on 21/05/1955 topping on 9/07/1955 for 8 weeks; 2) enters the B.C.T. on 7/01/1955 reaching #17 two weeks later, re-enters on 14/10/1955 topping on 25/11/1955 for 11 weeks then re-enters once again on 21/09/1956 peaking at #5 a few weeks later.***Also B.C.T.'s #25 in January 1957 dropping out for a week before making its fifth and final re-entry on Columbia/Brunswick at #22.***Source: Rock File no 4 - Panther Books Ltd., Great Britain, 1st Pub. 1976.***Nota: when Bill Haley added the song to the band's repertoire in the summer (late September) of 1953 (Bill Haley With Bill Haley's Comets), during a stand in the Southern New Jersey beach resort of Wildwood-by-the-Sea at the HOTEL HOFBRAU (as seen on an image) ( [HofBrau?: curious spelling!], RATC became a big crowd pleaser.***Hofbräu means Court brew.***According to most estimates, RATC has sold well over one hundred million copies to date.***What Was The First Rock And Roll Record? (US 1992 sources from i.a. The Rockin' Fifties. Jersey City: Da Capo Press, 1987 and John Swenson. Bill Haley. London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1982): RATC!!!Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974 (Rudy Pompilli)The story of RATC - CD 2006


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Live LP's) by Bill Haley (28/05/2008)

"BILL HALEY ON STAGE", Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 ("with invited audience". Do you know who they were? If not, the mafia!!!), pickwick/HALLMARK records SHM 773, UK, September 1972.[originally Sonet (UK) SNT 302, 03/1970 (Bill Haley And The Comets In Sweden: Rock Around The Clock) then Sonet (Sweden) GDP 9989, 11/1971 (Bill Haley On Stage).***Recorded live at Hammersmith Palais, UK, March 25, 1974, WEA filipacchi music/ATLANTIC 40555, France, June/July 1974.[originally ATLANTIC/Antic K51501, UK, June 1974].***Feat. i.a. Freddy Moore on drums.***Also played in Belgium next 14th May at the Conservatory in Liège including Beecher's Boogie Woogie, I was there!).BILL HALEY 5Bill-Haley--The-Comets-Live-In-London-74-ATL LPBill Haley live in London - rearHaley-Hallmark LPHaley-Atlantic LPBill Haley-Pop Show programme-14-05-1974


Johnny chante "Je Veux Te Graver Dans Ma Vie" (19/03/2008)

CD-Johnny-1961-1966D'après la version de Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, no 6 UK le 17/09/1966.***Les 5 CDs Hallyday Story - dont celui-ci - sont sortis en 1987.

***21-22/12/1979: Chicago joins The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt for 2 benefit concerts at San Diego's sports arena and Los Angeles' Aladdin theater, which raise almost $500,000 (500.000 USD) for the presidential campaign of California governor Jerry Brown.***The other live cover (!) is the one sung by Paul McCartney.


0110 concerts against racism last Sunday 1st October in Brussels, place des Palais (backstage) Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0

It was my pleasure to meet Freddy again as well as Sylvain and Marc. Christian was already returned home in Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. I also met for the first time Pipou (Yvan Lacomblez, co-writer of Elton Motello's Jet Boy, Jet Girl!) a member of Two Man Sound.***Photo on left : Freddy and Marc, photo in the middle : Marc, Sylvain and I and last photo on right : Marc HérouetA1-0110-Marc Hérouet - 0110

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The Beatles live : bootleg CDs : Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, Adelaide and Houston (28th Sept. 2006)

***CD Live at Palais Des Sports, Porte de Versailles, Paris, 20 juin 1965 (STARLIFE HRCD 52023, 1988.***Tracklist: 1-12 (afternoon show) : Twist and shout/She's a woman/Can't buy me love/I'm a loser/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Baby's in black/Rock and roll music/Everybody's trying to be my baby/I feel fine/Ticket to ride/Long tall Sally.***Evening show : Twist and shout/She's a woman/I'm a loser/Can't buy me love/Baby's in black/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Everybody's trying to be my baby/Rock and roll music/I feel fine/Ticket to ride/Long tall Sally.***CD Live in Japan at Budo Kan Hall, Tokyo, June 30, 1966 & Saturday, July 2, 1966 (STARLIFE HRCD 52024, 1988).***Tracklist : 1-12 : Rock & roll music/She's a woman/Day tripper/If I needed someone/Baby's in black/I feel fine/Yesterday/I wanna be your man/Nowhere man/paperback writer/I'm down.***Tracklist : 12-22 : Rock & roll music/She's a woman/If I needed someone/Day tripper/Baby's in black/I feel fine/Yesterday/I wanna be your man/Nowhere man/paperback writer/I'm down.***CD Live in Adelaide, July 12, 1964 (STARLIFE HRCD 52026, 1988).***Tracklist 1-6 : I saw her standing there/All my loving/She loves you/Till there was you/Roll over Beethoven/Can't buy me love.***7-18 : Live in Houston, Colosseum, August 19th, 1965, 2nd Show.***Tracklist : Twist and shout/She's a woman/I feel fine/Dizzy Miss Lizzie/Ticket to ride/Every body's trying to be my baby/Can't buy me love/Baby's in black/I wanna be your man/A hard day's night/Help!/I'm down.***CD Live! Ticket To Ride (BACK TRAX CD 04-88008), 1988.***Tracklist : 1-7 : Live Stockholm, Sweden, 24th Oct. 1963 : I saw her standing there/From me to you/Money/Roll over Beethoven/You really got a hold on me/She loves you/Twist and shout.***Tracklist 8-19 : Paris, Palais des Sports, Porte de Versailles, afternoon show from 20th June 1965.***Photos taken in Stockholm.A1-Beatles-bootleg CDs-1988A1-Beatles-bootlegs2-1988A1-Beatles-photos-StockholmA1-Beatles-photo-Stockholm2

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The Beatles at the speed of sound! 28-29.01.2006

C'était assez rigolo de revoir les Ed Sullivan shows: mis à part les Beatles que Sullivan détestait malgré les poignées de mains, le reste était assez ringard mais il y avait aussi d'excellents magiciens et acrobates.Lors du show en date du 12/09/1965, Paul dit: "from our last elpee" puis se reprend en disant "from our last album...". En effet les américains disent soit "album" ou encore "LP Record".C'était fabuleux (fab!) de voir leur joie de jouer ensemble.Photo: Ed Sullivan show, New York City, 9 février 1964 [chanson "All My Loving"].Image: 2 DVD box set: SOFA Ent. 1987( http://www.sofa4u.com) / Eagle Vision 2003( http://www.eaglerockent.com). Texte: (C) 28-29.01.2006 S. Koenig

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 The Beatles - concert d'adieux - anecdote 2

30 janvier 1969: Le nouveau groupe anglo (américain), avec Billy Preston aux orgues, exécute son concert d'adieux qui ne dure que 42 minutes sur le toit de l'Apple building, 3 Savile Row, Mayfair, centre de Londres suite à une injonction de la police locale d'arrêter de jouer. Stephen King (!), chef-comptable d'une banque proche, la Royal Bank of Scotland, avait appelé la police pour se plaindre à cause du bruit. Photo: used with kind permission of Sir Paul McCartney and MPL Communications UK - Texte: (C) S. Koenig 28.01.2006 The Beatles

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Ringo Starr and his band saga 4: épisodes 6 & 7 "Open Your Eyes" - 1/01/2006

***Episodes 6 & 7'', 1999 : "Ringo Starr's 10th Anniversary All-Starr Tour"* Feat. Gary Brooker; Jack Bruce; Simon Kirke; Todd "Bang The Drum All Day" Rundgren, ex The Nazz et, Timmy Cappello : tournée américaine qui démarre le 12 février 1999 au Taj Mahal casino à Atlantic City et se termine le 29 mars 1999 au Hard Rock Café d'Orlando: * ''It don't come easy''; ''Yellow submarine''; ''Love me do'' !! ; ''I wanna be your man'' et, ''With a little help from my friends'' (chaque fois en finale).[Ni CD/DVD, pirate ou non].***"Connections Tour 2000" : feat. Simon Kirke; Dave Edmunds; Eric Carmen (ex The Raspberries et, en solo); Jack Bruce et Mark Rivera (directeur musical) : cette tournée prend son envol au Taj Mahal Casino d'Atlantic City, EU du 12/05/2000 pour se terminer à Milwaukee le 1/07/2000. * ''Boys''; ''With A Little Help From My Friends''... [Ni DVD/CD, pirate ou non] Photo: origine Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, 12/02/99.

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Ringo Starr All Band saga 3: épisodes 4 & 5 - 1/01/2006

Episodes 4 et 5***"Tournées 1997-1998 et, 1999"* Sous le nom de "Ringo Starr and His All Stars" feat. Ringo Starr (ex Rory Storm and The Hurricanes) chant, drums; Gary Brooker (ex The Paramounts, ex Procol Harum et, Procol Harum reformé!) chant, claviers; Jack Bruce (ex Cream, ex Graham Bond Organization, ex John Mayall's Bluesbreakers et ex West, Bruce and Laing) chant, basse; Peter Frampton, ex The Herd, ex Humble Pie, ex Peter Frampton's Camel et, en solo) chant, lead guitar; Simon Kirke (ex Free et ex Bad Company), chant, drums et Mark Rivera, multi-instrumentiste toujours directeur musical) live at the Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, Missouri, 30/05/1997 (tournée aux EU, en Europe [pour se terminer dans un show en pein air à Hasrode [Oude Markt] près de Louvain, le 16/08/1998*** (dixit l'animateur) [Ndlr: où j'étais à quelques mètres de la scène, sans appareil photo (je n'aurais jamais pu supposer que j'allais me retrouver si près de la scène)] et en Russie (tournée: du 28/04/1997 au 7/06/1997 et jusqu'au 16 août 1998): * ''Boys''; ''Yellow Submarine''; ''I Wanna Be Your Man'' et ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' en finale. J'étais complètement baba de voir tous ces mastodontes de la pop music jouer ensemble: ils ont tous eu plusieurs No 1 dans le monde entier! [DVD IMAGE Ent./WARNER VISION, 9197 00828 2, France, 2001 [The Best of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band: So Far...1989-1997) + CD officiel].***En 1998, la tournée démarre le 7 août au Helsingin jaahalli à Helsinki passe par la Belgique le 16 août suivant annoncée comme étant la dernière date européenne mais se poursuit le 18 août suivant à Lisbonne au Portugal.***Cette tournée s'achèvera lors d'un Benefit Concert à Wintershall, Angleterre.

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Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: Ringo Starr saga (1) (1/01/2006)

Ringo Starr and His All Stars' Saga=== [Ringo Starr en 2004]====Les débuts - 1ère partie====***Dix ans plus tôt, en 1979, un New-Yorkais nommé David Fishof demandait à Ringo s'il repartirait un jour en tournée. Il dit "oui", prit son agenda téléphonique et appela quelques uns de ses bons amis et le concept All Starr était né". ***Le 20 mars 1989 Ringo (batterie, vocaux et "from time to time" on piano) annonce son comeback pour une tournée américaine puis japonaise avec son All-Star Band comprenant Dr. John (pianiste superstar de la Nouvelle-Orléans), Billy Preston, claviers (ex Beatles et, en solo), Joe Walsh, guitare (ex James Gang et ex guitariste du groupe américain de musique country The Eagles), Clarence Clemmons (saxophoniste du E Street Band de Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen, ex Greg Lake), Nils Lofgren (ex Grin, guitariste qui avait travaillé avec le Crazy Horse de Neil Young (pas celui de Mouscron :-) et aussi avec le E Street Band), Levon Helm (batteur, ex Ronnie Hawkins band The Hawks en 1959 (Ruby Baby/Hay ride i.a.), ex Levon and The Hawks, ex The Canadian Squires, ex fondateur du groupe canadien légendaire The Band), Rick Danko (bassiste de ce même groupe, ex Ronnie Hawkins' band The Hawks en 1961).***Cette tournée connue sous le nom de "Tour For All Generations", North American Trek démarre le 23/07/1989 au Park Central Amphitheater à Dallas, Texas pour s'achever dans la nuit du 3 au 4/09/1989 au Greek theater de Los Angeles en Californie où le concert est filmé.***Le 11/08/1989, Bruce Springsteen rejoint Ringo Starr sur la scène du Garden State Art Center à Holmdel dans le New Jersey pour y interpréter quatre chansons avec lui qui sont: ''Get Back''; ''Long Tall Sally'', ''Photograph'' et ''With A Little help From My Friends''.***Le Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band entame sa tournée au Japon pour une semaine qui débute au Rainbow Hall à Nagoya le 30/10/1989 pour se terminer le 8 novembre suivant au Yokohama Arena à Yokohama: ''Yellow Submarine''; ''Honey Don't''; ''I Wanna Be Your Man''; ''Boys'' et ''With A Little Help From My Friends''.***Le 22 mars 1990, Ringo enregistre avec Jeff Lynne (ex The Move, ex The Electric Light Orchestra, ex ELO II et producteur des Beatles Anthologies), Tom Petty (fils de Norman) [de Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, ex Mudcrutch); Joe Walsh (ex The Eagles) et Jim Keltner (batteur, "requin de studio") une nouvelle version de ''I Call Your Name'' pour un hommage à John Lennon qui doit se tenir à Liverpool le 5 mai suivant.***====Les débuts - 2°partie====***Toujours sous le nom de "All-Starr Band" live 2/06-6/09/92 (USA et Europe)*** Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Suisse (quel beau pays!), 13/07/1992 * featuring Burton Cummings, claviers (ex Guess Who); Dave Edmunds, guitare (ex Love Sculpture "Sabre Dance" et, en solo ou avec The Stray Cats); Nils Lofgren, guitare; Todd "Bat Out Of Hell"/"Hello It's Me" Rundgren, ex The Nazz, vocals; Timothy B. Schmidt, basse (ex Poco et ex The Eagles); son fils aîné Zak Starkey, batterie (ex Roger Daltrey et, The Who); Joe Walsh et, Timmy Cappello, saxophoniste de Tina Turner et aussi de Peter Gabriel ex chanteur de Genesis avec Phil Collins aux drums): * ''Yellow Submarine'', ''Boys'' et, ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' en finale.

Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: Paul McCartney/Wings/Sir Paul - 1/01/2006 / Live Aid

***Paul McCartney / Wings / Sir Paul McCartney***Images:Macca live in Moscow.***Video at the Live8Live******"Drive My Car", "All My Loving", "We Can Work It Out", "And I Love Her", "Yesterday", "Lady Madonna", "Let It Be", "Magical Mystery Tour", "The Long And Winding Road", "Paperback Writer", "Fixing A Hole", "Penny Lane", "Sgt. Pepper", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Hey Jude"/'''live at Perth, Australie, 1975'''. [CD pirate]***'''Wings Over America''' Tour 05-06/1976 [triple LP] (#8 RU et #1 EU, 01/1977)* "Lady madonna", "The Long And Winding Road", "Yesterday"/live at Madison Square Garden, New York, 10/06/1976 * '''Wings featuring Linda Eastman-McCartney (claviers, vocaux), Denny Laine (ex The Moody Blues), (guitares), Jimmy McCulloch, (guitares) (ex Thunderclap Newman et ex Stone The Crows + une brève apparition dans The Small Faces), Joe English (batterie, vocaux) (ex The English Band), Tony Dorsey, Howie Casey, Steve Howard et Thadeus Richard''' (les trois derniers: section des cuivres)- (+ clarinette et flûte, Thadeus Richard). * "The Fool On The Hill", "Let It Be", "Got To Get You Into My Life"/ WINGS, live in Glasgow, Ecosse, 1979 [piratés]*** * "Yesterday", "Here, There And Everywhere", "For No One", "Eleanor Rigby/Eleanor's Dream" ''' de la bande originale du film "Give My Regards To Broad Sreet"''', 11/1984 (décrit comme "musical fantasy drama") [CD: 20/09/1993]; #1 RU et #21 EU, 11/1984.***'''Live Aid 1985''' '''(Live Aid logo: courtesy of Bob Geldof's Internet "Live8live team)* ''Un grand merci à Bob Geldof''.***"Let It Be" / live at Wembley Stadium, Londres, 13/07/1985 (jingle récurrent: "live aid from london with bbc tv and radio one). DVD (malheureusement incomplet: RU et EU) sorti le 12/10/2004.***"Get Back" (with Tina Turner feat. Dire Straits' lead guitarist Mark Knopfler), "Long Tall Sally", "I Saw Her Standing There"/live at the '''Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party, Wembley Arena, 20/06/86''': double LP TELSTAR STAR 2401 "The Royal Concert", UK 1989 (Disky Communications/EMI Pays-Bas; Distrisound Belgium; Adès, France; 1989 [CD pirate, 04/87]***'''"CHOBA b CCCP"''' (Back in the USSR - "The Russian Album"), Melodiya A 60 00415 006 [label d'Etat], ex URSS, 31/10/1988). [pressé à 40.000 exemplaires]* ''Kansas City'' * '''feat. Mick Green, guitare (ex Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex Blind Drunk et ex Brian Ferry) , Chris Witten et, Mick Gallagher (piano)'''. * ''Got To Get You Into My Life'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Let It Be''/live at the '''Playhouse Theatre, Londres, 27/07/1989'': ''2d Night at the Playhouse'', CD pirate]***''Tripping The Live Fantastic'' Tour (26/07/1989-29/07/1990). (#17 RU, 18/11/90; #26 EU, 15/12/90); [l'édition "Highlights", #157 EU,15/12/1990. [Triple LP et double CD]. * ''The Fool On The Hill''/Wembley, 13/01/1990, ''Matchbox''/Wembley, 21/01, ''The Long And Winding Road''/Rio de Janeiro, 19/04, " P.S. Love Me Do, Rio de Janeiro, 21/04, ''Things We Said Today''/Glasgow, 23/06'', ''Birthday''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Hey Jude''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End''/R.F. Kennedy Stadium, ''Medley:"Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance"'', Liverpool, 28/06 , ''Got To Get You Into My Life''/Dortmund, 17/10, ''Can't Buy Me Love''/Münich, 21/10, ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''/Los Angeles, 23/11, ''Good Day Sunshine''/Montréal, 9/12/1990, ''Eleanor Rigby''/Glasgow (?)/06/90, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back''/Liverpool (?)/13/01/1990. * '''feat. Paul McCartney, basse, piano ex The Beatles, Linda McCartney (claviers), Robbie McIntosh (ex Chris Thompson and The islands; ex The Pretenders), Hamish Stuart (ex Average White Band], Chris Witten (batterie) et Paul "Wix" Wickens (claviers, directeur musical). [Triple LP; 2 CD box set]***"The Get Back World Tour"'''. [DVD/CD officiels] * ''Got To Get You Into My life'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End" live at OMNI Hotel, CNN Center, Atlanta, EU, 18/02/1990; '' P.S. Love Me Do'' live at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japon, 9/03/1990; ''Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance" live at the King's Docks, Liverpool, RU, 28/06/1990. [nouveau medley] * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart, Chris Witten et Paul "Wix" Wickens.* Ce concert débute au Valle Hovin Stadion à [[Oslo]], [[Norvège]] le 26/09/1989 et se termine le 29/07/1990 au Soldier Field Stadium, [Chicago]], Illinois, EU. ***"Back In The USSR", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Let It Be", "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", "P.S. Love Me Do"; "Get Back"/live on TV in Rio de Janeiro part 2, 20/04/1990'' [CD pirate].***Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help'"/"Give Peace A Chance"/live on the banks of the Mersey at the King's Docks Arena, 28/06/1990 '''["Imagine in Liverpool", pirate]' (1ère fois en public et monté de toute pièce en hommage à John). * ''Birthday'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''"Yeserday"/"Happy Birthday"''"Oh Yeah", "Get Back"'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End"''/'''live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, 4/07/1990''' [CD pirate] * ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''She's A Woman'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Matchbox'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Blackbird'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'' .* ''feat. Robbie McIntosh, Linda McCartney, Paul "Wix" Wickens, Hamish Stuart et Blair Cunningham, batterie (ex Chris Spedding). (''MTV "Unplugged" Show recorded at Limehouse Studios in Wembley, London, 27/04/1991'')["Unplugged"-The Official Bootleg] + "Things We Said Today", "Blackbird", "I've Just Seen A Face"/live ''MTV 27th/04/1991'' [piratés].***'''"The New World Tour" 5/02-16/12/1993''***''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Kansas City'', ''I Wanna Be Your Man''. * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Blair Cunningham ''. [DVD/CD] * ''Hello Goodbye'', ''All My Loving'', ''Getting Better'', ''Blackbird'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''medley: "You Never Give Me Your Money"/"Carry That Weight"'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Something'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Here, There An Everywhere'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'', ''Two Of Us'' [dédiée à John et George], ''Michelle'', , ''She's leaving Home'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Birthaday'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Yesterday'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'' (Reprise), ''The End''/live in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, 24/05/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''* ''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Yesterday'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Let It Be'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Fixing A Hole'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Sgt. Pepper'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Mother's Nature Son''/live at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, Californie, 17/04/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''Matchbox'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''Hey Jude''/live at the Tokyo Dome in [[Tokyo]], 11/1993''[CD pirate ("The New World Tour 1993")]. * ''One After 909'', ''For No One'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Yesterday''/live 23/03/1995 for "A Royal Performance". '''["Hey Tokyo" ou "Sayonara Mr. Paul", CD pirate]'''. *'''"Back in the U.S. - Back in the world live", 2002-2003''' [DVD - 2 CD box set]* ''Hello Goodbye'', ''''All My Loving'', ''Blackbird'' (unplugged), ''We Can Work It Out'' (unplugged), , ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', (''Hey Jude'' (Terrific rock and roll rendition!: et ''Matchbox'') [en répétition/rehearsal] = "fly on the wall": ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Getting Better'' (1ère en live) ''Something'', ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Yesterday'', ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'' + ''Lady Madonna'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Carry That Weight'', ''Michelle'', ''She's Leaving Home''/live 2002-2003 * '''feat. Paul McCartney, guitare basse Höfner pour gauchers en forme de violon ou guitare solo ou piano ou guitare sèche ou ukulele; Rusty Anderson, guitare (ex Animal Logic); Brian Ray, guitare; basse (ex Etta James); Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr., batterie (ex Dana Glover).***Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney.***Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. MPL/Capitol 2002. [[Images: Macca live in Moscow: * "SPASSIBO RUSKI"! '''In Red Square, Moscow, 24th/05/2003 and Live In Saint-Petersburg, 20th/06/2003''' [DVD]***Sur la Place Rouge": featuring Paul McCartney, guitare solo ou guitare basse ou piano ou guitare sèche, Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr. * ''Getting Better''; ''Can't Buy Me Love''; ''Two Of Us''; ''I Saw Her Standing There'' ''We Can Work It Out''; ''I've Just Seen A Face''; ''Fool On The Hill''; ''Things We Said Today''; ''Birthday''; ''Maybe I'm Amazed''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''Hey Jude'' ''She's Leaving Home''; ''Yesterday''; ''Let It Be'' et, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'' (Reprise) / finale.***Sir Paul demande à Vladimir Putin si ce dernier assistera au concert: Poutine marmonne quelque chose qui laisse croire qu'il n'y sera pas pour une question de sécurité...Et lui joue au piano Let it be (Sir Macca dira que Putin a bénéficié d'un petit concert en privé)*** Vladimir Poutine a assisté à ce concert...On le voit nettement sur le DVD.***Le président Poutine s'adressant (en russe) à Macca à propos des Beatles, et en privé quelques heures plutôt: "It was like a gulp of freedom. Your music was like an open window to the world". (C'était comme un groupe d'octets de la liberté. Votre musique était comme une fenêtre ouverte au monde). Et les Russes de dire à l'envi: "The Beatles have done more for the fall of communism than any other Western institution". (Les Beatles ont fait plus pour la chute du communisme que n'importe quelle autre institution occidentale).***"Spassibo Ruski"! (bis)***"A Saint-Petersbourg", le 20/06/2003 [date non créditée]: même personnel : "Got To get You Into My Life''; ''Drive My Car''; ''Penny Lane''; ''Get Back''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''I've Got A Feeling''; ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'' et, ''Helter Skelter'' en rappel final. * Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney. Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. DVD MPL/Warner Music Vision, 5050467-8314-2-1, 14/06/2005. "Dosvidania", Sir Paul.***'''Live Eight live, at Wembley Arena, Londres, 2/07/2005''' [de 1 à 5], les DVDs, 22/10/2005]* ''Sgt. Pepper'' (avec U2), ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Get Back'', ''Helter Skelter'', ''Drive My Car'' avec George Michael, ''Hey Jude'' [the grand finale].A1-Macca-Live8live-2-07-2005***Retranscriptions et recherches supplémentaires: S. Koenig 2006 - Photos : extraites du booklet. Live Aid 1985 et Live8live 2005: avec l'autorisation expresse de deux gentlemen : Bob Geldof et Rodden Shaw du staff Internet Live8live team. Thank you Bob and thanks too Rodden. Photo: Macca live in Moscow "Spassibo Ruski" (say "spassiba": with kind permission of Sir Paul McCartney. Thanks to you Sir Paul and best wishes to you and yours, Stephan.

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Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: John Lennon - (1/01/2006)

John Lennon and The Plastic Ono Band===***"Live Peace In Toronto 1969"***featuring John Lennon (vocaux, guitare rythmique), Eric Clapton (guitare solo [avec sa fameuse "Blackie"), Klaus Voorman (basse) (ex fondateur du groupe Paddy, Klaus and Gibson et (ex Manfred Mann), Alan White (batteur de studio et futur Split-Enz] et Yoko Ono (claviers)''': live at the Toronto Rock'n'Revival Show at the Varsity Stadium, Toronto, Canada, 13 septembre 1969. [CD: #10, EU en janvier 1970; DVD officiel] * ''Money''* ''You Made Me Dizzy Miss Lizzy''* ''Yer Blues'' ====Plastic Ono Elephant's MemoryBand====***"Live In New York City at Madison Square Garden, 30/08/1972***feat. John Lennon (vocaux, guitare rythmique), claviers!; Yoko Ono (claviers)/chant???(*)====Au secours! Et, Stan Bronstein (sax), Wayne "Tex" Gabriel (guitare solo), Gary Van Scyoc (basse), Rick Frank (batterie et percussions) et Adam Ippolito, claviers [membres du groupe Elephant's Memory + Jim Keltner (batterie) et John Ward (basse).*** ''Come Together'' (excellente version "électrisée"!)''' [VHS/LP/CD officiels], [CD: Original recordings digitally remastered, Capitol Records, EU, 01/1986, #55 RU; #41 EU]; VHS: 01/1986.***Photo: courtesy of Alan White, USA. - Texte: (C) S. Koenig 1/01/2006.

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