(The) Thompson Twins : Revolution

  • thompson twins - revolution - pochette - 1985.jpgTom Bailey (June 18, 1957, Halifax, UK), vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Leeway (Nov.15, 1955, Islington, London), percussion
  • Alannah Currie (Sept.20, 1959, Auckland, NZ), percussion
  • 1977: Aspiring classical Bailey having met friends Leeway and John Hadd at teacher training college, initially ignores these associations and forms THE THOMPSON TWINS (named after 2 characters in Hergé's cartoon Tin Tin [les Dupond et Dupont], with guitarist Peter Dodd and John Roog in Chesterfield, Derbys.
  • 1978: They move to London with Hadd as agent and link up with drummerChris Bell.
  • Feb. 1981: Band signs to Arista Record in UK [ex-bell records] and first release on the Tee label, Perfect Game, fails to chart.
  • Aug. 1981: During a tour to promote releases, Currie joins the band on percussion. Old friend Leeway, until now a roadie, is also invited by Bailey to join after the group buys him a pair of bongos.
  • Dec. 1985: A cover of REVOLUTION peaks at UK #56.
  • UK reference : Arista TWINS10, September 29, 1985
  • GER/BEL reference Arista 107 879, 1986
  • http://youtu.be/HWkmW3FyNGg

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Wet Wet Wet (3) : Yesterday

  • Wet Wet Wet - Yesterday - 1997.jpgAug.16, 1997 : Yesterday is issued and released by Precious Organisation.
  • Reference : JWLCD 31, UK chart #4.
  • This picture sleeve is quickly deleted (dark-brown) to be replaced by another of light-brown colour.
  • http://youtu.be/2YwqxV5RHoc

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Wet Wet Wet (2) : I Feel Fine

  • Wet Wet Wet - I feel fine 1990.jpgDec. 1984 : Having gigged locally in Scotland all year, the group meets Elliot Davis who becomes its manager.
  • Together they establish their own label, The Precious Organisation, and record a demo tape which they send to major companies in London.
  • 1985 : From their demo alone, 9 major companies compete to sign them. Dave Bates, A&R at Phonogram wins, but only after guaranteeing that the manager will receive a monthly supply of Whiskas cat food - a small sign of faith.
  • May 5, 1990 : Wet Wet Wet sing I Feel Fine at the "John Lennon Tribute Concert" at the Pier Head Arena in Merseyside to celebrate the songs of Lennon. (Proceeds go to John and Yoko-established Spirit Foundation.)
  • Aug.11, 1990 : Release of the double A-side Stay With Me Heartaches / I Feel Fine which reaches UK #30 in the same month.
  • UK references : vinyl 10", Phonogram / JEWEL 1310,
  • vinyl 12" - 4-track single, Phonogram / JEWEL 1312,
  • CD, single - double A-side, Phonogram / Precious Organisation JEWEL JWLCD 13.
  • http://youtu.be/zJ9h8bbDxUg : live May 5, 1990.

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Wet Wet Wet (1) : With a little help from my friends

  • Wet Wet Wet - with a little help - 1988.jpgMarti Pellow (Mark McLoughlin-March 23, 1966, vocals,
  • Graeme Clark-Apr.15, 1966, bass,
  • Tom Cunningham-June 22, 1965, drums,
  • Neil Mitchell-June 8, 1967, keyboards.
  • 1982 : Clark, Cunningham and Mitchell, having formed a group while attending Clydebank high school, Glasgow, approach McLoughlin to front as vocalist and, as The Vortex Motion, plays CLASH cover versions, with its first gig at Clydebank community center.
  • McLoughlin changes his name to Marti Pellow and the group settles on WET WET WET as a name, taken from a line in SCRITTI POLITTI song Getting Having And Holdings.
  • May 21, 1988 : remake of The Beatles' With A Little Help From My Friends, from Sgt. Pepper Knew My Father released to raise funds and awareness for Childwatch Charity, tops UK chart, as a double A-side [Childline CHILD1, May 14, 1988] with Billy Bragg's She is Leaving Home (It is the only instance of 2 covers of the same Beatles song topping the charts - Joe Cocker's version hit the summit in November 1966.)
  • http://youtu.be/r1OBUrLeGMQ

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Elton John : tribute 1981

elton john - john lennon - maxi single live 1974.jpgelton john - france 1975 - 1981 - mini 33 rpm.jpgMarch 1981 : a 3 live-tracks recorded with John Lennon on Nov.28, 1974, is released as a tribute, makes UK #40 (Whatever gets you thru the night, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, I saw her standing there).

On Thanksgiving Night, Lennon makes what will be his final concert appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden joining Elton John to sing the 3 said songs (released as a 7" maxi 33 rpm single in UK [DJS 10965]). Also released in France as a 33 rpm on DJM - VOGUE 101440. Other releases in Germany : 0064.230, 1975; 27379-7, 1976. Italy : DJF 1149, 1976.


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David Cassidy : Please Please Me (live)

david cassidy - please 3 -single - 1974.jpgDavid Cassidy (b. Keith Partridge, April 12, 1950, New York, NY), son of actor Jack Cassidy and stepson of actress Shirley Jones, with a part on Broadway in "The Fig Leaves Are Falling" and small TV drama roles in i.a. "Bonanza", "The FBI", "Ironside".

Oct. 70 : The Partridge Family signs to Bell Records.

Aug. 10, 1974 : a revival of Lennon/McCartney's Please Please Me ("The Beatles wrote the soundtrack to my youth" is Keith's most notable quote of the time) climbs to UK #16.


US bell 45-605 , UK bell 1371/2008 273, SP/BEL/FR/IT : bell 2008 273. Picture sleeve from Belgium.


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Aretha Franklin : Let It Be and Eleanor Riby

  • aretha franklin - let it be - single 15-01-1970.jpgLet it be (US TOP #17, May, 1970) and Eleanor Rigby (US R'n'B #5 and Pop #17, Nov.15, 1969) are taken from the album/LP This Girl's In Love With You (US TOP 100 #17) which is released in the late 1969.
  • Some Let it be references : 
  • US Atlantic ATL 45-2751, May, 1970.
  • UK Atlantic 2091-008, May, 1970.
  • FR Atlantic 650 189, May, 1970.
  • GER Atlantic ATL 70.453, May, 1970.
  • US Atlantic ATL 45-2683. (Eleanor Rigby, Oct.15, 1969)
  • Some references of the album/LP :
  • US Atlantic SD 8248.
  • UK Atlantic 2400 004, 1970.
  • FR Atlantic 940 021, 1970.
  • Re-released as a remastered CD by Rhino Atlantic in 1993.
  • Rhino reference : 8122-71524-2 (quickly out of print)
  • NL CD f35687, 1993.
  • Re-released by Rhino Atlantic on July 15, 2008.
    http://youtu.be/2UoTvwfo_rU (Let it be) ***** http://youtu.be/coESqhEbSQs (Eleanor Rigby)aretha franklin - lp - this girls in love with you - 12-1969.jpgaretha franklin - lp francais Let it be - 1970.jpg

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Bananarama & Cy. : Help (Comedy version)

bananarama - help - comedy version - 1989.jpgLondon (European) reference 886 492 - 7, 1989.  Help, a parody of Bananarama & Lananeeneenoonoo hits UK #3 in March 1989.

Both vocally and stylistically and featuring Bananarama themselves, comprising comediennes Dawn French, Jennifer Saunders and Kathy Burke in Comedy version, with profits from the record going to Comic Relief.


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Elton John : I Saw Her Standing There (1975)

elton john - phila. freedow - i saw.. france 1975.jpg45 tours sorti en France le 24 février 1975 sur DJM 2043 003 : Philadelphia Freedom / I Saw Her Standing There (live).

45 tours sorti aux Pays-Bas en 1975 (probablement à la même date) sur DJM-j006-96442 avec Philadelphia Freedom en face B.

Sorti aussi en 45 tours sur metronome GER-934.006 en 1975 avec I Saw Her Standing There en face A.

28/11/1974: Elton et John chantent live I Saw Her Standing There et Whatever Gets You Thru The Night le jour du Thanksgiving lors d'un concert au Madison Square Garden de New York. Référence UK : DJM Djs.354, début janvier 1975.


A suivre...

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Ted Heath and His Music : Crazy Man, Crazy

http:lita roza - decca photo.jpgted heath - photo 1953.jpg//youtu.be/C5ebyaqF_Og Ted Heath and His Music featuring Lita Roza on vocal (and choruses) : very good cover version released by DECCA (78 rpm record F. 10144, July 1953). UK charts : DNC

Lita Roza : 14.3.1926, Liverpool - 14.8.2008, London

George Edward Heath : 30.3.1902, Wandworth, South London - 18.11.1969, Virginia Water, Surrey.





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The Young Idea : 1967

the young idea - with a little (...) NL pressing - 23-10-2011.jpgthe young idea - with a little (...) - NL vinyl single - 23-10-2011.jpgThe Young Idea were a songwriting duet formed by Tony Cox (gtr, vcls) & Douglas Macrae-Brown (gtr, vcls) who had a big hit with The Beatles' "With A Little Help From My Friends" in the Summer of 1967.

Their cover version made UK #10

Origin : LONDON 

UK Columbia DB 8205 issued on 2.06.1967 as well as this NL single.

Arranged and Conducted by : Arthur Greenslade. Producer : Tony Palmer.



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Candy Flip : Strawberry Fields Forever

cady flip - strawberry fiels forever - 1990.jpgUK band Candy Flip (an electronic dance band from Manchester) makes UK #3 in March 1990.***27 January 1967: The Beatles sign a 9-year contract with EMI Records.***9 February: film clips for Penny Lane and SFF are shown on "Top Of The Pops".***11/02/1967: Double A-sided single hits UK #1.***1 April 1967: SFF hits US #8.***May: EMI announces total Beatles' record sales currently top 200 million world-wide.***18 May 1967 is another story. We love you!!!***The British band Candy Flip was caught in the party-all-night atmosphere of late-'80s/early-'90s Manchester, England. Named after the slang term for mixing ecstasy with acid, Candy Flip was formed by Dizzy Dee/ Daniel Mould (vocals, keyboards) and Richard Anderson "Ric" Peet (keyboards) in 1989. Not as critically acclaimed as their peers -- and obvious influences -- Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses, Candy Flip nevertheless attracted U.K. press and radio attention with an electronic update of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" [b/w Can you feel the love].The single, funkier and more club-happy than the Beatles' original. It was also a minor success on college and alternative stations in America.

Some 7" singles and CDs : UK single DEBCD 3092, 1989 - UK CD single Debut DEBCD 3092, 1990 - CAN 7" Atlantic 78 61560, 1990 - CAN CD single Debut Edge DEBT 3092, 1990 - FR 7" Carrère 14 925, 1990 - USA Atlantic/WEA JC FB ins - GER 7" Hot Records 100-07-528, 1989 - SCAN 7" Mega Records MRCS 2456, 1990 - BEL/NL/LUX 7" single Debut DEBT3092, 1990.

4 Track cassette Debme3092, UK, April 1990.

Image : UK maxi single including : SFF (rasberry ripple remix by Candy Flip & Kelvin Andrews) / SFF (UK #3) / Can you feel the love / Aqua libra.   http://youtu.be/9rw7TCtVdjY


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Joe Cocker : LP/CD Night Calls

joe cocker NL CD night calls - 7-10-1991.jpgJoe Cocker pochette CD Night Calls.jpgIncluding You've got to hide your love away (produced by Danny Kortchmar) released by Capitol Records on October 10, 1991 (UK; GER; NL)

UK single issued on October 10, 1991.

UK CDP 79 8886 2 - GER 0777 7 95898 2 - NL CDP 7 95898 2.

US CDP 7 95898 2, July 6, 1992.

European vinyl LP 068-79 5898 1, Oct. 10, 1991.

Joe Cocker and The Chris Stainton Band which consisted of inter alia Jeff Lynne, multi intruments and producer; Mike Campbell, guitar; Ian McLagan, Hammond organ; John Miles, Hammond organ, tambourine, backing vocals; Chris Stainton, piano; Jim Keltner, drums...

Charts positions : FR #10; NL #18; CH # 5; NZ # 3; AT # 4; US # 111; UK : DNC ?

1967 : Cocker and Stainton send a demo tape to promotion man Tony Hall, who gives it to producer Denny Cordell, who arranges a recording session in London.

1968 : May 22 : Marjorine, credited to a solo Joe Cocker and issued on EMI's Regal Zonophone label, makes UK # 48.

Oct.18, 1968 : following an appearance at the National Jazz & Blues Festival in August, Joe embarks on a 10-date UK tour starting at the Newcastle Rutherford, Tyne & Wear. Including a Dec.8 gig with The Who and Arthur Brown. Tour will end Dec.20 at the Redcar Jazz club, Yorkshire.

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The Silkie : You've got to hide your love away

  • The Silkie records You've Got To Hide Your Love away on Aug. 9, 1965. Their cover is released by Fontana in October 1965 which makes a one hit wonder.
  • Featuring Paul McCartney on guitar and George Harrison on tambourine playing the accompaniment to their version; John and Paul, producing. 
  • UK Fontana TF 603 : UK chart #28. US Mercury/Fontana F. silkie - you've got to hide...1965 US Fontana.jpg1525: US chart #10.
  • FR Fontana 465.294 ME, 10/1965.
  • From the Beatles vinyl LP HELP! released on Aug. 6, 1965.
  • Also recorded by Joe Cocker in 1991.Silkie - single français - 10-1965.jpg
  • Who were The Silkie ? 
  • An English folk music group formed in October 1963.
  • The group consisted of Sylvia Tatler, vocals; Mike Ramsden,  Ivor Aylesbury both guitar & vocals and Kevin Cunningham, double bass.
  • Japan charts #29. Fontana TF 603, Sep. 10, 1965.
  • NL Fontana 267 487 TF, 10/1965 - DNC
  •   http://youtu.be/sAqsGwQQkhM

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Joe Cocker (Pt 3) : She came...

  • Left to right : US album #11 in Nov. 1969; US single A&M 1147, 11/1969 : Feb. 7, 1970 : this song reaches US #30 and earns a gold disk. The album which includes i.a. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something, Let It Be is the last one featuring The Grease Band.
  • Other single references : GER Deutsche Grammophon Polydor 59 386, 11/1969; NL EMI Stateside 5 C 006-91012 M is released on Jan.2, 1970 and reaches the NL chart #18 the same month. Unissued in the UK.
  • French Joe Cocker! LP on EMI Stateside 2 C 062-90788, 1970.
  • Biography pt 3 : when Cocker returns to the UK he no longer has a recording contract, so takes up his Gas Board job again and plays only an occasional local gig. The Big Blues splits and Joe teams with Chris Stainton to write and record Marjorine and form The Grease Band in the course of 1964.
  • 1965 : The Grease Band, with Cocker on vocals, Stainton on bass, Tommy Eyre on keys, Kenny Slade on drums and Alan Spenner and Henry McCullough both on guitars, play soul material in clubs and pubs across the North of England. Its first recording, a live version of blues standard "Saved", is on a a free flexidisk with the Sheffield University magazine TWIKKER...To be continued... 
  •  joe cocker ! LP A&M - 1969.jpgjoe cocker - she came...A & M USA - 11-69.jpgcocker - she came in through...01-1970 - NL single.jpg http://youtu.be/qWRB_AssJ7k - http://youtu.be/-RdjAwQWF6w - http://youtu.be/Mzf5EBY8gCQ


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Happy birthday...

paul is live - 18-06-2012.jpg...Paul. Take care, Sir McCartney !

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Peter & Gordon : I don't want to see you again (13/06/2012)

peter and gordon - i don't want to see (...) - UK single.jpgCapitol Records single 5272, September 21, 1964 shows I would buy you presents as the A-side however the UK single shows I don't want to see you again as the A-side, EMI/Columbia DB 7356, Sep. 9, 1964 which fails he UK TOP 50 but the said song makes US #16 in October 1964 signed by Paul McCartney.

Gordon Waller : June 4, 1945 - July 17, 2009. R.I.P.

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Joe Cocker (Pt 2) : I'll Cry Instead

cocker - i'll cry instead - DECCA F.11974 - 1964.jpg1964 : after an audition for producer Mike Leander in Manchester, Gtr. Manchester, Joe Cocker is offered a contract with DECCA Records. He takes leave of absence from the Gas Board and travels to Decca's studio in London. He debuts with a version of Lennon/McCartney's I'll Cry Instead released on 4 September 1964. Despite a good performance and session help including i.a. Big Jim Sullivan and Jimmy Page (called at the time "Little Jim") on guitars; Bobby Graham on drums and The Ivy League on backing vocals (Peter Oakman on double bass ?), it flops and Cocker reportedly only 10 shillings in royalties. He joins his first professional band, The Big Blues, on a brief UK Tour with Manfred Mann and The Hollies and then tours US army bases in France. To be continued...

UK DECCA single F.11974, 4/9/1964 - DNC. Thanks : e-Bay.

http://youtu.be/-vo9ibOrYXI (quite good !)


2007 : Joe Cocker was awarded the O.B.E. (Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for his services to music on 16 June 2007.)

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Rock The Joint : Bill Haley

GOTHAM G-188-A, Philadelphia, Pa. : jump blues by Jimmy Preston [James Preston, 1913/08/18, Chester, Pa. - 1984/12/??, Philadelphia] and His Prestonians recorded in Philadelphia on 1949/05/27 and released on 1949/09/14. Flipside : Drinking Woman. GOTHAM Records Inc. was formed by Sam Goode and Irvin Ballen in New York City in 1946 then bought out by Ballen who moved the label to Philadelphia in early 1948.

When Preston and his band got the song into a studio, they turned it into a raucous, hand-clappin', sax-screamin', rockin' piece of excitement that sounded like nothing they, nor anyone else, had recorded before. 

Why was it important ? : it was an early all-out R 'n' B rocker, and it led ultimately to Bill Haley's changeover from country music to proto-rockabilly. Remake by Bill Haley With The Saddlemen as the B-side of Icy Heart issued by Essex (303) in April 1952. Essex 399 is a reissue dating back to July 1955. Essex/ESSEX singles : http://www.d4haley.com

Written and composed by Harry Crafton-Wendell "Don" Keene (Keane)-Harry (Harold) "Doc" Bagby.preston - rock the joint - stephan koenig - skynet - 07-2006.jpghaley - Essex 303.jpghaley - ESSEX 303 (2).jpghaley - Essex 399 - 07-1955.jpg

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Al Martino : Yesterday (1968)

martino - LP this is al martino - 1968.jpgmartino - CD - 1990 (incl. Yesterday).jpgAl Martino was an American crooner who began singing from 1952 with a song that topped the US chart on 1952/05/17 (Here In My Heart, B.B.S. Records #101). His legal name was Alfred Cini, born in the South of Philadelphia, Pa. on 1927/10/07. He died on 2009/10/13. R.I.P.

His cover of Yesterday is the track 4 of the album "This is Al Martino" - Capitol ST-2843, 1968 and the track 7 of the Duchesse CD, CD352101. P. 1990.

Orchestra conducted by Peter De Angelis.  

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Bill Haley & The Comets : You call everybody darling

The original version was cut by AL TRACE AND HIS NEW ORCHESTRA as You call everybody darlin', issued by REGENT (117) in June 1948. The song topped the US chart in August 1948 for two weeks. Vocal :  Bob Vincent. Written and composed by Sam Martin-Ben Trace-Clem Watts (alias Al Trace). Also recorded in the UK on 1948/07/26, the Andrews Sister's (acc. by the Billy Ternent Orchestra) cover version made US Billboard #8 in September. Released by Decca. 78r.p.m. reference 24490 as You call everybody darling.

http://youtu.be/7uClQMhqnjQ (Andrews Sisters' cover version)

As for Bill Haley & The Comets the song was recorded on 1963/01/22 and released by NICETOWN Records NT-5025 as of the B-side of Tandy in October 1963.

45rpm picture from http://www.d4haley.com

What's the difference between a cover version and a cover ? A cover version is quickly recorded and issued to thwart the one which is already in the chart(s). A cover will be recorded and issued later on.


 http://youtu.be/3vzRuOCyBvU  (You Call Everybody Darling by Bill Haley & The Comets)

Haley - NICETOWN Records - 1963.jpg





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I Nuovi Angeli : Il Dubbio

i nuovi angeli - 11-1969 - il dubbio - 18-02-2012.jpgi nuovi angeli - single - 18-02-2012.jpgUn complesso italiano...

Alfredo Gatti, vcls, gtr

Alberto Passetti, vcls, gtr

Paki Canzi, vcls, pianoforte, keyboards

Silvano Travenzollo, vcls, drms.

"Il Dubbio" (Carry That Weight) is the B-side of Giorno per giorno.


DURIUM Ld 7662, 11/1969 - Prodotte da Felice Piccareda - Adap. : Paolo Mario Limiti - Felice Piccareda 

Dischi  DURIUM - Via Manzoni 40/42 - MILANO - Made in Italy.  /  http://youtu.be/r05glCofpFw


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Sir McCartney On The Run tour in Antwerp (B)

For more information, please visit his web site : http://store.paulmccartney.com/kissesonthebottom/eur.php

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Ringo Starr & His 13th ALL STARR BAND on tour !

Ringo Starr 2012.jpg


Featuring Steve Lukather (Toto), Gregg Rolie (Journey, Santana), Richard Page (Mr. Mister), Todd Rundgren, Mark Rivera and Gregg Bissonette.

The tour is being produced by Dave Hart and as always fans can expect to hear a jukebox worth of hits. Ringo classic's such as "It Don't Come Easy", "Photograph", "Little Help From My Friends", "Yellow Submarine" and "Wings", from Starr's just released 17th solo record, Ringo 2012 (Hip-O/Ume). All Starr's hits include "Rosanna," "Broken Wings," "Hello It's Me," "Black Magic Woman."

Ringo will spend his birthday on the road, with a performance at Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on July 7. Following in the tradition of the last few years, at Noon from the Hard Rock Nashville, Ringo will ask anyone anywhere, and everyone everywhere, to join him in a wish for Peace & Love.

  • The confirmed dates are as follows:
  • June 14, 15 - Fallsview Casino, Niagara Falls, ON
    June 16 - Bethel Woods PAC, Bethel, NY
    June 17 - Mohegan Sun, Uncasville, CT
    June 19 - Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA
    June 22 - Jones Beach Ampitheater, Wantagh, NY
    June 23 - Ceasar's, Atlantic City, NJ
    June 24 - Meyerhoff, Baltimore, MD
    June 26 - State Theater, Easton, PA
    June 27 - Mayo Center, Morristown, NJ
    June 29 - St Augustine Theater, St. Augustine, FL
    June 30 - Seminole Hard Rock Arena, Hollywood, FL
    July 1 - Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, FL
    July 3 - Tuscaloosa Ampitheater, Tuscaloosa, Al
    July 4 - The Wharf, Orange Beach, Al
    July 6 - Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA
    July 7 - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN
    July 8 - Horseshoe Casino, Hammond, IL
    July 11 - Usana Ampitheater, Salt Lake, UT
    July 13 - Northern Quest, Spokane, WA
    July 14 - St Michelle Winery, Seattle, WA
    July 15 - Edgefield, Portland, OR
    July 17 - Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA
    July 19 - Humphrey's, San Diego, CA
    July 21 - The Greek, Los Angeles, CA
  • More dates to be announced soon.
  • Ringo Starr VIP packages are available including great seats and exclusive merchandise. For details please visit: www.vipnation.com
  • http://www.ringostarr.com/discography/
  • Peace and Love, Ringo ! It was quite fantastic to see you on stage in Leuven on 16 August 1998. 

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D.B.M. : disco BEATLEMANIA - 10/1977

Le premier single est celui qui fut disponible en France et en Belgique (Az SG 649, 10/1977 [2:58]) avec dans l'ordre "From me to you" / Intro / "I should have know betterd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - 1977 - Az SG 649.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - GER Polydor - 1977.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - NL Polydor - 1977.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - SP - 20 01 743 - 77.jpg" / "Get back" / "Day tripper" / "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band-reprise" / "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da" / "I want to hold your hand" / "A hard day's night". Le deuxième provient d'Allemagne, le troisième des Pays-Bas et le dernier a été pressé en Espagne. Réalisation : Haim Saban pour H.S. Records/HS. L'intro est chantée par Kussa. Cette version (l'enregistrement anglais) s'est classée UK #45.

Références : Allemagne Polydor 2001743, 1977 (7" single) - Pays-Bas : même référence (7" single), 10/1977 - Espagne : Polydor 20 01 743, 1977 (7" single) - Italie : promo juke box Fonit Cetra JB 701, 10/1977 - UK : ATLANTIC K 11027 version maxi, 10/77. D.B.M. est un groupe originaire d'Allemagne.

Maxi version, format 33 tours : http://youtu.be/Y9hXkfwOvTU


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Bert Kaempfert in his own right : 1959 / 1960 & 1965

The German bandleader had a US #1 hit with "Wonderland By Night" in 1961 (released by DECCA 9-31141 on 1960/08/28) a.k.a. in Western Europe as "Wunderland bei Nacht" [Blues aus dem gleichnamigen Arca-NF-Film] 'round five years earlier (before "Spanish Eyes") as Bert Kämpfert und sein Orchester, Solotrompette : Charly Tabor, Polydor NH 24 086, 1959 [Germany, DNC]. Later he also had a hit with the rendition of "Moon Over Naples" by Al Martino [b. Alfred Cini, 1927/10/07-2009/10/13] aka "Spanish Eyes" B-side as of the 1954 Ink Spots' "Melody Of Love", issued in August 1965 (US #8, UK #15). Kaempfert worked with The Beatles and Tony Sheridan when they were under contract to Deutsche Grammophon/Polydor.

Berthold Kaempfert : 16. Oktober 1923, Hamburg - 21. Juni 1980, Majorca.

http://youtu.be/yV7hLHiFHxg (Wonderland By Night) - http://youtu.be/2GNjzsUnNqI (Moon Over Naples)

bert - 1 - wunderland - pochette single.jpgbert - 2 - article à côté de wunderland.jpgbert - 3 - pochette single moon over naples.jpgbert - 4 - pochette EP moon over naples.jpg   







US reference : Capitol F 5542, 1965/08/02 (2:45) [as part of take 9 recorded in 07/1965 (3:52) - US #15, 1965/12/04] - Capitol X-6108, 1975 reissue - UK ref.: CL 15430, P. 28/01/1966, UK #5] - GER ref.: K 23 129, 1965. The Belgian single (4 C 006-80460) is a 1975 reissue. Lyrics added by Charles Singleton and Eddie Snyder. Orchestra conducted by Peter De Angelis.

martino - spanish eyes - UK - 1965.jpgmartino - spanish eyes - GER single - 12-65.jpgmartino - spanish eyes - BEL reissue - 1975.jpg


http://youtu.be/m5EPzTFlAXE (Spanish Eyes) 

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(Just) Let It Be - English-speaking translation (11/01/2012)

the beatles on iTunes - 16-11-2010.jpgThe most fantastic story of modern music, that of 4 young men from Liverpool, has been told hundreds of times. Future generations will remember no doubt of their names, their songs continue to stand the test of time and the passage of modes: their legend, even though significant that two of the four heroes are still alive and active, take a unimaginable scale. Books, films, compilations, commemorations (Beatles Day in Mons every first Saturday in September and others), concerts of Paul and Ringo, analyzes (some more infamous than others) ... There is no doubt that even in 100 years the name The Beatles will always be known as today. It is a story so compelling that even the most imaginative mind could have invented, so amazing that the most original writers could not write it, and if documented, than in any library or even in some record stores in any country, you will find works of the Fab Four. Any ? Finally, I don't think so : all the countries anti-West ? The adventure lived by John, Paul, George and Ringo was exciting. Full stereo.

Photo : X - Owner of the photo : Apple iTunes (with their kind permission.)

http://youtu.be/BjHyMAUshos (Let It Be)

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(Just) Let It Be : The Beatles : le meilleur groupe que le monde ait connu !

La plus fantastique histoire de la musique moderne, celle des 4 jeunes de Liverpool, a déjà été contée des centaines de fois. Les générations à venir se souviendront sans nul doute de leurs noms; leurs chansons continueront à résister à l'épreuve du temps et au passage des modes : leur légende, considérable alors même que deux des quatre héros sont toujours vivants et en activité, prendra une ampleur inimaginable. Livres, films, compilations, commémorations (Beatles Day à Mons chaque premier samedi de septembre e.a.), concerts de Paul et Ringo, analyses (certaines plus infâmes que d'autres)...Nul doute que même dans plus de 100 ans le nom des Beatles sera toujours aussi connu qu'aujourd'hui. C'est une histoire tellement fascinante, que même l'esprit le plus imaginatif n'aurait pu l'inventer; si étonnante que le plus original des scénaristes n'aurait pu l'écrire; et si documentée, que dans n'importe quelle librairie ou même chez certains disquaires de n'importe quel pays [ça reste à voir : tous les pays anti-Occident ?], on trouvera des œuvres sur les Fab Four. L'aventure que vécurent John, Paul, George et Ringo fut passionnante.beatles - photo - 1-01-2012.jpgbeatles - photo - 2 - 1-01-2012.jpg 

Photos : X


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Earth, Wind & Fire : Got To Get You Into My Life

1955: Maurice White (1941/12/19-present) begins playing drums with Memphis schoolfriend Booker T. Jones (later of Booker T. And The MG's (Memphis Group.)

1966: he joins The Ramsey Lewis Trio and plays on 10 of Lewis' albums.

1969: White forms The Sally Peppers, who have a local Chicago hit with La La Time and Love Is Life on Capitol Records.

1970: White changes group name to Earth, Wind & Fire. They sign to Warner Bros. Records.

1978/07/14: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is released. White wins a Grammy Award of the best instrumental arrangements accompanying all the vocalists a few months later. 

1978/09/16: Got To Get You Into My Life, which the band performs in film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" hits US Pop chart #9; R'n'B #1 and is a million-seller. Produced by Maurice White.

28.09.1978: the said single makes UK #33. ( http://youtu.be/6ljFPOmwg28 )

Personnel: Maurice White, Verdine White, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Johnny Graham, Andrew Woolfolk, Fred White (lead vocals, percussion; vcls, bs; vcls, percussion; piano, synthesizer; drums; gtrs; gtr; tenor sax; drums, percussion.)

Single references i.a.: US COLUMBIA 3-10796 - UK CBS 6553 released in September 1978.

Compilation: P. 1991 Sony Music Entertainment (France) S.A., COLUMBIA COL 468931-2 also released in Belgium, in The Netherlands...

Wish you all a happy New Year !

earth wind and fire - pochette fold out - 29-12-2011.jpgearth wind and fire - got to get you...pochette.jpg

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Ray Charles : Let It Be

1977/02/28 (28.02.1977) : Ray Charles is attacked while performing, by a man who rushes on stage with a rope and tries to strangle him.

1977/11/19 : True To Life, a one-off return to Atlantic with a Crossover Records production climbs to US #78. This album is released in November 1977, US reference Crossover/Atlantic 19142 - UK reference London SHU8509.

Left : US album - right : Belgian pressing I Can See Clearly Now (s) Johnny Nash reaches #35 on the R'n'B chart b/w Let It Be. Both songs are taken from the Belgian LP 143.015-Ray Charles-True To Life distributed by FONIOR BRUSSELS/BELGIUM - A DIVISION OF THE INTERNATIONAL PELGRIMS GROUP IPG.

Belgian reference : London/CROSSOVER 26.548 y. Arranged by Larry Mahoberack / Produced by Ray Charles.

http://youtu.be/eof2c5fTcI8.charles - LP true to life - USA - 11-1977.jpgcharles - let it be (s.k.) - 1977 (21-10-2011).jpgcharles - let it be - single (21-10-2011).jpg

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