Prince's Trust 1986 (January 9, 2016)

beatles prince trust 1987 inlay card.jpgbeatles prince trust 1987 compact disc.jpg

396925-2 (ADD/DDD) made by A&M Records in Germany.

Issued on June 20, 1987.

Including Money For Nothing by Dire Straits, Call Of The Wild by Midge Ure, Marlene On The Wall by Suzanne Vega, In The Air Tonight by Phil Collins, Fields Of Fire by Big Country, No One Is To Blame by Howard Jones, Something About You by Level 42, I'm Still Standing by Elton John, Reach Out by Joan Armatrading, Better Be Good To Me by Tina Turner, Sailing by Rod Stewart and finally Get Back & Long Tall Sally performed by the greatest Paul McCartney and friends a.o. Francis Rossi/Rick Parfitt, Phil Collins, Elton John, Mark Knopfler, Brian Adams, Midge Ure. (Recorded Highlights of The Prince's Trust 10TH Anniversary Birthday Party).

Long Tall Sally : YouTube/watch?v=8nlclxuk844 (Long Tall Sally - from Little Richard)


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Rock around the clock (1954-1994) (11/02/2014)

Lire la suite


Dionne Warwick sings The Beatles (1969 & 1994 + 2004)

Dionne Warwick-CD 1994Marie Dionne Warrick became Warwick because of a mistyping. She was born Marie Dionne Warrick in East Orange, New Jersey, December 12, 1940.***Daughter of Chess Records' gospel promotion department head, was a regular performer, playing piano with The Drinkard Singers gospel group, managed by her mother.***She formed The Gospelaires, with sister Dee Dee, cousin Cissy Houston and friend Doris Troy, and they sang in churches throughout New York and New Jersey.***Soulful recorded in Memphis, Tenn. with producer Chips Moman, reached US #11 and US R&B #2. However this album failed to chart in UK.***This album features three Beatles' songs : We Can Work It Out, A Hard Day's Night and Hey Jude.***16 tracks CD : 10 songs + 6 extra tracks) original recordings re-issued by DISKY DCD 5401 DW, France/ The Netherlands, 1994  to become a satellite of the UK major EMI later in the 90s. Original US Scepter Records SPS 573, 1969/1/1. ***Dionne studied at Hart college of Music in Hartford, Conn., before joining Cissie Houston as backing vocalists on records by Garnet Mimms, the Drifters and others. Her first solo disc was Burt Bacharach's haunting "Don't Make Me Over", which reached No. 21 on Scepter Records in 1962 but failed the UK TOP 20 best-selling singles.

Dionne Warwick was Bacharach's Muse for a long time.

Track list as follows: You've lost that lovin' feelin' (5/69) - I'm your puppet (3/69) - The look of love (1969) - Make it easy on yourself (11/63) - People got to be free (5/69) - You're all I need to get by (5/69) - We can work it pout (5/69) - Try to remember/live (1968) - I love you Porgy (Dec. 21, 1965) - Reach out (10/64) - Hurt so bad (1972) - A hard day's night (5/69) - Do right woman-do right man (5/69) - I've been loving you too long (5/69) -People get ready (5/69) - Hey Jude (5/1969.) 

Other references: UK: Pye International NPL 28122, NSPL 28122, 1969 - CAN: Scepter Records SPS 573, 1969 (# 16) - GER: Scepter Records SHA-S 401, 1968/SHA-S S 401, 1969  - USA: SRMSPS 573, May, 1969 - FR/BEL: disques vogue CLVLXS 372, 1969 - NZ/S. AFR.: Pye Slp6016, 1969 - IT: Scepter Records SLCS 7007, 1969 - NL: SPS 573.

Produced i.a. by Burt Bacharach (b. May 12, 1928 - present.)

Last Soulful "Plus", Jan. 01, 2004: CD compiled by Rhino (Handmade) : an internet  - only purchase disc - Limited Edition (5,000 copies) 


http://youtu.be/FzWFNjei_SI (We Can Work It Out)  http://youtu.be/mKpZBogB7m4 (Hey Jude) http://youtu.be/HFxLlYLc7s4 (A Hard Day's Night)


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Back in Abbey Road with The Beatles and Paul McCartney - 2/02/2013

***Was Paul thinking of "They gotta quit kickin' my dog around?", a song recorded by The New Christy Minstrels in 1965?***Paul Is Live 24-track CD was released in 1993 and the 21-track DVD Paul Is Live In Concert On The New World Tour 10 years later.***Songs not featured on CD: Let It Be, Yesterday and Hey Jude.***Songs not featured on DVD : Robbie's Bit (Thanks Chet), My Love + welcome to soundcheck including Hotel In Benidorm, I Wanna Be Your Man and A Fine Day.***CD Abbey Road, 1987.***Photo: Ian MacMillan, 1969.***August 8th, 1969 : the photo of the group on the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road studios was taken at 10:00 am for use on the sleeve for forthcoming Abbey Road.***Abbey Road topped all over and beyond the world : 4th Oct. & 1st Nov. in UK & US for 11 weeks.***11th March 1970 : Abbey Road wins Best Engineered Recording Of 1969 at the 12th annual Grammy awards.***31st Oct. 1987 : CD Abbey Road reaches UK #30.***20th Jan. 1988 : The Beatles are inducted into the Rock'N'Roll Hall Of Fame at the 3rd annual dinner at the Waldorf Astoria, New York but Paul McCartney doesn't show, citing business differences with George Harrison and Ringo Starr.

beatles - lp abbey road (1) 2-02-13.jpgbeatles - lp abbey road (2) - 2-02-13.jpgbeatles - lp abbey road - paul is live (3) - 2-02-13.jpgbeatles - lp abbey road - paul is live CD (4) - 2-02-13.jpgbeatles - lp abbey road - paul is live DVD (5) - 2-02-13.jpg

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-Tribute- to The Beatles (05/10/2012)

Cette compilation a été éditée par PolyGram Distribution France en 1993 (conception compilation: Clément Boulais - pochette: Eric Fettweis / Spectre (avec le soutien de SKYROCK) dont 30 reprises des Beatles et la 31ième est une version de Imagine par Zucchero with Randy Crawford. En voici la track list:

Leo Sayer: Let it be, EMI/Chrysalis, 1975 - José Feliciano: Help!, RCA Victor, 1965 - The Carpenters: Ticket to ride (version 1972) A&M, 1972 - Joe Cocker: With a little help from my friends, Regal Zonophone, 1968 - Ray Charles: Eleanor Rigby, ABC Records, 1968 - Chér: The long and winding road, MCA Records, 1973 - The Jeff Healey Band: While my guitar gently weeps, Arista Records, 1990 - Stevie Wonder: We can work it out, Motown, 1970 - Otis Redding: Day Tripper, ATLANTIC, 1966 - Elton John with John Lennon: Lucy in the sky with diamonds, MCA, 1974 - Ike & Tina Turner: Get back, United Artists Records, 1973 - Jimi Hendrix: Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, Polydor (Europe), 1978 - Spooky Tooth: I'm the walrus, Island, 1975 - The Feelies: Everybody's got something to hide (Except me and my monkey), STIFF AMERICA, 1980 - Siouxie and The Banshees: Helter skelter, Polydor UK, 1978 - The Mission: Tomorrow never knows, MERCURY records, 1987. End of CD 1.

Joe Cocker: Something, Regal Zonophone, 1969 - Esther Phillips: And I love him, ATLANTIC, 1965 - Ray Charles: Yesterday, ABC Records / Tangerine, 1967 - The Temptations: Hey Jude, Motown, 1969- Arthur Conley: Ob la di, ob la da, ATCO RECORDS, 1968 - Nina Simone: Here comes the sun, RCA Victor, 1971 - The Overlanders: Michelle, Pye, 1966 - Todd Rungren: Strawberry fields forever, Bearsville Records, 1976 - Aretha Franklin: Eleanor Rigby, Atlantic, 1969 - Joe Cocker: She came in through the bathroom window, Regal Zonophone, 1970 - Ike & Tina Turner: Come Together, Liberty, 1970 - Elton John: Get back, DJM, 1971 - Pat Benatar: Helter skelter, EMI/Chrysalis, 1981 - Coroner: I want you (She's so heavy), Noise, 1991.

Les labels mentionnés sont ceux d'époque dont certains furent achetés plus tard dont certain ont changé de nom par d'autres firmes de disques. Il faut noter aussi que quelques chansons de cette compilation ne sont pas toujours identiques aux originaux.   lastscan - beatles tribute cd 1993.jpg


The Jimi Hendrix Experience: Day Tripper

jimi - CD 1989 - day tripper (30-09-2012).jpgjimi - CD 1998 - day tripper.jpgThe Jimi Hendrix Experience consisted of: Jimi - gtr, vcls, Noel Redding - bass, vcls - Mitch Mitchell, drums.

The Radio One BBC Sessions for Day Tripper was recorded on 15.12.1967 and aired on 24.12.1967.

Jan.11, 1967: Chas Chandler's high-profile press reception at the Bag o' Nails club coincides with Hey Joe's entry into the UK chart.

Feb. 1967: It hits UK #6 and Hendrix's "wild man" image is promulgated in the press. The group supports The Who at the Saville theater, its first non-club outing, while album recordings are completed, now at the Olympic studios, London.

March 1967: Purple Haze is released on new Track label after a deal with Kit Lambert. Amid allusions to mind-expanding drugs, it is taken up as an anthem for the new "love generation".

Nov. 1988: Rykodisc RCD 20078 and CD single are released in America.

1989: Previously unavailable BBC recorded radio sessions [from 02/1967 up to 01/1969-for "Top Gear"] are issued by Castle vinyl collectors in UK (CCSLP 212), titled Radio One, which makes UK #30 and, on CD by Castle Communications CCSCD 212, Europe. BBC Sessions: Executive producer Chip Branton. Producer: Bernie Andrews.  

1989: Also issued by bigtime CD 2615252 (West Germany) as 16 greatest CLASSICS which includes his version of The Beatles song Day Tripper:  http://youtu.be/qGRw2Tcw5ow

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The Jeff Healey Band: While My Guitar Gently Weeps

lastscan - healey - CD Hell to play-GER - 1990.jpglastscan - healey - UK CD single (27-09-2012).jpgNorman Jeffrey Healey (b. 1966/03/25 and d. 2008/03/02, Toronto , Ontario, was a blind Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist and guitarist who attained musical popularity in the 80s and 90s. Visually handicapped at age 1, his eyes had to be surgically removed, and he was given artificial replacements.

1983: Jeff formed the band BLUE DIRECTION in Toronto and played bar-band covers.

1988: The band signed to Arista Records also including Joe Rockman, bs gtr, backing vocals; Tom Stephen, drums featuring George Harrison, backin vocals and Jeff Lynne on acoustic guitar on a Beatles' track While My Guitar Gently Weeps: CAN RPM 100 #5; US #27; UK #18. http://youtu.be/660a3z7r2_4

The album Hell To Pay was recorded at Le Studio in Morin-Heights, Québec in January and February 1990 and released in May. Produced by Ed Stasium.

Album references i.a. CAN 218632 2 - UK/Europe 260 815, 1990.

Among the charts positions there was UK #85 (113622); US Top 200 #27; AUS #20 (105171); NZ #5; NOR #9; SWE #10; NL Top 100 #16; CH #16; GER #17 and so on.

In 2009, Healey was inducted into the Terry Fox Hall of Fame.

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José Feliciano: Help!

 http://youtu.be/1AVhYexZib4 Help!

 josé feliciano - help! - LP bag full...1966.jpgJosé Feliciano (b. Sept.10, 1945, Lares-present) is a Puerto Rican singer and clearly a famous guitarist.

His Help! cover (1965) is included in the album (vinyl LP) A Bag Full of Soul released in the US by RCA Victor LSP 3503 in 1966.

Other references  i.a. :

GER RCA Camden CAS 10233, 1966

UK RCA International (Camden) INTS 1025, 1969 

CD Tribute - compilation P. 1993 (23-09-2012).jpg2 CD -Tribute- released in France by PolyGram distribution 516 054 -2, 1993.

HELP! is the track CD 1/2

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Wet Wet Wet (3) : Yesterday

  • Wet Wet Wet - Yesterday - 1997.jpgAug.16, 1997 : Yesterday is issued and released by Precious Organisation.
  • Reference : JWLCD 31, UK chart #4.
  • This picture sleeve is quickly deleted (dark-brown) to be replaced by another of light-brown colour.
  • http://youtu.be/2YwqxV5RHoc

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Wet Wet Wet (2) : I Feel Fine

  • Wet Wet Wet - I feel fine 1990.jpgDec. 1984 : Having gigged locally in Scotland all year, the group meets Elliot Davis who becomes its manager.
  • Together they establish their own label, The Precious Organisation, and record a demo tape which they send to major companies in London.
  • 1985 : From their demo alone, 9 major companies compete to sign them. Dave Bates, A&R at Phonogram wins, but only after guaranteeing that the manager will receive a monthly supply of Whiskas cat food - a small sign of faith.
  • May 5, 1990 : Wet Wet Wet sing I Feel Fine at the "John Lennon Tribute Concert" at the Pier Head Arena in Merseyside to celebrate the songs of Lennon. (Proceeds go to John and Yoko-established Spirit Foundation.)
  • Aug.11, 1990 : Release of the double A-side Stay With Me Heartaches / I Feel Fine which reaches UK #30 in the same month.
  • UK references : vinyl 10", Phonogram / JEWEL 1310,
  • vinyl 12" - 4-track single, Phonogram / JEWEL 1312,
  • CD, single - double A-side, Phonogram / Precious Organisation JEWEL JWLCD 13.
  • http://youtu.be/zJ9h8bbDxUg : live May 5, 1990.

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Candy Flip : Strawberry Fields Forever

cady flip - strawberry fiels forever - 1990.jpgUK band Candy Flip (an electronic dance band from Manchester) makes UK #3 in March 1990.***27 January 1967: The Beatles sign a 9-year contract with EMI Records.***9 February: film clips for Penny Lane and SFF are shown on "Top Of The Pops".***11/02/1967: Double A-sided single hits UK #1.***1 April 1967: SFF hits US #8.***May: EMI announces total Beatles' record sales currently top 200 million world-wide.***18 May 1967 is another story. We love you!!!***The British band Candy Flip was caught in the party-all-night atmosphere of late-'80s/early-'90s Manchester, England. Named after the slang term for mixing ecstasy with acid, Candy Flip was formed by Dizzy Dee/ Daniel Mould (vocals, keyboards) and Richard Anderson "Ric" Peet (keyboards) in 1989. Not as critically acclaimed as their peers -- and obvious influences -- Happy Mondays and the Stone Roses, Candy Flip nevertheless attracted U.K. press and radio attention with an electronic update of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" [b/w Can you feel the love].The single, funkier and more club-happy than the Beatles' original. It was also a minor success on college and alternative stations in America.

Some 7" singles and CDs : UK single DEBCD 3092, 1989 - UK CD single Debut DEBCD 3092, 1990 - CAN 7" Atlantic 78 61560, 1990 - CAN CD single Debut Edge DEBT 3092, 1990 - FR 7" Carrère 14 925, 1990 - USA Atlantic/WEA JC FB ins - GER 7" Hot Records 100-07-528, 1989 - SCAN 7" Mega Records MRCS 2456, 1990 - BEL/NL/LUX 7" single Debut DEBT3092, 1990.

4 Track cassette Debme3092, UK, April 1990.

Image : UK maxi single including : SFF (rasberry ripple remix by Candy Flip & Kelvin Andrews) / SFF (UK #3) / Can you feel the love / Aqua libra.   http://youtu.be/9rw7TCtVdjY


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Earth, Wind & Fire : Got To Get You Into My Life

1955: Maurice White (1941/12/19-present) begins playing drums with Memphis schoolfriend Booker T. Jones (later of Booker T. And The MG's (Memphis Group.)

1966: he joins The Ramsey Lewis Trio and plays on 10 of Lewis' albums.

1969: White forms The Sally Peppers, who have a local Chicago hit with La La Time and Love Is Life on Capitol Records.

1970: White changes group name to Earth, Wind & Fire. They sign to Warner Bros. Records.

1978/07/14: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is released. White wins a Grammy Award of the best instrumental arrangements accompanying all the vocalists a few months later. 

1978/09/16: Got To Get You Into My Life, which the band performs in film "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" hits US Pop chart #9; R'n'B #1 and is a million-seller. Produced by Maurice White.

28.09.1978: the said single makes UK #33. ( http://youtu.be/6ljFPOmwg28 )

Personnel: Maurice White, Verdine White, Philip Bailey, Larry Dunn, Ralph Johnson, Al McKay, Johnny Graham, Andrew Woolfolk, Fred White (lead vocals, percussion; vcls, bs; vcls, percussion; piano, synthesizer; drums; gtrs; gtr; tenor sax; drums, percussion.)

Single references i.a.: US COLUMBIA 3-10796 - UK CBS 6553 released in September 1978.

Compilation: P. 1991 Sony Music Entertainment (France) S.A., COLUMBIA COL 468931-2 also released in Belgium, in The Netherlands...

Wish you all a happy New Year !

earth wind and fire - pochette fold out - 29-12-2011.jpgearth wind and fire - got to get you...pochette.jpg

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Billy J. Kramer And The Dakotas sing Lennon/McCartney (2/01/2008)

This is possibly a bootleg album released in Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.***Nevertheless, a terrific 16-track CD issued at the time on EMI/Parlophone from 1963 to 1965.***B.J. Kramer, vcls (b. William Howard Ashton, 19 August 1943, Bootle, Merseyside; Mike Maxfield, lead gtr; Robin Macdonald, rhythm gtr; Ray Jones, bs gtr; Tony Mansfield, drums.B.J. Kramer-CD1B.J. Kramer-CD2 http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/villa/9500/kramer.htm

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Histoire des Beatles + Maxi CD (hors live at the BBC) - 26-12-2007

Le livret : (C) 1999 - Editorial La Máscara, PZA Juan Pablo II, 5-B, 46015 Valencia -Espagne.***Auteur : Arturo Blay.***Traduction : L. Espain.***119 pages.***Le maxi CD : 1 : this BBC interpretation has a cute ending rather than the familiar fade-out on the record. "Baby It's You" is augmented on this EP by three radio recordings that are released here for the first time. (Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 1 June 1963, P. 30/12/1994).***2 : I'll Follow The Sun, Top Gear, rec. 17 November 1964.***3 : Devil In Her Heart, Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 16 July 1963.***4 : Boys : Pop Go The Beatles, rec. 17 June 1963 (one of the 7 takes). P. 2, 3, & 4 : 23/03/1995.Beatles-book+Maxi CD

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parodies & pastiches (3) : That Thing You Do ! (10th Jan., 2007)

Twentieth/20th Century Fox Movie featuring i.a. Tom Hanks...***Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (produced by Tom Hanks & Gary Goetzman) on PLAY TONE records/EPIC-SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT - France 01-486551-10, 16/07/1996. Songs performed by THE WONDERS.A-Beat-BBHM-TheWonders-1996A-Beat-BBHP-film-60ppp

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Wings :Live and let die / Vivre et laisser mourir - James Bond OO7 / 007

wings - pochette Bond 007 (4-09-2012).jpgwings - live and let die - vinyl (4-09-2012).jpgwings - pochette gun's and roses (4-09-2012).jpgwings - roger moore (4-09-2012).jpg






 ***Double "O" or in French-speaking double "0" means license to kill, the latter to become another James Bond film 26 years later featuring Timothy Dalton in the role. As for Live And Let Die, it was ex-The Saint Simon Templar Roger Moore who got it.*** US hard rock group Guns N' Roses feat. W Axl Rose alias William Bailey, lead vocals; Slash alias Saul Hudson, gtr; Izzy Stradlin, gtr; Duff Rose McKagan alias Michael McKagan, bass and Steven Adler, drums alias Steven Oh made a rendition, UK #5 (produced by Mike Clink and themselves) issued in 1991 on GEFFEN [in Europe: an MCA Company distributed by BMG Ariola, a Bertelsmann Music Group Company, Münich, Germany].***Live and let die by Wings, the theme to forthcoming James Bond film hitted both UK and US charts at #9 and #2 (2nd June and August 11, 1973).***Appréhendé pour composer la musique du film de James Bond "Vivre et laisser mourir" avec Roger Moore, Paul McCartney compose un de ses titres les plus originaux et ambitieux en mêlant la ballade, le reggae et l’orchestre symphonique dans le même morceau. Comme tous les titres phares des génériques de James Bond, celui-là ne manque pas non plus d'être spectaculaire avec grand orchestre comme le veut la tradition "bondienne".

http://youtu.be/e7aGAIWe3uE (Wings) - http://youtu.be/8JjVPiDLdH4 (Guns N' Roses)






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Bon anniversaire/Happy birthday Sir Paul (Yesterday... 18th June, 2006)

Yesterday, Sir James Paul McCartney was 64 years young."When I'm 64"...Keep up the good health and long live rock and roll. God bless you! Birthday was recorded live at Knebworth, June 30th 1990.***Apparently unreleased in the UK was John Smith And The New Sounds' rendition of Birthday.***This is the original release made in Germany. German pressing issued on Deutsche Vogue Schallplatten GmbH/Vogue Schallplatten, DV 14819.***Vogue International Industries präsentiert auf der EUROPAWELLE SAAR (Saarbrücken) jeden Mittwoch von 17.05 bis 17.35 Uhr mit Dieter Thomas Heck die neuesten Schallplatten.A1-Beat-Birthday-1968 France : disques vogue V. 45 - 1558.

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Sir Macca: Run Devil Run

Le concert du Cavern Club en studio avec: Paul himself, Höfner Violin Bass; Ian Paice, Pearl Drums et Cymbales Paiste (les meilleures); David Gilmour, Fender Esquire; Mick Green, Fender Stratocaster Serie No.S71440; Pete Wingfield, Piano et, Geraint Watkins, claviers. Macca: "It's just rock'n'roll"...Recorded at Abbey Road Studios, Londres, 1/03 - 5/05/1999.Ingénieurs du son: Geof/frey Emerick et Paul Hicks.Texte: (C) S. Koenig, 15.05.2006 -Pochette et CD label shot: (C) MPL Communications under license to EMI Records Ltd.Tracklist: Blue jean bop/She said yeah/All shook up/Run devil run/No other baby/Lonesome town/Try not to cry/Movie Magg/Brown eyed handsome man/What it is/Coquette/I got stung/Honey hush/Shake a hand/Party.

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Macca goes rocking again (1999)

Paul a retrouvé sa jeunesse. Le voici en compagnie du batteur Ian Paice de Deep Purple, du guitariste David Gilmour de Pink Floyd et des légendaires Mick Green (ex Johnny Kidd and The Pirates) et Pete Wingfield (e.a. ex Bill Haley and The Comets) "Live at The Cavern Club!, le 14/12/1999. Ils interprètent des standards du rhythm 'n' blues et du rock 'n' roll: Honey Hush (Joe Turner/Pluma Davis Orch., 1953); Blue Jean Bop (Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps, 1956); Brown-eyed Handsome Man (Chuck Berry, 1956); Fabulous (Charlie Gracie, 1957); What Is It; Lonesome Town (Ricky Nelson, 1959); Twenty Flight Rock (Eddie Cochran, 1957); No Other Baby (The Vipers, UK, 1958); Shake A Hand; All Shook Up (Elvis Presley, 1957); I Saw Her Standing There (The Beatles, Hamburg, 1962!); Party (Presley, 1957); Run Devil Run (Macca); She Said Yeah (Larry Williams, 1959); Coquette (Carmen Lombardo [Canada], 1928 puis 1957 via Fats Domino, 1958); I Got Stung (Presley, 1958) et Movie Magg (Carl Perkins, Flip 501, 02/1955). Texte: (C) S. Koenig 15.05.2006 - (C) DVD label shot: artwork MPL Communications, 2000 - (C) BMG Image Entertainment 74321 85517 9, 2001 (Dolby Digital Surround (DTS) 5.1

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Ringo Starr and his band saga 4: épisodes 6 & 7 "Open Your Eyes" - 1/01/2006

***Episodes 6 & 7'', 1999 : "Ringo Starr's 10th Anniversary All-Starr Tour"* Feat. Gary Brooker; Jack Bruce; Simon Kirke; Todd "Bang The Drum All Day" Rundgren, ex The Nazz et, Timmy Cappello : tournée américaine qui démarre le 12 février 1999 au Taj Mahal casino à Atlantic City et se termine le 29 mars 1999 au Hard Rock Café d'Orlando: * ''It don't come easy''; ''Yellow submarine''; ''Love me do'' !! ; ''I wanna be your man'' et, ''With a little help from my friends'' (chaque fois en finale).[Ni CD/DVD, pirate ou non].***"Connections Tour 2000" : feat. Simon Kirke; Dave Edmunds; Eric Carmen (ex The Raspberries et, en solo); Jack Bruce et Mark Rivera (directeur musical) : cette tournée prend son envol au Taj Mahal Casino d'Atlantic City, EU du 12/05/2000 pour se terminer à Milwaukee le 1/07/2000. * ''Boys''; ''With A Little Help From My Friends''... [Ni DVD/CD, pirate ou non] Photo: origine Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, 12/02/99.

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Ringo Starr All Band saga 3: épisodes 4 & 5 - 1/01/2006

Episodes 4 et 5***"Tournées 1997-1998 et, 1999"* Sous le nom de "Ringo Starr and His All Stars" feat. Ringo Starr (ex Rory Storm and The Hurricanes) chant, drums; Gary Brooker (ex The Paramounts, ex Procol Harum et, Procol Harum reformé!) chant, claviers; Jack Bruce (ex Cream, ex Graham Bond Organization, ex John Mayall's Bluesbreakers et ex West, Bruce and Laing) chant, basse; Peter Frampton, ex The Herd, ex Humble Pie, ex Peter Frampton's Camel et, en solo) chant, lead guitar; Simon Kirke (ex Free et ex Bad Company), chant, drums et Mark Rivera, multi-instrumentiste toujours directeur musical) live at the Pine Knob Music Theater, Clarkston, Missouri, 30/05/1997 (tournée aux EU, en Europe [pour se terminer dans un show en pein air à Hasrode [Oude Markt] près de Louvain, le 16/08/1998*** (dixit l'animateur) [Ndlr: où j'étais à quelques mètres de la scène, sans appareil photo (je n'aurais jamais pu supposer que j'allais me retrouver si près de la scène)] et en Russie (tournée: du 28/04/1997 au 7/06/1997 et jusqu'au 16 août 1998): * ''Boys''; ''Yellow Submarine''; ''I Wanna Be Your Man'' et ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' en finale. J'étais complètement baba de voir tous ces mastodontes de la pop music jouer ensemble: ils ont tous eu plusieurs No 1 dans le monde entier! [DVD IMAGE Ent./WARNER VISION, 9197 00828 2, France, 2001 [The Best of Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band: So Far...1989-1997) + CD officiel].***En 1998, la tournée démarre le 7 août au Helsingin jaahalli à Helsinki passe par la Belgique le 16 août suivant annoncée comme étant la dernière date européenne mais se poursuit le 18 août suivant à Lisbonne au Portugal.***Cette tournée s'achèvera lors d'un Benefit Concert à Wintershall, Angleterre.

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Ringo Starr on tour (saga 2) - 1/01/2006

====Les débuts - 3° partie==== * Toujours sous le nom de "All-Starr Band" feat. Randy Bachman, guitare (ex Guess Who, ex Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Canada; Felix Cavaliere, vocaux (ex Joey Dee and The Starliters, ex The (Young) Rascals); John Entwistle, basse (ex The Who); Mark Farner, guitare, vocaux (ex Grand Funk Railroad "E Pluribus Funk"); Billy Preston; Zak Starkey et, Mark Rivera, sax (Foreigner) Paul Simon; Billy Joel, ex Blue Oyster Cult, Hall and Oates, Peter Gabriel et directeur musical du groupe): Recorded live at Budokan Hall, Tokyo, 27/06/1995 (tournée du 2/06-28/08/95 (EU et Japon) ''I Wanna Be Your Man''; ''Boys''; ''Yellow Submarine''; ''Honey Don't'' et ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' en finale. [le triple CD "The Anthology... So Far" contient ce dernier titre enregistré à Milwaukee, EU, le 3/07/1995]--> info non créditée.

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Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: Paul McCartney/Wings/Sir Paul - 1/01/2006 / Live Aid

***Paul McCartney / Wings / Sir Paul McCartney***Images:Macca live in Moscow.***Video at the Live8Live******"Drive My Car", "All My Loving", "We Can Work It Out", "And I Love Her", "Yesterday", "Lady Madonna", "Let It Be", "Magical Mystery Tour", "The Long And Winding Road", "Paperback Writer", "Fixing A Hole", "Penny Lane", "Sgt. Pepper", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Hey Jude"/'''live at Perth, Australie, 1975'''. [CD pirate]***'''Wings Over America''' Tour 05-06/1976 [triple LP] (#8 RU et #1 EU, 01/1977)* "Lady madonna", "The Long And Winding Road", "Yesterday"/live at Madison Square Garden, New York, 10/06/1976 * '''Wings featuring Linda Eastman-McCartney (claviers, vocaux), Denny Laine (ex The Moody Blues), (guitares), Jimmy McCulloch, (guitares) (ex Thunderclap Newman et ex Stone The Crows + une brève apparition dans The Small Faces), Joe English (batterie, vocaux) (ex The English Band), Tony Dorsey, Howie Casey, Steve Howard et Thadeus Richard''' (les trois derniers: section des cuivres)- (+ clarinette et flûte, Thadeus Richard). * "The Fool On The Hill", "Let It Be", "Got To Get You Into My Life"/ WINGS, live in Glasgow, Ecosse, 1979 [piratés]*** * "Yesterday", "Here, There And Everywhere", "For No One", "Eleanor Rigby/Eleanor's Dream" ''' de la bande originale du film "Give My Regards To Broad Sreet"''', 11/1984 (décrit comme "musical fantasy drama") [CD: 20/09/1993]; #1 RU et #21 EU, 11/1984.***'''Live Aid 1985''' '''(Live Aid logo: courtesy of Bob Geldof's Internet "Live8live team)* ''Un grand merci à Bob Geldof''.***"Let It Be" / live at Wembley Stadium, Londres, 13/07/1985 (jingle récurrent: "live aid from london with bbc tv and radio one). DVD (malheureusement incomplet: RU et EU) sorti le 12/10/2004.***"Get Back" (with Tina Turner feat. Dire Straits' lead guitarist Mark Knopfler), "Long Tall Sally", "I Saw Her Standing There"/live at the '''Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party, Wembley Arena, 20/06/86''': double LP TELSTAR STAR 2401 "The Royal Concert", UK 1989 (Disky Communications/EMI Pays-Bas; Distrisound Belgium; Adès, France; 1989 [CD pirate, 04/87]***'''"CHOBA b CCCP"''' (Back in the USSR - "The Russian Album"), Melodiya A 60 00415 006 [label d'Etat], ex URSS, 31/10/1988). [pressé à 40.000 exemplaires]* ''Kansas City'' * '''feat. Mick Green, guitare (ex Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex Blind Drunk et ex Brian Ferry) , Chris Witten et, Mick Gallagher (piano)'''. * ''Got To Get You Into My Life'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Let It Be''/live at the '''Playhouse Theatre, Londres, 27/07/1989'': ''2d Night at the Playhouse'', CD pirate]***''Tripping The Live Fantastic'' Tour (26/07/1989-29/07/1990). (#17 RU, 18/11/90; #26 EU, 15/12/90); [l'édition "Highlights", #157 EU,15/12/1990. [Triple LP et double CD]. * ''The Fool On The Hill''/Wembley, 13/01/1990, ''Matchbox''/Wembley, 21/01, ''The Long And Winding Road''/Rio de Janeiro, 19/04, " P.S. Love Me Do, Rio de Janeiro, 21/04, ''Things We Said Today''/Glasgow, 23/06'', ''Birthday''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Hey Jude''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End''/R.F. Kennedy Stadium, ''Medley:"Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance"'', Liverpool, 28/06 , ''Got To Get You Into My Life''/Dortmund, 17/10, ''Can't Buy Me Love''/Münich, 21/10, ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''/Los Angeles, 23/11, ''Good Day Sunshine''/Montréal, 9/12/1990, ''Eleanor Rigby''/Glasgow (?)/06/90, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back''/Liverpool (?)/13/01/1990. * '''feat. Paul McCartney, basse, piano ex The Beatles, Linda McCartney (claviers), Robbie McIntosh (ex Chris Thompson and The islands; ex The Pretenders), Hamish Stuart (ex Average White Band], Chris Witten (batterie) et Paul "Wix" Wickens (claviers, directeur musical). [Triple LP; 2 CD box set]***"The Get Back World Tour"'''. [DVD/CD officiels] * ''Got To Get You Into My life'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End" live at OMNI Hotel, CNN Center, Atlanta, EU, 18/02/1990; '' P.S. Love Me Do'' live at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japon, 9/03/1990; ''Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance" live at the King's Docks, Liverpool, RU, 28/06/1990. [nouveau medley] * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart, Chris Witten et Paul "Wix" Wickens.* Ce concert débute au Valle Hovin Stadion à [[Oslo]], [[Norvège]] le 26/09/1989 et se termine le 29/07/1990 au Soldier Field Stadium, [Chicago]], Illinois, EU. ***"Back In The USSR", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Let It Be", "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", "P.S. Love Me Do"; "Get Back"/live on TV in Rio de Janeiro part 2, 20/04/1990'' [CD pirate].***Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help'"/"Give Peace A Chance"/live on the banks of the Mersey at the King's Docks Arena, 28/06/1990 '''["Imagine in Liverpool", pirate]' (1ère fois en public et monté de toute pièce en hommage à John). * ''Birthday'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''"Yeserday"/"Happy Birthday"''"Oh Yeah", "Get Back"'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End"''/'''live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, 4/07/1990''' [CD pirate] * ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''She's A Woman'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Matchbox'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Blackbird'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'' .* ''feat. Robbie McIntosh, Linda McCartney, Paul "Wix" Wickens, Hamish Stuart et Blair Cunningham, batterie (ex Chris Spedding). (''MTV "Unplugged" Show recorded at Limehouse Studios in Wembley, London, 27/04/1991'')["Unplugged"-The Official Bootleg] + "Things We Said Today", "Blackbird", "I've Just Seen A Face"/live ''MTV 27th/04/1991'' [piratés].***'''"The New World Tour" 5/02-16/12/1993''***''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Kansas City'', ''I Wanna Be Your Man''. * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Blair Cunningham ''. [DVD/CD] * ''Hello Goodbye'', ''All My Loving'', ''Getting Better'', ''Blackbird'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''medley: "You Never Give Me Your Money"/"Carry That Weight"'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Something'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Here, There An Everywhere'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'', ''Two Of Us'' [dédiée à John et George], ''Michelle'', , ''She's leaving Home'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Birthaday'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Yesterday'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'' (Reprise), ''The End''/live in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, 24/05/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''* ''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Yesterday'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Let It Be'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Fixing A Hole'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Sgt. Pepper'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Mother's Nature Son''/live at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, Californie, 17/04/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''Matchbox'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''Hey Jude''/live at the Tokyo Dome in [[Tokyo]], 11/1993''[CD pirate ("The New World Tour 1993")]. * ''One After 909'', ''For No One'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Yesterday''/live 23/03/1995 for "A Royal Performance". '''["Hey Tokyo" ou "Sayonara Mr. Paul", CD pirate]'''. *'''"Back in the U.S. - Back in the world live", 2002-2003''' [DVD - 2 CD box set]* ''Hello Goodbye'', ''''All My Loving'', ''Blackbird'' (unplugged), ''We Can Work It Out'' (unplugged), , ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', (''Hey Jude'' (Terrific rock and roll rendition!: et ''Matchbox'') [en répétition/rehearsal] = "fly on the wall": ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Getting Better'' (1ère en live) ''Something'', ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Yesterday'', ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'' + ''Lady Madonna'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Carry That Weight'', ''Michelle'', ''She's Leaving Home''/live 2002-2003 * '''feat. Paul McCartney, guitare basse Höfner pour gauchers en forme de violon ou guitare solo ou piano ou guitare sèche ou ukulele; Rusty Anderson, guitare (ex Animal Logic); Brian Ray, guitare; basse (ex Etta James); Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr., batterie (ex Dana Glover).***Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney.***Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. MPL/Capitol 2002. [[Images: Macca live in Moscow: * "SPASSIBO RUSKI"! '''In Red Square, Moscow, 24th/05/2003 and Live In Saint-Petersburg, 20th/06/2003''' [DVD]***Sur la Place Rouge": featuring Paul McCartney, guitare solo ou guitare basse ou piano ou guitare sèche, Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr. * ''Getting Better''; ''Can't Buy Me Love''; ''Two Of Us''; ''I Saw Her Standing There'' ''We Can Work It Out''; ''I've Just Seen A Face''; ''Fool On The Hill''; ''Things We Said Today''; ''Birthday''; ''Maybe I'm Amazed''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''Hey Jude'' ''She's Leaving Home''; ''Yesterday''; ''Let It Be'' et, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'' (Reprise) / finale.***Sir Paul demande à Vladimir Putin si ce dernier assistera au concert: Poutine marmonne quelque chose qui laisse croire qu'il n'y sera pas pour une question de sécurité...Et lui joue au piano Let it be (Sir Macca dira que Putin a bénéficié d'un petit concert en privé)*** Vladimir Poutine a assisté à ce concert...On le voit nettement sur le DVD.***Le président Poutine s'adressant (en russe) à Macca à propos des Beatles, et en privé quelques heures plutôt: "It was like a gulp of freedom. Your music was like an open window to the world". (C'était comme un groupe d'octets de la liberté. Votre musique était comme une fenêtre ouverte au monde). Et les Russes de dire à l'envi: "The Beatles have done more for the fall of communism than any other Western institution". (Les Beatles ont fait plus pour la chute du communisme que n'importe quelle autre institution occidentale).***"Spassibo Ruski"! (bis)***"A Saint-Petersbourg", le 20/06/2003 [date non créditée]: même personnel : "Got To get You Into My Life''; ''Drive My Car''; ''Penny Lane''; ''Get Back''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''I've Got A Feeling''; ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'' et, ''Helter Skelter'' en rappel final. * Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney. Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. DVD MPL/Warner Music Vision, 5050467-8314-2-1, 14/06/2005. "Dosvidania", Sir Paul.***'''Live Eight live, at Wembley Arena, Londres, 2/07/2005''' [de 1 à 5], les DVDs, 22/10/2005]* ''Sgt. Pepper'' (avec U2), ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Get Back'', ''Helter Skelter'', ''Drive My Car'' avec George Michael, ''Hey Jude'' [the grand finale].A1-Macca-Live8live-2-07-2005***Retranscriptions et recherches supplémentaires: S. Koenig 2006 - Photos : extraites du booklet. Live Aid 1985 et Live8live 2005: avec l'autorisation expresse de deux gentlemen : Bob Geldof et Rodden Shaw du staff Internet Live8live team. Thank you Bob and thanks too Rodden. Photo: Macca live in Moscow "Spassibo Ruski" (say "spassiba": with kind permission of Sir Paul McCartney. Thanks to you Sir Paul and best wishes to you and yours, Stephan.

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