Brian Poole and The Tremeloes : Twist And Shout

brian,poole,the,tremeloesbrian,poole,the,tremeloesAt the time of recording Twist And Shout, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes consist of Brian Poole (vcls); Rick West [Richard Westwood] (lead gtr); Alan Blakley (rhythm gtr); Alan Howard (bs gtr) and Dave Munden (drums).

July 1961: the group plays i.a. a summer season as a successful rock ballroom band at Butlin's holiday camp at Ayr, Scotland, billed as Brian Poole & The Tremilos.

Dec. 1961: group turns professional after an audition for DECCA Records.

 http://youtu.be/iA-LMH5Fm00 / http://youtu.be/AA9maAERDAs

Jan. 1962: group is signed to DECCA after being selected in preference to The Beatles, both groups auditioning on New Year's Day, but local availability swings it for producer Mike Smith when he has to choose.

July 1963: DECCA releases Twist And Shout. Belgium 45rpm7" is also released in July. Reference: 23.416 / DR 45/31065. Left: LP cover picture LK.4550 - (EP DECCA F11694, 12.07.1963).

Aug. 1963: group hits UK #4 with its cover of Twist And Shout, hugely popular on The Beatles debut album but not available as a Beatles single. Further progress is halted by The Beatles EP Twist And Shout, which is a bigger-seller. Lennon's vocal for their cover of The Isley Brothers' cover version [o.v. by The Top Notes in 1961] is recorded in 1 take as an afterthought to complete the album's tracks.


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