bill haley rock the joint Essex 399 july 1955.jpgIn 1949 a jump tune called "Rock The Joint" was recorded by two Philadelphia based R & B combos. It was originally recorded by Jimmy Preston & The Prestonians on Philly's own GOTHAM label No G-188-A, and then covered by Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames for COLUMBIA ("Magic Notes", U.S.A.!) 30175. These recordings were undoubtedbly heard by a fledgling country artist also based in the Philadelphia area named Bill Haley (William John Clifton). Soon enough Haley combined the White C & W sound with the Black R&B feel and the result was something new, different, and certainly exciting : Bill Haley And The Saddlemen. Here is the history of those two R&B combos who started the revolution.
Jimmy Preston & His Prestonians :
Jimmy Preston was born in rural Pennsylvania in August of 1919.In 1949 alto sax man and vocalist Jimmy Preston and his Prestonians had regional hits in the northeast with "Rock The Joint" and others on the GOTHAM label... The band had built a reputation for hard driving sax led jump tunes, and blues ballads which made them a dance club favorite in the Philadelphia area in the late Forties."Do The Bump" etc. Jimmy Preston starts out the year of 1950 with a new lineup of his small combo. The group features Benny Golson (who would in later years become a modern jazz star) on tenor sax, Billy Gaines on piano (replacing Ken King), and Skeets March (replacing Eddie Winters) on drums. In September, Preston moves to the Derby record label based in New York. The next month the band's first release for Derby is out. It features vocals by Preston and Burnetta Evans on the tunes "Oh Babe" (a cover of the pop hit for Louis Prima and Keely Smith on Robin Hood 101, November 8,1950).
Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames :
During the late nineteen Forties (10/1949), Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames were a well known jump blues band in the Philadelphia area. They were fortunate enough to be signed to a recording contract with one of the major record labels of the time COLUMBIA. The lineup of the band was Powell-leader and drums; Duke Wells on piano; Eddie Lambert on guitar; Danny Turner and Red Spencer on saxes; and James Johnson on bass. Powell and his band do an extended tour of the Midwest and Pennsylvania and do a two week engagement at Philadelphia's Showboat Lounge. A trumpet player joins the Blue Flames. His name is Clifford Brown and he remains with the combo for a little over a year. Powell and his combo spend the summer on the bandstand at Wildwood-by-the-Sea at Hofbrau Hotel on the South New Jersey shore. In March of 1953, Powell and his band do another two weeks at The Showboat, to be followed by an extended stay at Bill & Lou. In May, the combo does a week at New York's Café Society which is followed by a long engagement at Moore's Inlet Café in Wildwood-by-the-Sea, along with the Three Peppers.
In March of 1956 Powell and his combo record "The Poor People Of Paris" (a French song of origin by Edith Piaf as "La Goualante (popular lament) Du Pauvre Jean" on French Columbia Magic Notes HF 599 in February 1954).
By this time it was apparent that the Blue Flames time as a top musical attraction was about over. They had been part of the Philadelphia musical scene for close to a decade, and although they never had a solid hit record, they were a vital part of the ever changing music scene in America. They certainly had an effect on a struggling country artist named Bill Haley (and The Saddlemen) who covered "Rock The Joint" (on ESSEX RECORDS 303-B, circa July of 1952 [rec. in April of 1952] plus Essex RECORDS 399 for a reissue out in November of 1954 and also reissued on 1955/07/9) which sent him on his way to spread the news of the arrival of rock'n'roll as the sound of the times. There is an available US CD that chronicles a great part of Powell and his music. It is on Classics, a French label. Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames were part of the great fabric of the musical history of America.



jimmy preston rock the joint pour skynetblog.jpgchris powell rock the joint COLUMBIA 1949.jpgbill haley rock the joint London Am. Rec;.jpgbill haley rock the joint ESSEX 303 rec. 04 1952 photo Terry Gordon.jpg

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John Lennon live in New York City, 30 August 1972 (Aug. 29, 2015)

concert john lennon 30 août 1972.jpgbeatles lennon plastic elephant memory band.jpg

Plastic Ono Elephants Memory Band are : John Lennon-Guitar, Keyboards / Yoko Ono-Keyboards / Stan Bronstein-Saxophone / Wayne "Tex" Gabriel-Lead Guitar / John Ward-Bass / Gary Van Scyoc-Bass / Jim Keltner-Drums / Rick Frank-Drums / Adam Ippolito-Keyboards.

John Lennon makes his only major appearance at a concert in New York's Madison Square Garden for the One To One charity. Critics regard it as his first solo performance. He is joined on stage by Stevie Wonder (Superstitious) and Roberta Flack for Give Peace A Chance finale. The re-election of Nixon in 1972 and pressures to have Lennon deported from America were perhaps contributory factors to the political commitment which was the driving-force behind Some Time In New York City (in America this double album, Lennon teams for one disk with group Elephant's Memory). July, 1972 : album makes US #48. The Beatles' song publishing arm, Northern Songs, refuses to recognize some of Yoko Ono's composer credits with her husband, and release of the album is delayed in UK.

Lyrics about the oppression of women, the Attica prison riots and Northern Ireland were attacked as simplistic and extremist, but the album/LP's powerful musical impact was enhanced by spirited rock'n'roll backings from the New York group Elephant's Memory. It was packaged with a second record containing material from two live sessions, with the Frank Zappa's The Mothers Of Invention and a 1969 band, at London's Lyceum, including Eric Clapton, Keith Moon and Delaney and Bonnie (Lynn) Bramlett. 

October, 1972 : Some Time In New York City reaches UK #11. Also known as LIVE in NEW YORK City for CDs (PARLOPHONE CDP 7 461196 2, UK, 1986). We all shine on...John Lennon. R.I.P.



orchestra Bill Haley (4) : other covers (from 1840 to 1927) Part 1 (6/05/2015)

Picadilly rock (1958) - original title "London Bridge Is Falling Down" [17th century], nursery rhyme, kid song.

Stop beatin' 'round the mulberry bush (originally called "Here we go round the mulberry bush") : nursery rhyme, kid song published 'round 1840. For the first time; reworded by Bickney Reichner, music by Clay Boland.

Juke Box Cannonball (1952/1954) : original title "The Great Rock Island Route!", 1882 aka Wabash Cannonball then Juke Box Cannonball =>reworded by Jesse Rogers, Arcade Records, 1951.

First recorded on  shellac (10") in 1938 by (to name but a few) : Count Basie And His Orchestra (James Rushing, vocal) for DECCA 2004 A (1938).

Tommy Dorsey and his Orchestra, vocal by Edythe Wright for HMV Victor 26012-B, 1938.

Al Donahue and his Orchestra, vocal by Paula Kelly for Vocalion 4318, 1938.

George Scott Wood & His Six Swingers for REGAL ZONOPHONE MR 1771, December 1938 and years later, a very good old rockabilly by Bill Haley's with Haley's Comets for ESSEX Records 45-310 in September 1952.

Jarrito Twist by Bill Haley y Sus Cometas, 1962 from The Little Brown Jug by Joseph Eastburn Winner for Meade 2002 in 1869. Probably from Glenn Miller and His Orchestra, RCA/Bluebird, 1939.

Pretty Alouette (Be My Only One) by Bill Haley and His Comets, 1957 from Alouette by Edouard Le Bel (LeBel) for Victor 3619, Canadian-French folklore, Montreal, 1906 (rec. 6 Nov. 1906).

Ida, sweet as apple cider (1958) from Ida! Sweet as apple cider by Earl Fuller Rector Novelty Orchestra for Columbia Records A2403, US, 1917/05/09.


(I'll be with you in) Apple blossom time, 1957 from I'll be with you in apple blossom time by Reed Miller for Medallion 8193, 1920.

Anytime (1951) from Anytime by Emmett Miller accompanied by his Georgia Crackers, Okeh 40239, late 1924.

Trouble in mind (first recorded in 1960 but remained unissued until 1979 (EP CLAIRE DEP 4779) from Trouble in mind (blues) by Thelma La Vizzo [Richard M. Jones, piano], Paramount 12206, rec. May 15, 1924, released 1924.

(What can I say) After I say I'm sorry (1963) from After I say I'm sorry by Sam Lanin & his orchestra w Red Nichols on vocal for Gennett 3243-B, P. 1926/02/01.

Dance with a dolly (With a hole in her stockin'), 1953 by Bill Haley and The Saddlemen, ESSEX 45-305 from Terry Shand and his orchestra (vocals by Evelyn Knight & Jesters), Decca 18614, 1944 via Round Town Gals by Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters, Vocalion 103, 1926/10/22 adapted from Lubly Fan which became Buffalo Gals (women following buffalo hunters), fully an American tune - of German-origin (Im Grunewald, im Grunewald ist Holzauktion/Otto Teich's lyrics, Rhineland, 1890), written and composed by John Hodges alias Cool White who presented his song in 1844 (sheet only). Tidbit time : a 1960 hit by Ray Smith, Rockin' Little Angel for Judd 1016 (rec. 08/1959) was also based on the same melody.

One sweet letter from you (1960) from Ted Lewis and his Band, Columbia 988-D, 1927

End of this special Part 1.



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Goodbye Mr. Francis Beecher (2014/02/27)

beecher.pngLastScan.jpgFranny Beecher (b. 1921/09/29 (Norristown) - d. 2014/02/24 (Philadelphia) aged 92. He first played guitar for the Buddy Greco Orchestra in 1947 then joined the Benny Goodman Orchestra in 1948 until 1949 for whom he played lotsa song i.a. The Hucklebuck; Jercy Bounce; El Greco...Ooh, look-a-there, ain't she pretty for Buddy Greco and his Three Sharps, Musicraft 515, 'round July 1947.

Frank Beecher was a very well-known lead guitarist for Bill Haley And His Comets from June 7, 1954 until September 23, 1959 (DECCA) with whom he played several songs of which he composed himself Goofin' Around, Blue Comet Blues, The Catwalk, Shaky and also played guitar on many other songs including Happy Baby, Birth of the Boogie, Mambo Rock,Two Hound Dogs, Razzle Dazzle, R-O-C-K, Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie, Burn That Candle, See You Later, Alligaror, Hot Dog Buddy Buddy and also (New) Rock The Joint...

On October 14 and 15, the band played at l'OLYMPIA, Paris (France) i.a. a new compostion composed by Beecher entitled Beecher's Boogie Woogie. This concert has been available in January 1997 and in France, a few years later.

In 1960, Bill Haley signed for Warner Bros. and let it albums a.o. entitled "Bill Haley And His Comets, Sep. 1960 and Haley's Juke Box / Songs of the Bill Haley Generation, Aug. 1960 and some singles such as Tamiami; Crazy Man, Crazy; Chick Safari; Let The Good Times, Creole; Spanish Twist; Florida Twist and also a live album called "twinstin' knights AT THE ROUNDTABLE CLUB IN NEW YORK CITY" (ROULETTE), March 1962. By the time, Bill Haley moved himself with Franny including Rudy Pompilli and the other Comets to Mexico where they recorded under the name Bill Haley y Sus Cometas songs (mostly instrumentals) like Tampico Twist (composed by Beecher himself.)

http://youtu.be/ys5T3ARJxQA (Blue Comet Blues // http://youtu.be/DPJ-eG91aSg (Goofin' Around)

http://youtu.be/0pQrAvE_69I (The Catwalk) // http://youtu.be/Yl6sOXlpMpQ (Shaky)

http://youtu.be/b-rv3Dl0Kuc (Tampico Twist) http://youtu.be/q8qyXBDcgLQ (Ooh! Look-a there, ain't she pretty by Buddy Greco and his Three Sharps) http://youtu.be/it20dB3ohCY (Ooh! Look-a-there, ain't she pretty by Bill Haley and His Comets)

 Francis BEECHER was inducted into Norristown Area High School's Hall of Fame in 2013. R.I.P


Wild Honey Pie plays The Beatles

Wild Honey Pie, a band from Belgium, plays The Baetles @ the Spirit of 66 in Verviers last June 8, 2013.


http://youtu.be/6sis9tJuEEc (Back In The USSR) - http://youtu.be/rRphIPdnexs (Day Tripper) -

http://youtu.be/bKl3iKwR-Uc (I Call Your Name) - http://youtu.be/PeSYgKpWgbU (Drive My Car)

http://youtu.be/dY_wJ8MX2kc (I Should Have Known Better)

http://youtu.be/DsrnUa8By_o (I Want To Hold Your Hand)

http://youtu.be/5YTnT7Ml2q8 (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Reprise)


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Bill Haley "Rareties" LP, Malaysia, AMBASSADOR A 98100 (completely unknown of origin? : I'm not quite sure at all !)

bill haley - caterina valente 001.jpgrareties vol. 1.jpgrareties vol. 2.jpg

This LP compilation in 1979 is still completely unknown of origin. I remember when I bought it, in early January 1980, the record dealer told me it was coming from Malaysia. No, it wasn't. This tremendous LP has been manufactured and released in the USA (America) in 1979. J'appelle ça de la basse vengeance : j'en ai par dessus la tête que les anglais et les français (ces derniers ont purement et simplement supprimé une bonne discographie toutefois considérée comme un torchon irrécupérable!] me prennent pour un rigolo ou simplement pour un imbécile. ["you're the expert"! My foot! (English-speaking Wikipedia)] sous le fallacieux prétexte - parce que je n'hésite pas à (d)écrire la vérité - qu'ils se croient les uniques papes de Bill Haley alors qu'en Belgique nous sommes bien mieux informés qu'eux!). De toute façon, s'ils ne détiennent pas l'info avant quiconque, elle est considérée comme fausse, voire pourrie! Il y a des articles qui dérangent beaucoup de monde: tant mieux! La vérité n'est pas toujours bonne à dire. Il est hors de question de fausser la vérité et de toute façon, je n'en ai rien à fiche!...***I call that low revenge: I have some over my head which Englishmen [(Pommies :-)] take me as a funny guy or simply as a nunskull. ["you're the expert"!] My foot! (English-speaking Wikipedia which destroyed the DECCA Sessions as well as the other ones) under the fallacious pretext - because I don't hesitate to write/tell the truth as true as possible - that they believe they are the quite unique popes on Bill Haley (it's not bad, but I've seen much better!!) whereas in Belgium we got a better information (early 1970 for me and Alain Darmor 20 years beforehand!!) than them!)! In any event, if they don't hold information before whoever, it is regarded as false, rotten! There are articles which disturb many people: hardest the better! Chris (G.): just have a look! Convinced? Think, you might have to update and correct your own discography. So, the truth is not always good to say… ! Anyway, it is out of question to twist the truth and I couldn't care less what they're up to! Pure de papas, it's quite hot here in Belgium...(today June 1, 2013, the sky is blue ;-) http://youtu.be/t6LDwZSyYHA : Viva la rock r 'n' roll from the German motion Picture by Werner Jacobs "Hier Bin Ich, Hier Bleib' Ich" (Here I am, here I stay). Première : 8. Januar 1959 im Stuttgarter Gloria-Palast.

Bill Haley : Skokiaan 7/10/2009 (updated 12/18/2009)

strictly instrumental.gifthe magic collection.jpgessentials 2.jpg












First recorded by Bill Haley & His Comets on the DECCA DL-8964 LP/album Strictly Instrumental released in December 1959. ***He was accompanied i.a. by Johnny Grande on piano and Ralph Jones on drums and different with the one recorded for the Mex Orfeón/Dimsa LP/album DML 8381 Bill Haley A Go-Go in 1966 as by Bill Haley and The Comets (aka y Sus Cometas) were we found i.a. Julian Bert on piano; John "Bam Bam" Lane on drums; mariachis Diego Romero & Luis Sanchez playing trumpets.***Also known as "Skokiaan A Go-Go" for the latters.***Skokiaan (Tsaba Tsaba Dance) had been composed in Southern Rhodesia (now, Zimbabwe) by August Macon Msarurgwa (in fact, Musarurwa of the village of the same name in Zwimba Reserve) in the late 1949.***The original version has been released in early 1950 (b/w Karekwangu) and interpreted by the African Dance Band of The Cold Storage Commission of Southern Rhodesia fronted by leader August Macon Msarurgwa.***Reference: Gallotone Jive GB. 1152., 1950***My special thanks go to Mr. Peter Bowbrick from Great Britain who has provided me with bright help seeing he had known the composer and his sister in his early teens.***This instrumental has been also recorded and released later in 1954 by The Bulawayo Sweet Rhythm Band (in Bulawayo) also fronted by Msarurgwa.***Both cover versions/songs were available on CD's i.a. The Magic Collection (a division of Telesonic Holland), ARC records MEC 949078 in 1983 and also on M next CDES 61 released in France in 2002 under license to San Juan, 2001.***Here 's another history from Goldworthy and Disa: A.M. could only have joined the AFDB of TCSC of SR in 1950 saying that Hugh Tracey also put the tune on tape on 8 June 1951.***This version has been issued (SWP032/HT21) on June 8, 2006 by Sharp Wood. http://www.disa.ukzn.ac.za/samap/content/skokiaan***A sung version also exists in Shona Zezuru. Skokiaan was also published on DECCA (red label FM 6142) b/w In The Mood later on.

Karekwangu ? Badly called "In The Mood" !!! What a good joke! http://youtu.be/jhEBzhBLdHc

In The Mood by the Bulawayo Sweet Rhythm Band : http://youtu.be/uI6VqzdelLA








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The Jodimars: refugees from/of Bill Haley's Comets : Let's all rock together! ("I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a sea food store!). Do I make a drawn???

let's all rock together (en 2).jpgwell now dig this single.jpglet's all rock together- single (en 3).jpg

 let's all rock together - cd (en 4).jpg









 CD cover: left to right: Franny Beecher, Dick Richards and Max daffner (drums), Joey D'Ambrosio (tenor sax) and Marshall Lytle (bass). The story began a long time ago (Philadelphia, Pensylvania, 1953) when for the 1st time Bill Haley recorded 2 songs [under the name "Bill Haley And Haley's Comets", ESSEX E-348, March 1954]: Chattaanooga Choo Choo [from Glenn Miller and his orchestra, feat. Tex Beneke on lead vocal, 1940] and Straight Jacket, accompanied by Art Ryerson, Billy Williamson, Johnny Grande, Billy Gussak and, Joey D'Ambrosia, Dick Richards and Marshall Lytle to become the Jodimars at summer 1955 due to internal conflictflicts about their salaries.The latters were of the Decca Sessions, at Pythian Temple, New York City, April 12, 1954 [(We're Gonna) RATC from "Rock Around The Clock", Sonny Dae (a.k.a. Paschal Vennetti) and His Knights, Arcade, Philadelphia, 11/952) and Thirteen Women (And Only One Man In Town) from "Thirteen Women And One Man" by Dickie Thompson and His Orchestra, Herald 424, 1953.*****"Shake, Rattle And Roll" [...Let me tell you something else : I'm like a one-eyed cat peepin' in a sea food store. I like to look at you, dear till ain't no shine no more. All you want to do is shake, rattle and roll, all night long. Shake, rattle and roll in the morning...] from (Big) Joe Turner acc. by Pluma Davis Orchestra including Mickey Baker, Lloyd Troutman, Jesse Stone [himself!] (a.k.a. Charles E. Calhoun), Frank "Heywood" Henry, Wilber DeParis, Connie Kay, Ahmet "Nugetre" Ertegun (Atlantic boss with Herb Abramson) and Jerry Wexler (Atlantic 1026, 1954)***Traduction en français (from the message up above): "Je suis comme un chat borgne jetant un coup d'oeil dans un magasin de fruits de mer" (autrement dit c'est un cunnilingus!)]; in the same way there was a Platters' single called "Bark, Battle and Ball" released May 6, 1955 / B-side of "Only You (And You Alone) [2nd version]", Mercury 70633 and "A.B.C. Boogie" (June 7, 1954).*****"Happy Baby" and "Dim Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) [Sep. 21, 1954] from Julius Dixon.*****"Birth Of The Boogie" and "Mambo Rock" (January 5, 1955) and this last session for the recordings of "Two Hound Dogs" and "Razzle-Dazzle" (May 10, 1955).A new story was about to begin...until the split in 1958.***Label shots: Capitol F - 3285, Pathé - Marconi, France, Nov.1955. (Bill Haley "Shake rattle and Roll.)

Ajouter à mon profil | Plus de Vidéos

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Marshall Lytle, Bill Haley double bass



Marshall Lytle, Bill Haley and His Comets double bass on (We're gonna) Rock around the clock, Thirteen women, Shake, rattle and roll, A.B.C. boogie, Happy baby, Dim, dim the lights (I want some atmosphere), Birth of the boogie, Mambo rock, Two hound dogs and the last Razzle dazzle. Mr. Lytle will be replaced by Al Rex on bass and db at the September 22, 1955 session (R-o-c-k, Rock-a-beatin' boogie, Burn that candle etc.) until June 18, 1958 at the Pythian Temple in New York City to record i.a. Joey's song, Chiquita Linda/(Un poquito de tu amor), Dinah, Corrine, Corrina, B.B. Betty.

He died last Saturday May, 25, 2013. R.I.P

http://youtu.be/-mZLpDuuf40 (We're gonna) Rock around the clock

http://youtu.be/8B7xr_EjbzE Shake, rattle and roll

http://youtu.be/zVulC9ly1e0 A.B.C. boogie http://youtu.be/m8Uappt_-2w Happy baby

http://youtu.be/2LsSM30c-yM Birth of the boogie http://youtu.be/LX_WGbpXZWk Mambo rock

http://youtu.be/cau_ojUABtg Two hound dogs http://youtu.be/kq4Mkqb5Aus Razzle dazzle







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A tribute To The Beatles

A tribute to the beatles - black box BB222 - 2001.pngOnly the songs officially recorded by THE BEATLES and published by EMI/UK featured on this 2 CD BLACK BOX BB222, marketed and distributed by Weton-Wesgram B.V., Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands, 2001. A product from UK manufactured in European Union. Re-recorded and live renditions follow:

1-Yesterday by Shirley Bassey (1991) - 3-Let it be by The Copycats (1997) - 4- Strawberry fields forever by Candy Flip (1990) - 7-Ob-la-di, ob-la-da by The Marmalade (1989) - 9-Come together by Ike & Tina Turner (1989) - 10-Hey Jude by The Copycats (1997) - 11-Do you want to know a secret by Billy J. Kramer (1982) - We can work work it out by Tom Jones & Chaka Khan (1981) - 13-A hard day's night by The Swinging Blue Jeans (1988) - 16-All you need is love by The Copycats (1997) ***1-The fool on the hill by Orchestra Golden Nightingale (2001)  - 2-Norwegian wood by Inishkea (2000) - 3-Another girl by Richard Romance Orchestra 2001?) - 5- Penny Lane by The Ray Hamilton Orchestra (2000) - 6- And I love her by Gino Marinello (1988) - 7-The long and winding road (1988) - 8-Another girl by The Ray Hamilton Orchestra (2000 - 9-With a little help from my friends by Gino Marinello (1988) - 10-Lucy in the sky with diamonds by G.M. (1988) - 12-Eleanor Rigby by G.M. (1988) -13-Help by The R. H. Orch. (2000) - 15-I should have known better by Moods Orchestra (2000) - Can't buy me love by The R. H. Orch. (1996)      



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Dionne Warwick sings The Beatles (1969 & 1994 + 2004)

Dionne Warwick-CD 1994Marie Dionne Warrick became Warwick because of a mistyping. She was born Marie Dionne Warrick in East Orange, New Jersey, December 12, 1940.***Daughter of Chess Records' gospel promotion department head, was a regular performer, playing piano with The Drinkard Singers gospel group, managed by her mother.***She formed The Gospelaires, with sister Dee Dee, cousin Cissy Houston and friend Doris Troy, and they sang in churches throughout New York and New Jersey.***Soulful recorded in Memphis, Tenn. with producer Chips Moman, reached US #11 and US R&B #2. However this album failed to chart in UK.***This album features three Beatles' songs : We Can Work It Out, A Hard Day's Night and Hey Jude.***16 tracks CD : 10 songs + 6 extra tracks) original recordings re-issued by DISKY DCD 5401 DW, France/ The Netherlands, 1994  to become a satellite of the UK major EMI later in the 90s. Original US Scepter Records SPS 573, 1969/1/1. ***Dionne studied at Hart college of Music in Hartford, Conn., before joining Cissie Houston as backing vocalists on records by Garnet Mimms, the Drifters and others. Her first solo disc was Burt Bacharach's haunting "Don't Make Me Over", which reached No. 21 on Scepter Records in 1962 but failed the UK TOP 20 best-selling singles.

Dionne Warwick was Bacharach's Muse for a long time.

Track list as follows: You've lost that lovin' feelin' (5/69) - I'm your puppet (3/69) - The look of love (1969) - Make it easy on yourself (11/63) - People got to be free (5/69) - You're all I need to get by (5/69) - We can work it pout (5/69) - Try to remember/live (1968) - I love you Porgy (Dec. 21, 1965) - Reach out (10/64) - Hurt so bad (1972) - A hard day's night (5/69) - Do right woman-do right man (5/69) - I've been loving you too long (5/69) -People get ready (5/69) - Hey Jude (5/1969.) 

Other references: UK: Pye International NPL 28122, NSPL 28122, 1969 - CAN: Scepter Records SPS 573, 1969 (# 16) - GER: Scepter Records SHA-S 401, 1968/SHA-S S 401, 1969  - USA: SRMSPS 573, May, 1969 - FR/BEL: disques vogue CLVLXS 372, 1969 - NZ/S. AFR.: Pye Slp6016, 1969 - IT: Scepter Records SLCS 7007, 1969 - NL: SPS 573.

Produced i.a. by Burt Bacharach (b. May 12, 1928 - present.)

Last Soulful "Plus", Jan. 01, 2004: CD compiled by Rhino (Handmade) : an internet  - only purchase disc - Limited Edition (5,000 copies) 


http://youtu.be/FzWFNjei_SI (We Can Work It Out)  http://youtu.be/mKpZBogB7m4 (Hey Jude) http://youtu.be/HFxLlYLc7s4 (A Hard Day's Night)


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Bill Haley : farewell tour 26/11/1979 (2007 DVD) (24/07/2008)

Bill Haley-Farewell Tour 1979-pic coverBill Haley-Farewell Tour 1979-DVD 2007German ALPHA CENTAURI, FOR 14025 [P & C 2007 Digimode Ent. Ltd.***Issued under license from Elm Street Media Limited], 9 August 2007.***Issued in the UK on 29/10/2007.***Audio: Dolby (C) 2.0 stereo.***Sounds pretty good!***This DVD features a 36 minutes gig performed live with "His Comets" (mostly British musicians) before Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at The Royal Variety Performance, Birmingham Odeon Theatre on Monday, 26/11/1979, guesting Mal Gray (ex The Wild Angels' lead singer from 1967 to 1971) on Chuck Berry's Promised Land and (The)Saints Rock & Roll (Public Domain/arr.: Black-Purvis-Haley-Gabler).

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ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (studio versions by Bill Haley)

10 May 1954 & 28 May 1955 (DECCA 9-29124) - January 1960: on the LP Bill Haley and His Comets (WB WS 1378) ["sans sax" version] - México, Orfeón 1429, 1964; (DIMSA DML 8381, 1966, "clapping hands" version) [CD The Magic Collection/Telesonic Holland/ARC records MEC 949078, UK, 1983] January 1966: Bill Haley y sus Cometas (song aka Al Compás Del Reloj not to be confounded with another Bill's song dating from 1961 - Sonet, Sweden, September 1968 (Biggest Hits (re-recorded), Grand Prix GP-9945/UK pickwick records 1968 and March 1976 - re-recorded again (and only released round two years ago) as the opening theme from the T.V. series Happy Days in 1974 and 1975.***RATC re-charts in UK at #12 and in US at #39, both in April 1974.

rock around the clock,clapping hands version,happy daysrock around the clock,clapping hands version,happy daysrock around the clock,clapping hands version,happy days

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK anniversaries II (28/05/2008 + 28/10/2008)

RATC Danny Cedrone's solo guitar was inspired by Les Paul's guitar playing on "How High The Noon" [Capitol 1451, March/April 1951, US R&B #2, US pop #1 (for 9 weeks] identical to the one Cedrone played on "Rock The Joint" in 1952.***Celentano recorded a medley of Frankie Laine's "A Woman In Love" mixed with an exerpt of RATC which reached the Italian chart at #10 in 1977.***German Brunswick single was released in 1955 [#1 on June 30, 1956 for 4 weeks].***The RATC cover song featured on the double LP The Great Rock'N'Roll Swindle was sung by Ten Pole/Tenpole Tudor [The Sex Pistols backing] (Virgin 300 279-240, 1979). Also available on cassette 500 279-422.***Freddy Cannon failed to chart in 1968.***The Wild Angels, LP Live At The Revolution, B&C BCM 101, UK, 1970.***Also recorded by German-English band The Air Mail (EUROPA E486, 1972), The Hiltonaires (Sonic 9059, Germany, 1972; Rock House, cond. by Allan Caddy Orchestra (LP Rockin' With Rock House, Pronit SXL 1021), Poland, 1974; The Jokers (Arcade LP 105, Belgium, 1966); The Flying Saucers, Japanese CBS, 1977, The Evans Sisters, Canada, 1955, Marino Marini e il suo sestetto, Durium, Italy, June 1957; Vic Sabrino with Red Perksey and his orchestra, Pacific, Australia, 1955; Ricky King (LP Rock'n'Roll Party, EPIC 26158 [gtr instr.]), Germany, 1984; Burt Blanca (alias Norbert Blancke): at least four times (1965, 1970, 1974/live, 1994); Belgian group Telex comprising RTBF radio dj Marc Moulin, Dan Lacksman... RKM, 1979; Phil Decca (!), mid-50s or later...some ratc cover songs,rock around the clock,how high the noon,the air mail,danny cedrone  r i p,telex from belgium,the evans sisters - ratc - 1955,rock housesome ratc cover songs,rock around the clock,how high the noon,the air mail,danny cedrone  r i p,telex from belgium,the evans sisters - ratc - 1955,rock housesome ratc cover songs,rock around the clock,how high the noon,the air mail,danny cedrone  r i p,telex from belgium,the evans sisters - ratc - 1955,rock housesome ratc cover songs,rock around the clock,how high the noon,the air mail,danny cedrone  r i p,telex from belgium,the evans sisters - ratc - 1955,rock housesome ratc cover songs,rock around the clock,how high the noon,the air mail,danny cedrone  r i p,telex from belgium,the evans sisters - ratc - 1955,rock house

-Tribute- to The Beatles (05/10/2012)

Cette compilation a été éditée par PolyGram Distribution France en 1993 (conception compilation: Clément Boulais - pochette: Eric Fettweis / Spectre (avec le soutien de SKYROCK) dont 30 reprises des Beatles et la 31ième est une version de Imagine par Zucchero with Randy Crawford. En voici la track list:

Leo Sayer: Let it be, EMI/Chrysalis, 1975 - José Feliciano: Help!, RCA Victor, 1965 - The Carpenters: Ticket to ride (version 1972) A&M, 1972 - Joe Cocker: With a little help from my friends, Regal Zonophone, 1968 - Ray Charles: Eleanor Rigby, ABC Records, 1968 - Chér: The long and winding road, MCA Records, 1973 - The Jeff Healey Band: While my guitar gently weeps, Arista Records, 1990 - Stevie Wonder: We can work it out, Motown, 1970 - Otis Redding: Day Tripper, ATLANTIC, 1966 - Elton John with John Lennon: Lucy in the sky with diamonds, MCA, 1974 - Ike & Tina Turner: Get back, United Artists Records, 1973 - Jimi Hendrix: Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band, Polydor (Europe), 1978 - Spooky Tooth: I'm the walrus, Island, 1975 - The Feelies: Everybody's got something to hide (Except me and my monkey), STIFF AMERICA, 1980 - Siouxie and The Banshees: Helter skelter, Polydor UK, 1978 - The Mission: Tomorrow never knows, MERCURY records, 1987. End of CD 1.

Joe Cocker: Something, Regal Zonophone, 1969 - Esther Phillips: And I love him, ATLANTIC, 1965 - Ray Charles: Yesterday, ABC Records / Tangerine, 1967 - The Temptations: Hey Jude, Motown, 1969- Arthur Conley: Ob la di, ob la da, ATCO RECORDS, 1968 - Nina Simone: Here comes the sun, RCA Victor, 1971 - The Overlanders: Michelle, Pye, 1966 - Todd Rungren: Strawberry fields forever, Bearsville Records, 1976 - Aretha Franklin: Eleanor Rigby, Atlantic, 1969 - Joe Cocker: She came in through the bathroom window, Regal Zonophone, 1970 - Ike & Tina Turner: Come Together, Liberty, 1970 - Elton John: Get back, DJM, 1971 - Pat Benatar: Helter skelter, EMI/Chrysalis, 1981 - Coroner: I want you (She's so heavy), Noise, 1991.

Les labels mentionnés sont ceux d'époque dont certains furent achetés plus tard dont certain ont changé de nom par d'autres firmes de disques. Il faut noter aussi que quelques chansons de cette compilation ne sont pas toujours identiques aux originaux.   lastscan - beatles tribute cd 1993.jpg


José Feliciano: Alive Alive O!

  • josé feliciano - LP Alive Alive O! - 1969 (24-09-2012).jpgThis vinyl album includes two other Beatles' songs :
  • A Day In The Life -  http://youtu.be/zLEJtturuc0
  • Day Tripper
  • RCA Victor LSP 6021, 1969

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José feliciano: 10 to 23



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All This And World War II

UK DLP Riva RVLP 2, Nov.5, 1976, UK chart highest position #23 - US Double album 20th Century 2T - 522, Dec.31, 1975 - CAN Warner Bros. Records 2U 4739, 1976 - GER Warner Bros. WB 66 049, 12/1976. Arranged and orchestrated by Wil Malone. The London Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Harry Rabinowitz, and The Royal Philarmonic by David Measham. Some original picture sleeves : Michelle by Richard Cocciante (taken from the DLP) [RCA Victor PB 10867, France, 1976; Let It Be [new topic to come] by Leo Sayer who also contributes I Am The Walrus and The Long And Winding Road (UK Chrysalis); Come Together re-recorded by Ike & Tina Turner (this picture sleeve is a French re-release [UNITED ARTISTS RECORDS UP 35.880, 1975]; Get Back [new topic to come] by Rod Stewart at the end of 1976 (Warner Bros.) - Some other songs included in this DLP : She's Leaving Home by Bryan Ferry; Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight by The Bee Gees; Yesterday by David Essex; Getting Better by Status Quo; We Can Work It Out by The Four Seasons; Strawberry Fields Forever by Peter Gabriel; A Day In The Life by Frankie Valli...Some lyrics are slightly altered from the copyright work to "meet the artistic requirements of the performers". all this and world war II (recto-5-09-2012).jpgall this and world war II (verso-5-09-2012).jpgcocciante - michelle - 1976 (s.k. - 21-10-2011).jpgrod stewart - get back - 1976 - (s.k.) 22-10-2011.jpg

ike & tina turner - come together (6-09-2012).jpgleo - let it be - DLP all this...(5-09-2012).jpg

http://youtu.be/1xFMUpl9V5s (Richard Cocciante)

http://youtu.be/DEX8nydydSI (Leo Sayer '76)

http://youtu.be/h0HwjbMWYII (Ike & Tina Turner's cover of Come Together included in the DLP All This And World War II)


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Matt Monro : Yesterday

matt monro - yesterday - single - UK 1965.jpgmatt monro - yesterday - UK vinyl single - 1965.jpgMatt Monro (Terence Parsons-Dec.1, 1930-Feb.7, 1985 was an English singer and a great int'l postwar entertainers throughout his 30-year career.

Matt Monro becomes employed i.a. as a driver among other things.

Yesterday (With accomp. directed by George Marun (Parlophone R 5348, 8.10.1965 which hits UK chart #8 on 21.10.1965. US LIBERTY F55847, 1965.


Yesterday was also released on the LP HEART BREAKERS (UK EMI EMTV23, 1980 and on the CD of the same name on 1.03.2003 (UK 7 46241 2 -20 GOLDEN GREATS FROM MATT MONRO.) Another great compilation on the 2CD Simply The Best released by NL DISKY DO 901965 on 15.12.2004. (36 tracks)


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Elton John : tribute 1981

elton john - john lennon - maxi single live 1974.jpgelton john - france 1975 - 1981 - mini 33 rpm.jpgMarch 1981 : a 3 live-tracks recorded with John Lennon on Nov.28, 1974, is released as a tribute, makes UK #40 (Whatever gets you thru the night, Lucy in the sky with diamonds, I saw her standing there).

On Thanksgiving Night, Lennon makes what will be his final concert appearance at New York's Madison Square Garden joining Elton John to sing the 3 said songs (released as a 7" maxi 33 rpm single in UK [DJS 10965]). Also released in France as a 33 rpm on DJM - VOGUE 101440. Other releases in Germany : 0064.230, 1975; 27379-7, 1976. Italy : DJF 1149, 1976.


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Aretha Franklin : Let It Be and Eleanor Riby

  • aretha franklin - let it be - single 15-01-1970.jpgLet it be (US TOP #17, May, 1970) and Eleanor Rigby (US R'n'B #5 and Pop #17, Nov.15, 1969) are taken from the album/LP This Girl's In Love With You (US TOP 100 #17) which is released in the late 1969.
  • Some Let it be references : 
  • US Atlantic ATL 45-2751, May, 1970.
  • UK Atlantic 2091-008, May, 1970.
  • FR Atlantic 650 189, May, 1970.
  • GER Atlantic ATL 70.453, May, 1970.
  • US Atlantic ATL 45-2683. (Eleanor Rigby, Oct.15, 1969)
  • Some references of the album/LP :
  • US Atlantic SD 8248.
  • UK Atlantic 2400 004, 1970.
  • FR Atlantic 940 021, 1970.
  • Re-released as a remastered CD by Rhino Atlantic in 1993.
  • Rhino reference : 8122-71524-2 (quickly out of print)
  • NL CD f35687, 1993.
  • Re-released by Rhino Atlantic on July 15, 2008.
    http://youtu.be/2UoTvwfo_rU (Let it be) ***** http://youtu.be/coESqhEbSQs (Eleanor Rigby)aretha franklin - lp - this girls in love with you - 12-1969.jpgaretha franklin - lp francais Let it be - 1970.jpg

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Joe Cocker (Pt 3) : She came...

  • Left to right : US album #11 in Nov. 1969; US single A&M 1147, 11/1969 : Feb. 7, 1970 : this song reaches US #30 and earns a gold disk. The album which includes i.a. She Came In Through The Bathroom Window, Something, Let It Be is the last one featuring The Grease Band.
  • Other single references : GER Deutsche Grammophon Polydor 59 386, 11/1969; NL EMI Stateside 5 C 006-91012 M is released on Jan.2, 1970 and reaches the NL chart #18 the same month. Unissued in the UK.
  • French Joe Cocker! LP on EMI Stateside 2 C 062-90788, 1970.
  • Biography pt 3 : when Cocker returns to the UK he no longer has a recording contract, so takes up his Gas Board job again and plays only an occasional local gig. The Big Blues splits and Joe teams with Chris Stainton to write and record Marjorine and form The Grease Band in the course of 1964.
  • 1965 : The Grease Band, with Cocker on vocals, Stainton on bass, Tommy Eyre on keys, Kenny Slade on drums and Alan Spenner and Henry McCullough both on guitars, play soul material in clubs and pubs across the North of England. Its first recording, a live version of blues standard "Saved", is on a a free flexidisk with the Sheffield University magazine TWIKKER...To be continued... 
  •  joe cocker ! LP A&M - 1969.jpgjoe cocker - she came...A & M USA - 11-69.jpgcocker - she came in through...01-1970 - NL single.jpg http://youtu.be/qWRB_AssJ7k - http://youtu.be/-RdjAwQWF6w - http://youtu.be/Mzf5EBY8gCQ


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D.B.M. : disco BEATLEMANIA - 10/1977

Le premier single est celui qui fut disponible en France et en Belgique (Az SG 649, 10/1977 [2:58]) avec dans l'ordre "From me to you" / Intro / "I should have know betterd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - 1977 - Az SG 649.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - GER Polydor - 1977.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - NL Polydor - 1977.jpgd.b.m. - disco beatlemania - SP - 20 01 743 - 77.jpg" / "Get back" / "Day tripper" / "Sgt. Pepper's lonely hearts club band-reprise" / "Ob-la-di, ob-la-da" / "I want to hold your hand" / "A hard day's night". Le deuxième provient d'Allemagne, le troisième des Pays-Bas et le dernier a été pressé en Espagne. Réalisation : Haim Saban pour H.S. Records/HS. L'intro est chantée par Kussa. Cette version (l'enregistrement anglais) s'est classée UK #45.

Références : Allemagne Polydor 2001743, 1977 (7" single) - Pays-Bas : même référence (7" single), 10/1977 - Espagne : Polydor 20 01 743, 1977 (7" single) - Italie : promo juke box Fonit Cetra JB 701, 10/1977 - UK : ATLANTIC K 11027 version maxi, 10/77. D.B.M. est un groupe originaire d'Allemagne.

Maxi version, format 33 tours : http://youtu.be/Y9hXkfwOvTU


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Songs of The Beatles...by Sarah Vaughan

  • vaughan - songs of the beatles - 01-1981.jpgSongs recorded in 1977 at Davlen Sound Studios owned by Len Kovner, N. Hollywood, LA. The vinyl album was issued on Atlantic XSD 16037 in January 1981. Re-released on CD by Rhino-Atlantic (reference: 16037) in 1990, 1993 as well as in 2005.
  • Get Back / And I Love Her / Eleanor Rigby / The Fool On The Hill / You Never Give Me Your Money / Come Together / I Want You (She's so heavy) / Blackbird / Something / Here, There And Everywhere / The Long And Winding Road / Yesterday / Hey Jude.
  • Arrangements and production by David and Marty Paich.
  • Musicians includes i.a. Jean-Baptiste "Toots" Thielemans [from Belgium] (harmonica); Jeff Porcaro (drms, percussion); Louie Shelton (gtr); Bob Magnusson (bs); David & Marty Paich (keyboards); John Smith (tenor sax); Jim Gilstrap, Bill Thedford, Perry Morgan (background vcls.)
  • And so on...
  • http://youtu.be/dc67rUVZ52s (Yesterday)
  • http://youtu.be/Uo3kl8V_f84 (And I Love Her)
  • http://youtu.be/do5aoGW9Esc (Get Back)
  • http://youtu.be/DW6hGRiuRJE (Eleanor Rigby)
  • http://youtu.be/DTXDb4ksvsY (The Fool On The Hill)
  • http://youtu.be/uL-HCGIAk50 I Want You (She's so heavy)

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John Smith And The New Sound (Pt 1) : Birthday

john smith - birthday (new scan-23-10-2011).jpgGarage hangover John Smith And The New Sound was a UK band managed and produced by Bill Wellings and directed by Johnny Harris.

This band was completely unknow in the UK and blithely unreleased there. However, they were best known in Western Europe especially in Germany and Switzerland and France where it did not chart (DNC).

This German 45 rpm single is the original pressing recorded at PYE Studios in London with many studio musicians.

References : Germany : vogue Schallplatten DV 14819, 1968 and in France : disques vogue V. 45 - 1558, 1968.

 http://youtu.be/ldiEwXQuw54 (thanks surfrider1962 :D)

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Ringo Starr & His All Starr Band: North American summer tour 2010 (24/06-07/08)



Radio City Music Hall, July 7, 2010pop musicpop music

Ringo Starr has announced the first batch of dates for the North American summer tour supporting his 15th and latest album, Y Not, and, once again, he’ll be joined by his All-Starr Band. The 11th rendition of the outfit features rhythm guitarist Wally Palmar of The Romantics, guitarist Rick Derringer, Edgar Winter and Gary Wright on keyboards, Mr. Mister frontman Richard Page on bass, and Gregg Bissonette on drums. He may also have God, whom he has recently discovered, on his side — so this tour is sure to be a can’t-miss.

The tour will kick off with two dates in Niagara Falls late in June. Ringo and the crew will stay for a couple weeks in the Northeast (including Ringo’s birthday gig at the Radio City Music Hall!) before heading south and hitting the Hard Rock Live arena in Hollywood, Florida. They’ll cross over and hit up a couple midwest and westcoast spots, including the tour finale at the Greek Theatre in L.A. We’d assume there will be at the very least an Oregon date and a Northern California date to fill in that week-long gap at the beginning of August.

Ringo Starr 2010 Tour Dates:
24/06 – Niagara Falls, ON @ Fallsview Casino
25/06 – Niagara Falls, ON @ Fallsview Casino
26/06 – Bethel, NY @ Bethel Woods Center
30/06 – Westbury, NY @ Westbury Theatre
02/07 – Easton, PA @ State Theatre
03/07 – Atlantic City, NJ @ Caesar’s Circus Maximus
07/07 – New York, NY @ Radio City Music Hall
08/07 – Lancaster, PA @ American Theatre
10/07 – Atlanta, GA @ Chastain Park
11/07 – Durham, NC @ Durham Performing Arts Center
13/07 – Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
15/07 – Hollywood, FL @ Hard Rock Live
17/07 – Saint Augustine, FL @ St. Augustine Amphitheatre
20/07 – Cleveland, OH @ City Lights Pavilion
21/07 – Canandaigua, NY @ CMAC
23/07 – Windsor, ON @ Caesars
24/07 – Hammond, IN @ Horseshoe Casino
31/07 – Woodinville, WA @ Chateau St. Michelle
07/08 – Los Angeles, CA @ Greek Theatre


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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - Twist And Shout (28/08/2010)

All their videos can be seen on YouTube and Facebook (and some of them at MySpace) with their friendly permission.

I filmed this video while there were playing it at the Fiestacity in Verviers on 28.08.2010. The original version was cut by The Top Notes in 1961. 1962: The Isley Brothers move to Wand Records, where they team with producer Bert Berns. Blues ballad Right Now is another flop but, for the follow-up, Berns presents his own song Twist And Shout (originally by The Top Notes). July : Twist And Shout tops R&B chart and peaks at US #17, becoming a classic reaching a wider audience through/thru The Beatles version. With the current dance craze, Wand has The Isleys record Twistin' With Linda; it makes US #54. Twist And Shout makes US #61. This video is also featured on their MySpace website. Jan.11, 1963: The Beatles complete 10 new tracks for their debut album Please Please Me in one session at Abbey Road studios in 15 mins. short of 10 hours. John's vocal for the said cover is recorded in 1 take as an afterthought to complete the album's tracks.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73bui4l0wagFiestacity - Verviers - 28 & 29-08-2010 006.jpg

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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - Get Back (27/10/10)

Still at the same place on 27 October 2010 - Get Back...Jo Jo=>from an idea of a Chuck Berry's song Jo Jo Gunne (10/1958).

26.04.1969 : Get Back tops UK chart, the only Beatles single to debut in the UK at #1. On it, Billy Preston receives a label-credit as "The Beatles with...", the only artist ever to do so. A few months later (11/1968), Preston is not credited on the "White Album" [because of its plain white sleeve (a reversal from Sgt.Pepper's lavish one)] because of his A&M Records' contract. 

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HJ-ehKVCTkSgt. Pepper's - spirit of 66 - 27-10-2010 002.jpg

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Sgt. Pepper's Only Dart Board Band - From me To You (27/10/10)

Sgt. Pepper's - spirit of 66 - 27-10-2010 005.jpg

From Us To You ;)Cool


Incedible British Beatles tribute band performing From Me To You at the Spirit of 66 on 27.10.2010.


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DECCA SESSIONS (1) : Where on earth did Bill Haley... (28/03/2009)

...discovered these incredible songs from?***08-12-2007 années 50***(We're gonna) Rock Around The Clock : from (We're gonna) Rock Around The Clock by Sonny Dae and His Knights, Arcade 45-AR-123, 03/1954 [written in Philadelphia, Pa. in 11/1952].***Sonny Dae sold thousand of records in the Delaware Valley [B-side: Moving Guitar, instrumental)].***Thirteen Women [(And Only One Man In Town)] : from Thirteen Women And One Man by Dickie Thompson And his Orchestra, Herald 424, 01/1954 [B-side I'm Innocent].***Shake, Rattle And Roll : from (Big) Joe Turner acc. by Pluma Davis Orchestra, Atlantic 1026, April 1954.***A.B.C. Boogie : from Mary Del backed with the Do-Re-Me Trio, Drexel (later DR Records), West Chester/Drexel Hill (nearby Philadelphia), 1949.***Dim, Dim The Lights (I Want Some Atmosphere) : from Beverly Ross and Julius Dixon, US #33 at Spring 1954 [Dim Dim The Lights, recorded by Bill Haley and His Comets did reach the Top Ten on The Variety Charts in 1955. The Variety Charts were more prestigeous than BillBoard or Cash Box back in those days. However, Dim Dim The Lights did make it to the R & B Charts, Top Ten at that time, becoming not only Bill Haley's first R & B hit but the first hit on the R & B charts by a white artist period. In fact Alan Freed called Dim Dim The Lights the grand daddy song of Rock 'n' Roll. It opened the door for Rock Around The Clock to get another shot at the charts. The song was first released in the Spring of 54' only staying one week on the charts at Number 33 or thereabouts. This time Rock Around The Clock went all the way to number one in July of 1955].***Rock-A-Beatin' boogie : from (Danny Cedrone and) Esquire Boys, Guyden Records 705-A, April 1954 [originally by The Treniers, COLUMBIA-CBS/Okeh 7023, March 1954; EP EPIC EG 7103, 1955].***The Saints Rock 'N' Roll : from The Saints Are Marching In by The Paramount Jubilee Singers, 1923 [originally a very old Cincinatti negro spiritual dating back to 1896]; Bo Weevil Jackson, 1926.***Burn That Candle : from The Cues feat. Jimmy Breedlove aka Robbie Kirk, Capitol Records F3245, 09/1955.***See You Later, Alligator from : Bobby Charles' Later alligator (alias Robert Guidry), Chess 1609, 09/1955. [B-side On Bended Knee]***Hide And Seek : from Big Joe Turner, Atlantic 1069, 1955***Choo Choo Ch' Boogie : from Louis Jordan And His Tympany Five, Decca 23610, Feb. 1946.***Rockin' Through The Rye : from Comin' Thru The Rye, a Scottish folk traditional dating back to 1796.***Rip It Up : from Little Richard, Specialty, 1956.***Forty Cups Of Coffee : from 40 Cups Of Coffee by Danny Overbea with King Kolax And His Orchestra, Chess/Checker 774, June 1953.***Miss You : from Rudy Vallée And His Connecticut Yankees, Victor, 1929.***Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone : from Gene Austin, 1930, US #3, 1931.***You Can't Stop Me From Dreaming : from Teddy Wilson And His Orchestra featuring Billie Holiday on vocal, 1937.***I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter : from (Thomas) Fats Waller and his Rhythm, HMV B.D. 5031, New York City, rec. May 1935, US #3 via The Ink Spots (Decca), US #3 in 1935 as well as The Boswell Sisters with The Dorsey Brothers Orchestra, US #6, 1936 via Connee Boswell, US #29, Decca, 1953 via Billy Williams, Coral 9-57184, US #3 & Canada #17 on 24th June 1957.***

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