ARTHUR CONLEY : Beatles' songs : cover versions sung in English - Life goes on, bra... (Pt 4)


***Soulman Arthur Conley (4.01.1946 [Atlanta, Georgia] - 17.11.2003 records it just a few months after Otis Redding's death (b/w self-penned Otis sleep on) featuring Duane Allman to the guitar.

 *** Conley's cover version is issued on ATCO Records 45-6640 and released on 1968/12/21. The song makes US TOP 100 #51 and R'N'B charts #41 in January 1969. Produced by Tom Dowd. Recorded at Fame Studios, Muscle Shoal's, Alabama. France hitparade : #14 in February 1969.***December 10, 1967: en route to a concert in the Mid-West, the twin-engined chartered plane carrying Redding and his road band, The Bar-Kays (Soulfinger/A Hard Day's Night), goes down in the icy waters of Lake Monoma, near Madison, WI. The only survivor is Memphis-born - Ben Cauley - at 20. the oldest of The Bar-Kays. Conley: 1941/09/09 - 1967/10/12. R.I.P.

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