Discomotion (Pt 2) : a Beatles' song cover of I want you (She' so heavy)

discodiscodiscoAnn C. Sheridan alias Ann Calvert is an American singer. Cover from left is the one issued on RCA Victor 42548 in 1976 produced in France by Laurent Voulzy for BING BANG Music/ESSEX Music, and also available in Belgium. The two other picture covers contain 2 mistakes "She's so heavy" instead of "He's So Heavy". German Hansa international 17 226 AT, 1976 (DCC/Deutsche Club Charts #45) and the NL single also released in 1976 is issued on Ariola 17 061.  Other references : UK BRADLEYS RECORDS BLAK1003, 1976 produced by David Barnes and Laurent Voulzy; CAN Amour Records A.M. 8417, 1976; US RCA PD-11049, 1976; IT Fonit Cetra S 20204, 1977. Her version tops the charts in Montreal. Arrangements : Laurent Voulzy. Photos : John Moore.

http://youtu.be/kwXlCCfY-p8 I want you (for the US army, enlist now :D)

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