John Lennon live in New York City, 30 August 1972 (Aug. 29, 2015)

concert john lennon 30 août 1972.jpgbeatles lennon plastic elephant memory band.jpg

Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band are : John Lennon-Guitar, Keyboards / Yoko Ono-Keyboards / Stan Bronstein-Saxophone / Wayne "Tex" Gabriel-Lead Guitar / John Ward-Bass / Gary Van Scyoc-Bass / Jim Keltner-Drums / Rick Frank-Drums / Adam Ippolito-Keyboards.

John Lennon makes his only major appearance at a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden for the One To One charity. Critics regard it as his first solo performance. He is joined on stage by Stevie Wonder (Superstitious) and Roberta Flack for Give Peace A Chance finale. The re-election of Nixon in 1972 and pressures to have Lennon deported from America were perhaps contributory factors to the political commitment which was the driving-force behind Some Time In New York City (in America this double album, Lennon teams for one disk with group Elephant's Memory). July, 1972 : album makes US #48. The Beatles' song publishing arm, Northern Songs, refuses to recognize some of Yoko Ono's composer credits with her husband, and release of the album is delayed in UK.

Lyrics about the oppression of women, the Attica prison riots and Northern Ireland were attacked as simplistic and extremist, but the album/LP's powerful musical impact was enhanced by spirited rock'n'roll backings from the New York group Elephant's Memory. It was packaged with a second record containing material from two live sessions, with the Frank Zappa's The Mothers Of Invention and a 1969 band, at London's Lyceum, including Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and Delaney and Bonnie (Lynn) Bramlett. 

October, 1972 : Some Time In New York City reaches UK #11. Also known as LIVE in NEW YORK City for CDs (PARLOPHONE CDP 7 461196 2, UK, 1986). We all shine on...John Lennon. R.I.P.



Chris Squire YES' bassman has passed away : tribute

Chris Squire (ex-The Syn, which has recorded for DECCA/Deram was born March 4, 1948, London. He has just passed away a few days ago aged 66. 

June, 1969, YES signed to Atlantic, first release Sweetness makes a little impact. Next November, debut album Yes features re-workings of The Beatles' Every Little Thing and The Byrds' I See You. The same month, guitarist Peter Banks also ex-The Syn forms Yes including Jon Anderson, Tony Kaye, ex-Federals and Bill Bruford, ex-Savoy Brown.
A Beatles track "Every Little Thing". Exerpt taken from their 1969 ATLANTIC LP/Album YES : 

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Let It Be 1970-1987 (13/04/2014)

Depuis Abbey Road, cet LP a été enregistré en vraie stéréo. "Full stereo".

http://youtu.be/KQm3ndwteVs (Across the universe) http://youtu.be/ytu3yEE9ACE (Let it be) http://youtu.be/u_lpMbwCIQM (Get back) http://youtu.be/u_lpMbwCIQM (I've got a feeling)

Un an après son enregistrement, l'américain Phil Spector remet aux Beatles le mixage définitif de l'album Let It Be. Paul McCartney explose de colère (on le comprend aisément) lorsqu'il écoute des arrangements de cordes réalisés par Spector sur sa chanson The Long And Winding Road. Il tempête (à juste titre) et exige que le disque ne sorte pas avec ce désastreux mixage. Mais "on" n'en tient pas compte et Let It Be est considéré achevé tel quel. En raison de cet événement, Paul prend brutalement conscience de la réalité. Les Beatles, pour lesquels il s'est battu jusqu'au dernier moment, lui échappent. Ou du moins, il n'est plus capable d'avoir emprise sur ses propres compositions. Alors, il sait que tout est fini. Il téléphone à John pour lui annoncer qu'il a lui aussi l'intention de laisser tomber le groupe. Et en effet, Paul se retire dans sa ferme écossaise où il a fait construire son propre studio d'enregistrement. Il y prépare un album en solitaire, qu'il souhaite lancer très rapidement. Après d'âpres discussions pour savoir si son disque doit sortir avant Let It Be, les trois autres Beatles finissent par accepter que Paul fasse paraître sous le label Apple, le 17 avril, son album McCartney. Dans le disque figure une auto-interview de Paul dans laquelle il explique le pourquoi de ce disque et la dissolution des Beatles, ce qui irrite passablement John Lennon.

Un mois plus tard, c'est la première du film Let It Be mais aucun des Beatles n'assiste à sa projection. Le film reflète la réalité interne du groupe au moment où il a été filmé : tendus, distants, malgré quelques moments brillants de convivialité, essentiellement lorsqu'ils reprenaient des chansons anciennes. L'album sort au même moment, mettant en évidence l'apathie musicale du groupe, sauvé par quelques chansons magnifiques comme Across The Universe ou I've Got A Feeling (de John), Let It Be (de Paul), qui sort en 45 tours ou le magistral Get Back. Quand le disque paraît, les Beatles n'existent déjà plus en tant que groupe.

C'est Paul qui met la touche finale à cette séparation le 30 décembre 1970, en intentant une procédure judiciaire contre John, George et Ringo, manœuvre juridique qui, selon lui, est exclusivement dirigée à l'encontre d'Allen Klein. Il ne devait pas avoir tort puisque, par la suite, les autres membres du groupe disparu ont tous fini par faire de même. Quoi qu'il en soit, c'est bel et bien la fin de l'histoire.

beatles let it be 1970.jpg

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All You Need Is Love...25 June 1967 (9/01/2014)

pop live june 1967 The recording of this song at Abbey Road studios was transmitted world-wide (I saw it at the time!!!) as part of the first global TV link-up, "Our World", to an estimated audience of 400 million.***The song features exerpts from the Bach's Brandenburger concertos, the French National Anthem "La Marseillaise", "Greensleeves" (1960 oldie by The Brothers Four) and She Loves You.***George Martin, also used a segment of the Glenn Miller Orchestra's In The Mood, thinking it was out of (C).***He was later successfully sued for a royalty settlement by Miller's publishers.***In addition to 13 session musicians [some of them playing Bach's Trumpets], friends on backing vocals were Mick Jagger, Keith Richard(s), Marianne Faithfull, Eric Clapton, Keith Moon, Jane Asher, Paul's brother Mike McGear from The Scaffold, The Walker Brothers' Gary Leeds and finally Graham Nash and his wife. (Our world, June 25, 1967.) All You Need Is Love recorded during a LIVE WORLD TELEVISION TRANSMISSION (original live Odeon O 23 560, Germany.) Video below.



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Let it be...naked on iTunes

 LET IT BE...NAKED available on iTunes, April 3, 2013.

http://youtu.be/5z75yQndVzQ (Get Back) http://youtu.be/TipfIUP1kAE (One After 909)

http://youtu.be/Wg6BveKWqbg (Don't Let Me Down) http://youtu.be/QcBwoUXCuBI (Let It Be)


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A tribute To The Beatles

A tribute to the beatles - black box BB222 - 2001.pngOnly the songs officially recorded by THE BEATLES and published by EMI/UK featured on this 2 CD BLACK BOX BB222, marketed and distributed by Weton-Wesgram B.V., Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands, 2001. A product from UK manufactured in European Union. Re-recorded and live renditions follow:

1-Yesterday by Shirley Bassey (1991) - 3-Let it be by The Copycats (1997) - 4- Strawberry fields forever by Candy Flip (1990) - 7-Ob-la-di, ob-la-da by The Marmalade (1989) - 9-Come together by Ike & Tina Turner (1989) - 10-Hey Jude by The Copycats (1997) - 11-Do you want to know a secret by Billy J. Kramer (1982) - We can work work it out by Tom Jones & Chaka Khan (1981) - 13-A hard day's night by The Swinging Blue Jeans (1988) - 16-All you need is love by The Copycats (1997) ***1-The fool on the hill by Orchestra Golden Nightingale (2001)  - 2-Norwegian wood by Inishkea (2000) - 3-Another girl by Richard Romance Orchestra 2001?) - 5- Penny Lane by The Ray Hamilton Orchestra (2000) - 6- And I love her by Gino Marinello (1988) - 7-The long and winding road (1988) - 8-Another girl by The Ray Hamilton Orchestra (2000 - 9-With a little help from my friends by Gino Marinello (1988) - 10-Lucy in the sky with diamonds by G.M. (1988) - 12-Eleanor Rigby by G.M. (1988) -13-Help by The R. H. Orch. (2000) - 15-I should have known better by Moods Orchestra (2000) - Can't buy me love by The R. H. Orch. (1996)      



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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - The Beatles' Just Seventeen

just seventeen - south african single.jpg


Sgt. Pepper's - spirit of 66 - 27-10-2010 009.jpg

Pas dupes Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band pcq à l'origine (à Hambourg, les Beatles la chantait sous ce titre bcp plus r'n'r que la version LP sur Parlophone. Il reste une trace d'un simple sud-africain qui utilise Just Seventeen avec en sous-titre ISHSThere ! Il y a une image de ce single dans l'un de mes album photo HTFR (sur facebook). La cover de SPODBB est splendide. Rock and roll ! The hurricane (SPODBB) destroyed everything in its track !!!

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The Beatles : English translation of "l'événement marketing du jour"

beatles - 9-9-2009An event? Not for all the Belgian media notably RTL TVI. ***Shame on you ! *** On Wednesday 9/09/2009 fate jewel published by EMI UK comprising 14 enhanced CD's (+ 1 DVD ) fully remastered quasi in HD.*** The 14th containing the old Past Masters 1 & 2 released in the UK at the beginning of March 1988 .*** Well received in the UK (# 49 & # 46 March 19, 1988 but with less impact in the USA where they are ranked U.S. # 149 & # 121 U.S. the following 9 and 16 April .***To date, the question is whether we should absolutely get it one way or another or switch it off. This wonderful package (great work of remastering made by Guy Massey, Steve Rooke, Sam Okell along with Paul Hicks & Sean Magee at Dan Lacksman's SynSound Recording Studio in Brussels chosen by EMI Belgium) of which each CD has a gatefold cover sold this morning at 9:09am in record stores. I am doubtful as Gilles Verlant said the price is around 250 € (this afternoon I saw the price setted at € 199 but they were already sold like pancakes !). So, if you do not have anything yet by the Beatles ( fortunately Sir Paul McCartney was able to buy out the 251 songs [on some 365 listed] purchased by Michael Jackson [see ATV Music Publishing article] and that you have the financial resources and proper equipment (a digital amplifier which could possibly spread songs in 5.1 if you have a home cinema ).*** Note that the first reissues of LP's on CD were in monaural sound (AAD) and those with the stereo were so ADD that EMI wanted the "ADD" for all albums and the fans otherwise. EMI has finally yielded to the very last minute by putting an AAD patch on the ADD letters seen through/thru the box already printed on the inlay cards but this time all CD's are in full stereo and also available in monaural sound even the stereo ones!!!.*** March 7, 1987 as the group's back catalog systematically is released on CD, The Beatles' timeless popularity is underlined as they return to the charts all over the world .*** This 9/9/9 is not a coincidence since it's the former (new)Scotland Yard's telephone nr. which controlled the UK charts in the course of the 70's (see other article) due to shenanigans/mix-ups including at least two British showbiz personalities including Roger OO7 Moore's wife Edna May 'Dorothy' Squires (d. on 14 April 1998). Note also that these persons were convicted and anyway there are limitations.***Nota: The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl is still unreleased.*** I will forever be a fan and I am sure we will talk of them in 100 years or beyond and / or in the hereafter .*** LONG LIVE THE BEATLES!


The connection between Cockney Rebel and The Beatles (12/01/2008)

Steve Harley (alias Steve Nice) and Cockney Rebel recorded in 1976 this Beatles song written and composed by George Harrison : Here Comes The Sun. Excerpt from the CD below, EMI : CDP 7 46714 2, 1987 / EMI UK: CZ 15, 1987.***Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel are some of MySpace friends. Cockney Rebel (cover and inlay card-72 dpi)

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THE BEATLES 1962-1970 (2 DVD's - 2005) 1/12/2007

Ce double DVD est un survol critique de l'oeuvre musicale, cinématographique et scénique des Beatles.***Ce coffret contient l'analyse et l'origine (pour les reprises) de leurs chansons enregistrées entre 1962 et 1970.***A mon avis, l'une de leurs meilleures reprises est celle de Rock And Roll Music de (mon ami MySpace) Chuck Berry. Ob-la-di, ob-la-da "la vie continue"/"life goes on" en dialecte yoruba (Brésil) et non "yorumba" comme on peut le lire dans certains autres bouquins!Beatles 2 DVD - 2005Beatles 2 DVD (62 dpi) - 2005


The Beatles Anthology (7&8) - 27-11-07

Anthology 4

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The Beatles and Deep Purple MkI (2) - 1968 (22/03/07)

A-DP MkI-photo-1968A-DP MkI-LP Harvest-1968***Another rendition of a Beatles' song We Can Work It Out is included here on The Book Of Taliesyn released this time on the brand new EMI progressive label HARVEST and still on the Bill Cosby's label in the States in December 1968.***This album reaches US #54 without charting in U.K.***B/W. Cover Photo: Richard Imrie***Recording Engineer: Barry Ainsworth.***Recorded at De Lane Lea Studios ***I'm a DP fan of all time...Forever...

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Happy X-mas (war is not over) - part 2 - 24/12/2006

This one is dating back to 01/1975 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over) belatedly makes UK #48, as Lennon returns to live with Yoko. Still the same recording.A1-Beat-HappyXmas (2) - 01-1975 (pic cover)A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1975 single

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Happy X-mas : war is not over (1) - 24/12/2006

December 8, 1980 : John, returning from a recording session, is gunned down in the courtyard of the Dakota building in New York, John's home for the past decade. He dies from loss of blood shortly thereafter at the Roosevelt hospital.***December 1971 : Happy Xmas (War Is Over) credited to John & Yoko / The Plastic Ono Band With the Harlem Community Choir is released in US only and fails to chart.***December 1972 : for the first time released in UK (Apple R 5970) hits at #4, and makes the first of many chart visit having held up from UK release due to the Ono song-credit dispute.***You can see the original French picture cover and the UK green vinyl single dating back to 12/1972. Original green vinyl !A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1971-UK-1972 (frontside)A1-Beat-HappyXmas-POB-1972 single

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Portuguese Apple (1) : Plastic Ono Band (1969)

July 1969 : Give Peace A Chance hits UK #2, and becomes the definitive peace anthem for pacifists worldwide.***This song also reached US #14 in September.***#4 in Belgium next August.A1-Beat-POB-Portugal--N - 38 - 11A1-Beat-POB-backside coverA1-Beat-POB-disc

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George Harrison and Apple singles (yum-yum again with What Is Life, My Sweet Lord and Ding Dong, Ding Dong)

Originally issued as the B-side of My sweet lord (US, 12/1970; UK, 01/1971), What is life [French pressing] hitted US POP chart #10 on 27th March 1971***Back on the 26th December of 1970, My Sweet Lord [Italian pressing] topped the US POP chart, giving Harrison a second accolade as the first ex-Beatle with a chart-topping single. Originally given away by George to Billy Preston for his Apple album Encouraging Word and even scheduled as a Preston single release, it became a worldwide #1 (Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany...), selling over 5 million copies. This single topped the UK chart on 30th January 1971.***Tidbit time: next March: Bright Tunes, which owned copyright of the late Ronnie Mack's song He's So Fine, a hit for US group The Chiffons (1963 US #5, UK #16), made a legal claim that MSL plagiarized its former client's hit, and all royalty payments were frozen. George claimed that his song was inspired by the Edwin Hawkins Singers' hit Oh Happy Day (1969 US #4, UK #2). More than 5 years later, Sept.7, 1976 in US, District Court Judge, Richard Owens, will rule in favor of the plaintif, but will allow that George perhaps subconsciously adapted the song. Bright Tunes was paid USD 587.000 and was taken over by ex-Beatles' manager, Allen Klein, who continued a damage suit. The Chiffons released a cover version of MSL but did not chart (DNC). "Ding Dong" (Apple UK, R 6002), [Belgian pressing, 12/74] made UK #38 in January 1975 and US #36 on the 8th February of the same year. The B-side I don't care anymore (because of The Chiffons' affair) reflected his mood of the time. My sweet lord re-charted UK #2 in 2002.***John Lennon aurait même rapporté ceci d'après des experts en matière de plagiat : "Il aurait pu tout de même changer quelques notes..." !

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Rock-a-beatin' boogie : tribute to Danny Cedrone (20/06/1920 - 17/06/1954). C'est la vie.

Parfois le destin est vraiment tragique...Ou comment se tuer "bêtement" à l'âge de 33 ans suite à une chute et en faisant un vol plané dans des escaliers [il s'était brisé la nuque et mourut instantanémént]. Danny Cedrone, lead guitar Gibson ES-300 (né Donato Cedrone le 20 juin 1920) commence à enregistrer avec les Saddlemen à Chester, banlieue de Philadelphie, PA, en juin/juillet 1951.*** English-speaking translation: sometimes the destiny is really tragic… Or how to be killed at the age of nearly 34 years while slipping and falling into the staircases [he broke his neck]. Danny Cedrone (born Donato Cedrone on June 20, 1920) started recording with The Saddlemen in Chester, suburb of Philadelphia, Pa. , in June/July 1951.(Sundown Boogie [a proto-rockabilly original] and later Rock The Joint [from Jimmy Preston and His Prestonians, GOTHAM JP-12, G-188-A, Philadelphia, 24th Sep. 1949] et, Rocking Chair On The Moon [co-signé avec HARRY BROOMHALL (fidèle garde du corps/bodyguard et supporter de Bill), Dance With A Dolly (With A Hole In Her Stockin') [from a 19th century minstrel song "Lubly Fan" (aka Buffalo Gals) by Cool White (alias John Hodges) and The Virginian Serenaders, 1844 [As I was walking down the street, down the street, down the street, a pretty gal I chance to meet under the silvery moon. Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight? Come out tonight, come out tonight? Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, and dance by the light of the moon...] via Lubly Fan and/or Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (hillbilly), Okeh, 1926 and, via Terry Shand and His Orchestra's "Dance With A Dolly", January 1940) et, Real Rock Drive un peu plus loin dans cette même année 1951 (a little bit later in the same year, then practically "disappears" leaving only one single) puis "disparaît" quasiment ne laissant qu'un autre single. Danny will also play lead guitar on Crazy Man, Crazy in 1953.***On le retrouvera ce fameux jour du 12 avril 1954 à la session de RATC puis sur Shake, Rattle And Roll le 7 juin suivant. Il se tue 10 jours plus tard.***Guyden Records [to become a Jamie subsidiary, the latter founded back in 1958 by Harold Lipsius in Philadelphia, Pa.] was owned by Bob Cordell. B/W (backed with) St. Louie Blues from Wayne Christopher Handy's original St. Louis Blues, Swaggie JCS-33787, Chicago, 26th Feb., 1929 (instrumental). Rock A-Beatin'-Boogie charted (with Kay Carol on vocals) #42 in the Cash Box TOP 50 on 30th Oct.1954. W.C. Handy made also the original version of "Say Yeah" (RENOWN XY-102, 10/1957 [Renown Records and Publications, Inc., Durham, North Carolina]) as Wayne Handy / Jim Thornton And His Band. Who made the original version of RABB? That's the question...See ya next 17th July, 2006 for the response..[maybe I have one, :-)]. 'Course. Just a small idea, Steph? Dunno, just wait like the others. However, Bill Haley who wrote this song, recorded it a full four years later. Bill Haley used to say that this was the song which inspired Alan Freed.***, producer of American Bandstand, Tony Mammarella, in particular signed Butterfly (originally written by Kal Mann and Bernie Lowe) under the pseudonym of Anthony September, [US #7, 2 March 1957] (Charlie Gracie - nice to met you in Liège a few years ago) and certain songs of Connie Francis without having taken part under the pseudonym of Anthony September too. He was, in May 62, accused in the scandal “payolas” (Eng-sp. "bribes" at the same time as Alan Freed. Six other D.J.'S known are fallen in the same business. Alan Freed was never raised some and died on January 20, 1965 in In 1960, the United States Senate investigated payola, the practice of music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product, at Palm Springs hospital aged 43 completely ruined. Dick Clark (Richard Augustus Wagstaff, music-producing companies paying broadcasting companies to favor their product. As a result, Clark's personal investments in music publishing and recording companies were considered a conflict of interest, and he sold his shares in those companies.) : when the payola crisis had hit rock at the time, he's been called "the single most influential person"in the popular music industry and made to divest himself of some business interests after the Congressional probe. Despite that, ABC kept on the Dick Clark Show, a syndicated newspaper column, working as a tour emcee and the ill-fated World Of Talent.***He was the first to use the terms of rock'n' roll and signed lyrics in particular with Chuck Berry (.***His troubles constituted in kinda revenge of the good adult white American society of the Fifties which hated rock'n'roll, the white and black mixture and from there, Alan Freed.***He was inducted into the rock'n'roll hall of fame in 1986 for his participation in the explosion and the expansion of r'n'r. It is a historical certainty...***[traduction française: Tony Mammarella, producteur de l'American Bandstand a signé notamment Butterfly (écrite à l'origine par Kal Mann et Bernie Lowe), (Charlie Gracie) et certaines chansons de Connie Francis sans y avoir participé sous le pseudonyme de Anthony SEPTEMBER. Il a été, en mai 62, inculpé dans le scandale des "payolas" (pots-de-vin) en même temps que Alan Freed. Six autres D.J.'s connus sont tombés dans la même affaire. Alan Freed ne s'en est jamais relevé et est mort complètement ruiné en janvier '65. Il avait été le premier à utiliser les termes de rock'n'roll et a signé des textes notamment avec Chuck Berry (pas du tout content parce que Freed n'avait strictement rien à voir avec cette chanson!). Ses ennuis constituaient en sorte une revanche de la bonne société blanche adulte américaine des années 50 qui détestait le rock, le mélange blanc et noir et de là, Alan Freed mais Berry n'en avait rien à fiche! Il a été introduit au rock'n'roll hall of fame en 1986 pour sa participation à l'explosion et l'expansion du r'n'r. C'est une certitude historique / to come up with "rock'n'roll" as a name for the new music.; Bill was some two years adrift in his timing but Freed certainly liked and plugged THE TRENIERS (COLUMBIA/Okeh 7023, March 1954 as the B-side of Trapped In A Web Of Love) then issued on an EPIC E.P. EG 7103 in 1955 [feat. Don Hill on Alto Sax / Orch. under dir. of Quincy Jones]. They, in return, dedicated "MOONDOG" 'S ROCK 'N'ROLL PARTY [White, of Welsh-Lithuanian descent, Freed chose the new name to avoid the racial stigmate thought inherent in existing names like "rhythm & blues" and "race music". Freed was the catalyst throughout his radio show] on Cleveland's WJW in June 1951. RABB written for them by Bill Haley [however, even if the latter wrote that the song had been especially written for his friend Danny Cedrone (issued in December 1952 (see other topic) and the same record in April 1954 - Cedrone hesitating to record it! [maybe was it his firm Guyden records to hesitate?] : The Treniers beat (???) Cedrone [the song was recorded in December 1953]. Nevertheless, his version was much better than the latter, anyway!) in his book "Sound And Glory" published by his eldest son in 1990 (Bill Haley was quite unable to distinguish the lie from the truth: did his memory fail?)] was another fine example of the genre that enslaved Freddie Bell(o) and a young Charlie Graci(e) , ex-Paul Whiteman's Orchestra.***http://www.the-jime.dk/Rockabilly_Guitar/Rock_Around_the_Clock_Solo.htm

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What about John? Cold Turkey, Instant Karma & Give Peace A Chance

These three songs were credited as Plastic Ono Band, Lennon / Lennon/Ono (With the Plastic Ono Band).*** Apple? Yum-yum again with John and his pop music and what about UK and US charts?***"Apple 13" [the disk was credited to The POB (a name John will use for the musicians he is recording with over the next few years). Appearing on it were John himself, Tommy Smothers, Petula Clark (!), Timothy Leary and Allen Ginsberg] was released in July 1969 and hitted US #14 and UK #2***"Apple 1003" (02/1970), recorded in a day and produced by Phil "Wall of Sound" Spector hitted UK #5 and US #3. George played guitar and Allen Klein and assorted club-goers from London's Hatchetts club provided chorus.***"Apple 1001", on the agonies of drug (suffering from) withdrawal (11/1969) charted US #30 and hitted UK #14 [...With love, John Lennon of Bag. Then moved him to America]

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Rhythm'n'blues & rock'n'roll in the U.S.S.R. : back in Russia with Macca (1988); CD, 1991 - Keep on rocking ! What a big surprise! CHOBA B CCCP

This album [CHOBA b CCCP - The Russian Album] was released exclusively in the U.S.S.R. on vinyl, 31st October 1988 by the Melodiya state label, ref.: A 60 00415 006 [40.000 pressed copies]. Including his renditions of:***Kansas City (originally K.C. Lovin' by Little Willie Littlefield, Maxwell Davis, saxophone, KING/Federal 12110, 11/1952, US R'N'B chart #34 better known in Wilbert Harrison's (US #1) and Little Richard's (US #95, UK #26) versions in 1959***Twenty Flight Rock from Eddie Cochran, 1956***Lawdy Miss Clawdy from Lloyd Price (with Fats Domino on piano), US R'N'B #1, 23rd May, 1952, Specialty, 1952***I'm In Love Again from (Antoine) Fats Domino, US #3 then US #1 R'n'B, 06/1956/UK #12, 09/56, Imperial [only included on the CD released in 1991].***Bring It On Home To Me from Sam Cooke (duet with Lou Rawls), RCA Victor, US #13, 25th Aug.1962***Lucille from Little Richard and his band (feat. Earl Palmer, drs; Red Tyler and Lee Allen, saxes; Frank Fields, bass; Ernest McLean and Justin Adams, gtrs (and supplementary pianists Huey "Piano" Smith, Edward Frank, Little Booker [not John Lee Hooker nor Booker Little] and Salvador Doucette), Specialty, US #27, 04/1957/UK #10, 08/57***Don't Get Around Much Anymore from Duke Ellington & his orchestra feat. Al Hibbler on vocal (1942 [Mel Tormé, 1945])***I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday from Fats Domino, Imperial (B-side of I want to walk you home), US #17, 09/1959***That's All Right Mama from Big Boy (Arthur) Crudup's (pronounced "crew-dup") That's All Right, circa October 1946 (RCA Victor 20-2205 and March 1949, RCA Victor 50-0000 (1st issue to a 45 rpm proto-rockabilly record) [feat. Ransom Knowling, bass and drummer Lawrence "Judge" Riley, DNC via Elvis Presley (That's All Right), SUN 209, released July 19, 1954; DNC***Summertime from opera Porgy And Bess by George Gershwin, 10/1935 (movie in 1957) via Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps (EMI UK/Capitol, 1958)***Ain't That A Shame from Domino again, US R&B chart #1 then crossed over and hitted US #10; UK #23, 01/1957***Crackin' Up from Bo Diddley (alias Otha Ellas Bates but given the surname McDaniel in infancy on adoption by his mother's first cousin Gussie McDaniel), US POP chart #62, 07/1959***Just Because from Elvis Presley (feat. Scotty Moore, gtr; Bill Black, bass; Dominic Joseph "D.J." Fontana (drums), RCA Victor, 1956, DNC and, Midnight Special from "unknown 'Texas' folklore": originally from "Pistol's Pete Midnight Special" by Dave "Pistol Pete" Cutrell in 1926 (Okeh) who recorded it twice.*** However, that could have been completely possible that "The Midnight Special" [not a real train but just a metaphor of freedom] was not written and composed by Leadbelly/Lead Belly = Huddie William Ledbetter himself in his jail (Angola State Penitentiary, Louisiana)], (rec. 1st July, 1934), American Record Company, 1934 as well as in 1936.******Photo on the left: back in Belgium on the 29th March of 1981 : Mr. Shelby S. Singleton, Jr., President of SUN RECORDS and myself on left. Back in the twentieth century! It was really nice to get e-mails from you a few months ago. Hope you're still in good health and your brother John too. All the best from Liège, Belgium, European Union. Photo taken while Orion was touring Europe.***If my memory doesn't fail, rock'n'roll and country singer Carl Mann went touring Belgium two times/twice. He did his first visit on the 5th October of 1980 at the Brazil in Hognoul near Liège and the second one on the 7th October of 1984 (photo on the right with him on left) at the same place.***As we knew each other (he had a very good memory), he asked me to sing together just for fun Hank Williams' Jambalaya (On the bayou) song (a capella and off stage).***Carl recorded Kansas City for Sam C. Phillips' Int'l Records on the 12th October 1959 but his version remained unreleased until the issue of the LP record/album THE SUN STORY VOL.6, Sunnyvale 9330-906, by GRT MUSIC, U.S.A., in 1977.

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Apple ? Yum-yum! Those were these olden days...(original Italian pressings [Hey Jude, don't make it bad, take a sad song and make it better...])

Released almost at the same time, Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" single [from "Darogoi Dlimmoyo" formerly of the Russian folklore then adapted as "An jenem Tag" (and sung at the time (1968) by famous tenor man Iwan Rebroff [alias Hans-Rolf Rippert, Berlin, 31 July 1931-Berlin, 27 February 2008 (heart attack)] which means "Takiyeh Dni, Moi Drug" in Russian-speaking (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 2) was issued (27th Aug.) 3 days before The Beatles' "Hey Jude" one (EMI/Parlophone to become Apple 1 - 30th Aug., 1968). Both singles topped the charts all over and beyond the world.***Hey Jude peaked at UK #52 on 10th Sep.1988.***Tidbit time 1: "Those were the days" (B-side of single White Room)? This song was also an eponymous CREAM song from the "In The Studio" portion of the DLP "Wheels Of Fire" released late August of the same year [US #1, UK #3 and UK #7 - 08/1968].***Tidbit time 2: while I was dining (in the evening 'round 7 pm [GMT]) with my parents and my sister Rose-Anne (who is living in Italy), I heard Hey Jude on the radio (RTB/Radio Diffusion Télévision Belge [to become RTBF a few years later]): waooouuuw! My goodness! I told my parents I had to buy the record the next day to a store in Aywaille not too far from Sougné-Remouchamps where I was living in]. Then, after school, my friends and buddies/chums and other fellas/fellows/camarades followed me to the said store to buy it themselves!***Tidbit time 3: my sister (who loved the song too) pinched the lyrics I got in a TV magazine (Moustique : hi Piero, KOR my dear!***I refounded them in her class notebook a few months later. To date I'm doubled up with laughter but I was a little bit set up at the time - aujourd!hui, je suis plié de rire/en deux mais j'étais un peu fâché à cette époque-là! Rose-Anne, cara mia sorella [I do speak Italian too :-)], tu étais vraiment une petite peste. (my sister was a small pest!)). By the way, warm wishes to my family who is living in Tara Street in San Francisco and in Ohio.A1-Beat-Rebroff-1968

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Wallace Collection : Londres, 01/69 - 02/69

***Le 33 tours Laughing Cavalier édité par EMI/Odeon France quelques semaines après le single Daydream [mono](sorti en Belgique début février 1969.[j'avais acheté le mien dès le lendemain de sa parution]) à une qualité stéréophonique infecte si on la compare avec le pressage anglais "full stereo"). Tidbit time: la firme de disques française Magic Records par l'intermédiaire de Martial Martinay (qui avait rencontré Philippe) n'obtient de chez EMI France que des bandes sonores qu'on peut qualifier de "fake stereo" alors que la véritable stéréo est disponible en Angleterre. Cette réédition sort en 1998. En 2004, les deux 33 tours ressortent (EMI Belgium!!!) en CD: un travail de numérisation tout à fait pourri alors que le format-son stéréo du 33 tours Serenade est excellent dès sa sortie en 1970.



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Billy Preston et les Beatles (1968, 1969 & 1970)

En novembre 1968, les Beatles achevaient d'enregistrer ce double LP blanc "White Album". Jean Martin, manager du Sixteenth Century débarque à Londres à Abbey Road studios avec une bobine contenant e.a. Daydream - construite différemment que la version définitive. Le Wallace arrive à Londres (tous frais payés par EMI) le 6 janvier 1969 [époque à laquelle les Beatles travaillent sur leur prochain single Get Back] pour y enregister une chanson qui fera un carton par la suite courant mars 1969 (#1 en France et en Belgique francophone, #2 en Belgique néerlandophone, #14 aux Pays-Bas, #41 en Angleterre et plusieurs #1 en Amérique du Sud et Centrale...):"Daydream"...I fell asleep admid the flowers for a couple of hours on a beautiful day...Macca avait déclaré début 1969: "After us, it will be (them"[http://www.wallacecollection.net].Les 7/12/68 (UK) et 28/12/68 (USA), ce double LP est # 1.It is referred to as the White Album because of its plain white sleeve (a reversal from Sgt. Pepper's lavish one.For the 1st time The Beatles (including Billy Preston not credited) worked separately on some of the songs on the album/LP Record, as cracks began to appear in the partnership.*****20th Aug., 1969: The Beatles were together for the last time in a recording studio (I want you [She's so heavy]) for Abbey Road featuring Billy Preston still not credited.This LP topped UK and US charts (4th Oct. and 1st Nov. of 1969)/updated 14th June, 2006. 23rd May, 1970: Let It Be (Billy Preston credited on the backside of the cover) tops UK chart "a cardboard tombstone" and a sad and tatty end to a musical fusion".The Beatles are no more: Macca [the press writes that he was the man who broke up The Beatles] is recording simultaneously his debut solo album McCartney (UK #2 & US #1, 05/1970), John making hits with the Plastic Ono Band (Cold Turkey, (means hard drug) and Give Peace A Chance as well and, Ringo about to release his album Sentimental Journey : UK #7 & US #22, 04/1970 (among the arrangers there was his friend Maurice (Gibb) of the Bee Gees (a duo including Barry!) themselves). George begins recording All Things Must Pass (UK #4 & US #1, 12/1970).

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Pochettes EP : version française 14 (Erick Saint Laurent: Eléonor Rigby)

Encore une rareté: erick saint-laurent, arrangements et direction musicale Reg Guest avec sa version très réussie d'Eleanor Rigby "Eléonor Rigby". EP Barclay 71071M, 09/1966. Son véritable nom? Patrice Raison.Juste à côté, le 45 tours belge d'époque.

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Pochettes EP : version française 7 (F.R. David) - Il est plus facile

Words don't come easy to me...c'est de lui. Ex batteur du groupe Les Trèfles puis devenu guitariste-chanteur des Boots, Robert Fitoussi [c'est son vrai nom] enregistre une excellente version de "Struberry Field Forever" [Lennon-McCartnay]! Ce massacre orthographique est fait exprès par Polydor concurrent direct de EMI. C'est Jacques Bullostin alias Monty "Même si je suis fou" qui en écrit l'adaptation."Il est plus facile", adap. de "Strawberry Fields Forever" sort sur cet EP POLYDOR 27 312 en mai 1967. Arrangements et Orchestre : Michel Colombier; Direction Musicale : Terry Kennedy (producteur e.a. de The Art Woods en 1965).***Tidbit time: cette version devait être enregistrée par Les Boots mais ne put se faire puisqu'ils avaient éclaté (en sanglots?). C'est une rareté que je ne vends pas.***

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Billy Preston: back in the olden days (1969 & 1978)

C'est grâce à George Harrison que Billy fut le premier artiste à signer avec la toute nouvelle compagnie de disques des Beatles: Apple. Son premier disque "That's The Way God Planned It"/"What About You" enregistré en Angleterre est sorti aux USA sur APPLE 1808 en février 1969. Ce single se classe #11 en Angleterre, #17 aux Pays-Bas...Billy Preston est entouré de fabuleux musiciens: George Harrison, guitare rythmique; Keith Richard(s), guitare basse, Eric Clapton, lead guitar (Fender Stratocaster), GingerBaker, batterie.***Quelques années plus tard, on le retrouvera (non crédité) pour une chanson avec les Rolling Stones "Miss You" sortie en juin 1978 et qui se classera e.a. #3 en Angleterre le 17.06.1978 et #1 aux States le 5 août suivant. "Miss You" est signée "Jagger-Richards" (ce dernier ayant récupéré son "s"). 3 C 006-61201 : origine: Emi Italiana SpA/Rolling Stones Records. Still my sad pleasure...

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Wallace Collection: Daydream saga (16.04.2006)

Les images arrivent...: au-dessus en partant de la gauche (pochette de droite): Jacques Namotte (violoncelle), Raymond Vincent (violon électrique), Sylveer Van Holmen (lead guitar) et Freddy Nieuland (lead vocals & drums); en dessous: Marc Hérouet (piano) et Christian Janssens (basse)RE: wallace namePosted By: Mo (from Stephan) (guest) - 81.243.234.*** on 04-12-2006 8:51 am Thank you Steph, it was a pleasure to meet you too. I have a French article where the Beatles give their opinion about the Wallace Collection. It is simply great! They say in it about the Wallace Collection : "After us it will be them "!Something else : I know that in the Melody Maker (year 69) the Beatles also speak about the Wallace in the same way...I would be happy if someone can get me this article,...Mo is the new Wallace Collection's manager.

Paul McCartney chante dans les choeurs de Rêverie (backing track de Daydream!!!)

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 The Beatles - concert d'adieux - anecdote 2

30 janvier 1969: Le nouveau groupe anglo (américain), avec Billy Preston aux orgues, exécute son concert d'adieux qui ne dure que 42 minutes sur le toit de l'Apple building, 3 Savile Row, Mayfair, centre de Londres suite à une injonction de la police locale d'arrêter de jouer. Stephen King (!), chef-comptable d'une banque proche, la Royal Bank of Scotland, avait appelé la police pour se plaindre à cause du bruit. Photo: used with kind permission of Sir Paul McCartney and MPL Communications UK - Texte: (C) S. Koenig 28.01.2006 The Beatles

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 L'histoire de "Yellow Submarine" (avec la batterie au milieu) (21/01/2006)

L'ingénieur du son de cettte session en avril 66, Geoff/rey Emerick, avait effectué un transfert stéréo pour le 33 tours mais en mono pour le 45 tours. La "vraie" stéréo n'est commercialisée pour les 45 tours qu'à partir de 1969 (très peu avant [67-68, alors que généralement tout est enregistré en stéréo, p.ex A whiter shade of pale de Procol Harum (1967, pour 2 prises "takes" (Previously unreleased stereo version); (Previously unreleased backing track) [heureusement sorties sur un triple CD dans les années 90 (30th Anniversary Anthology, West Side WESX 301/3 "Rarities", RU, 06/1997 ], et même en 1962!--> [p.ex. le label hollandais Philips (Sacha Distel en anglais et en stéréo, un "succès" Philips français, réf.: 703000 BW avec "Let me love " et "Speak to me of love" (Parlez-moi d'amour). Depuis l'apparition du "numérique" (ne jamais dire "digital"! sauf en anglais) en 1983, les CDs indiquaient la mention AAD (transfert analogique mono ou stéréo pour numérisation en mono ou stéréo ne comportant aucune "retouche" d'autres étant ADD (transfert d'origine stéréo (analogique) pour une numérisation exclusivement stéréophonique avec une utilisation d'un matériel totalement nouveau prévu à cet effet [= transcription numérique]. Epoque, maintenant révolue puisque depuis environ 1990: 3. les CDs indiquant DDD sont numérisés en direct (plus d'intervention analogique). 4. le système DDD est tellement courant que ce "logo" n'est pratiquement plus utilisé [tous les CD AAD, ADD, DDD et SACD peuvent être entendus au format son "DAS" (C) = "Digital Audio System" 5.1 mono/stéréo à la condition sine qua non de posséder un ampli numérique pro logic ou mieux encore le pro logic II DAS multi-stéréo/multichannel de la nouvelle génération qui détecte automatiquement le meilleur format-son: adieu le 1.0 pour les DVDs!). Et je ne vous parle pas du SACD (SA = Super Audio 8 canaux (avec images, mais dont la durée est de très loin inférieure) au "Bluray Disc" qui aurait dû sortir sur le marché au printemps dernier (un sytème de compression révolutionnaire: magique!!! avec "animation visuelle", en somme avec du "cinéma"). Des problèmes d' "entente commerciale" et de normes des Japs (SONY [maintenant alliés à BMG Ent.: donc, il y a de l'espoir pour un BLU-RAY DISC hybride) avec les majors américaines: d'une part, les Japs veulent un lecteur spécifique pour lire le B-R mais les Amerlo(t)s veulent que le B-R soit un disque hybride c-à-d pouvant être lu par n'importe quel lecteur de DVD, de CD (sans l'image) ou de PC! Il n'y a qu'un point où tout le monde est d'accord: un format identique à ceux des CDs et des DVDs.***

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Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: Ringo Starr saga (1) (1/01/2006)

Ringo Starr and His All Stars' Saga=== [Ringo Starr en 2004]====Les débuts - 1ère partie====***Dix ans plus tôt, en 1979, un New-Yorkais nommé David Fishof demandait à Ringo s'il repartirait un jour en tournée. Il dit "oui", prit son agenda téléphonique et appela quelques uns de ses bons amis et le concept All Starr était né". ***Le 20 mars 1989 Ringo (batterie, vocaux et "from time to time" on piano) annonce son comeback pour une tournée américaine puis japonaise avec son All-Star Band comprenant Dr. John (pianiste superstar de la Nouvelle-Orléans), Billy Preston, claviers (ex Beatles et, en solo), Joe Walsh, guitare (ex James Gang et ex guitariste du groupe américain de musique country The Eagles), Clarence Clemmons (saxophoniste du E Street Band de Bruce "The Boss" Springsteen, ex Greg Lake), Nils Lofgren (ex Grin, guitariste qui avait travaillé avec le Crazy Horse de Neil Young (pas celui de Mouscron :-) et aussi avec le E Street Band), Levon Helm (batteur, ex Ronnie Hawkins band The Hawks en 1959 (Ruby Baby/Hay ride i.a.), ex Levon and The Hawks, ex The Canadian Squires, ex fondateur du groupe canadien légendaire The Band), Rick Danko (bassiste de ce même groupe, ex Ronnie Hawkins' band The Hawks en 1961).***Cette tournée connue sous le nom de "Tour For All Generations", North American Trek démarre le 23/07/1989 au Park Central Amphitheater à Dallas, Texas pour s'achever dans la nuit du 3 au 4/09/1989 au Greek theater de Los Angeles en Californie où le concert est filmé.***Le 11/08/1989, Bruce Springsteen rejoint Ringo Starr sur la scène du Garden State Art Center à Holmdel dans le New Jersey pour y interpréter quatre chansons avec lui qui sont: ''Get Back''; ''Long Tall Sally'', ''Photograph'' et ''With A Little help From My Friends''.***Le Ringo Starr And His All-Starr Band entame sa tournée au Japon pour une semaine qui débute au Rainbow Hall à Nagoya le 30/10/1989 pour se terminer le 8 novembre suivant au Yokohama Arena à Yokohama: ''Yellow Submarine''; ''Honey Don't''; ''I Wanna Be Your Man''; ''Boys'' et ''With A Little Help From My Friends''.***Le 22 mars 1990, Ringo enregistre avec Jeff Lynne (ex The Move, ex The Electric Light Orchestra, ex ELO II et producteur des Beatles Anthologies), Tom Petty (fils de Norman) [de Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, ex Mudcrutch); Joe Walsh (ex The Eagles) et Jim Keltner (batteur, "requin de studio") une nouvelle version de ''I Call Your Name'' pour un hommage à John Lennon qui doit se tenir à Liverpool le 5 mai suivant.***====Les débuts - 2°partie====***Toujours sous le nom de "All-Starr Band" live 2/06-6/09/92 (USA et Europe)*** Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival, Suisse (quel beau pays!), 13/07/1992 * featuring Burton Cummings, claviers (ex Guess Who); Dave Edmunds, guitare (ex Love Sculpture "Sabre Dance" et, en solo ou avec The Stray Cats); Nils Lofgren, guitare; Todd "Bat Out Of Hell"/"Hello It's Me" Rundgren, ex The Nazz, vocals; Timothy B. Schmidt, basse (ex Poco et ex The Eagles); son fils aîné Zak Starkey, batterie (ex Roger Daltrey et, The Who); Joe Walsh et, Timmy Cappello, saxophoniste de Tina Turner et aussi de Peter Gabriel ex chanteur de Genesis avec Phil Collins aux drums): * ''Yellow Submarine'', ''Boys'' et, ''With A Little Help From My Friends'' en finale.

Les ex Beatles interprètent les Beatles: Paul McCartney/Wings/Sir Paul - 1/01/2006 / Live Aid

***Paul McCartney / Wings / Sir Paul McCartney***Images:Macca live in Moscow.***Video at the Live8Live******"Drive My Car", "All My Loving", "We Can Work It Out", "And I Love Her", "Yesterday", "Lady Madonna", "Let It Be", "Magical Mystery Tour", "The Long And Winding Road", "Paperback Writer", "Fixing A Hole", "Penny Lane", "Sgt. Pepper", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Hey Jude"/'''live at Perth, Australie, 1975'''. [CD pirate]***'''Wings Over America''' Tour 05-06/1976 [triple LP] (#8 RU et #1 EU, 01/1977)* "Lady madonna", "The Long And Winding Road", "Yesterday"/live at Madison Square Garden, New York, 10/06/1976 * '''Wings featuring Linda Eastman-McCartney (claviers, vocaux), Denny Laine (ex The Moody Blues), (guitares), Jimmy McCulloch, (guitares) (ex Thunderclap Newman et ex Stone The Crows + une brève apparition dans The Small Faces), Joe English (batterie, vocaux) (ex The English Band), Tony Dorsey, Howie Casey, Steve Howard et Thadeus Richard''' (les trois derniers: section des cuivres)- (+ clarinette et flûte, Thadeus Richard). * "The Fool On The Hill", "Let It Be", "Got To Get You Into My Life"/ WINGS, live in Glasgow, Ecosse, 1979 [piratés]*** * "Yesterday", "Here, There And Everywhere", "For No One", "Eleanor Rigby/Eleanor's Dream" ''' de la bande originale du film "Give My Regards To Broad Sreet"''', 11/1984 (décrit comme "musical fantasy drama") [CD: 20/09/1993]; #1 RU et #21 EU, 11/1984.***'''Live Aid 1985''' '''(Live Aid logo: courtesy of Bob Geldof's Internet "Live8live team)* ''Un grand merci à Bob Geldof''.***"Let It Be" / live at Wembley Stadium, Londres, 13/07/1985 (jingle récurrent: "live aid from london with bbc tv and radio one). DVD (malheureusement incomplet: RU et EU) sorti le 12/10/2004.***"Get Back" (with Tina Turner feat. Dire Straits' lead guitarist Mark Knopfler), "Long Tall Sally", "I Saw Her Standing There"/live at the '''Prince's Trust 10th Anniversary Birthday Party, Wembley Arena, 20/06/86''': double LP TELSTAR STAR 2401 "The Royal Concert", UK 1989 (Disky Communications/EMI Pays-Bas; Distrisound Belgium; Adès, France; 1989 [CD pirate, 04/87]***'''"CHOBA b CCCP"''' (Back in the USSR - "The Russian Album"), Melodiya A 60 00415 006 [label d'Etat], ex URSS, 31/10/1988). [pressé à 40.000 exemplaires]* ''Kansas City'' * '''feat. Mick Green, guitare (ex Johnny Kidd and The Pirates, ex Blind Drunk et ex Brian Ferry) , Chris Witten et, Mick Gallagher (piano)'''. * ''Got To Get You Into My Life'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Let It Be''/live at the '''Playhouse Theatre, Londres, 27/07/1989'': ''2d Night at the Playhouse'', CD pirate]***''Tripping The Live Fantastic'' Tour (26/07/1989-29/07/1990). (#17 RU, 18/11/90; #26 EU, 15/12/90); [l'édition "Highlights", #157 EU,15/12/1990. [Triple LP et double CD]. * ''The Fool On The Hill''/Wembley, 13/01/1990, ''Matchbox''/Wembley, 21/01, ''The Long And Winding Road''/Rio de Janeiro, 19/04, " P.S. Love Me Do, Rio de Janeiro, 21/04, ''Things We Said Today''/Glasgow, 23/06'', ''Birthday''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Hey Jude''/Knebworth, 30/06, ''Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End''/R.F. Kennedy Stadium, ''Medley:"Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance"'', Liverpool, 28/06 , ''Got To Get You Into My Life''/Dortmund, 17/10, ''Can't Buy Me Love''/Münich, 21/10, ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''/Los Angeles, 23/11, ''Good Day Sunshine''/Montréal, 9/12/1990, ''Eleanor Rigby''/Glasgow (?)/06/90, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back''/Liverpool (?)/13/01/1990. * '''feat. Paul McCartney, basse, piano ex The Beatles, Linda McCartney (claviers), Robbie McIntosh (ex Chris Thompson and The islands; ex The Pretenders), Hamish Stuart (ex Average White Band], Chris Witten (batterie) et Paul "Wix" Wickens (claviers, directeur musical). [Triple LP; 2 CD box set]***"The Get Back World Tour"'''. [DVD/CD officiels] * ''Got To Get You Into My life'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Yesterday'', ''Get Back'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End" live at OMNI Hotel, CNN Center, Atlanta, EU, 18/02/1990; '' P.S. Love Me Do'' live at the Tokyo Dome, Tokyo, Japon, 9/03/1990; ''Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever/"Help!"/"Give Peace A Chance" live at the King's Docks, Liverpool, RU, 28/06/1990. [nouveau medley] * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Robbie McIntosh, Hamish Stuart, Chris Witten et Paul "Wix" Wickens.* Ce concert débute au Valle Hovin Stadion à [[Oslo]], [[Norvège]] le 26/09/1989 et se termine le 29/07/1990 au Soldier Field Stadium, [Chicago]], Illinois, EU. ***"Back In The USSR", "I Saw Her Standing There", "Let It Be", "Hey Jude", "Yesterday", "P.S. Love Me Do"; "Get Back"/live on TV in Rio de Janeiro part 2, 20/04/1990'' [CD pirate].***Medley: "Strawberry Fields Forever"/"Help'"/"Give Peace A Chance"/live on the banks of the Mersey at the King's Docks Arena, 28/06/1990 '''["Imagine in Liverpool", pirate]' (1ère fois en public et monté de toute pièce en hommage à John). * ''Birthday'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'', ''Good Day Sunshine'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Let It Be'', ''"Yeserday"/"Happy Birthday"''"Oh Yeah", "Get Back"'', ''Medley: "Golden Slumbers"/"Carry That Weight"/"The End"''/'''live at Robert F. Kennedy Stadium, 4/07/1990''' [CD pirate] * ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''She's A Woman'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Matchbox'', ''Things We Said Today'', ''Blackbird'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'' .* ''feat. Robbie McIntosh, Linda McCartney, Paul "Wix" Wickens, Hamish Stuart et Blair Cunningham, batterie (ex Chris Spedding). (''MTV "Unplugged" Show recorded at Limehouse Studios in Wembley, London, 27/04/1991'')["Unplugged"-The Official Bootleg] + "Things We Said Today", "Blackbird", "I've Just Seen A Face"/live ''MTV 27th/04/1991'' [piratés].***'''"The New World Tour" 5/02-16/12/1993''***''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Kansas City'', ''I Wanna Be Your Man''. * ''feat. Linda McCartney, Hamish Stuart, Robbie McIntosh, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Blair Cunningham ''. [DVD/CD] * ''Hello Goodbye'', ''All My Loving'', ''Getting Better'', ''Blackbird'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''medley: "You Never Give Me Your Money"/"Carry That Weight"'', ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Something'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Here, There An Everywhere'', ''I've Just Seen A Face'', ''Two Of Us'' [dédiée à John et George], ''Michelle'', , ''She's leaving Home'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Birthaday'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Yesterday'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''"Sgt. Pepper"'' (Reprise), ''The End''/live in the Red Square in Moscow, Russia, 24/05/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''* ''Drive My Car'', ''All My Loving'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''And I Love Her'', ''Michelle'', ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Yesterday'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Let It Be'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Fixing A Hole'', ''Penny Lane'', ''Sgt. Pepper'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Mother's Nature Son''/live at Anaheim Stadium, Anaheim, Californie, 17/04/1993 ''[CD pirate (The New World Tour 1993)]''. * ''Matchbox'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''We Can Work It Out'', ''Lady Madonna'', ''Magical Mystery Tour'', ''Paperback Writer'', ''Back In The USSR'', ''Hey Jude''/live at the Tokyo Dome in [[Tokyo]], 11/1993''[CD pirate ("The New World Tour 1993")]. * ''One After 909'', ''For No One'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', ''Yesterday''/live 23/03/1995 for "A Royal Performance". '''["Hey Tokyo" ou "Sayonara Mr. Paul", CD pirate]'''. *'''"Back in the U.S. - Back in the world live", 2002-2003''' [DVD - 2 CD box set]* ''Hello Goodbye'', ''''All My Loving'', ''Blackbird'' (unplugged), ''We Can Work It Out'' (unplugged), , ''Here, There And Everywhere'', ''Eleanor Rigby'', (''Hey Jude'' (Terrific rock and roll rendition!: et ''Matchbox'') [en répétition/rehearsal] = "fly on the wall": ''The Fool On The Hill'', ''Getting Better'' (1ère en live) ''Something'', ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'', ''Let It Be'', ''Hey Jude'', ''Can't Buy Me Love'', ''Yesterday'', ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'', ''I Saw Her Standing There'' + ''Lady Madonna'', ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Carry That Weight'', ''Michelle'', ''She's Leaving Home''/live 2002-2003 * '''feat. Paul McCartney, guitare basse Höfner pour gauchers en forme de violon ou guitare solo ou piano ou guitare sèche ou ukulele; Rusty Anderson, guitare (ex Animal Logic); Brian Ray, guitare; basse (ex Etta James); Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr., batterie (ex Dana Glover).***Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney.***Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. MPL/Capitol 2002. [[Images: Macca live in Moscow: * "SPASSIBO RUSKI"! '''In Red Square, Moscow, 24th/05/2003 and Live In Saint-Petersburg, 20th/06/2003''' [DVD]***Sur la Place Rouge": featuring Paul McCartney, guitare solo ou guitare basse ou piano ou guitare sèche, Rusty Anderson, Brian Ray, Paul "Wix" Wickens et Abe Laboriel, Jr. * ''Getting Better''; ''Can't Buy Me Love''; ''Two Of Us''; ''I Saw Her Standing There'' ''We Can Work It Out''; ''I've Just Seen A Face''; ''Fool On The Hill''; ''Things We Said Today''; ''Birthday''; ''Maybe I'm Amazed''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''Hey Jude'' ''She's Leaving Home''; ''Yesterday''; ''Let It Be'' et, ''Back In The U.S.S.R.'' (Reprise) / finale.***Sir Paul demande à Vladimir Putin si ce dernier assistera au concert: Poutine marmonne quelque chose qui laisse croire qu'il n'y sera pas pour une question de sécurité...Et lui joue au piano Let it be (Sir Macca dira que Putin a bénéficié d'un petit concert en privé)*** Vladimir Poutine a assisté à ce concert...On le voit nettement sur le DVD.***Le président Poutine s'adressant (en russe) à Macca à propos des Beatles, et en privé quelques heures plutôt: "It was like a gulp of freedom. Your music was like an open window to the world". (C'était comme un groupe d'octets de la liberté. Votre musique était comme une fenêtre ouverte au monde). Et les Russes de dire à l'envi: "The Beatles have done more for the fall of communism than any other Western institution". (Les Beatles ont fait plus pour la chute du communisme que n'importe quelle autre institution occidentale).***"Spassibo Ruski"! (bis)***"A Saint-Petersbourg", le 20/06/2003 [date non créditée]: même personnel : "Got To get You Into My Life''; ''Drive My Car''; ''Penny Lane''; ''Get Back''; ''Back In The U.S.S.R.''; ''I've Got A Feeling''; ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/The End'' et, ''Helter Skelter'' en rappel final. * Producteur exécutif: Paul McCartney. Produit et dirigé par Mark Haefeli. DVD MPL/Warner Music Vision, 5050467-8314-2-1, 14/06/2005. "Dosvidania", Sir Paul.***'''Live Eight live, at Wembley Arena, Londres, 2/07/2005''' [de 1 à 5], les DVDs, 22/10/2005]* ''Sgt. Pepper'' (avec U2), ''The Long And Winding Road'', ''Get Back'', ''Helter Skelter'', ''Drive My Car'' avec George Michael, ''Hey Jude'' [the grand finale].A1-Macca-Live8live-2-07-2005***Retranscriptions et recherches supplémentaires: S. Koenig 2006 - Photos : extraites du booklet. Live Aid 1985 et Live8live 2005: avec l'autorisation expresse de deux gentlemen : Bob Geldof et Rodden Shaw du staff Internet Live8live team. Thank you Bob and thanks too Rodden. Photo: Macca live in Moscow "Spassibo Ruski" (say "spassiba": with kind permission of Sir Paul McCartney. Thanks to you Sir Paul and best wishes to you and yours, Stephan.

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