Beatles' songs sung in English : revisited (to come soon)

English,cover,versionsEnglish,cover,versionsFrom ÆROSMITH, Cliff Bennett, Ray Charles, Joe Cocker, The damned, Mary Hopkin, Ferry Aid, Billy J. Kramer and/with The Dakotas (a lot of singles: at least 5 songs), Macca, Mendes, Elton John (at least 5 songs), Peter and Gordon, Brian Poole and The Tremeloes, The Rolling Stones to The Young Idea...

The Beatles Songbook is all times of the Beatles by other singers and groups as well as the originals never recorded by the Beatles themselves. The numbering in bold represent the place of the country in which these are listed several times. For now, these rankings are only from the British hit parade (Radio London Top 40) and American (HOT 1OO (singles) and TOP 200 (LPs) of Billboard. See you soon !

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