All together now - DVD documentary (12/10/2008)

The Beatles - love dvd***DVD documentary to be released next 20 October 2008.*** 1. All Together Now - 84 minutes. A documentary charting the show from inception to premiere. Features Paul, Ringo, Yoko and Olivia as well as George and Giles Martin and the Cirque creators as do the other mini features. Approx 50 minutes of music.***2. Changing the Music - 22 minutes.***Background to the decision to re-work the music. Approx 15 minutes of music.***3. Music in the Theatre/Theater - 7 minutes Audio design for show music. Approx 5 minutes of music. 4. Making Love - 9 minutes Covers all design aspects. Art direction, costumes, props, screen imagery and the use of the Beatles voices. Approx 7 minutes of music.***EMI MUSIC MARKETING.

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