Tribute to Michael Jackson - R.I.P. (26/06//2009) - updated 25 June 2010

Michael recorded the best-selling LP Record/album of all time "Thriller" released on Dec.1, 1982 surpassing The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ! It will sell 45 million copies worldwide until June 2010 and hit #1 in every Western country including UK and US, where it will spend a record 37 weeks at #1. From it will come an unprecedented 7 Top 10 US hit singles.******Michael died at home yesterday in Los Angeles at the age of 50. R.I.P., Michael. Sure, lotsa people won't never forget you...***The Girl Is Mine, an excerpt from the album Thriller (1st December 1982), hitted #8 in UK in Nov. 1982 and US #2 on 8th January 1983.***Say Say Say again with Jacko hitted at #2 in UK in Nov. 1983 and topped US chart the following 10th December.***En Belgique, Thriller a été 18 fois disque de platine entre 1982 et juin 2010 (540.000 exemplaires vendus à raison de 30.000 albums pour être "platine".***45 millions de copies vendues dans le monde entier.***Sources: Eric Vink, président de Sony-Belgique.jackson - thriller lp - 75 pppA1-Beat-Macca2-1982A1-Beat-Macca3-1983A1-Beat-Macca4-1983A1-Beat-Macca5A1-Beat-Macca6