The Beatles and The (UK) Shadows - Cry for a shadow ? Completely crazy !

I know some of The Beatles ("Cry For A Shadow", instrumental parody penned by Harrison & Lennon-arr. Tony Sheridan, 08/1961) liked the music of The Shadows...Here 's a craz version of Apache played by Chip Hawkes (Tremeloes) and Mick Clarke (Rubettes) live at the Spirit of 66 in Verviers (BE) last 10 December 2009. Enjoy! I'm quite sure Mick did it on the purpose however it was all part of the act;)***As Chip did not announce all the songs, "Get Back" could not be filmed.***(C)Surfrider1962/Stephan Koenig for your pleasure and mine as well ! I've never heard a crazy cover like this one ;). This video is also available on MySpace Music and facebook and on Chip Hawkes' MySpace website.***Each time I see this video I'm doubled up with laughter ;)***Chaque fois que je regarde la vidéo, je suis mort de rire...Ces fausses notes voulues faisaient partie intégrante du show".shadows - apache - ep français - 07-1960Spirit of 66 - 10 décembre 2009 003 http://youtu.be/j6MmnF2Mo54