Get Back (Pt 1) by Amen Corner

amen,cornerAmen Corner  forms in Cardiff, Wales, it 7 members veterans of local Welsh bands - lead singer Andy Fairweather-Low having been a member of local R&B band The Taffbeats, is in The Sect Maniacs with Alan Jones (baritone sax) and brother Neil (gtr); Clive Taylor (bass) are from The Dekkas;  Derek "Blue" Weaver (organ) and Dennis Bryon (drms) are from The Witnesses (not to be confused with the American band Sam Butera and The Witnesses well know mostly in Europe for their awesome dance song Bim Bam (US Capitol, 1958 and re-released in Belgium 22 years later).

1969 : group's last single is a cover of The Beatles' Get Back. Fairweather-Low, Weaver, Bryon, Taylor and Neil Jones regroup as Fair Weather; Alan Jones and Mike Smith form the nucleus of Judas Jump with Andy Bown.

UK reference : IMMEDIATE IM 084, 1969 - DNC - No YouTube video.


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