-Tribute- to The Beatles (05/10/2012)

Cette compilation a été éditée par PolyGram Distribution France en 1993 (conception compilation: Clément Boulais - pochette: Eric Fettweis / Spectre (avec le soutien de SKYROCK) dont 30 reprises des Beatles et la 31ième est une version de Imagine par Zucchero with Randy Crawford. En voici la track list:

Leo Sayer: Let it be, EMI/Chrysalis, 1975 - José Feliciano: Help!, RCA Victor, 1965 - The Carpenters: Ticket to ride (version 1972) A&M, 1972 - Joe Cocker: With a little help from my friends, Regal Zonophone, 1968 - Ray Charles: Eleanor Rigby, ABC Records, 1968 - Chér: The long and winding road, MCA Records, 1973 - The Jeff Healey Band: While my guitar gently weeps, Arista Records, 1990 - Stevie Wonder: We can work it out, Motown, 1970 - Otis Redding: Day Tripper, ATLANTIC, 1966 - Elton John with John Lennon: Lucy in the sky with diamonds, MCA, 1974 - Ike & Tina Turner: Get back, United Artists Records, 1973 - Jimi Hendrix: Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, Polydor (Europe), 1978 - Spooky Tooth: I'm the walrus, Island, 1975 - The Feelies: Everybody's got something to hide (Except me and my monkey), STIFF AMERICA, 1980 - Siouxie and The Banshees: Helter skelter, Polydor UK, 1978 - The Mission: Tomorrow never knows, MERCURY records, 1987. End of CD 1.

Joe Cocker: Something, Regal Zonophone, 1969 - Esther Phillips: And I love him, ATLANTIC, 1965 - Ray Charles: Yesterday, ABC Records / Tangerine, 1967 - The Temptations: Hey Jude, Motown, 1969- Arthur Conley: Ob la di, ob la da, ATCO RECORDS, 1968 - Nina Simone: Here comes the sun, RCA Victor, 1971 - The Overlanders: Michelle, Pye, 1966 - Todd Rungren: Strawberry fields forever, Bearsville Records, 1976 - Aretha Franklin: Eleanor Rigby, Atlantic, 1969 - Joe Cocker: She came in through the bathroom window, Regal Zonophone, 1970 - Ike & Tina Turner: Come Together, Liberty, 1970 - Elton John: Get back, DJM, 1971 - Pat Benatar: Helter skelter, EMI/Chrysalis, 1981 - Coroner: I want you (She's so heavy), Noise, 1991.

Les labels mentionnés sont ceux d'époque dont certains furent achetés plus tard dont certain ont changé de nom par d'autres firmes de disques. Il faut noter aussi que quelques chansons de cette compilation ne sont pas toujours identiques aux originaux.   lastscan - beatles tribute cd 1993.jpg


Elton John : tribute 1981

elton john - john lennon - maxi single live 1974.jpgelton john - france 1975 - 1981 - mini 33 rpm.jpgMarch 1981 : a 3 live-tracks recorded with John Lennon on Nov.28, 1974, is released as a tribute, makes UK #40 (Whatever gets you thru the night, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, I saw her standing there).

On Thanksgiving Night, Lennon makes what will be his final concert appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden joining Elton John to sing the 3 said songs (released as a 7" maxi 33 rpm single in UK [DJS 10965]). Also released in France as a 33 rpm on DJM - VOGUE 101440. Other releases in Germany : 0064.230, 1975; 27379-7, 1976. Italy : DJF 1149, 1976.


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Elton John : I Saw Her Standing There (1975)

elton john - phila. freedow - i saw.. france 1975.jpg45 tours sorti en France le 24 février 1975 sur DJM 2043 003 : Philadelphia Freedom / I Saw Her Standing There (live).

45 tours sorti aux Pays-Bas en 1975 (probablement à la même date) sur DJM-j006-96442 avec Philadelphia Freedom en face B.

Sorti aussi en 45 tours sur metronome GER-934.006 en 1975 avec I Saw Her Standing There en face A.

28/11/1974: Elton et John chantent live I Saw Her Standing There et Whatever Gets You Thru The Night le jour du Thanksgiving lors d'un concert au Madison Square Garden de New York. Référence UK : DJM Djs.354, début janvier 1975.


A suivre...

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Elton John (Pt 1) : cover of LSD

elton john - UK single - 15-11-1974.jpgelton john - lucy - single - 1974 (s.k.) 22-10-2011.jpg1961 : Elton John (b. Reginald Kenneth Dwight, Mar.25, 1947, Pinner, London), son of an ex-royal Air Force trumpeter, Stanley and his wife, Sheila Dwight, having started piano lessons at age 4 and played at a local music festival at age 12 (his early piano idols are Winifred Atwell and Charlie Kunz), has already attended the Royal Academy of Music, London, to which he won a part-time scholarship in 1958, when he joins locally performing R&B outfit Bluesology (its name taken from a Django Reinhardt disk), playing piano with existing members Stuart Brown (gtr), Rex Bishop (bs) and Mike Inkpen (drms). Their first paying gig is at the Northwood Hills hotel, Northwood, London.


December 1974 : his cover of The Beatles' Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds featuring the Reggae guitars of Dr. Winston O'Boogie alias John Lennon is issued as a single on UK DJM Records DJS-340 and released on 8 November 1974 which hits UK TOP 40 #10 and in Germany #31 [DJM 2043 002, 1975]. In America, the single is issued on MCA RECORDS MCA-40344 on 1974/11/18 and tops the Billboard TOP 100 at #1 on 1975/01/04, becoming another million-seller. B/W One Day At A Time (s) Lennon who plays the guitar. Produced by GUS DUDGEON - P. 1974 THIS RECORD CO. LIMITED. 

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John Lennon: Whatever Get's You Thru The Night (1/01/2009)

Mais où John va t-il chercher des noms de groupe pareils ?***Whatever gets you thru the night: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono NUCLEAR Band.***Face B: Beef Jerry: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band / Little Big Horns and Booker Table and The Maitre D'S.***16/11/1974: A-side hits US #1, and makes UK #36. He becomes the last of the 4 ex-Beatles to hit US #1.***Elton John plays on the session for the single and, recognizing the song's potential, makes a bargain with Lennon that the disk got to #1, Lennon would have to appear in concert with him. Lennon accepts , confident of the record's non-#1 status.Beatles-John Lennon-pochette recto-1974Beatles-John Lennon-single 1974Beatles-John Lennon-pochette verso - 1974

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Johnny chante "Je Veux Te Graver Dans Ma Vie" (19/03/2008)

CD-Johnny-1961-1966D'après la version de Cliff Bennett and The Rebel Rousers, no 6 UK le 17/09/1966.***Les 5 CDs Hallyday Story - dont celui-ci - sont sortis en 1987.

***21-22/12/1979: Chicago joins The Eagles and Linda Ronstadt for 2 benefit concerts at San Diego's sports arena and Los Angeles' Aladdin theater, which raise almost $500,000 (500.000 USD) for the presidential campaign of California governor Jerry Brown.***The other live cover (!) is the one sung by Paul McCartney.


45 tours : Johnny Hallyday (1963 & 1966) - Quand je l'ai vue devant moi (je suis tombé à la renverse!)

"Quand je l'ai vue devant moi"/"I saw her standing there" [the latter issued in South Africa as "Just Seventeen" (I saw her standing there). Single hollandais sorti en décembre 1963 en face B de "Tu n'as rien de tout ça"/"You're the devil in disguise" de Presley. Hallyday est accompagné par Joey (Greco) and The Showmen. "Je l'aime"/"Girl", EP et/ou single Philips 373 745 F, France, janvier 1966. Accompagnement: Arthur Greenslade et son orchestre.

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