-Tribute- to The Beatles (05/10/2012)

Cette compilation a été éditée par PolyGram Distribution France en 1993 (conception compilation: Clément Boulais - pochette: Eric Fettweis / Spectre (avec le soutien de SKYROCK) dont 30 reprises des Beatles et la 31ième est une version de Imagine par Zucchero with Randy Crawford. En voici la track list:

Leo Sayer: Let it be, EMI/Chrysalis, 1975 - José Feliciano: Help!, RCA Victor, 1965 - The Carpenters: Ticket to ride (version 1972) A&M, 1972 - Joe Cocker: With a little help from my friends, Regal Zonophone, 1968 - Ray Charles: Eleanor Rigby, ABC Records, 1968 - Chér: The long and winding road, MCA Records, 1973 - The Jeff Healey Band: While my guitar gently weeps, Arista Records, 1990 - Stevie Wonder: We can work it out, Motown, 1970 - Otis Redding: Day Tripper, ATLANTIC, 1966 - Elton John with John Lennon: Lucy in the sky with diamonds, MCA, 1974 - Ike & Tina Turner: Get back, United Artists Records, 1973 - Jimi Hendrix: Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, Polydor (Europe), 1978 - Spooky Tooth: I'm the walrus, Island, 1975 - The Feelies: Everybody's got something to hide (Except me and my monkey), STIFF AMERICA, 1980 - Siouxie and The Banshees: Helter skelter, Polydor UK, 1978 - The Mission: Tomorrow never knows, MERCURY records, 1987. End of CD 1.

Joe Cocker: Something, Regal Zonophone, 1969 - Esther Phillips: And I love him, ATLANTIC, 1965 - Ray Charles: Yesterday, ABC Records / Tangerine, 1967 - The Temptations: Hey Jude, Motown, 1969- Arthur Conley: Ob la di, ob la da, ATCO RECORDS, 1968 - Nina Simone: Here comes the sun, RCA Victor, 1971 - The Overlanders: Michelle, Pye, 1966 - Todd Rungren: Strawberry fields forever, Bearsville Records, 1976 - Aretha Franklin: Eleanor Rigby, Atlantic, 1969 - Joe Cocker: She came in through the bathroom window, Regal Zonophone, 1970 - Ike & Tina Turner: Come Together, Liberty, 1970 - Elton John: Get back, DJM, 1971 - Pat Benatar: Helter skelter, EMI/Chrysalis, 1981 - Coroner: I want you (She's so heavy), Noise, 1991.

Les labels mentionnés sont ceux d'époque dont certains furent achetés plus tard dont certain ont changé de nom par d'autres firmes de disques. Il faut noter aussi que quelques chansons de cette compilation ne sont pas toujours identiques aux originaux.   lastscan - beatles tribute cd 1993.jpg


Joe Cocker : LP/CD Night Calls

joe cocker NL CD night calls - 7-10-1991.jpgJoe Cocker pochette CD Night Calls.jpgIncluding You've got to hide your love away (produced by Danny Kortchmar) released by Capitol Records on October 10, 1991 (UK; GER; NL)

UK single issued on October 10, 1991.

UK CDP 79 8886 2 - GER 0777 7 95898 2 - NL CDP 7 95898 2.

US CDP 7 95898 2, July 6, 1992.

European vinyl LP 068-79 5898 1, Oct. 10, 1991.

Joe Cocker and The Chris Stainton Band which consisted of inter alia Jeff Lynne, multi intruments and producer; Mike Campbell, guitar; Ian McLagan, Hammond organ; John Miles, Hammond organ, tambourine, backing vocals; Chris Stainton, piano; Jim Keltner, drums...

Charts positions : FR #10; NL #18; CH # 5; NZ # 3; AT # 4; US # 111; UK : DNC ?

1967 : Cocker and Stainton send a demo tape to promotion man Tony Hall, who gives it to producer Denny Cordell, who arranges a recording session in London.

1968 : May 22 : Marjorine, credited to a solo Joe Cocker and issued on EMI's Regal Zonophone label, makes UK # 48.

Oct.18, 1968 : following an appearance at the National Jazz & Blues Festival in August, Joe embarks on a 10-date UK tour starting at the Newcastle Rutherford, Tyne & Wear. Including a Dec.8 gig with The Who and Arthur Brown. Tour will end Dec.20 at the Redcar Jazz club, Yorkshire.

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Joe Cocker (Pt 3) : She came...

  • Left to right : US album #11 in Nov. 1969; US single A&M 1147, 11/1969 : Feb. 7, 1970 : this song reaches US #30 and earns a gold disk. The album which includes i.a. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something, Let It Be is the last one featuring The Grease Band.
  • Other single references : GER Deutsche Grammophon Polydor 59 386, 11/1969; NL EMI Stateside 5 C 006-91012 M is released on Jan.2, 1970 and reaches the NL chart #18 the same month. Unissued in the UK.
  • French Joe Cocker! LP on EMI Stateside 2 C 062-90788, 1970.
  • Biography pt 3 : when Cocker returns to the UK he no longer has a recording contract, so takes up his Gas Board job again and plays only an occasional local gig. The Big Blues splits and Joe teams with Chris Stainton to write and record Marjorine and form The Grease Band in the course of 1964.
  • 1965 : The Grease Band, with Cocker on vocals, Stainton on bass, Tommy Eyre on keys, Kenny Slade on drums and Alan Spenner and Henry McCullough both on guitars, play soul material in clubs and pubs across the North of England. Its first recording, a live version of blues standard "Saved", is on a a free flexidisk with the Sheffield University magazine TWIKKER...To be continued... 
  •  joe cocker ! LP A&M - 1969.jpgjoe cocker - she came...A & M USA - 11-69.jpgcocker - she came in through...01-1970 - NL single.jpg http://youtu.be/qWRB_AssJ7k - http://youtu.be/-RdjAwQWF6w - http://youtu.be/Mzf5EBY8gCQ


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Joe Cocker (Pt 2) : I'll Cry Instead

cocker - i'll cry instead - DECCA F.11974 - 1964.jpg1964 : after an audition for producer Mike Leander in Manchester, Gtr. Manchester, Joe Cocker is offered a contract with DECCA Records. He takes leave of absence from the Gas Board and travels to Decca's studio in London. He debuts with a version of Lennon/McCartney's I'll Cry Instead released on 4 September 1964. Despite a good performance and session help including i.a. Big Jim Sullivan and Jimmy Page (called at the time "Little Jim") on guitars; Bobby Graham on drums and The Ivy League on backing vocals (Peter Oakman on double bass ?), it flops and Cocker reportedly only 10 shillings in royalties. He joins his first professional band, The Big Blues, on a brief UK Tour with Manfred Mann and The Hollies and then tours US army bases in France. To be continued...

UK DECCA single F.11974, 4/9/1964 - DNC. Thanks : e-Bay.

http://youtu.be/-vo9ibOrYXI (quite good !)


2007 : Joe Cocker was awarded the O.B.E. (Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the Queen's Birthday Honours list for his services to music on 16 June 2007.)

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JOE COCKER (Pt 1) : Beatles' cover of With A Little Help From My Friends

cocker - with a little help (...) - 09-1968 (s.k. - 21-10-2011).jpgB. John Robert Cocker, May 20, 1944, near Sheffield, S. Yorks, UK. In 1960 having left school, buys a cheap drumkit and forms a skiffle group with schoolfriends. He plays in brother Victor's skiffle group The Cavaliers at night, making his first public appearance at the Minvera Tavern in Sheffield. 1963 : when The Cavaliers change their name to Vance Arnold & The Avengers, Cocker steps out front and sings, changing his forename to Joe, after Cowboy Joe. He also sits in with local bands like Dave Berry & The Bruisers. To be continued... 

Nov.6, 1968 : his distinctive cover of The Beatles With A Little Help From My Friends hits UK #1 for a week (Regal Zonophone HSS 1308, October 1968). Picture cover from France (EMI/Stateside FSS 612, October 1968. Belgium #11, 11/1968.

Acc. by Jimmy page (solo gtr); Barry J. Wilson [of Procol Harum], (drms); Chris Stainton (bs gtr, vox and keyboards). Choruses: Sue and Sunny alias in order Yvonne Wheatman-Glover and her sister Heather.

The Beatles are impressed with his version and send him a congratulatory telegram and place music press ads praising the record.

Subsequent TV exposure introduces a wider audience to Cocker's flailing, tortured stage movements (that we say today he was the inventor of the AIR GUITAR). Some find his performance distasteful and when he appears on the "Ed Sullivan Show", he is obscured by dancers as he sings.

Dec.14, 1968 : With A Little Help From My Friends peaks at US Billboard Top 100 #68.



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