DECCA SESSIONS (3) : Where on earth did Bill Haley... (2009/3/28)

...discoverd these incredible songs from ?***The DECCA Sessions moved from 8th Aug. 2006.***.***Dinah : originally recorded by Al Handler and his Alamo Cafe Orch. for Gennett in 1925 but apparently rejected via Ethel Waters, COLUMBIA 487-D, 1926 via Jean Goldkette And His Famous Victor Record Orchestra with vocal chorus by "The Kentucky Boys", Victor 19947, 1926 via Fats Waller And His Rhythm, Electrola, June 1935.***Ida, Sweet As Apple Cider (I) (C) 1903) : from Red Nichols And His Five Pennies, Brunswick, 1927 via Glenn Miller and his orchestra, Bluebird, 1941 [originally by Eddie Cantor and his orchestra in 1903, a song dedicated to his wife Ida Tobias].***MARIE : from a waltz composed by Irving Berlin for an early sound movie called The Awakening in 1928 via the original vocal version by Tommy Dorsey A.H.O. feat. Jack Leonard on vocal in 1937.***Corrine, Corrina : from Big Joe Turner, US POP 41, 13th June 1941 & Joe Turner with Chorus and Orchestra, Atlantic, US R'N'B #23, 24th Feb. 1956 [originally by Bo Carter (alias Armenter Chatmon), November 1928.***Sweet Sue, Just You : from Sweet Sue by Fat Waller and his Rhythm, HMV (NY City), June 1935 [originally by Bennie Krueger And His Orchestra, 1928.***CHARMAINE : from the 1926 Raoul Walsh's movie "What Price Glory ?" (a part of the) soundtrack-signed Ernö Rapée-Lew Pollack- based on a piano solo composed by Johannes Brahms via Edmund Eysler "Der Lachende Ehemann", an exerpt of the operetta soundtrack-premiere at Wien Bürgertheater on 19/03/1913 (literally, the laughing married man-premiere in London as The Laughing Husband in 1913).***A.B.C. Rock : from Sally Starr aka Sally Belair, (Mrs. Jesse Rogers), Clymax CR-EP-1002, late 1958 or early 1959.***I Got A Woman : from Ray Charles' I' Ve Got A Woman, Atlantic 1050, December 1954, a rewording of a spiritual (P.D./unknown songwriter(s) called "Ain't that good news", 1940***It was also derived from the tune of a gospel song by Professor Alex Bradford's "Jesus is all the world to me", Specialty, 1954 and it is said Ray Charles was also influenced by Alex Brown or the Bailey Gospel Singers (COLUMBIA, 1951) "I've Got A Savior [(Across Town)].***(Now And Then) There's A Fool Such As I : from Hank Snow, The Singing Ranger and his Rainbow Ranch Boys, RCA Victor 47-5034, 15th/11/1952.***"Caldonia" : from Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five's "Caldonia (What Makes Your Big Head So Hard?), DECCA, January 1945.***"Ooh! Look-A There, Ain't She Pretty" : Looka-there, ain't she pretty from Clarence Williams and his Orchestra, Vocalion 2616-B, 1933, via Buddy Greco and his Three Sharps including Francis Beecher on/to the guitar, Musicraft 515, 1947.***(Thanks For The) Summer Souvenir : from Summer Souvenirs by Larry Clinton And His Orchestra feat. Bea Wain on vocal, US #3, 1938 via Bing Crosby, Decca, Oct. 1938.***Puerto Rican Peddler : from Puerto Rican Pedlar by Johnny Brandon With The Phantoms aka Norman Warren and The Warrentones,, Polygon 45rpm, recorded in November,  1954, release date in the UK in 1955.***


Pierre Rapsat et les Beatles : LP Je Suis Moi (24/02/2009)

Pierre Raepsaet est né à Ixelles le 28/05/1948 et est parti pour un long voyage le 21/04/2002 à Verviers. Bio succinte: Pierre a fait partie d'un groupe verviétois "Les Tricheurs" devenus ensuite "Les Ducs" (avec e.a. Francis Geron à la basse et futur patron du fameux club musical "Spirit of 66" à Verviers. En 1970, il forme le groupe Laurelie dans lequel il est  bassiste. Ensuite il rejoint le groupe Jenghiz Khan (1971-1972) où il devient le principal vocaliste et joue toujours de la guitare basse. L'année 1973 verra ses débuts en solo (dont les très rares LP's New York chantés en français et en anglais). Sa connexion avec les Beatles est la chanson "Nous, les Beatles" parue sur l'album "Je Suis Moi" sorti en 1977 chez RCA Victor où il a été entraîné par Yves Simon. Je lui ai rendu hommage sur facebook avec un album photo intitulé "Pierre Rapsat et ses connexions".rapsat - lp je suis moi - 1977beatles - 07-1967 - all you need is love Pierre Raepsaet n'a jamais été bassiste ni dans les Rockets ni dans les Tenderfoot Kids !

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The Beatles' last concert on 30/01/1969 - 40th anniversary (2/02/2009)

The Beatles' last concert - 30-01-1969January 30, 1969: Group, with Billy Preston guesting on organ, performs for 42 mins. on the roof of the Apple building in London's Savile Row, 3, Mayfair before police bring it to halt. Stephen King (Fr.-sp. translation as Stephan Koenig !), chief accountant of nearby Royal Bank of Scotland rings the police to complain about the noise. My goodness, which noise ?

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John Lennon: Whatever Get's You Thru The Night (1/01/2009)

Mais où John va t-il chercher des noms de groupe pareils ?***Whatever gets you thru the night: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono NUCLEAR Band.***Face B: Beef Jerry: John Lennon with The Plastic Ono Nuclear Band / Little Big Horns and Booker Table and The Maitre D'S.***16/11/1974: A-side hits US #1, and makes UK #36. He becomes the last of the 4 ex-Beatles to hit US #1.***Elton John plays on the session for the single and, recognizing the song's potential, makes a bargain with Lennon that the disk got to #1, Lennon would have to appear in concert with him. Lennon accepts , confident of the record's non-#1 status.Beatles-John Lennon-pochette recto-1974Beatles-John Lennon-single 1974Beatles-John Lennon-pochette verso - 1974

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Gerry and The Pacemakers play Bill Haley (30-31/12/2008)

FIRST OF ALL, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL ET MEILLEURS VOEUX POUR 2009 !1959: originally called The Mars Bars [with pianist Arthur Mack, initially as a part-time skiffle and rock outfit](a naive ploy to seek sponsorship from the confectionary maker - instead, the company insists it is changed).***The Pacemakers is agreed as an alternative.***Group is formed by Gerry Marsden (vocals, lead guitar); Les Chadwick (bass); Les(lie) Maguire (piano, sax) and Gerry's brother Freddie (drums).***June 1962: Brian Epstein, already managing The Beatles, signs the group to a management contract.***22/01/1963: the first recording session in London produces Gerry's own Away From You, the standard Pretend (saved for an album) [by Ralph Marterie & His Orchestra, Mercury 70045, US #3 in 1952 afterwards is US #2 Nat King Cole, Capitol F2346, 1953] and Mitch Murray's How Do You Do It (a song George Martin had wanted The Beatles to cut, but which they rejected and wrote Please Please Me (NOT Love Me Do !) to replace).***UK, 3/09/1964: It's Gonna Be Alright (an uptempo taster of music from their movie, makes only UK #24 - a chart disaster for the group's previous standards, but also a sign that popular music in UK is rapidly developing away from the Pacemakers' pure Merseybeat style.) b/w It's just Because is released and issued on EMI/Columbia DB 7353.***UK, 6/12/1964: "Ferry Cross The Mersey", written by Tony Warren, creator of UK TV's "Corronation Street", premieres at the New Victoria cinema, London.***The movie stars Gerry and The Pacemakers as a facsimile of themselves, rising to success in a beat contest.***UK, 24/01/1965: the movie is shown at the Liverpool Odeon in aid of the Variety Club Of Great Britain.***USA, March 1965: It's Gonna Be Alright b/w a Bill Haley and His Comets' song Skinny Minnie (still unreleased in UK) is released and issued on LAURIE Records LR 3293.***USA, still March 1965: as the movie is released, Ferry Cross The Mersey (from the Motion Picture) gives the band its last Top 10 success (as it already has in UK), hitting #6.***USA, May 1965: It's Gonna Be Alright reaches #23.***Beatles-Gerry and The Pacemakers-USA-03-1965It's gonna be alright-USA-March 1963

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La France et les Beatles 6: Les Challengers (12/12/2008)

Les Challengers sont originaires de Drancy (93700).***Leurs disques sont sortis sur disques vogue et celui où figure leur version de Bad to me (Tu changeras d'avis) porte le no EPL 8292 et date de 1964.***Le groupe est composé de Christian Padovan, chant & basse; Gérard Kawczynski/Kavesinski et Alain Delaby guitares et Daniel Baudon à la batterie.***Autres adaptations: Oui je reviens (When I get home); Please Mr. Postman; Pour ton retour (Till there was you) et Le diable dans le coeur (Devil in her heart).***Image by courtsesy of Juke Box Magazine (France).Les Challengers-1964

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La France et les Beatles 5 - Les Missiles (8/12/2008)

Les Missiles - 1965Les Missiles sont originaires d'Algérie dont trois d'entre eux sont nés à Oran, ils sont arrivés en France après les évènements.*** Ils se sont connus en 1955 et ayant été dispersés par les circonstances du rapatriement, ils se sont installés à Aulnay-sous-Bois (93600) où l'abbé Nigen les a guidés et ouvert les portes de son patronage pour leurs répétitions.***Leur tout premier EP sort en 1963 chez Ducretet Thomson.***Le groupe est composé de Bernard, guitare solo; Micky, batteur, Robert, bassiste, tous trois âgés de 21 ans. Quant à Manu, il est guitariste rythmique et chanteur et n'a que 19 ans.***Il paraît que cet EP qui contient Il faut oser (I'm a loser) est le plus rare de ceux qu'ils ont enregistrés.***Ils font Bobino avant de partir en tournée au printemps 64 avec Richard Anthony, puis les Belges se les accaparent.***Ils ont chanté au grand stade de Bruxelles "Le Heysel" devant 80.000 personnes, le roi Baudouin, la reine Fabiola, le prince de Liège Albert et la princesse Paola.***A cette occasion, ils ont reçu le "Prix Chouette" de Jean-Claude Menessier.***C'est à eux que nous devons e.a. Sacré dollar adaptée d'une chanson de Jamie Coe "Green back dollar" ou Fume fume fume d'après Fun fun fun des Beach Boys ou Skinny Minnie de Bill Haley...Autres adaptations: Tu chang'ras d'avis (Bad to me de Billy J. Kramer and The Dakotas); Elle t'aime (she loves you) et Ca reste entre nous (PS I love you).***Pochette EP by courtesy of Stephan Koenig.

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La France et les Beatles 4: Les Keltons 63-64 (11/11/2008, complété le 24/11/2008)

Les Keltons - pochette discAZ 1963Mr le facteur (Please Mr. Postman via The Marvelettes, 1961), Le diable dans le coeur (Devil in her heart), 1963; Pour ton retour (Till There Was You), 1963; Pas de chance (Money [That's what I want])-Barrett Strong, Anna, 1959 et Tamla 1960), 1963; Oui je reviens (When I get home), 1964. D'après les albums des Beatles With The Beatles et A Hard Day's Night.***Ils étaient solidement épaulés par Europe N°1, et patronnés par une célèbre marque de montres. Ce concours de circonstances non fortuites n'a pourtant pas réussi à lancer les Keltons. Leur groupe vocalo-instrumental ne dura que le temps...d'une campagne publicitaire.***Les montres sont restées. Les Keltons sont passés.

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Thank you lucky stars: The Hollies (26/10/2008)

Beatles - The Hollies - 1965George Harrison publicly denounces their interpretation as " soul-less ", and it halts at UK #20 in January 1966.

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Thank you lucky stars: Peter & Gordon (26/10/2008)

Beatles - Peter & GordonPeter Asher (Jane's brother) born 22 June 1944, London and Gordon Waller born 4 June 1945, Braemar, Scotland cut six songs written by Lennon/McCartney or himself alone under the pseudonym Bernard Webb/A Smith. A World Without Love topped both UK and US charts in March 1964 and May 1964; Nobody I Know reached the UK Top 10 and hitted at # 12 in the US in June 1964; Again in 1964, I Don't Want To See You Again made US # 16 but didn't reach the US Top 50, both in October. ***Woman reached UK #28 and US #14 in March 1966.***If I Fell made US #80 in 01/1967 included in the Lady Godiva album.

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Thank you lucky stars: Gary U.S. Bonds (26/10/2008)

Gary U.S. Bonds (born Gary Anderson on 6 June 1939 in Jacksonville, Florida) charted in UK with a Beatles cover song "It's Only Love" at #43 in November 1981.Beatles - U.S. Bonds - 1981

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La France et les Beatles 3 - Dick Rivers (22/10/2008)

Beatles-Please please meBeatles- a hard day's nightBeatles - Help LPDick Rivers fut aussi un maître adaptateur de chansons des Beatles dont une reprise (voir plus loin).***Mes ennuis, 1963 (Misery-v.o. Kenny Lynch); Twist And Shout, 1963 des Isley Brothers; J'en suis fou, 1963 (Love Me Do); Comme Johnny Hallyday, Hervé Forneri de son vrai nom reprend I Saw Her Standing There sous le même titre et les mêmes paroles "Quand je l'ai vue devant moi, 1963"; Ces mots qu'on oublie un jour, 1965 (Things We Said Today) et Prends un ticket avec moi, 1965 (Ticket To Ride), des LPs Please Please Me; A Hard Day's Night et Help!

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La France et les Beatles 2 : Gérard Saint Paul

Abbey Road - LP - 1969 - (475 x 475) (66ko)Let it be (3)Dernière réédition : 3 juin 2008. CD sorti à l'origine en 2006. Ces huit chansons adaptées du tandem Lennon/McCartney sont extraites d'un LP de Gérard Saint Paul sorti en France en 1970 qui s'intitulait "10 Hits de Lennon et McCartney", référence Disc AZ STEC LP 82.***Rentre Jojo à la maison (Get back, 1969), Reste avec moi (Don't let me down, 1969), La ballade de John et Yoko (The Ballad of John and Yoko, 1969), C'est beau Paris (Come Together, 1969), Bang bang Maxwell (Maxwell's Silver Hammer, 1969), C'est la vie (Let It Be, 1970), Dis-moi je t'aime (You Know My Name) Look Up The Number, 1970), Ce long chemin vers toi (The Long and Winding Road), 1970.

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All together now - DVD documentary (12/10/2008)

The Beatles - love dvd***DVD documentary to be released next 20 October 2008.*** 1. All Together Now - 84 minutes. A documentary charting the show from inception to premiere. Features Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia as well as George and Giles Martin and the Cirque creators as do the other mini features. Approx 50 minutes of music.***2. Changing the Music - 22 minutes.***Background to the decision to re-work the music. Approx 15 minutes of music.***3. Music in the Theatre/Theater - 7 minutes Audio design for show music. Approx 5 minutes of music. 4. Making Love - 9 minutes Covers all design aspects. Art direction, costumes, props, screen imagery and the use of the Beatles voices. Approx 7 minutes of music.***EMI MUSIC MARKETING.

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La France et les Beatles 1- Les Lionceaux (1-10/10/2008)

A tout seigneur tout t'honneur, voici Les Lionceaux avec pas moins de dix (10) adaptations aussi bonnes les unes que les autres.***Huit versions enregistrées en 1964: Je te veux tout à moi (I wanna be your man), Toi l'ami (All my loving), Le temps est long (It won't be long), Mais ne viens plus (Don't bother me) [4 titres de l'album With The Beatles, 22/11/1963], Je ne peux l'acheter (Can't buy me love), Je suis fou (Ask me why, Please Please Me, 22/03/1963), Cette fille (This boy, 11/1963 puis Meet The Beatles, 20/01/1964) et Quatre Garçons dans le vent (A hard day's night) et deux en 1965: Dis-moi pourquoi ? (Tell me why) et Ne ris pas (No reply, Beatles For Sale, 4/12/1964).***LES LIONCEAUX est un groupe fondé à Reims en 1961 par Alain HATTAT. Ils sont engagés chez Phonogram/Mercury en 1963 par Lee Halliday, cousin de Johnny Hallyday. Ils accompagnent Johnny Hallyday en tournée à travers la France et enregistrent leur 1er EP "Ton nom".***Le groupe est composé du leader et fondateur Alain HATTAT (né le 05/09/42), guitare et chant ainsi que de Michel "Bob" MATHIEU (né le 20/12/44), batterie et chant, Michel TAYMONT (né le 05/10/38), guitare rythmique et chant, Jean-Claude "Dan" DUBOIS, basse et chant, remplacé ensuite par Gérard "Papillon" FOURNIER, alias Dan Moore (né le 14/09/46).Les Lionceaux - BeatlesBeatles 116 x 116 pixelsBeatles - meet the beatles - 18 Ko (300 x 300)The Beatles for salePlease please me - 22-03-63

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Paul McCartney : The Midnight Special original version (revised 9/10 & 6/12/2008)

The Russian Album/CHOBA b CCCP was released exclusively in the U.S.S.R. on vinyl, 31October 1988 by the Melodiya state label, ref.: A 60 00415 006 [40.000 pressed copies]. Including his renditions of inter alia: Midnight Special from "unknown 'Texas' folklore": originally from "Pistol Pete's Midnight Special" by Dave "Pistol Pete" Cutrell acc. by McGinty's Oklahoma Cow Boy Band in 1926 (Okeh 45057A) who recorded it twice.***Carl Sandburg, poet and writer wrote two different lyrics about the same song in 1927 in his The American Songbag.***1927/1928 covers: Sam Collins, guitar and vocal cut it on 17/09/1927 in Richmond, Indiana, issued round October 1927 as "Midnight Special Blues", Gennett 6307); Jim Foster, Champion 15397; Big Boy Woods, Bell 1181; Bunny Carter, Conqueror 7266***"Midnight Special" by Otto Gray and his Oklahoma Cowboys, round April 1929 (***Vocalion 5337).***Other instrumental by Tiny Grimes in 1948.***Joe Turner ("Midnight Special Train"), Atlantic, 1951 (CD WP/Rhino, 2006) and Atlantic 45-1122, 02/1957 (Joe Turner And His Blues Kings).**Well known folk writer Alan Lomax wrote in his book [Our Singing Country, 1941] that The Midnight Special was composed by Leadbelly = Huddie William Ledbetter himself in his jail (Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana)] and recorded it on July 1, 1934 and a second time in 1936 (for the American Record Company...)***About the tune: Alan Lomax omitted to do something... This album [CHOBA b CCCP].


All Starr Band Tour 2006 feat. i.a. Rod Argent and Edgard Winter (8/10/2008)

The Zombies - she's not there - 07-1964 - 65 pixelsEdgard Winter (1) - 1970-71 - 65 pixelsEdgard Winter (2) - Frankenstein - 04-1973 - 65 pixelsEdgard Winter (3) - Hangin' around - 04-1973 - 65 pixels***She's not there was composed and written by Rod Argent (b. 14 June 1945, St Albans, Herts [Hertfordshire]).***This song reached the British Chart Toppers at # 12 in September 1964 and the American Chart Toppers at #2 next December.***Extracted from the LP Edgard Winter's White Trash (June 1976, US #111, Keep playin' that rock 'n' roll was composed and written by Edgard Winter (b. 28 Dec.28, 1946, Beaumont, Texas).***This song reached the US TOP #70 in February 1972.***Both Frankenstein (instr.) [US #1, UK #18 in May & June] & Hangin' around composed and written respectively by Winter and Winter-Dan Hartman [US #65 in January 1974] were taken from the LP "They Only Come Out At Night" which hitted the US Pop Chart at #3 in January 1973.***

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Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band Live 2006 -Tenth edition ! (8/10/2008)

All Starr Band Tour 2006 (DVD)Cette 10ième édition démarre au Casino Rama à Totonto (CDN), le 14 juin 2006 et se terminera le 20 juillet 2006 au Radio City Music Hall à New York City.***Le All Starr Band est constitué de Rod Argent (ex The Zombies); Edgard Winter (ex Black Plague, ex Johnny Winter And, ex Edgard Winter's White Trash et ex The Edgard Winter Group); Richard Marx (chant), Billy Squier (ex Piper, lead guitar); Sheila E. (e-drums) plus Gary Wright (ex Spooky Tooth, keyboards, chant) plus Hamish Stuart (basse, guitare et chant) plus Colin Hay (ex Men At Work, ex Colin Hay Band, guitare, chant) plus Greg Bisonnette (session drummer, vocaux) et de Ringo (ex The Beatles, Plastic Ono Band et en solo.***Les DVD et CD sont officiels.***All Starr Band Tour 2006 (CD officiel)

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Eddy Mitchell et Bill Haley : adaptations (25/09/2008)

Eddy-les chaussettes noires 1 & 2Eddy- 3 & 4Eddy- 5 & 6Après trois plantages et une version alternative de "Shake, Rattle And Roll" (de Big Joe Turner, Atlantic Records 1026, avril 1954, #1 R'n'B, #22 Pop) enregistrés le 21/01/1962 au Studio Barclay Hoche Paris (Polydor 523095 2, 1994), une version finale des Chaussettes Noires sortira en mars 1962 sur Barclay 80171 "Le 2.000.000eme disque" et en 1990 dans la série CD Le Rock c'est ça ! PolyGram 843021-2.***Bien des années plus tard, Eddy en refera une nouvelle version.***Leur version est inspirée par celle de Bill Haley and His Comets qui sortit aux USA sur le label DECCA le 12/07/1954.***En septembre 1968 (LP "7 Colts Pour Schmoll") figure une autre reprise de Haley qu'il a lui-même empruntée à Dickie Thompson and his orchestra ("Thirteen Women And One Man", Herald 424, 01/1954) "Treizes Filles" [méconnaissable!] (Barclay 60 971) d'après "Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town)" que Haley avait enregistré lors de la session de Rock Around The Clock au Pythian Temple à New York City le 12 avril 1954 (sortie DECCA, 10 mai 1954).***En 1976, Eddy sort un très bel album intitulé "Sur La Route De Memphis" (Polydor 843 364.1, 1976/Barclay 900 505, 1978) enregistré à Nashville au Studio Cinderella, entouré de la fine fleur des musiciens country dont e.a. Charlie McCoy, Randy "Boots" Randolph incluant e.a. une reprise de "That's How I Got To Memphis" (de Tom T. Hall, 1968) d'après celle très peu connue que Bill Haley a sortie en 12/1968 ou 01/1969 selon les sources sur le label United Artists Records 50483 qui est incluse dans le CD "Let's All Rock Together".***L'année suivante en octobre 1977 sort un nouvel LP intitulé "La Dernière Séance", Barclay 910 001, qui comprend une autre reprise de Bill Haley (with The Saddlemen, Holiday 113, 01/1952 puis Essex EP-118, 09/1954) "Juke Box Cannon Ball" [sous le titre "Mon flash back"] dont le texte est une réécriture de "Wabash Cannonball" (des Carter Family, RCA, 1927) par Jesse Rogers en 1951.***Bill Haley réenregistrera cette chanson pour un ultime LP "Everyone Can Rock And Roll" ne contenant pratiquement que des nouvelles chansons sorties en septembre 1979.***Comme je l'indiquais plus haut, Eddy réenregistre "Shake, Rattle & Roll" sous le titre "Un Chèque En Bois...C'est Drôle" ! dont il a écrit le texte et qui figure sur le CD "Nashville ou Belleville ?" sorti en 1984 sur le LP Racines, RCA PD 70441/All. (RDA) PL 70441 et ensuite sur le CD EDDY MITCHELL 83/85 (CD 18) en 1994.***"Happy Birthday Rock And Roll" est e.a. un hommage à Bill Haley (1955-1980).***Pour terminer, il est bon de noter que son ami de toujours Johnny Hallyday lui a emprunté "Sur La Route De Memphis" qui figure sur le CD Destination Vegas (live) sorti chez Philips (534493-2) en 1996.


Eddy "Claude Moine" Mitchell et les Beatles: 1965 & 1968

"Tu ferais mieux de l'oublier" est la première des deux seules chansons des Beatles adaptées en français pour Eddy en personne d'après "You've Got To Hide Your Love Away" extrait de HELP ! [Brian Epstein-managed Slikie record a cover w. Macca à la gtr, George au tambourin & John comme producteur et se classe UK #28 et US #10 le 7/08/1965] et figure sur l'album Barclay 80290 "Perspective 66" sorti en décembre 1965.***Cette chanson n'a pas été retenue pour le volume 2 du CD "TOUT EDDY...ou presque [1965-1970] (Polydor 833 421-2, 1987.***Quant à la seconde, elle est adaptée de "The Fool On The Hill" de l'album "Magical Mystery Tour" et est "traduite" par M. Eddy en personne sous le titre littéral "Le fou sur la colline" sorti sur l'album "7 Colts Pour Schmoll", LP Barclay 80370 sorti en septembre 1968.***A contrario, cette chanson figure aussi bien sur "1965-1970" que sur le CD EDDY MITCHELL SESSIONS-volume 8 [1967-1968] sorti également chez Polydor 523080 2 en 1994***11 titres dont le dernier mentionné ont été enregistrés du 29/07 au 2/08/1968 au Studio C.B.E. Paris.***Il est intéressant de noter qu'un certain Jimmy Page du groupe The New Yardbirds futurs Led Zeppelin joue le petit contre-chant à la guitare saturée, tout en sustain. Jimmy n'est pas crédité.The Beatles - LP HELP ! - 08-1965The Beatles - Magical Mystery Tour (CD)The Beatles - The fool (take 4) CD 200 pppEddy Mitchell - tu ferais mieux - 3 (Beatles)Eddy Mitchell-LP Perspective 66 - 80290Eddy Mitchell - le fou 1 (Beatles)Eddy Mitchell - 7 colts pour Schmoll - 1968 - 80370

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Avec sa boucle, et son invitation à «Rock Around The Clock" et la gymnastique de ses musiciens, Bill Haley l'a écrite lui-même dans les livres pops de l'histoire pour toujours. Il transmet sur disque ce que quelques autres ont pu faire également, le style musical d'une époque qui a changé le visage de la musique populaire. Le style du rock and roll a évolué grâce à la musique qu'il a joué dans l'ouest du pays avec les groupes et la musique qu'il aimait. Il a combiné deux styles de cette musique pour créer le son qui était de changer la scène musicale pour la génération du début des années 50. Comme beaucoup d'autres, Haley a expérimenté plusieurs manières de jouer ce 'Cowboy Jive' ou 'Hillbilly Jive' et ses premiers efforts sur des firmes mineures de disques américaines ont rencontré peu de réponse. Avec son groupe les "Comets" Haley a marqué son premier vrai succès, "Shake, Rattle and Roll" en 1954 qui fait irruption dans les deux charts américain et britannique. L'année suivante, sa plus grande et plus familière chanson "Rock Around The Clock" (sortie le 20 mai 1954) a servi de générique dans le (MGM) film sur la violence chez les adolescents, "(The) Blackboard Jungle" sorti en première à New York City en mars 1955. Ce fut un hit mondial qui a déclenché une "hystérie" Haley qui a fait les manchettes nationales lorsque lui et ses Comets apparurent dans le film "Rock Around The Clock". Sa popularité à l'époque, était remarquable et une tournée européenne a confirmé que Haley est bien le "roi du Rock'n'Roll" - cependant, son règne a coïncidé avec l'émergence d'Elvis "The Pelvis/Le Bassin" Presley comme une force majeure dans la musique rock (Presley était 10 ans plus jeune que Haley mais n'a rien inventé dans le rock and roll et Jimmy Cavallo/Cavello And His House Rockers jouaient déjà du rockabilly depuis 1951 avec Rock The Joint sorti sur BSD Records 1005) et Haley peu à peu a perdu son emprise sur les charts américains en général mais est resté très populaire au Royaume-Uni. Pourtant, Bill Haley a gardé une popularité qu'il conserve encore aujourd'hui comme le roi incontesté du r'n'r et il reste sans doute le meilleur représentant du rock and roll. *** Rock Around The Clock restera à jamais l'un des "evergreens" de tous les temps.

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Just stopping by to say hi or hello - other tribute to the king of rock'n'roll (11/09/2008)

With his curl, his rasping invitation to "Rock Around The Clock" and the cheerful gymnastics of his musicians, Bill Haley has written himself into the pop history books forever. He conveys on record as few others have been able too, the musical style of an era that changed the face of popular music. Bill's rock and roll style evolved from the kind of music he had been playing in country and western groups and the rhythm and blues music he loved. He combined these two styles of music to create the sound that was to change the music scene for the generation of the early 50s. Like many others, Haley experimented with various line-ups and his first efforts on minor American record labels met with little response. With his group the "Comets" Haley scored his first real success, "Shake, Rattle And Roll" in 1954 which broke into both the American and British charts. The following year, his biggest and most familiar hit "Rock Around The Clock" was featured in the MGM film about teenage violence, "(The) Blackboard Jungle". This was a worldwide hit which sparked off a Haley hysteria that made national headlines when he and his Comets appeared in the film "Rock Around The Clock". Banner headlines proclaimes seat ripping in cinemas everywhere and the Haley formula went on producing more and more chart hits. His popularity at that time was remarkable and a European tour confirmed that Haley was indeed the 'King of Rock'n'Roll' - however, his reign coincided with the emergence of Elvis 'The Pelvis' Presley as a major force in rock music (Presley was 10 years younger than Haley but invented nothing in rock and roll music and anyway Jimmy Cavallo/Cavello And His House Rockers played rockabilly since 1951) and Haley gradually lost his hold on the pop record charts. Yet Bill Haley has retained a popularity that even today keeps him as the undisputed king and he remains possibly the finest exponent of rock and roll. ***Rock Around The Clock will remain one of the wonderful evergreens of all time. (C) Stephan Koenig.haley 1 - 70 dpi

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The Pebbles et George Harrison

harrison - skynet - (1) - single pebbles.jpgharrison - skynet - 1-08-2008 (+ the pebbles).jpgCe 45 tours Barclay Belgique est sorti en juin 1969. Dir. mus.: Jean Bouchéty. Production: Alain Milhaud. Sound engineers: John Mackswith & Peter Gallen.***Classé no 13 en Belgique francophone et no 19 en Belgique néerlandophone le mois de sa sortie.***Ce groupe pop belge était originaire d'Anvers.***Seven horses racing in the sky which is way to high...(1968)*** l'Incredible George en question n'est autre que George Harrison himself ! Pourquoi ? George était le public-relation des Beatles et ces derniers auraient bien voulu signer The Pebbles à la demande de Paul McCartney pour leur label Apple. Cela ne s'est pas fait parce qu' Eddie Barclay voulait trop d'argent pour les laisser partir.*** It's not a joke: someone can tell Bob Baelemans and/or Freddy Beeckmans of The Pebbles themselves. George Harrison fut un grand guitariste auteur-compositeur et interprète. R.I.P. 

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using these articles and images (1/08/2008)

HxC son Pierre and I - 100 dpiFreely available all over the Internet, I nevertheless insist on being credited if any one makes any use of these articles & images.***I know of a number of pirated versions but never updated (!) of all those on the Internet.***This beeing said, thanks again to The Beatles Webmasters and other bloggers; Sir McCartney and Ringo themselves; Alan White; UK EMI/ERG...and to all the Bill Haley Webmasters and other bloggers: Chris Gardner (UK, ex The Stargazers), my great friend Alain Darmor/Alan D. More (BE) for his undisputable help, Terry Gordon, Rocking Country Style's Webmaster (USA), Alex Frazer-Harrison (CDN), Klaus Kettner [owner of HYDRA Records], (GER), Ralph (GER), John Lawton's MySpace Webmaster and to all the others...*** Librement accessibles via le Net, j'insiste pour être crédité si quelqu'un utilise mes articles et/ou mes images.***D'ailleurs, si la plupart de mes images sont taguées, c'est justement pour éviter le piratage.***En "retournant" le Net avec des clés de toutes sortes, j'ai constaté que sur divers blogs ou autres sites web, certains de mes articles (jamais actualisés !) ou images étaient utilisés en tout ou partie sans mon consentement.***Image: with my son a few months ago.

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Rock Around The Clock: Mexican, Spanish, Italian, English...cover songs (revised 3/11/2008)

Gastone Parigi-Italia-Odeon YW 4372-1956Bill Haley - alrededor del reloj - 1954 RATCRenato CarosoneThis "Alrededor Del Reloj" is in fact the Spanish title for the Bill Haley Scrapbook not to be confused with "Rock Alrededor Del Reloj" which is the Spanish title translation for Rock Around The Clock!***All these cover songs were issued in 1956.***First, here is the Queen of Mexican rock'n'roll: Gloria Rios (con el conjunto de Jorge Ortega) and "El Relojito" released by RCA Victor (75-9980). ***Now we go to Argentina to meet Hermanas Navarro con la Orquesta de Héctor "El Arabe" Hallal" and "Bailando El Rock" also released by RCA Victor (AVE-351).***Afterwords here is Italy including Il Quartetto Cetra (con accomp. di orchestra) and "L'Orologio Matto" [ad. Giovanni "Tata" Giacobetti] released by Cetra (EP CETRA 0579 - "Flash Sonori no1"); L'Orologio Matto (canta in Inglese Mirio Notari) by Gastone Parigi e il suo Quintetto Almaviva, Odeon TW 4372, 1956; Quartetto Radar (con accomp. di piano e ritmo) and RATC sung in English (inglese) released by Durium and also issued in Spain and released by HISPAVOX (HH 1723 - BAILE PARA 4) (EP) as "Cuarteto Radar" (con acomp. de piano y ritmo) and last but not least, holy shit!, Renato Carosone e il suo Quartetto "canta Piero Giorgetti in inglese" (US #1 with his song "Torero" less than two years later!!!)***Pathé QAT 6013, November 1956. [10" LP "Carosello Carosone No 4"], also released by US Capitol.

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Paul Mc Cartney : The Space Within US (2006 DVD)

Paul McCartney-DVD-30-10-2006Paul Mc Cartney on US Tour 2005Band members: Abe Laboriel, Jr., drums; Rusty Anderson, guitar; Brian Ray, guitar/bass; Paul "Wix" Wickens, keyboards.***Titres/title songs:1. Magical mystery tour 2. Flaming pie 3. Let me roll it 4. Drive my car 5. Til there was you 6. I'll get you 7. Eleanor Rigby 8. Maybe I'm amazed 9. Got to get you into my life 10. Fine line 11. I will 12. I'll follow the sun 13. Good day for sunshine 14. For no one 15. Fixing a hole 16. Penny Lane 17. Too many people - She came in through the bathroom window 18. Let it be 19. English tea 20. I've got a feeling 21. Follow me 22. Jenny Wren 23. Helter Skelter 24. Yesterday 25. Get back 26. Please please me

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(Rock) Alrededor del reloj? I'm still putting my glad rags on...after awhile crocodiles!

Le 45 tours Polydor (2001 225) est sorti en 1971 et celui édité par EMI/Columbia (2 C 010-97004) l'a été en 1975.Bill Haley - RATC - Polydor 2001 225Bill Haley-RATC-pochette EMI-Columbia France

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Bill Haley and his best friend Rudy Pompilli @ the Conservatory in Liège, 14 May 1974: "put your glad rags on...succinct story of rock around the clock" (take 2) revised 2-4-/08/2008

Photos included inside the double LP The Legends Of Rock, MCA CORAL COPS 6292/1-2 (D), Germany, 1973.***The story of RATC: this CD features a bunch of practically all the studio & live recordings cut by Bill Haley.***Previously announced for release in summer 2004 instead of 2006 (30/10) because of the (C)s/licenses of certain cover songs featured on the second disc including i.a. Pat Boone; Freddy Cannon; Chubby Checker; Harry Nilsson; Sonny Dae (first time on LP: LP "Rockaphilly": Roller Coaster 2001, 1978-first time on CD: Varese Fontana, 27 April 2004 [Rock & Roll/The First 50 Years: The 50s-track 26); The Deep River Boys, Phil Flowers, Ted Herold, Lee Jackson, Jimmy De Knight, Buddy Knox, Carl Perkins, The Isley Brothers, Dinah Lee and, Mae West (both female cover songs)...***Admittedly, there could be a third CD and many others containing other rarest versions as well as those presented here...Maybe in 2015, Klaus?***Haley fans: buy this 2 CD box set!***Hydra Records BCK 27128-1.5 (and the other ones too)***Succinct RATC story of the 2nd take (no more than 2):***Written and composed in November 1952 in Philadelphia, Pa. by Jimmy De Knight (alias James E. Myers) and "freelance" composer Max C. Freedman.***First recorded circa October 1953 by Sonny Dae and His Knights in Philadelphia and released by tiny label ARCADE (45-AR-123), owned by Jack Howard (Bb r&b revue, 20 March 1954).***Has anybody ever seen a stock disc or a DJ copy in Europe?***Dae's o.v. sold thousand RATC in the Delaware Valley but did not chart nationally because the tiny label had no national distribution.***Finally recorded by Bill Haley And His Comets at Pythian Temple (a one-time dance club converted into a studio /(an opium-smoker's dream: at what time???) located at 135, West 70th Street, New York City this 12 April 1954, released by DECCA (Personality Series) and produced by Milt Gabler (29124 [78 RPM] on 10 May 1954, "Fox Trot/Vocal Chorus by Bill Haley" (who was late) as beeing a fox trot seeing they didn't know how to call this music.***RATC entered the US BB chart at #23 Pop on 29 May 1954.***Also issued in Belgium on OMEGA (78 & 45 RPM featuring on the B-side "Pinball Boogie" by Red Foley at the same time (see other article). The next year RATC was used as the movie theme for the Blackboard Jungle film (premiere in NYC on 19 March 1955).***DECCA re-released RATC on 28 May 1955 (9-29124 [+ 1954-same reference]). It reached BB US R&B #3 then crossed over at Pop #1 on 9 July 1955.***Reissued in Belgium on DECCA also at the same time.***RATC in the US (A.C.T.: coast to coast, under control, accepted by all) & in the UK (in the early 70s under control of Scotland Yard: info from Belgian Press at the time of the brand new Belgian Wallonie Top 30 in 1973-eaoe)***Official Charts (American Chart Toppers (Top 100) / British Chart Toppers (Top 20) both launched on 1st January 1955.***1) enters the A.C.T. on 21/05/1955 topping on 9/07/1955 for 8 weeks; 2) enters the B.C.T. on 7/01/1955 reaching #17 two weeks later, re-enters on 14/10/1955 topping on 25/11/1955 for 11 weeks then re-enters once again on 21/09/1956 peaking at #5 a few weeks later.***Also B.C.T.'s #25 in January 1957 dropping out for a week before making its fifth and final re-entry on Columbia/Brunswick at #22.***Source: Rock File no 4 - Panther Books Ltd., Great Britain, 1st Pub. 1976.***Nota: when Bill Haley added the song to the band's repertoire in the summer (late September) of 1953 (Bill Haley With Bill Haley's Comets), during a stand in the Southern New Jersey beach resort of Wildwood-by-the-Sea at the HOTEL HOFBRAU (as seen on an image) ( [HofBrau?: curious spelling!], RATC became a big crowd pleaser.***Hofbräu means Court brew.***According to most estimates, RATC has sold well over one hundred million copies to date.***What Was The First Rock And Roll Record? (US 1992 sources from i.a. The Rockin' Fifties. Jersey City: Da Capo Press, 1987 and John Swenson. Bill Haley. London: W.H. Allen & Co., 1982): RATC!!!Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974Bill Haley - Conservatoire - Liege - 14 mai 1974 (Rudy Pompilli)The story of RATC - CD 2006


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK LIVE (2 LPs) - 30/05/2008 + something about THE AIR MAIL band

Bill Haley was thinking of another new name for his band. He proposed Bill Haley and The Bill Haley's Comets! Quickly forgotten to keep "Bill Haley" / "Bill Haley and The Comets".***Bill Haley "Live": at The Bitter End, Greenwich Village, 149 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10012, December 16, 1969 on Buddah records/Kama Sutra KSBS 2014, March 1970 (Bill Haley Scrapbook-German LP).***Executive Producer Richard Nader, in association with Lewis Merenstein.***This LP was released in France ten years later on Vogue/Mode 509061 late in1980.***(C) 1980 Vogue P.I.P.***The other one released in Germany on EUROPA 111 548.0 (budget label licensed by SONET, Sweden) is practically unkown.***Two tracks are live ones: RATC and Razzle-Dazzle: where from? (South Africa or overdubbed with public audience???).***This album also includes 4 instrumental tracks composed by John (?) Sprangers.***The German guests group The Air Mail (earlier a pseudonym for the garage hangover band (The) German Bonds (Star-Club & Polydor) comprised unknown studio musicians in 1978 and 1980 (without Bill Haley playing).***A-side: 1980 recordings; B-side: 1978 recordings.***LP released in Germany in 1980.***It is true John Lawton along with Tony Cavanna (Toni Cavanaugh/Lee Patterson) were members of The Air Mail in 1971 and 1972.***Special thanks to Ralph, John Lawton's MySpace webmaster and Klaus Kettner owner of Hydra Recs, Germany.***In order, back side and front side of the German LP.B. Haley Scrapbook - 60 dpiBill Haley - EUROPA LP - rearBill Haley - EUROPA LP A-sideB. Haley - LP MODE - 1980 - 65 dpi


ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (Live LP's) by Bill Haley (28/05/2008)

"BILL HALEY ON STAGE", Stockholm, Sweden, 24th June 1968 ("with invited audience". Do you know who they were? If not, the mafia!!!), pickwick/HALLMARK records SHM 773, UK, September 1972.[originally Sonet (UK) SNT 302, 03/1970 (Bill Haley And The Comets In Sweden: Rock Around The Clock) then Sonet (Sweden) GDP 9989, 11/1971 (Bill Haley On Stage).***Recorded live at Hammersmith Palais, UK, March 25, 1974, WEA filipacchi music/ATLANTIC 40555, France, June/July 1974.[originally ATLANTIC/Antic K51501, UK, June 1974].***Feat. i.a. Freddy Moore on drums.***Also played in Belgium next 14th May at the Conservatory in Liège including Beecher's Boogie Woogie, I was there!).BILL HALEY 5Bill-Haley--The-Comets-Live-In-London-74-ATL LPBill Haley live in London - rearHaley-Hallmark LPHaley-Atlantic LPBill Haley-Pop Show programme-14-05-1974